Which is Cheaper: Andersen or Pella Windows

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Which is Cheaper: Andersen or Pella Windows 2

Pella and Andersen lead the premium window market, and these two brands always make a tough decision when considering which to use. Both brands are reliable, dependable, widely used, and produce high-quality windows, but which is cheaper, Andersen or Pella windows?

Pella windows are cheaper overall when compared to Andersen windows. Pella has a wider range that includes more budget-friendly options. Pella windows are made from more inexpensive materials and are easier to install. Andersen windows are of higher quality than Pella, which is why they are more expensive.

Comparing these two brands can be challenging, as they both have a wide range of excellent windows to choose from, but one dividing factor is price. Let’s take a closer look at the cost of the windows made by each brand to determine which is less expensive overall.

Are Pella Windows Cheaper Than Andersen?

Pella and Andersen are some of the biggest names in windows, and they have both cultivated a reputation for quality, but using either of these name brands may cost more than you expect. Of these toe brands, which produces more affordable windows?

Pella windows are cheaper than Andersen windows. Pella has a broader range of windows, including a more budget-friendly selection than Andersen. The low-end range of Pella windows is more affordable than the low-end Andersen windows but is lower in quality. 

Considering the entire range of windows that both companies produce, Pella does have the cheapest options. Still, the most inexpensive Pella windows are not significantly less costly than the most affordable Andersen windows

The most affordable range of windows from Pella costs around $100, and the most inexpensive Andersen window range begins at around $245.

This price difference adds up over time or a large order, but it is also essential to consider the quality that you receive when using windows from this price range.

While the Andersen windows are more expensive, customers report that these windows are generally better quality than the cheapest Pella windows, even in the low-end range.

The price of the windows from both companies differs from the location and number of local suppliers and installers charged for the window installation.

The most expensive Pella windows start at around $1550, and the most pricey Andersen windows start at about $1850.

When purchasing windows in this price range, the quality difference between the two brands is negligible, so it will come down to which windows you prefer, their bottom line cost, and how much they will cost to install.

Installation fees are essential to consider as well when comparing the prices of these two window manufacturers.

Andersen windows tend to be more expensive, but they come with better warranties, and the installation costs are generally much lower than Pella windows.

Pella windows cost less than Andersen windows overall. However, the installation cost of the Pella window may cost around $900, depending on the window. You can expect a window installation to be about 40% material and 60% labor as a percentage of the total cost.

In the end, Pella windows are cheaper than Andersen windows. Still, they may cost more in installation and potential replacements due to inferior quality materials and installation.

How Much Do Pella Windows Cost

Pella has one of the widest ranges of windows available on the market, but how much do they cost to buy?

Pella windows can cost as little as $100 or as much as $2000, depending on which windows you buy and which supplier and contractor you use. Pella bay windows are their most expensive windows, and the 250 range is the most inexpensive.

Pella produces an exceptional range of casement, single-hung, double-hung, awning, bay, sliding, picture, and custom windows that will surely suit every home and every budget.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the more popular Pella windows and their prices:

Window TypeWindow CostInstallation Fee
 Casement Windows
Encompass Vynal$220$315
250 Vynal$267$347
350 Vynal$300$380
Impervia Fiberglass$332$412
450 Proline Wood$376$456
750 Designer Wood$485$625
850 Architect Wood$852$932
Single-Hung Windows
250 Vynal$100$195
350 Vynal$125$205
Encompass Vynal$155$235
Impervia Fiberglass$205$285
Double-Hung Windows
Encompass Vynal$130$210
250 Vynal$175$255
350 Vynal$200$280
Impervia Fiberglass$365$335
450 Proline Wood$425$505
750 Designer Wood$685$765
850 Architect Wood$835$915
Awning Windows
Encompass Vynal$125$185
250 Vynal$175$255
350 Vynal$185$265
Impervia Fiberglass$246$326
450 Proline Wood$288$368
750 Designer Wood$668$748
850 Architect Wood$845$925
Sliding Windows
Encompass Vynal$135$215
350 Vynal$225$350
Impervia Fiberglass$310$315
A sampling of Pella windows. Prices are subject to change and may vary by location.

We can see an extensive range of Pella windows available across a broad spectrum of prices and materials from this table.

However, this is not the entire range produced by Pella, but to keep things simple, this is a table depicting the most used windows in the Pella range.

The range of Pella windows begins with very inexpensive windows that cost around $100 before installation. Still, the most expensive windows from Pella are the bay window range, which may cost as much as $200 before installation.

Installation fees may vary depending on where you live and which contractor you use, but this will help to give you a better understanding of how much you can expect to pay for Pella window installation across their range.

How Much Do Andersen Windows Cost?

Andersen windows are one of the oldest, most well-known, and one of the world’s biggest producers of windows and doors. This company has an extensive range of high-quality windows, but they are not known for producing affordable products. How much do Andersen windows cost?

Andersen windows cost anywhere from $200 to $2285 before installation costs. These windows are some of the most expensive on the market, but they are one of the best windows available.

The windows that Andersen produces are more expensive than Pella windows when considering and comparing the entire range. Still, when comparing windows that customers of the two companies frequently use, the prices are surprisingly similar.

This is important because when spending the same amount of money on Pella and Andersen windows, you are more likely to have a better experience with Andersen than with Pella. 

Andersen is known for excellent customer service and installation. While Pella may be less expensive to purchase, the reports from customers relay that Andersen provides a better service for the money.

Now let’s take a look at the most used Andersen windows to more accurately compare them to the prices of Pella’s most used windows:

Window TypeWindow CostInstallation Fee
Double-Hung Windows
100 Series$200$300
200 Series$280$350
400 Series$400$515
Casement Windows
100 Series$300$425
400 Series$400$550
A Series$1075$1625
E Series$1485$2000
A sampling of Andersen windows. Prices are subject to change and may vary by location.

This table does not list the entire Andersen range. Still, instead, it lists the content of Andersen windows that customers most commonly use.

The comprehensive range costs anywhere from $200 to $2285 depending on the window and before installation fees.

This should help give you a much clearer understanding of the price range of Andersen windows and the cost of installing them compared to Pella windows.

Andersen does have a less extensive range of windows compared to Pella. Still, when comparing the windows that the average customer buys, the price range between the two companies is relatively similar.

Pella And Andersen Price Comparison

Pella and Andersen are two of the most prominent window brands, and they are both very widely used. These two companies both produce very high-quality products for homeowners looking for the best windows for the money. How do the prices of Pella vs. Andersen windows compare?

Pella windows are less expensive in the low and high range windows when compared to Andersen windows, but the mid-range windows that both companies produce exist in very similar price brackets. Overall, Pella windows are less expensive depending on the product.

Pella windows are less expensive than Andersen windows, but the prices become very similar when including installation fees.

The main range of windows that the average customer of both brands uses costs very similar amounts. The main price differences are in the very low and very high-end products produced by the companies.

The in the high and low ends of the spectrum, Andersen windows are more expensive, but the mid-range windows are in a very similar price bracket to Pella windows.

Let’s directly compare the prices of the most used ranges of Pella and Andersen windows and the least and most expensive.

BrandProductPriceInstallation FeeTotal Cost
Andersen:Andersen Bay Window$2285$2500$4785
Double-Hung 100 Series$200$300$500
Casement 400 Series$400$550$950
Pella: Pella Bay Window$2100$2200$4300
Single-Hung 250 Vynal$100$195$395
Casement 450 Proline$376$465$841
Prices are subject to change and may vary by location

From this table, it is plain to see that the high-end windows made by Andersen are significantly more expensive than those by Pella, and the same is true for the low-end windows.

However, when comparing the mid-range of both brands, the price of the windows from both companies are surprisingly similar. These prices will vary depending on the retailer you buy the windows from and the contractor you install them.

Are Pella Windows Worth The Money?

Pella is one of the leading window producers, and they are marginally less expensive than Andersen windows, but these windows are still costly compared to other brands. Are Pella windows worth the money?

Pella windows are worth the money, considering the relatively low cost of the premium windows that they produce. It is better to buy Pella windows on the more high-end side of the scale to ensure that you get the best quality.

The wide range of windows that Pella produces is not consistently high-quality across the entire range. The low-end range of windows made by Pella is notorious for being poorly made compared to other premium window manufacturers.

However, the more you spend on Pella windows, the better quality product you receive. The mid-range and high-end windows made by Pella are of exceptional quality and compete with the other premium window brands.

Pella has increased the overall quality of its windows in recent years, making these windows more worthwhile than ever.

The only major drawback for some customers when using Pella windows is that Pella customer service leaves something to be desired, and the warranties provided by Pella on its products are not the most comprehensive.

Other than the service of the sales and support personnel and the warrantee agreements, Pella windows are worth the money.

Is Anderson More Expensive Than Pella?

Andersen windows are significantly more expensive than windows produced by other manufacturers such as Pella, but are Andersen windows worth the higher price?

Andersen windows are worth the higher price due to the quality of the windows they produce and the exceptional support and service from Andersen staff. Andersen windows have higher quality standards than other companies, including the low-end windows that Andersen makes.

The entire range of Andersen windows has exceptionally high standards. According to customers, these windows come with comprehensive warranties, and the Andersen customer support is better than most other brands.

This article provides a more comprehensive comparison of these two window manufacturers, based on more than cost alone, to help you decide which windows are best for you.


Andersen and Pella are both producers of excellent windows, all of which are satisfactory and suit every home. 

Both companies manufacture an extensive range of windows at different prices and levels of quality, and they are both reputable and dependable brands within the industry.

When comparing prices, Pella windows are significantly cheaper than Andersen in the majority of cases. The mid-range windows produced by Andersen and Pella have similar prices, but Andersen’s low-end and high-end windows are more expensive.

When choosing between these two brands, be sure to consider more than just the price of the windows themselves. Consider customer service, availability, quality, warranties, installation, installation quality, and general style and aesthetic when choosing which windows to buy.

Both and Andersen and Pella windows will meet all of your window requirements, but Pella will do it for less money!

See Andersen or Pella Windows: Which Is Better for more information on these quality window brands.


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