21 Trendy Gray Exterior House Colors for 2024

Gray Exterior House Colors

Many homeowners choose gray exterior house colors because they create a modern and sophisticated feel. It’s frequently called the “new beige” because of its neutral tones. Thus, it’s become a safe alternative for those who want their home to look more classy without being too daring.

From dark to light shades, selecting the right shade of gray exterior paint color for your home can be challenging. These exterior gray house colors are guaranteed to make your house look fantastic!

Our 21 Favorite Gray Exterior Paint Colors

The LRV, or light reflectance value, is used by design professionals to express how much light a color reflects or absorbs. It can range from 0-100%, with 100% indicating that all the light reflects off the surface (appearing pure white) and 0% meaning that none of the light is reflected (the object would appear black).

Gray exterior paint colors can vary widely on the LRV scale. Gray can have warm or cool undertones, giving you hundreds of popular exterior paint colors. Here are our favorite gray exterior paint ideas.

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1. Repose Gray (7015) by Sherwin-Williams

Repose Gray (7015) by Sherwin-Williams is an elegant and sophisticated gray exterior paint color. With its light gray shade and warm undertones, this hue gives any home a modern yet timeless feel.

Its LRV of 58% means that it reflects a moderate amount of light while still being subtle enough not to overpower the exterior.

Repose Gray looks great against crisp white garage doors, as seen in the photo below, and can be continued into the interior color palette for a neutral gray color throughout the entire house.

17 Gray
Repose Gray (7015) by Sherwin-Williams

2. Urbane Bronze (7048) by Sherwin-Williams

Urbane Bronze (7048) by Sherwin-Williams is an impressive dark brownish-gray exterior house color that will give your home a modern and sophisticated look. Its dark hue can accentuate a home’s architectural details with contrasting warm whites like SW Extra White.

With its warm brown undertones and LRV of 8%, this earthy bronze will absorb a large amount of natural light but still keep your home warm and inviting.

Urbane Bronze, similar to Iron Ore, is a unique shade. Iron Ore has cooler tones and appears more black than Urbane Bronze. Both colors have green undertones, but Urbane Bronze is lighter and warmer with brown tones. Both are among the best gray exterior house colors.

Check out more dark exterior house colors.

Urbane Bronze (7048) by Sherwin-Williams

3. Peppercorn (7674) by Sherwin-Williams

Peppercorn (7674) from Sherwin-Williams is a great choice if you’re looking for something dark and sophisticated. As one of the top-selling gray exterior house colors, its beautiful dark color is similar to what you would find with Tricorn Black, but it’s less black overall and offers a more edgy look that will make your exterior scream WOW!

Tricorn Black has purple-blue undertones and is darker overall; it looks closer to a traditional black, whereas Peppercorn is brighter overall due to its higher LRV value of 10.

Ben Neely of Riverbend Homes told us that for homes that we have under construction, they’ve been using Peppercorn and Cyberspace, both from Sherwin Williams. On another modern home, we had to build out of the floodplain, and the owners used Tricorn Black on their main exterior color. They complimented the exterior paint color with a stained wood look cladding. View the Spicewood Birdhouse project gallery.

Peppercorn (7674) by Sherwin-Williams

4. Cityscape (7067) by Sherwin-Williams

Cityscape (7067) by Sherwin-Williams is the perfect exterior house paint for homeowners looking to create a beautiful exterior color scheme. With its mid-tone neutral undertones, Cityscape creates an inviting look that catches your eye from a distance providing captivating appeal while still feeling classic enough to hold up over time.

Whether you’re dealing with siding, brick, stucco, or other exterior materials, this exterior paint will provide you with the quality coverage needed for a flawless finish. Cityscape’s LRV value of 22 offers a beautiful gray that contrasts nicely with crisp white trim and black shutters.

Cityscape (7067) by Sherwin-Williams

5. Gauntlet Gray (7019) by Sherwin-Williams

Sherwin-Williams Gauntlet Gray (7019) is the perfect neutral backdrop for a house’s exterior. A versatile shade, it pairs well with contemporary and traditional architectural designs, making it an ideal choice for homeowners seeking to enhance the overall look of their homes.

The warm greige undertone will give your home a timeless and classic finish emphasizing its best features. The LRV 17 value is slightly darker than Cityscape among gray exterior house colors. It pairs well with Armagnac as an earthy orange accent color for a front door and Elder White for exterior trim.

Gauntlet Gray (7019) by Sherwin-Williams

6. Kendall Charcoal (HC-166) by Benjamin Moore

Kendall Charcoal HC-166 by Benjamin Moore is one of the best exterior house paint colors for making a focal point and creating an elegant, eye-catching look. Its deep charcoal hue pairs well with creamy off-white trim, ensuring that it won’t fade into the background or look too monochromatic.

Kendall Charcoal HC-166 stands out among other best gray paint colors because of its hue variety. With an LRV of 14.61, it’s a dark earthy gray with a beautiful mix of brown and green undertones. Its versatility makes it perfect for any home, from New England beach cottages to modern Arizona estate homes.

Kendall Charcoal (HC-166) by Benjamin Moore

7. Grizzle Gray (7068) by Sherwin-Williams

Sherwin-Williams’ Grizzle Gray (7068) exterior house paint is the main color that is perfect for achieving a modern look with a classic gray tone. The primary color’s neutral hue pairs beautifully with an aqua front door, providing an exciting contrast and bringing out subtle variations in the primary color.

To get the ultimate designer look, combine Grizzle Gray with complementary white tones for trim accents and window shutters for beautiful landscape accentuation. Grizzle Grey is a dark gray with an LRV value of 13. Its warmth and dramatic tones create an inviting space that says Welcome Home!

Grizzle Gray (7068) by Sherwin-Williams

8. Dorian Gray (7017) by Sherwin-Williams

Dorian Gray (7017) by Sherwin-Williams is the right color for a home’s exterior. It perfectly balances light and dark shades, making it suitable for your desired style. Go for a classic look of neutrality or pair it with a different color to create something more striking—either way, Dorian Gray is right up your alley.

The great thing about this Dorian Gray is that it has warm brown undertones creating a mid-tone earth-tone gray with an LRV value of 39. With this house paint, you’re sure to have an exterior that looks sharp now and for many more years.

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Dorian Gray (7017) by Sherwin-Williams

9. Gray Owl (2137-60) by Benjamin Moore

Gray Owl (2137-60) by Benjamin Moore is the perfect exterior paint for a beach house. With a 64.51 LRV value, the soft, light gray color works well with warm or cool color schemes depending on the accent colors. Gray Owl creates a subtle coastal-inspired backdrop with cool grays and blues.

The light, beachy hue is versatile enough to pair with any home and furniture style, as it offers a natural vibrancy that brings out the beauty in surrounding colors. Whether you’re looking for a more neutral shade or something bolder, Gray Owl will present you with an array of warm or cool colors.

Gray Owl (2137-60) by Benjamin Moore

10. Chelsea Gray (HC-168) by Benjamin Moore

Chelsea Gray (HC-168) by Benjamin Moore is a great pick when considering exterior house paint. It can blend in with almost any interior design, making it a paint of choice for interior walls. Its neutral colors give off a sophisticated cottage aura that warms up a living room, dining room, or large area.

An exterior paint made to last, Chelsea Gray is a mid-dark gray with a 23.33 LRV that looks great when used outside and offers your home the perfect touch of elegance.

Chelsea Gray (HC-168) by Benjamin Moore

11. Gray Matters (7066) by Sherwin-Williams

Looking for a stunning feature for your exterior walls? Gray Matters (7066) by Sherwin-Williams is the perfect choice for interior designers looking to create an elegant and eye-catching design. Sherwin-Williams is one of the most popular exterior and interior paint brands.

Gray Matters deep green undertones can pull together the look of any home’s exterior and interior decor. The medium gray has an LRV of 39, offering a cool neutral color that’s not too light or dark.

Gray Matters (7066) by Sherwin-Williams

12. Agreeable Gray (7029) by Sherwin-Williams

Agreeable Gray (7029) by Sherwin-Williams is the perfect paint to give your home’s exterior a warm, inviting feel. Agreeable Gray is very similar to Accessible Beige. The main differences are that Agreeable Gray is slightly lighter with an LRV of 60 with a beige undertone, whereas Accessible Beige is somewhat darker with an LRV of 58 and has a gray undertone.

Agreeable Gray provides a great alternative to classic white paint while maintaining a neutral vibe. You’ll achieve an elegant look that won’t overpower the other elements of your home’s exterior.

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Agreeable Gray (7029) by Sherwin-Williams

13. Revere Pewter (HC-172) by Benjamin Moore

Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore is a warm and inviting hue that offers a warm welcome to your guests. The color sits between gray and beige to create a stunning visual texture that makes the exterior of your house stand out.

The LRV is 55.05, a great color that can warm up any space while simultaneously giving off modern vibes. Revere Pewter will help make a positive first impression with its natural beauty that can last for years.

Revere Pewter (HC-172) by Benjamin Moore

14. Edgecomb Gray (HC-173) by Benjamin Moore

Edgecomb Gray (HC-173) by Benjamin Moore is a great color for exterior house paint. It’s a light and warm shade of gray, giving your home a traditional yet modern look. The hue changes subtly in different lighting conditions, so you get subtle elegance indoors and out no matter the time of day.

With an LRV 63.09, Edgecomb Gray pairs well with bright white trim and classical features like large lanterns or window boxes. It can look great with classic coastal materials like stone or brick or even more unusual touches like crushed oyster shells.

Edgecomb Gray (HC-173) by Benjamin Moore

15. Stonington Gray (HC-170) by Benjamin Moore

Stonington Gray (HC-170) by Benjamin Moore is a cool, breezy way to freshen up the exterior of your home. With its light blue undertones, this paint will have your house look cool and classy.

Stonington Gray LRV of 59.36. Its cool tints pairs well with dark accent colors like black shutters or Benjamin Moore (HC-154) Hale Navy front door.

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Stonington Gray (HC-170) by Benjamin Moore

16. Silverpointe (7653) by Sherwin-Williams

Silverpointe (7653) by Sherwin-Williams is one of our favorite gray exterior house colors that will turn heads and make a statement. With an LRV of 64, this gray hue has an urban feel, but with its light texture, you could also use it to create a timeless classic look.

Silverpointe has cool undertones of blue and green, which can vary the appearance depending on lighting and other accent colors.

Silver Pointe (7653) by Sherwin-Williams

17. Light French Gray (0055) by Sherwin-Williams

Light French Gray (0055) is a good reason to choose Sherwin-Williams for exterior house paint. Its versatile shade goes with practically any decor, making it a great option for any home.

The LRV of 53 makes for one of the most beautiful contrasting gray exterior house colors that pair well with a darker pop of color, such as a navy blue front door.

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Light French Gray (0055) by Sherwin-Williams

18. Stormy Sky (1616) by Benjamin Moore

If you’re looking for a modern and elegant exterior house paint, Stormy Sky (1616) by Benjamin Moore is a perfect choice. The deep blue undertones create drama and make black shutters pop. You can add more drama with black trim paint or contrast with crisp white paint.

At 13.75 LRV, it’s one of the most trendy deep gray exterior house colors that’s sure to be a classic, timeless paint color for modern and traditional homes.

Stormy Sky (1616) by Benjamin Moore

19. Storm (AF-700) by Benjamin Moore

Storm (AF-700) by Benjamin Moore is one of your home’s classic gray exterior colors. It features a deep, thoughtful gray tone that complements traditional and modern architecture. Storm creates an inviting and subdued ambiance, making it ideal for bringing out subtle colors in brick or siding.

Additionally, its 35.6 LRV makes this medium gray paint color even more striking against bright white trim or other light colors on a house’s exterior. Storm certainly fits the bill for homeowners looking to make a bold statement while still achieving a timeless look.

Storm (AF-700) by Benjamin Moore

20. Storm Cloud (6249) by Sherwin-Williams

Storm Cloud (6249) is actually a blue paint that sports deep gray undertones. It’s fitting for those looking to make an impressive statement outside their home with cool gray exterior house colors.

With gray undertones, this darker blue-gray hue has an LRV of 23 and provides a classic look that stands out from the crowd and pairs nicely with bright accents, such as a statement bright red door. Imagining it on the house will show it as one of the most sought-after gray exterior house colors.

Storm Cloud (6249) by Sherwin-Williams

21. Wolf Gray (2127-40) by Benjamin Moore

Wolf Gray (2127-40) by Benjamin Moore is the perfect gray exterior color for any historic home looking to make a statement. Its subtle yet classic gray hue with purple undertones will provide a beautiful base color against other vivid contrasting colors. It looks amazing with soft white color trim, creating a timeless look that will leave your house like it just stepped out of a fairy tale.

The stunning dark blue gray paint has an LRV or 21.19 and can easily serve as the main body color for any historic home needing an exterior facelift.

Don’t miss your chance to pick up peel-and-stick paint samples of these gray exterior house colors.

Wolf Gray (2127-40) by Benjamin Moore

What to Consider When Selecting Gray Exterior Paint Colors

Whether you’re looking to give your home a complete makeover or want to freshen up your exterior, selecting the perfect paint color can be a daunting task. If you’ve decided to go with gray as your exterior paint color, there are a few things that you should consider before making your final decision.

Consider Your Home’s Architecture and Design Style

The first thing that needs to be considered when selecting an exterior paint color is your home’s architecture and design style. If your home has a classic look, it may be better suited for more traditional shades of gray like charcoal or slate.

If you have a modern house with lots of clean lines and angles, then a lighter shade of gray might be more appropriate. Once you have determined what look you want for your home, it will help narrow down the perfect shade of gray paint color.

The Size of Your Home Matters

For smaller homes, gray can provide a sense of coziness and warmth. A lighter gray paint color can help to make the home appear larger and more inviting. If you have a larger home, darker gray colors are better suited to create contrast and add visual interest to architectural design.

You should also consider the type of gray color when selecting gray exterior house colors. Depending on the lighting and your home’s surroundings, you may need to adjust accordingly.

For example, if your house is surrounded by greenery, a gray-green hue could blend in naturally with its environment. Conversely, cooler grays are better suited for gray stone or brick homes.

Your Landscaping Matters Too

Just because gray is a neutral color doesn’t mean it will look good with any landscaping. You need to be conscious of the other colors that are present in your yard as well. If you have rich green plants, choosing a gray-green hue could help create natural harmony between the exterior and interior elements.

However, if your landscape includes colorful flowers or plants, you might want to opt for a more neutral gray shade so that they don’t clash with the exterior of your home. Consider your landscaping to ensure you choose the right gray exterior house colors.

Think About Your Roof and Trim Color

Your roof and trim color can be essential in deciding which gray is best for your home’s exterior. If you have a dark roof, it might be best to choose a light shade of gray so that the colors don’t clash.

Consider the color of your roof when choosing gray exterior house colors. Gray is a versatile hue and looks excellent against lighter and darker roofs, but it’s best to test the color before committing to it.

Alternatively, if you have a light-colored roof, a darker shade of gray might create an interesting contrast that can bring out the beauty in both colors. It is also important to remember how these colors will look together in different lighting conditions, such as during sunrise or sunset.

Pay Attention To Undertones

When buying gray exterior house colors, paying attention to its undertones is essential. Many shades of gray contain cool undertones like blue or green, while others may have warm undertones like red or yellow.

Depending on the overall look that you are going for, this can make all the difference in choosing which color will work best for your home’s exterior.

It also helps if you take some large peel-and-stick paint samples outside and view them in natural light to accurately represent how they will look on your house’s facade before committing to one particular gray paint.

Jeff Miller of McHenry Roofing (a next-generation roofing and exterior painting company) told us that grays with green undertones are the best for exteriors since they complement green lawns and garden foliage.

Blima Ehrentreu, Founder and CEO of The Designers Group, states blue, violet, and green are the three undertones of gray. Both fresh and stormy gray blues are attainable. Gray-violet can have a somewhat more fresh-clean or grounded-stormy appearance. If a gray-green is cold-toned, it will appear more green-blue.

Where You Live Matters

Consider the climate of your region when selecting a gray color. Gray hues range from warm to cool, so you’ll want to choose undertones that reflect the temperature of your area. Warmer shades of gray are great for temperate climates, while cooler grays work best in cooler regions.

Pro Tip: Selecting paint chips or peel-and-stick paint samples is an excellent idea for choosing the best gray exterior paint colors. When comparing your choices, view them in good lighting conditions.

What Colors Complement Gray Exterior Paint?

For a neutral palette, consider going with off-white and light shades of beige. These gray exterior house colors will create a soothing atmosphere and help to bring out the subtle tones in the gray paint. Try adding black or dark brown window frames or trim work to add more contrast to the exterior.

For those looking for something a bit bolder, several warm tones create a stunning contrast against gray exterior paint colors. Shades of red, orange, and yellow can bring out the richness of your home’s exterior.

To soften these bolder tones, choose lighter color choices like pale pink, baby blue, light purple, tan, or classic white for your trim color.

Jeremy Yamaguchi, CEO of Lawn Love told us that from servicing thousands of residential clients, Coral is a great accent color for a gray house exterior. It’s a warm, vibrant shade that can add a touch of glamour to a gray exterior. Lavender is another excellent choice, as it’s a soft and soothing color that
can make your gray house exterior feel a bit more elegant.

Boyd Rudy, Associate Broker at Dwellings Michigan, states when considering bright accents and details, warm purples, yellows, reds, and oranges look especially beautiful with any of the grays. Beyond white or black undertones that traditionally accompany grays, taupe-toned creams and blues also mix very nicely with various shades within this popular hue.

As design continues to progress further in the new year, so too will the potential looks added with cool yet timeless gray exterior house color options.

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What Are The Best Undertones for Gray Exterior Paint?

Gray exterior house colors with cool undertones will give your home a modern and sleek look, while warmer grays with yellow and green undertones can create a more traditional feel.

To best decide which gray undertone is right for a given exterior, consider the other design elements.

A gray with blue undertones will give your home exterior a crisp, clean look. Grays with blue undertones complement the modern and traditional architecture, making it a versatile option for anyone.

If your home has warm wood accents and golden hues, warm gray with brown undertones will play off these colors nicely.

Matt Hagens, CEO of Obsessed Woodworking, recommends choosing a gray with cool undertones like blue or green for a more neutral look. If you prefer a warmer look, opt for a gray with a hint of yellow or beige. Keep in mind that the larger the surface area, the more the undertones of the paint will be pronounced.

FAQs About Gray Exterior Paint Colors

Above, we’ve discussed why gray works so well on the exterior of your house. We’ve also explored some of the best exterior paint colors and how to get actual paint colors to find the right exterior paint color for you.

However, you may still have some questions, so we’ve included some of the most frequently asked questions below.

Is gray a good color for the house exterior?

Gray exterior house colors have become a timeless favorite among homeowners. Subtly elegant and classic, they provide the perfect level of sophistication without being too flashy.

What is the most popular exterior gray paint?

The most popular exterior gray paint colors include Sherwin-Williams Agreeable Gray (SW 7029) and Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter (HC-172). For a dark gray exterior, try Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal (HC-166) or Sherwin-Williams Peppercorn (SW 7674)

How to choose the perfect gray exterior house color?

You’ll need to try out several gray exterior house colors to find the perfect one. We recommend using Samplize 9″x14.75″ real paint peel-and-stick samples on your home’s exterior in direct sunlight. View the samples during different times of the day and lighting conditions for best results.

What front door accent colors look good with gray exterior paint?

A gray exterior paint can look modern and stylish, but adding an accent color to the front door can make it stand out. Consider bold colors such as navy blue, emerald green, or even vibrant red to improve curb appeal. Try an earth-tone shade of olive, sage, or taupe for beige grays to create a softer contrast.

Key Takeaways About Gray Exterior House Colors

Gray exterior paint colors never go out of style because they are sophisticated and subtle. To find the perfect gray for your home’s exterior, experiment with several shades and compare their undertones to complement other design elements.

You can soften bolder tones by choosing light colors for trim work. Accentuating your front door with a contrasting color is also an effective way to make it more inviting and stand out from the rest of the house.

You won’t miss your chance to grab these peel-and-stick paint samples of gray exterior house colors.


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