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Are Richmond Water Heaters Good: We Find Out

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Do you wish to replace an old boiler with a new and reliable water heater? The Richmond water heater is among the popular and market-leading brands that have dominated the market for its excellent quality products. But what do buyers say about this water heater?

Richmond water heaters are good mid-tier brand water heaters in terms of quality, cost, and installation. Richmond water heaters are manufactured in the United States by Rheem. Richmond water heaters have multiple sizes for both new and replacement installations.

This review breaks down some important information about the Richmond water heater and its most reliable brand. 

Are Richmond Water Heaters Good?

Richmond heaters are top-quality models that have been in production since 1983. 

The Richmond water heaters have smart features that offer maximum efficiency while at the same time keeping your tank safe. 

They are by far among the most efficient and reliable water heaters on the market.

Some of the features that make this type of heater good include: 

  • They have a lifeguard stainless steel heating element that guarantees a longer tank life.
  • It contains a self-cleaning system.
  • Has heat traps that ensure high energy efficiency.

Types Of Richmond Water Heaters

Richmond water heaters are classified into three major categories:

  • Propane/Gas
  • Solar
  • Electric


Richmond develops a small array of water heaters that you can power using gas. They include the Essential, Encore, and Essential Plus series. 

Propane and gas-fueled water heaters are the most efficient. They have a UEF that is lower compared to their electric counterparts. 

If you are looking for heaters that run at a lower cost, then the gas/propane water heaters are the ideal products for you. 

Richmond puts more focus on efficiency and longevity when it comes to gas-powered heaters. They have the longest warranty that lasts up to 12 years.

The gas-powered heaters are designed with durable foam insulation and other key features to minimize heat loss. The company focuses on improving the service life of every product.

There are also additional features that the gas-powered heaters have and include easy maintenance and low emission burner design. The products aren’t designed with filters meaning less cleaning is required. They are also developed using standardized parts that you can replace easily. 

Most of the gas-powered products also have a self-cleaning system called EverKleen. The feature increases the service life of the heater by combating the buildup of lime and sediment. 

The Richmond propane/gas water heaters are perfect for homes seeking to cut down the heating expenditure. 

Electric Water Heaters

Richmond has four different categories of electric water heaters: Marathon, Essential Plus, Essential, and Encore. Electric water heaters are the most common products in homes, and they offer a higher UEF than gas-powered units. 

The electric water heaters also happen to have higher parameters for LEED and Energy Star compliance. Most of these products operate at a lower cost while at the same time reducing the carbon footprint.

Like the gas-powered products, the Richmond electric water heaters have various features, including the EverKleen system. They also contain stainless steel Lifeguard heating elements. 

Electric water heaters last longer and are more efficient while decreasing the risk of a possible dry-fire burnout. 

All the electric units are designed with signature 2-inch foam insulation and durable construction. Depending on the size of the boiler that you purchase, you can even get warranties of up to 12 years. 

These types of electric heaters are perfect for those seeking to limit their effects on the environment. They could also be ideal if you already have pre-installed gas pipes and vents. 

However, it would help if you understood that their performance decreases, especially in colder regions. 

Solar Water Heaters

Richmond has not been left behind in the solar industry. At the moment, there are two models on offer: Solpak system and Solaraide HE. 

The two models of solar water heaters are designed and developed to target different consumers. The HE model is perfect for those who have pre-installed residential solar systems. It has highly efficient resistor heating elements that have a capacity of 4500 watts. 

The Solpak brand is ideal for anyone who doesn’t have previous experience in the solar industry. It comes with a storage tank, a thermal expansion tank, a glycol solution, a controller, double collector systems, and a multi-speed pump. 

Which Richmond Heater Is The Most Reliable?

You might be wondering which is the most reliable Richmond water heater. Don’t worry, as we’ll reveal the best brands of Richmond water heaters below: 

Richmond Short Natural Gas Water Heater

It is among the most reliable Richmond gas water heaters. It’s a 50-gallon power vent heater. 

The unit contains 36,000 BTU that is powered by natural gas. If your household has about three to five people, this is the perfect solution for you. 

This product boasts a recovery rate of 36.4 gallons per hour and a first-hour rating of 80 gallons. Even though the heater isn’t rated Energy Star, it stands out for having eco-friendly low NOX burners. 

Richmond emphasizes the fact that the product comes with a flexible venting option. The product is compatible with CPVC, ABS, and PVC vents that you can install horizontally or vertically. 

If you buy this water heater, you’ll like its pre-installed pressure relief valve and improved and new quiet blower motor. 

But one of the exciting features is the flammable vapor detection sensor. It disables the heater if it senses any dangerous vapor. 

However, you should be aware of the low rating of the NOx burners. It, therefore, doesn’t meet the ultra-low NOx emission requirements. 

It can’t be employed in air quality districts. If you’re from Utah or California, you should be aware of this fact. 

Features & Specs

  • It has a tank capacity of 48 gallons.
  • Used natural gas as fuel.
  • It operates at a maximum temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • It weighs 175 pounds.
  • It measures 51.25 x 23.75 x23.75
It’s compatible with flexible venting options.It doesn’t meet the requirements for the Ultra-Low NOx emission. 
Energy Star qualified and high efficiency.
It has a quiet blower motor.
It comes with a flammable vapor detection sensor.

Richmond Electric Point-Of-Use Water Heater

It is by far the best and most reliable Richmond electric water heater. The water heater is a point-of-use and space-saving unit. 

The water has a 15-gallon tank that is efficient for offering hot water for applications such as bathroom and kitchen sink

Richmond designed this water heater using a 2,000-watt heating element. There is also a pre-installed pressure and temperature relief valve. 

It’s also created with an automatic thermostat that keeps the temperature at the exact level you need to. 

This water heater also comes with critical additional valuable functions. One such feature is the over-temperature protector that will shut off the power automatically if the temperature rises excessively. 

The water heater is designed with a specially formulated lining that prevents rust and corrosion. It, in turn, improves the unit’s lifespan. 

One benefit of this product is that it exceeds and meets the requirements of NAECA (National Appliance Energy Conservation Act). It also comes with a six-year warranty. 

According to Richmond, this product is designed and developed as a replacement for an old heater. 

Using the water heater will require a sturdy wall to mount it and a 120V electrical source. 

Features & Specs

  • It has a tank capacity of 15 gallons.
  • It uses electricity to function.
  • The product operates at a maximum temperature of 150 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • It weighs 54 pounds. 
  • It measures 24.25 x 17.75 x 17.75 inches. 
It complies with the NAECA requirements.Some users complain that the product doesn’t indicate when it’s off or on.
The product is perfect for point-of-use applications.
It is designed with a pre-installed automatic thermostat.
It comes with an over-temperature protector.

Solar Richmond Universal Connect Water Heater

This product is without question one of the best solutions you can ever access on the market. It is the best and most reliable solar water heater. 

It’s designed with multi-port electric connections that you can employ if the sun disappears. It can operate in a household that has about five to seven members. 

The product is designed with an 80-gallon tank. It’s also compatible with both double and single collector closed-loop glycol heater systems. 

The Richmond Universal Connect heater is developed as a replacement for the previous solar unit. It has multiple connection ports on both sides and at the top to allow for easier installation. 

The unit’s tank is easy to maintain. It’s created with durable brass drain valves and standard glass-lined material. It’s also resistant to both corrosion and rust and is likely to operate for long life. 

This solar water heater is also one of the most effective products on the market. When cold water gets into the storage tank, it moves to the bottom. There is, therefore, a minimal influence on the heated water; thus, less energy is used. 

Just like the electric water heater, this solar heater also has an over-temperature protector. You’ll also get a six-year warranty. 

Features & Specs

  • It comes with a tank capacity of 80 gallons
  • The unit operates with a maximum temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit
  • It weighs 192 pounds
  • The unit measures 58.75 x 24.5 x 24.5
It has an over-temperature protectorEven though the unit is prewired for a resistor, it doesn’t have one
You can use it in a family of five to seven people
It has multi-port electric connections
The product is designed with durable brass and glass lining
It has an over-temperature protector

New Features On Richmond Water Heaters

To keep up with the market competition, Richmond is constantly developing new features. Some of the features include: 

  • Eveleen: The EverKleenis a self-cleaning system that assists in restricting the buildup of limescale or other damaging factors. It also helps to maintain maximum efficiency and improve tank life. The water becomes spiral in the tank after running through an inlet tube. It prevents any sediments from settling. 
  • Fast recovery: The feature replaces used hot water faster than other models that have the same feature.
  • High-temperature dip tube: The tube will deliver cold water to the bottom of your tank before it is heated. All Richmond heaters have an extra dip tube that meets the plumbing codes. 
  • Porcelain tank protection: The Richmond tanks are designed using porcelain lining. The lining prolongs the life of the tank. 
  • Rigid foam insulation: Richmond units have strong foam insulation to limit heat loss. There is also pipe insulation for 12-year models. 
  • Lifeguards: They are stainless-steel elements that come with 12 and 6-year units. The elements prevent sediment buildup. 

Are Richmond And Rheem Water Heaters The Same?

Rheem now manufactures Richmond water heaters. The company employs the best technology and materials for the Richmond brand to produce water heaters that have great value. The company’s product line is meant to meet the needs of every consumer. 

Rheem recognizes that consumers are always looking for fast-recovery and larger water heaters. It, therefore, produces quality solar, liquid propane, natural gas, and electric Richmond heaters.

The product is available with a warranty of between 6 to 12 years. No other brand comes closer to the Richmond water heaters from Rheem.

What Does The Richmond Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Heater Involve?

The Richmond hybrid comes with a ten-year parts warranty and a ten-year tank leak warranty. It also comes with a first-year in-home labor warranty. 

The heater employs heat pump technology to get a uniform energy factor of 3.55. It has a residential electric power of about 0.92 while the residential gas is almost 0.62. 

Since it is EnergyStar compliant, it can qualify you for a utility or local rebate. 

What’s The Longest Warranty On A Richmond Water Heater?

Most Richmond water heaters offer a 6-year limited warranty on parts and a 1-year warranty on home labor. Richmond warranties do not include installation.

Mid-efficiency tankless water heaters up to a 12-year warranty. Electric tankless units have a 5-year warranty.

The Richmond Marathon water heater offers a lifetime limited warranty on tanks and 6-years on parts in residential installations. Warranty is valid for the original purchaser only and is non-transferrable. It is a special heater containing a seamless blow-molded polybutene inner tank. 

The product won’t corrode or rust. It also has foam insulation that offers a uniform energy factor of up to 0.93. 

The Richmond Marathon has a tank size of between 15 to 105 gallons to meet the needs of almost any household. 

How Can I Identify The Water Heater That Is Ideal For Me?

Selecting the best water heater isn’t an easy task. It’s based on the size of your family and the amount of hot water you’ll use in a single continuous hour. It is referred to as the peak hour demand. 


When you decide to purchase water heater units that bring a lot of comfort to your family, you should approach a reliable manufacturer and brand. 

The company you should buy the water heaters from must have a reputable position in the industry. It should also offer quality products. 

Richmond water heaters are among the top quality brands that you can access for your plumbing needs. These heaters are available in different options. 

Richmond heaters are designed for family-friendly applications and easy installation. They are tested for consistency and meet all the regulations and plumbing codes. 

You also have an option of selecting between a gas heater, electric water heater, or solar water heater. We hope that you purchase the best Richmond water heater for your family. 

One of Richmond’s primary competitors is American water heaters. American is a subsidiary of A.O. Smith. Read our American Water Heater Review (6 Helpful Tips).


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