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Are Renewal by Andersen Windows Good (Worth the Money)

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For over 118 years, Andersen brand windows have been a leading authority in quality windows and door products. This article will take a deep dive into what the company offers, including products, warranties, and how they compare to other window manufacturers. 

The cost to replace all the windows in your home can seem shocking at first, but the benefits may outweigh the hefty price tag.

Andersen Windows is a quality company that produces replacement windows under the Renewal by Andersen brand. Renewal by Andersen is worth the money when you consider the quality of the windows and their warranty.

You have heard about Renewal by Andersen and wonder if the price tag is worth the money. First, let us look at Andersen Incorporated and explore what they offer.

A Brief History of Andersen Brand Windows 

Founded by Danish immigrant Hans Andersen on July 25, 1903, Andersen Windows employs over 12,000 people globally (Andersen, 2021). Andersen offers multiple brands, including:

1.    Renewal by Andersen. Window replacement department.

2.    Andersen Windows. Window and product line offered at many home improvement stores and online.

3.    Weiland. Sliding doors and windows product line.

4.    EMCO. Storm and screen doors product line.

5.    MQ. Luxury windows and doors product line.

An interesting fact about Andersen Windows: during WWII, the company reduced metals and fabricated wooden ammunition boxes. This led to Andersen receiving awards from the United States Army and Navy. Andersen claims to be one of homeowners’ top preferred and trusted window and door companies

You may have noticed that Andersen windows carry a higher price tag than comparable brands like Pella and Jeld-Wen. Andersen has been working with architects since 1984, designing doors and windows for modern homes and commercial buildings.

How Durable/Reliable Are Renewal by Andersen Windows?

In 1992, Andersen developed Fibrex, a composite made up of 40% wooden fibers and 60% thermoplastic polymer. Due to the strength of wood injected in Fibrex, the material is very durable and can resist rot, peel, heat, and other invasive factors. Fibrex is also twice as strong as vinyl, is climate resistant, and blocks thermal transfer to reduce high heating and cooling bills (Andersen, 2021).

What is truly impressive about Andersen’s warranty is there are no limitations to where you live. This is great news for those who live in coastal or high-altitude areas. However, if your home is more susceptible to storm damage from natural acts such as hurricanes, tornados, and other disasters, the warranty will not cover these types of damages.

Andersen offers coastal impact windows and doors. These products are made with Stormwatch Protection while meeting code in these areas. Featuring impact-resistant glass, Andersen carries many product types and options to fully customize your home’s look while offering an additional layer of protection from natural disasters. You can learn more about Andersen Stormwatch Protection products, impact tests, PDF product guides, and more here.

How is the Warranty on Renewal by Andersen Products? 

Renewal by Andersen, backed by a lengthy warranty, features a 20-year coverage for glass and Fibrex material, 10-years on materials other than glass, and 2 years on the installation and locks, hinges, and other involved hardware.

The following is more warranty benefits offered by Andersen:

1.    No geographical limitations. The increased risk of storms associated with living in a coastal area may seem to threaten warranty coverage. Andersen does not have any limitations for their warranty.

2.    Labor is covered (in most cases). Most manufacturer’s warranties cover parts and equipment but fail to cover labor coats. Labor can often surpass the cost of covered parts. Renewal by Andersen does not cover labor under anyone performing repairs other than the original installer. They also state they may elect to repair or replace the defective part (labor is covered).

3.    No maintenance requirements. There are no contractual maintenance requirements required to keep the 20-year warranty active.

To make a claim, you can either visit a local Renewal by Andersen showroom (if applicable) or call the warranty service line at 800-441-1109. The company states it will take around two weeks before they get back to you to investigate your claim. Following the results, they will reach out to you to schedule a repair with a service team. Please note the limited warranty does not cover:

  •  Normal wear and tear
  •  Acts of God (hurricanes, tornadoes, high winds, hail)
  • Accidental damage
  • Improper maintenance
  • Water damage (if not directly related to products or craftsmanship)

Andersen’s warranty covers failure from direct operation of their products and quality in craftsmanship by installation professionals. It is always ideal to do business with a company that backs products and services. Each product line offers detailed warranty information. You can learn more about each product’s specific warranty here.

How Long Does Renewal by Andersen Last? 

According to the Renewal by Andersen website, their windows and products can last over 20-years. Since their warranty extends to the 20-year mark, it is good to know Andersen backs their products for at least 20 years. Andersen’s website mentions their windows withstand the test of time, basing the claim on extensive testing involving 10 double-hung units over 20 years.

Depending on the conditions surrounding the windows and products, replacement is required sooner. Signs your windows need a replacement include:

 Cracked glass. No matter the vendor that makes or installs the glass, a crack or other glass damage will require replacement. Without healthy and sealed glass, moisture, insects, and air can enter your home.

Caulk damage/holes. Caulk is not an invincible application to seal your windows. Climate and time work against caulk and may need to be reapplied. Replacing the windows may be necessary if the damage is extensive.  

Failure to keep moisture out. Bad caulk, cracks, and other mishaps can lead to moisture entering your home. Humidity levels over 60% will lead to issues relating to health, mold, bugs, and damage to wooden floors. If there are multiple windows in your home that allow moisture to enter, the risk increases. There are many cheap humidity thermostats available.

Where Are Andersen Windows Manufactured? 

Andersen Windows are made in the United States and Europe with over 30 manufacturing plants.  The company started in Hudson, Wisconsin, and is headquartered in Baywater, Minnesota. In May of 2018, Andersen added 60,000 square feet to their warehouse in Baywater that added 40 additional employees. The expansion project totaled over $40 million (Reilly, 2018).

How Much More Expensive is Renewal by Andersen? 

Renewal by Andersen windows is more than any budget window option you can find at your local hardware store. For example, we will take a look at two double-hung, 38″ x 57″ (approximate size), on Home Depot’s website. Pricing may fluctuate depending on your location. 

The two products used are American Craftsman (offered by Andersen) 70 series white vinyl window and Renewal by Andersen white wooden windows. American Craftsman (50 and 70 series) is a budget window brand offered by the Andersen company at Home Depot (HD) stores and online.

American Craftsman (by Andersen [Vinyl])HD: $199.00
Renewal by Andersen (Wood/Vinyl Exterior)HD: $478.00
Table 1 – Double Hung Window Costs ( 

We compared two different materials for double-hung windows offered at HD. HD features Andersen brand windows. Andersen brand competitor Pella provides a similar product, offered at Lowes stores and online. Andersen offers windows made of wood with a vinyl exterior compared to the Pella 250 series (vinyl) for over $85 more per window.

American Craftsman 70 Series (by Andersen [Vinyl])HD: $199.00
Renewal by Andersen 400 Series (Wood/Vinyl Exterior)HD: $478.00
Pella Lifestyle (Wood)Lowes: $308.00
Pella 250 Series (Vinyl)Lowes: $392.95
Table 2 – Double Hung Window Costs ( &

Do Andersen Windows Increase Home Value?

Windows featuring drafts, leaks, and other issues will decrease the value of your home. Windows will start to lose their curb appeal as they experience depreciation in color, paint strength, sealing out moisture and drafts, and additional tangible and intangible characteristics.

Like many features and additions inside and outside your home, quality windows professionally installed increase overall value. Any home improvement or investment(s) made will add value by demonstrating a continued commitment to keeping your home in the best shape possible to extend its life and appearance.

Adding new style windows and alternative colors to the curb appeal to your home will attract potential buyers asking where you had your windows installed and how long ago.

New window installation will lead to additional inquiries about your home, such as home energy savings and more, thus increasing home value. Various home improvement projects add value to your home. This includes the following upgrades:

  • Kitchen remodel
  • Bathroom remodel
  • Decks and porches
  • Upgrading appliances
  • Heating and cooling system upgrades

When it comes to windows, replacing the windows in your home can provide a return on investment (ROI) of up to 85%. If you spend $10,000, for example, the value of your home would then increase by $8,500 (Lippi, 2021). The most effective method to understand what areas may require attention to increase the value of your home is to schedule an inspection. Understanding what improvements can be made on a priority basis will save money and help sell your home.

How Andersen Windows Compare to Similar Brands

If you’re interested in adding windows to a newly built home or shed, planning what windows you are interested in is a major component to choosing the option best for you. Your local contractor will offer a product line or obtain a particular, specified brand. All of the following brands offer products in:

  • Various sizes and styles
  • Multiple colors and materials
  • Stores and online buying options
ProductCostManufacturer’s Warranty
Renewal by Andersen 400 Series (Wood/Vinyl Exterior)HD: $478.0020 years
Pella 250 Series (Vinyl)Lowes: $392.9520 years
Jeld-Wen Tradition PlusLowes: $385.7120 years
ReliaBilt Series 28500Lowes: $188.00Limited Lifetime

Known Recalls for Andersen Windows

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, there have been a total of one recall for the Andersen Corporation. These recalls were related to latches where the lower sash can unexpectedly open (September 13, 2001). The recall affected around 400,000 windows (CPSC, 2021).

Andersen voluntarily recalled the latches, and there were 11 cases reported with no injuries. This is the only reported recall that is available online. You can perform your search on Andersen and various other brand windows by visiting

Final Thoughts

With various product options on the market and many manufacturers to choose from, selecting windows may seem daunting. Andersen Inc. has been around for over 118 years and offers its products at various distributors in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

There has been a total of one reported product recall. Andersen offers a warranty fully backing their craftsmanship and quality for 20 years. The company also created Fibrex, a composite wood blend performing well under extreme hot and cold without losing material integrity.

Is Renewal by Andersen products and services worth the money? Consider the quality of the product, the warranty, and the company’s overall position. Replacing your windows is expensive, but keeping away drafts, moisture and increasing the value of your home is priceless.


Hubert Miles | Licensed Home Inspector, CMI, CPI

Hubert Miles is a licensed home inspector (RBI# 2556) with more than two decades of experience in inspection and construction. Since 2008, he has been serving South Carolina through his company, Patriot Home Inspections LLC. As a Certified Master Inspector, Hubert is dedicated to providing his expertise in home inspections, repairs, maintenance, and DIY projects.