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Which is Cheaper: Andersen or Pella Windows? (2024 Guide)

Andersen or Pella Windows are leading window companies, and choosing between them can be tough. Both brands make high-quality windows. But, if you’re looking at cost, Pella windows tend to be less expensive than Andersen.

Pella offers a broader range with more choices. They make windows from less costly materials and are easier to install. Andersen windows are of higher quality, which makes them pricier.

Comparing Pella and Andersen can be hard because they have many excellent windows. But, if we focus on price, we can see the difference. Let’s look more at the prices of their specialty windows to see which brand costs less.

Which Is Cheaper: Andersen Or Pella Windows

Are Pella Windows Cheaper Than Andersen?

Pella and Andersen are both popular window brands known for their quality. But Pella offers more affordable options than Andersen.

Pella’s windows are less expensive, with prices starting at $100. Andersen’s windows start at $245. This price difference can become significant, especially for big orders. But it’s also important to consider the quality of the windows you’re getting for the price.

Many believe Andersen’s higher prices mean better quality windows than Pella’s less costly ones.

The cost of windows can vary depending on your location and the number of suppliers and installers available.

Pella’s most expensive windows cost $1550, while Andersen’s can start at $1850. As leading window manufacturers, both companies provide extensive warranty coverage, including limited lifetime warranty options, to back the quality of their products. The quality difference between the two brands is not much when looking at their higher-priced windows. In the windows industry, advancements in technology and design are constant.

Both Andersen and Pella stay ahead by offering custom-fit windows designed to meet specific architectural needs, ensuring functionality and style. The option for custom windows allows for a personalized touch, ensuring that the window replacements truly reflect the homeowner’s style and needs. You should consider what you like, how much you want to spend, and the cost of putting the windows in.

Don’t forget to include the installation cost when comparing prices between Pella and Andersen.

Andersen’s windows are pricier, but they offer better warranties and might cost less to install than Pella’s.

Pella windows are more budget-friendly. Pella Corporation has grown a lot since Peter Kuyper, a Danish immigrant, started it. Founded by Peter Kuyper, a Danish immigrant with a vision, Pella Corporation has grown from a small lumber business into a window-making powerhouse.

They now offer many styles and materials to fit different buildings. Moreover, both Andersen and Pella boast a wide range of window options, ensuring that customers can find the perfect match for their home’s architectural style and functional needs. Exterior finishes play a significant role in the aesthetics and durability of windows.

Both Andersen and Pella offer a range of contemporary finishes that complement modern home designs while providing long-lasting protection against the elements.

The installation cost for a Pella window is around $900. Usually, the material makes up 40% of the total cost, and labor is about 60%.

Ultimately, Pella’s wood fiber windows are less expensive than Andersen’s. But, the cost to install and replace them might be higher if the materials aren’t good quality or are not put in correctly.

How Much Do Pella Windows Cost

Pella’s Impervia line has strong windows made from tough materials, such as Douglas Fir, for challenging conditions. The Pella Impervia series stands out for its use of durable materials and offers a robust solution for those in need of replacement windows. These come with warranties of up to 10 and 20 years for certain parts. Such comprehensive warranty coverage, including 10-year warranties and 20-year warranties, provides additional peace of mind to homeowners.

Both companies also offer fiberglass window frame options, known for their strength and low maintenance, contributing to the lifespan of vinyl windows. Pella provides a wide selection of windows, with prices varying. For those considering replacement windows, Pella offers energy-efficient solutions that could contribute to long-term savings.

You can buy Pella windows for anywhere between $100 and $2000. The price will depend on the style of window you choose and who you buy and install them with. Their bay windows are the priciest, while the 250 series is the most affordable.

Pella offers different window types for all homes and budgets. They have casement windows, single-hung windows, double-hung windows, awning, bay, sliding, picture windows, and custom options. Exploring the types of windows each brand offers, such as the Pella Impervia or Andersen’s A-Series, can help homeowners decide based on the range of window styles available. You can customize the styles and exterior colors.

Here’s a look at some popular Pella window types and their price ranges:

Window TypeWindow CostInstallation Fee
 Casement Windows
Encompass Vynal$220$315
250 Vynal$267$347
350 Vynal$300$380
Impervia Fiberglass$332$412
450 Proline Wood Windows$376$456
750 Designer Wood Windows$485$625
850 Architect Wood Windows$852$932
Single-Hung Windows
250 Vynal$100$195
350 Vynal$125$205
Encompass Vynal$155$235
Impervia Fiberglass$205$285
Double-Hung Windows
Encompass Vynal$130$210
250 Vynal$175$255
350 Vynal$200$280
Impervia Fiberglass$365$335
450 Proline Wood Windows$425$505
750 Designer Wood Windows$685$765
850 Architect Wood Windows$835$915
Awning Windows
Encompass Vynal$125$185
250 Vynal$175$255
350 Vynal$185$265
Impervia Fiberglass Windows$246$326
450 Proline Wood Windows$288$368
750 Designer Wood Windows$668$748
850 Architect Wood Windows$845$925
Sliding Windows
Encompass Vynal$135$215
350 Vynal$225$350
Impervia Fiberglass Windows$310$315
Here’s a simple guide to Pella windows, but keep in mind that prices may vary depending on location.

This table focuses on the most popular Pella windows.

Pella’s selection starts with budget-friendly windows priced at about $100 before installation. Their bay windows are at the higher end, costing up to $200 before installation.

The price to put in Pella windows, with a guarantee, can vary depending on where you are and who you hire. This guide helps you estimate what you might pay.

How Much Do Andersen Windows Cost?

Andersen is a well-established and prominent company in the window and exterior door industry. They are known for their high-quality, though often expensive, windows. They don’t have many low-cost options.

Andersen proves their dedication to quality with Andersen Fibrex. Andersen’s eco-friendly Fibrex material is a testament to their commitment to sustainability, without compromising on the strength or aesthetic of the window frames. This commitment extends to their energy-efficient windows range, including options like triple-pane glass and Low-E glass to enhance insulation.

This durable material blends the strength of wood with the low maintenance of vinyl. The composite material in their product lines, like the Andersen Fibrex, offers a balance of durability and aesthetic appeal.

This material is used in different product lines. You can customize the styles and exterior colors. With a palette of paint colors, homeowners can ensure their windows are in perfect harmony with their home’s exterior.

Prices for Andersen windows range from $200 to $2285 before the cost of installation. These windows are among the most costly available but are also considered some of the best on the market.

When comparing Andersen to Pella, Andersen windows generally cost more. But both companies price the most purchased windows.

If you spend the same amount on Pella and Andersen windows, you may find that Andersen is better.

Andersen is also recognized for their exceptional customer service and installation process. Despite Pella’s lower prices, customers often feel that Andersen provides superior service.

Now, let’s examine the most desired Andersen windows and compare their prices to Pella’s top windows.

Window TypeWindow CostInstallation Fee
Double-Hung Windows
Andersen 100 Series Fiberglass Windows$200$300
Andersen 200 Series Fiberglass Windows$280$350
Andersen 400 Series Fiberglass Windows$400$515
Casement Windows
Andersen 100 SeriesFiberglass Windows$300$425
Andersen 400 SeriesFiberglass Windows$400$550
Andersen A Series Fiberglass Windows$1075$1625
Andersen E Series Windows$1485$2000
Andersen windows have different prices depending on where you live. This is a quick summary.

This selection doesn’t include all the Andersen lineup. It focuses on the windows customers choose.

Andersen offers different window industry types that cost between $200 and $2285. The prices do not include installation fees.

To find out how much Andersen windows cost, including installation and how they compare to Pella windows, check the detailed comparisons and custom options.

Andersen’s windows may not have as many options as Pella’s, but the prices are similar.

Pella And Andersen Price Comparison

Pella and Andersen are two leading window brands that are used. Homeowners can find top-notch windows that fit their budget from this company. Let’s look at how their prices stack up against each other.

Pella windows are usually cheaper than Andersen windows at both low and high prices. But, for mid-range windows, both companies offer products at comparable prices. Depending on the product line, Pella Windows could be the most affordable option.

Before adding installation costs, Pella windows generally have lower price tags than Andersen windows. However, once you factor in the installation fees, the total costs of windows from both brands tend to align more closely.

Customers usually pay similar prices for windows from both Pella and Andersen. Each company has options that are either quite affordable or on the higher end of the price scale.

Andersen’s windows are more expensive when looking at high-end or low-end options. Their mid-range windows, which are considered standard, have the same price as Pella’s.

Now, let’s compare the prices of Pella and Andersen windows. We’ll look at their least expensive and most expensive options.

BrandProductPriceInstallation FeeTotal Cost
Andersen:Andersen Bay Window$2285$2500$4785
Double-Hung 100 Series$200$300$500
Casement 400 Series$400$550$950
Pella: Pella Bay Window$2100$2200$4300
Single-Hung 250 Vynal$100$195$395
Casement 450 Proline$376$465$841
Prices can indeed vary depending on where you are located.

Andersen’s high-end construction windows are more expensive than Pella’s equal ones. Andersen’s basic windows are more expensive than Pella’s cheaper choices.

The prices are much more comparable when looking at the mid-range models from both brands. The final cost of the windows may vary depending on where you buy them and who installs them.

Are Pella Windows Worth The Money?

Pella is a well-known window maker. Their windows are often less expensive than Andersen’s, but prices can vary compared to other brands. When considering Pella Windows, you should consider what you need, what you like, and how much you can spend.

Pella is a solid choice if you’re looking for good-quality windows that won’t break the bank. If you go for Pella’s more expensive windows, you’ll likely get better quality, which might be worth the extra cost.

Pella has a big selection of windows, but not all are as high-quality as the most expensive ones. Their less costly windows might not be as nice as the fanciest ones from other brands.

However, the more you pay for Pella windows, the better they usually are. Pella makes some windows that are just as good as the pricey ones from other brands.

Pella has been working on improving their windows over time, making them a better value.

Some customers have concerns about Pella’s customer service and warranties. But Pella listens to what people say and tries to get better, whether the feedback is good or bad. It’s important to weigh both positive reviews and negative reviews when evaluating the excellent service each brand claims to provide. While bad reviews point out what needs to improve, good reviews show that Pella cares about making quality products and keeping customers happy.

Pella Design Centers proves they want to make customers happy. They let you pick what you want, like different grille patterns and special glass. You can choose from many grille styles and types, even custom ones, to ensure your windows match your home’s style. They also have different screen options, like standard fiberglass screens and other types, to give you the view and bug protection you want.

Andersen and Pella lead the way by making custom-fit windows that meet special design needs, making sure they work well and look good. Think about your style, your budget, and how much it will cost to install the windows.

Pella Windows is a smart choice because it offers good service, warranty options, and quality at various price points.

Is Anderson More Expensive Than Pella?

Andersen windows are often preferred over Pella windows for several reasons:

Quality: Andersen is committed to high-quality products, from vinyl windows to custom designs.

Customer Support: Andersen offers excellent customer service, which is crucial for homeowners. Good customer support helps solve any window issues quickly.

Warranties: Andersen’s warranties are a key feature for customers. Warranties offer peace of mind and protect your investment. Andersen’s transferable warranty is a bonus if you sell your home, possibly raising its value and attractiveness to buyers.

Energy Efficiency: Andersen windows help save on energy bills because they keep homes warm in winter and cool in summer. This is good for both the planet and your wallet over time.

When picking windows, look beyond the upfront cost. Consider the product’s quality, service, warranty, and energy savings. If Andersen Windows meets your needs and budget, they could be better than Pella Windows.

In the end, what makes you happy with your windows can be personal. Things like custom colors, different hardware, and finishes matter a lot. The type of hardware finish you pick can also change the look of the windows.

FAQs about Andersen or Pella Windows

Who is better, Andersen or Pella?

It’s interesting to note that both brands started as lumber companies and became international. They have different styles, like unfinished pine wood for traditional looks or modern finishes. The option for unfinished pine allows homeowners to customize the final look to match their interior design, offering a rustic charm that is hard to replicate with pre-finished materials. Pella is usually more affordable. Moreover, both brands offer accent windows that can create unique visual interest in a home, elevating the design beyond standard window installations.

Which is more expensive, Anderson or Pella windows?

Andersen and Pella are premium window brands with varying price ranges. Andersen tends to be higher-priced, especially their wood and speciality lines. Pella has a wider selection, affordable choices, and high-end options like the Architect Series. Final costs depend on customization, installation, and location. Get quotes from both to compare total expenses for your specific needs.

Who is cheaper, Pella or Anderson?

Pella offers many windows, including options and premium window lines. Andersen, especially their wood and speciality options, tends to be pricier. Final costs depend on product, window materials, features, installation, and location.

Is Pella or Renewal by Andersen cheaper?

Pella offers a variety of windows, including premium options. Renewal by Andersen, Andersen’s replacement line, is custom-focused and higher-priced. While both are quality choices, Renewal by Andersen is premium and may come at a higher cost.


Andersen and Pella are top window providers with many options for any home.

They are known for making many windows at different prices and quality levels. They are trusted brands in the window market.

Prices often show that Pella windows cost less than Andersen, especially for cheaper windows. But for mid-priced windows, Andersen and Pella have similar prices. Andersen’s cheapest and most expensive windows usually cost more. Choosing between Andersen and Pella isn’t only about money. It’s about the right mix of price, quality, and what your home needs.

When picking windows for your home, consider more than just how much they cost. Consider customer service, if the product is available, how good the materials are, the warranty, who will install them, and the window style. Making sure someone installs your windows right is very important. It can change how well the windows work and how long they last.

Both Andersen and Pella have windows that match what you like, with Pella usually being less expensive. They both have different window styles, like pass-through windows, which are great for modern kitchens. If you’re thinking about doors that swing open, both brands have ones that are safe and look good, making your homework better and nicer.

To compare and find out which brand is best for you, look at more information and reviews about these window brands. Also, think about how they work with smart home systems. Andersen and Pella are creating new ways to make homes safer and save energy.


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