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American Water Heater Review (6 Helpful Tips)

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Do you have a water heater in your home, and have you ever used an American water heater? Across the states of America, American Water Heaters have proven their efficiency and durability for households.

American water heaters are among the best brands on the market, including Proline, Polaris, and Standard series. The company responsible for manufacturing these heaters offers an extensive line of commercial and residential models. The good thing about American water heaters is that they are designed for various homeowners, home types, and applications. These include ultra-high condensing, green technology, budget-friendly, and energy-efficient models. 

In this review, we look at the American Water Heaters and what they involve. 

Are American Water Heaters Good?

American Water Heaters are long-lasting and reliable water heaters. They are also energy-efficient and experience high performance. 

You can either select either the condensing or non-condensing model. They offer plenty of water with reduced gas emissions and energy waste. 

We recommend that you go for these heaters if you are looking for both efficiency and reliability in performance. 

How Long Does An American Water Heater Last?

The American water heater will last for between 8 to 12 years, according to the manufacturer. However, the exact period varies depending on the quality of installation, water quality, maintenance schedule, and unit design. 

Even though the American water heaters today are better designed compared to older models, they still need regular repair and maintenance to prolong their lives. 

In most cases, an electric water heater lasts more than a gas water heater. 

Who Makes the American Standard Water Heater?

American Water Heaters makes and distributes commercial and residential American Standard water Heaters. The company has its headquarters in Johnson City, Tennessee. 

The American Water Heaters is a subsidiary of the A.O. Smith Corporation. The company offers both tankless and highly efficient tank models, most of them being awarded Energy Star. 

The company produces different models, including electric and gas models, as we’ll see below. They are also ideal for earth-friendly installations and are LEED recognized. 

American Electric Models

The company produces a variety of quality electric heaters with different capacities and sizes. All the electric models under this category come from the XE group, ProLine Master, and ProLine group. 

Even though the electric water heater comes with a high energy factor, none of the conventional heaters is Energy Star compliant. However, the heat pumps or hybrids are Energy Star compliant. 

If you want an electric heater for a single fixture such as an office or distant sink, select a point-of-use model. This might include the Tiny Titan model, which has a capacity of 2.5-gallon. You can install it either above or under the sink. 

If you require more hot water, select a compact series model. This type of electric water heater has models with a capacity of about 20 gallons. They are developed for point-of-use applications. 

If you require hot water for at least two fixtures, get a lowboy model. They can fit in homes with limited space and are available in capacities of 20 to 50 gallons. 

The American water heater company produces electric heater models for specific applications. 

American heat pumps are available for homeowners seeking cutting-edge technologies and electronic devices to offer the highest savings. 

For you to purchase the best model, go for high efficient models, commercial-grade anode rods, models that have self-cleaning features, built-in electronics for quicker diagnostics, and powered anode for better protection against corrosion. 

The American Gas Model

These models also come from the ProLine XE, Proline master, and ProLine series. They are also protected with a 10, 8, and 6-year warranty. 

The models are only available in short and tall models with capacities of 30 to above 75 gallons.

Even though they’re mainly built for small commercial and residential applications, some models can be employed in mobile homes. 

Recommended models have user-friendly features, powered anode, a self-powered gas valve with a diagnostic system, Energy Star approved, and an intelligent control logic system. 

Tankless Models

If you would like to have a device that heats water on demand, the best option for you is tankless technology. 

American tankless water heaters are reliable, long-lasting, and small units providing better energy efficiency and high performance. 

As we have seen before, you can either choose the condensing or non-condensing model. The models offer a reduced wastage of energy and plenty of water.

With innovative features and built-in quality materials and elements, the company offers a 15-year warranty. Most of the components on the heater are replaceable. 

The maximum flow in these water heaters is 10 GPM. 

The Best American Water Heaters

Below are the best American water heaters on the market:

PG10-34-150-2NV American Water Heater

The PG10-34-150-2NV gas water heater is among the top quality American water heaters in the industry. The heater comes from the Polaris line. 

The heater’s heat exchanger and tank are developed with 444 stainless steel to remove the need for an anode and minimize corrosion. 

The heater is quiet and emits no noise. It’s also designed with an optional vent kit and a power direct venting system. 

It comes with a large touchscreen that allows you to monitor the equipment’s health and status and control the temperature with ease. Two front vents will enable you to access components that require immediate changing or servicing. 

The water heater comes with a 10-year warranty and employs a modulating burner to offer efficient energy consumption. 

The heater is perfect for residential applications. It has a BTU efficiency and input that provides an exceptional recovery time. The product meets the standby loss and thermal efficiency standards of the U.S Department of Energy. 


  • The heater has an ultra-quiet burner and blower
  • It employs a helical thermal heat exchanger
  • It contains two front panels for serviceable parts
  • The product comes with an enhanced ultra-low NOx burner that is energy emission compliant
  • It has a touchscreen for diagnostics and temperature control

PG10-34-130-2NV Water Heater

The PG10-34-130-2NV Water Heater is another top gas water heater on our list. The product is from the ProLine XE Polaris heater line. 

Even though its BTU isn’t very high compared to other products on the list, it’s still among efficient heaters on the market. 

It has a high thermal efficiency of 96%. This translates to a minimum emission. 

The heater is developed to have two venting options, which include vertical and horizontal venting. It reduces possible accidental fires that could happen in the presence of flammable vapors. 

The water heater has a large touchscreen on the tank from which you can control the temperature. It also has a 444 stainless steel alloy that guarantees high durability and no corrosion. 

This heater has similarities with the PG10-34-150-2NV in fuel requirements and design. Selecting the one to purchase will depend on how efficient your heater is and your budget. 

The heater comes with user & installation guides and is made from standard materials. It has two access points for easier maintenance.


  • It comes with an ultra-quiet burner and blower
  • The product is designed with a touchscreen for temperature control
  • You can quickly vent it through CPVC, polypropylene, and PVC
  • Its ultra-low NOx emission meets the latest standards
  • It uses 444 stainless steel to prevent corrosion

PG10-34-100-2NV Water Heater

The PG10-34-100-2NV is a budget-friendly option compared to other PG10 natural gas heaters. This translates into a lower BTU input than other products. 

The product has all the XE Polaris heater features, although at an affordable price. It comes with a helical heat exchanger and side-mounted cold & hot recirculating taps. 

Its higher thermal efficiency of 96% makes this product stand out from the rest. It, therefore, complies with air quality emission standards.

Apart from going for a low price, this product is also made from quality materials and follows the high American standards that make the company one of the best. 

It comes with an installation guide, and you’ll experience easy maintenance when you use the product. The product is easy to use and super quiet. 


  • It is designed with high thermal efficiency of 96%
  • The product meets the ICC, CEC, and UBC national codes
  • It has a 444 stainless steel to resistant corrosion
  • The product is designed with a touch screen for controlling the temperature
  • It has an efficient fuel consumption thanks to the helical internal heat exchanger

PVG62-40T50-NVS Water Heater

If you seek a self-cleaning American water heater, then the PVG62-40T50-NVS heater is the best choice. The heater employs various features to guarantee high efficiency and minimum heat loss. 

There is a DIP tube that increases the inlet water pressure, which reduces the cold water regions. It also has built-in heat traps and 2-inch foam insulation on the water outlet and inlet to limit heat loss. 

The product is designed with a self-cleaning action that makes everything easier by removing sediments at the bottom of your tank. It, therefore, comes with a 40-gallon tank. 

The emission of this product is extremely low, thus explaining its Energy Star qualification. If you buy this water heater, you’ll experience more efficient energy consumption and low wastage.

The features contributing to the product’s energy efficiency include a solid brass drain valve and hot surface indicator. 


  • The product has a higher capacity
  • It’s designed with a LimeFighter dip tube to reduce cold water regions in your tank
  • The PVG62-40T50-NVS is Energy Star qualified for high efficiency
  • It reduces sediment collection thanks to its self-cleaning technology

GT-510-PI Liquid Propane Heater

This is a tankless water heater, which saves money on fuel and more space than other options. It’s also more efficient compared to traditional heaters. 

Here, you’ll get instant hot water without having to wait for extended periods. If you buy this water heater, it’ll last longer than other available options. 

The product won’t reheat water when there isn’t the need to eliminate ‘stand by’ loss. For heat exchange purposes, the water heater employs copper. 

This water heater offers a low NOx emission, thus ensuring cleaner air. The copper and stainless steel venting make the heater highly durable and resistant to corrosion. 

However, these heaters are perfect for smaller homes that have about 3 to 4 people. The heaters are from the 510 series, which are meant for small commercial and residential use. 

You’ll also encounter safety features such as surge protection and troubleshooting diagnostics. The heater will offer you a chance to access an endless hot water supply. The model is designed with an Energy Factor of 0.82.

What Warranty Does American Water Heater Offer?

Every water heater user would like to buy a new heater that has a warranty. A warranty gives you a unique chance to ask for a replacement if an unplanned fault occurs within the warranty period. 

The company offers warranties on almost all products that vary from one product to another. A warranty is available for the tank and its parts. Most PG10 water tank models come with a warranty of 10-years for the tank. The PVG water heater has a 6-year limited warranty, while the GT line model comes with a 25-year limited warranty. 

For the parts, all models have warranties of 1-year. However, the PVG heater parts come with a warranty of 6-years. 

The warranty isn’t transferable, and if you use the product in a commercial setting, it’ll reduce to 1 year only. The warranty will apply if you follow the installation guidelines effectively. 

If your tank parts, except for the anode, are damaged or the inner tank leaks within the warranty period, you’ll get a new replacement. 

However, no warranty will apply if the heater or the parts are misused, unapproved arts & aftermarket have been added, its application isn’t according to the guidelines, and it isn’t installed properly. You can check out the American water heater site for more information. 

To claim the warranty, you should be the original buyer and provide the serial number, model number, location, date of installation & purchase, and product number. 

What Are The Things To Consider When Buying An American Water Heater

Before you purchase an American water heater, there are various factors that you should consider: 

Source Of Energy

Here you should consider whether you should use natural gas, propane, solar, or electricity. The cost will be high if you choose propane over natural gas since propane is more expensive. 

In most cases, people use natural gas and electricity. However, natural gas is the least expensive of the two. 

You should remember that almost all homes are connected to electricity and not natural gas. The use of electricity is also a viable option and cost-effective. 

However, remember that the more power, the more hot water you’ll have in your home. 

Location of Your Heater

As per the NAECA 3 (National Appliance Energy Conservation Act) requirements, it isn’t possible to install the same sized new heater in the place of the existing unit. If it isn’t possible to replace your current tank, you can go for a tankless option. 

However, you should know the tankless unit’s power requirements since most tanks have a 30 amp wire size and breaker.

It will help if your water heater is near the point of use. You should place the heater in a more centralized location. 

The Starting Groundwater Temperature

With most tankless heaters, you’ll need a properly sized home. You should calculate the power required to provide your desired temperature. The groundwater temperature is critical since it’s the starting point. 

For instance, if you reside in a colder climate, you’ll need more power to heat water to about 104° F. In such a case, you should go for an energy-efficient American water heater.

The Amount Of Hot Water You Need

If you need a lot of hot water at a time, you should look for water heater products with a low flow rate. There are states, including California, that have laws to govern the application of low-flow and high-flow fixtures. 

If you are unsure of the water heater to use, you should consult a professional plumber to help you out. 


American water heaters constitute some of the most reliable water heaters in the industry. These heaters are available for both commercial and residential purposes. 

You can find a water heater for any application or home type. The American water heaters are also energy-efficient and budget-friendly. 

If you’re unsure of which product to buy, you should consult a professional plumber.



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