25 Blue Exterior House Colors: Elegant Home in 2024

blue exterior house colors

When it comes time to choose blue exterior house colors, there are a few things you will want to keep in mind. There are light and dark blues, and both can look great on the house, depending on the color scheme.

There are lots of different shades of blue paint. If you want a bold or refreshing color, our designers can help you choose between the noise of popular blue exterior house colors. Blue exterior paint colors are beautiful on vertical panels, lap siding, or shake siding.

Our Picks for the Best Blue Exterior House Colors

With an array of shades and hues, blue exterior paint colors provide the perfect option for your home. A lovely blue shade will suit your vision whether you prefer light or dark, vibrant or muted. Not to mention, blue paint can make your home appear welcoming and gorgeous.

Light Reflectance Value (LRV) is important when choosing blue paint for the exterior walls. It describes how much light a color reflects versus how much light it absorbs. The higher the LRV, the lighter and brighter the blue paint color. Darker blues have lower LRVs and absorb more light, making them appear more intense.

You should choose blue paint colors with the right LRV to ensure you get the desired effect with your blue house exterior color.

In direct sunlight, darker LRV blues will appear lighter. Darker blue hues are perfect for a more dramatic, sophisticated look.

If you have a lot of shade trees, you’ll want to choose a lighter blue hue with a higher LRV. Light blues are popular in coastal and farmhouse designs.

Our list includes popular exterior house colors in an array of blue paint shades. We recommend getting peel-and-stick paint samples to test popular exterior paint colors without using actual paint.

Cyberspace (7076) by Sherwin-Williams

Cyberspace is one of the most stunning darker blue exterior house paint colors. It’s not the brightest blue, but more of a faded or grayed blue. With an LRV of 6, Cyberspace is an excellent exterior option for those who want to add a touch of blue without looking too colorful or vibrant.

Cyberspace (7076) by Sherwin-Williams

Grays Harbor (6236) by Sherwin-Williams

Sherwin Williams Grays Harbor is one of the darker blue exterior house colors with an LRV of 12. It is similar to Cyberspace but not as deep. It’s slightly lighter than Cyberspace but not so bright that it’s overpowering. If you want a popular exterior paint color that is not too blue, then Grays Harbor is a good choice.

Grays Harbor (6236) by Sherwin-Williams

Hale Navy (HC-154) by Benjamin Moore

Hale Navy is one of Benjamin Moore’s best-selling blue exterior paint colors. It is easy to see why people like it when you first look at it. The color has more gray than other blues, making it look navy instead of bright. With an LRV of 8, Hale Navy is a pretty dark blue house color that will lighten in direct sunlight. We find this makes the hue feel classic and timeless.

It’s a tasteful color close to navy and works well with different homes. It looks great on historic houses but also on modern homes. It also meshes well with copper, natural wood, stone accents, and light and dark paint colors. You can elevate your home’s curb appeal by pairing Hale Navy with warm white trim and natural stone, as seen below.

Hale Navy (HC-154) by Benjamin Moore

Naval (6244) by Sherwin-Williams

We love Naval by Sherwin Williams for a near-black navy paint color if you want an even deeper hue than Hale Navy. With an LRV of 4, it’s seriously dark. Its stunning purple undertones make it look incredible with natural stone and plants with purple undertones. It lightens in direct sunlight allowing the deep colors and undertones to shine.

Naval (6244) by Sherwin-Williams

Westcott Navy (1624) by Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore’s Westcott Navy is a good choice for blue exterior house colors. It looks more like a dark gray than navy blue, but it can give off mysterious vibes when combined with other darker tones. Its navy tone will be more apparent when used with lighter tones. With an LVR around 10, it is dark but not too dark. The blue shines through direct sunlight but looks grayer in the shade or cloudy conditions.

Westcott Navy (1624) by Benjamin Moore

Aleutian (6241) by Sherwin-Williams

Sherwin Williams’ Aleutian blue is a color that is good for people who have traditional homes and want a little bit of color. These popular blue exterior house colors have a 39 LRV value means you can use them with other colors, either dark or light. We suggest a dark front door and shutters with classic white trim. The beach house below uses white trim paint and shutters for a classic coastal look.

Aleutian (6241) by Sherwin-Williams

Outerspace (6251) by Sherwin-Williams

Blue gray paint colors like Sherwin William’s Outerspace look terrific on any home style, especially a contemporary one. The edgy vibe from the saturated blue-gray pops against the different textures, lighter trim, and red brick. The 12 LRV makes it versatile with many warm colors. The picture below features a dark red door and white trim paint.

Outerspace (6251) by Sherwin-Williams

Slate Tile (7624) by Sherwin-Williams

Slate Tile is a stunning, vibrant paint color that pops on exteriors. It looks more muted and calming on the swatch and exterior of your home. It’s an excellent choice for a neutral gray paint color. It’s a beautiful dark blue-gray that looks amazing on the home’s exterior.

The deep blue has obvious gray undertones and an LRV of 15. It’s considered a cool paint color. Because of the depth of its color, it works well with stone veneer and warm white trim to create a bright and welcoming exterior.

Slate Tile (7624) by Sherwin-Williams

Needlepoint Navy (0032) by Sherwin-Williams

Sherwin Williams’ Needlepoint Navy is a good choice if you want a navy closer to light blue. It has an LRV of 13, which means it has all the good qualities of blue without being too intense or dark. It also goes well with natural materials like wood and stone!

Needlepoint Navy (0032) by Sherwin-Williams

Gentleman’s Gray (2062-20) by Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore Gentlemen’s Gray is an incredibly dark blue paint color. It’s the darker blue on our list. Its stunning shade of blue doesn’t have a lot of saturation, but it does come off as very blue. It’s not quite navy, but it’s close. At an LRV of 7, it’s slightly darker than Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore.

13680392 665460840271748 1963900073551309597 o
Gentleman’s Gray (2062-20) by Benjamin Moore

Blustery Sky (9140) by Sherwin-Williams

Looking for a popular paint color that’s both cool and calming? Check out Sherwin-Williams’ Blustery Sky! It’s a stunning blue for homes with traditional or contemporary styles, and its LRV value of 22 ensures that it will look great with warm exterior trim colors.

Blustery Sky (9140) by Sherwin-Williams

Cloudy Sky (2122-30) by Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore Cloudy Sky is a bold blue-gray color part of Benjamin Moore’s Color Preview collection. It’s a great color for those looking to brighten their home’s exterior to a more moody and dramatic one.

The color appears bluer in natural sunlight and features a higher LRV of 33, indicative of its cloudy sky name. It’s a calming color that adds interest and contrast to warm exterior trim paints.

Cloudy Sky (2122-30) by Benjamin Moore

Smoky Blue (7604) by Sherwin-Williams

Smoky blue is an excellent color for exterior paint because it has a lot of different qualities that can make your home look amazing. It’s blue with gray undertones, so it has a cool feeling that can be calming and inviting while still providing a pop of color for curb appeal. It also has an LRV of 15, which means it will look good with many warm trim colors!

Smoky Blue (7604) by Sherwin-Williams

Granite Peak (6250) by Sherwin-Williams

If you’re looking for a blue exterior paint color to make your home stand out, you must check out Granite Peak (6250) by Sherwin-Williams! The blue has a low LRV of 14, which means it’s a deep color with cool gray undertones that provides a lot of contrast with warmer colors and natural stone. Its cool and calming feeling makes it the perfect choice for traditional or contemporary homes.

Granite Peak (6250) by Sherwin-Williams

Anchors Aweigh (9179) by Sherwin-Williams

We love Anchors Aweigh (9179) by Sherwin-Williams as an exterior blue house color! It’s one of the darkest blues on our list with a very low LRV of 3, so it will look great with any trim color. Its blue shade is perfect for traditional or contemporary homes. It contrasts with warm white trim paint for unique curb appeal.

Anchors Aweigh (9179) by Sherwin-Williams

Bella Blue (720) by Benjamin Moore

Bella Blue by Benjamin Moore is a captivating blue exterior paint color. It has an LRV of 17.5, making it the perfect choice for traditional or contemporary homes. This blue exterior paint is more teal and complements any trim color while providing a cool and calming feeling to your home’s facade.

Bella Blue (720) by Benjamin Moore

Riverway (6222) by Sherwin-Williams

Riverway (6222) by Sherwin-Williams is a teal blue exterior paint color perfect for both traditional and contemporary homes. It has an LRV of 16, making it the ideal choice for any trim color. It is gorgeous with warm cream trim paint colors. Plus, its blue shade is perfect for both traditional and contemporary homes.

Riverway (6222) by Sherwin-Williams

Icy Moon Drops (2056-70) by Benjamin Moore

We love Icy Moon Drops by Benjamin Moore as an exterior blue house color! It is a frosty blue-green with an LRV 79, a very light, airy color palette perfect for a coastal home. It is a versatile color with white trim paint and bright and colorful shutters.

Icy Moon Drops (2056-70) by Benjamin Moore

Windy Blue (6240) by Sherwin-Williams

Looking for a blue exterior paint color that’s both cool and calming? Check out Blustery Sky from Sherwin-Williams! It’s easy to see why this is one of our favorite light shades of blue.

The blue color is perfect for homes with traditional or contemporary styles, and its LRV value of 48 ensures that it will look great with any trim color. You can include a solid wood front door and dark shutters for more contrast and curb appeal.

Windy Blue (6240) by Sherwin-Williams

Sea Serpent (7615) by Sherwin-Williams

Another of our favorite dark blue exterior house colors is Sea Serpent (7615) by Sherwin-Williams. It is a blue exterior paint color that will make your home stand out. It has an LRV of 7, which is dark but will look great with warm trim colors and lightens in direct sunlight. Its blue shade and cool undertones are perfect for traditional or contemporary homes.

Sea Serpent (7615) by Sherwin-Williams

Rainstorm (6230) by Sherwin-Williams

In search of a stand-out blue paint color for your exterior? Rainstorm is a worthy contender. This dark blue has an LRV of 5 with just the right saturation and hue to make it pop. It’s a deep blue exterior paint that will make your home stand out with magnificent curb appeal.

Rainstorm (6230) by Sherwin-Williams

Storm Cloud (6249) by Sherwin-Williams

Storm Cloud is a deep blue-gray paint with deep gray undertones. It is a perfect symbol of “stormy clouds.” It is a quite darker shade than most blue paints. So, if you are searching for a bold and authentic touch for your home, this is a perfect choice.

Sherwin-Williams Storm Cloud has an LRV of 23, meaning it is a very saturated blue that will give your home a pop of color, perfect for people who want to make a statement with their house color!

Storm Cloud (6249) by Sherwin-Williams

Bunglehouse Blue (0048) by Sherwin-Williams HGTVHome

Bunglehouse Blue is a blue exterior paint color created by Sherwin-Williams and is exclusive to the HGTVHome collection at Lowes. It is blue with a cool undertone and has an LRV of 11. This blue exterior paint color is perfect for people who want their home to stand out from the rest, as it is a very saturated and intense blue.

Bunglehouse Blue (0048) by Sherwin-Williams HGTVHome

November Skies (2128-50) by Benjamin Moore

November Skies is an excellent choice if you’re looking for light blue paint. This tranquil shade makes any home feel more welcoming and calming. It has an LRV of 48.55 and is versatile. While it’s not the most vibrant or saturated color, it has its subtle charm.

You can liven the subtleness of the bright red front door and crisp white trim paint. For a more modern look, go for darker color shutters or a front door.

November Skies (2128-50) by Benjamin Moore

Newburyport Blue (HC-155) by Benjamin Moore

Newburyport Blue (HC-155) by Benjamin Moore is one of our favorite blue exterior house colors because its timeless hue is perfect for traditional and contemporary homes. It has an LRV of 10, making it the perfect choice for white accents. This beautiful blue shade is ideal for traditional or modern homes. I love this blue exterior paint color!

Newburyport Blue (HC-155) by Benjamin Moore

Are Blue Exterior House Colors Still Popular?

Blue houses are trendy right now. I have inspected many homes and have seen people seeking out blue and blue-gray exterior paint colors. I can understand why people like those colors so much. Blue exterior paint can make a home feel peaceful and elegant.

People like to paint the outside of their homes blue because it is easy to match with other colors. Blue goes great with both wood tones, brick, and natural stone. Choosing the right shade of blue can improve curb appeal, which is essential since first impressions are critical and can affect resell value.

John Linden, a designer at Mirror Coop, told us that blue is trendy right now, with some of the most popular light blue Sherwin-Williams colors including Sea Salt, Rainwashed, and Tranquil Aqua. For darker blues, consider Naval, Indigo Batik, and Evening Blue.

He also suggests you should consider the size and shape of your house. Darker blues work better on larger homes, while lighter blues are more appropriate for smaller homes.

Aimee Sanford, Yardzen’s Director of Design, told us that blues continue to gain steam, particularly darker hues, and often with a healthy dose of gray undertones. You’ll even see a bit of green blended in, something akin to the color of cold, deep seawater.

Adding gray to tamp down pure blues makes the house color more versatile—how faded jeans work with virtually any other piece of clothing. I think people understand this, and that’s why we see so much
demand for gray-blue tones like Newburyport Blue, Andes Summit, and Hale Navy.

Andre Kazimierski, CEO of Improovy Painters St Louis, states in her experience that exterior blues trend darker, with a preference for greyer shades like Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy or Van Deusen Blue. To accent these darker colors, I might recommend a nice bright contrast with a light neutral or even a yellow. With a darker color blues, you want to ensure you’re not overwhelming the exterior of your home, which is why it’s important to bring in this kind of contrast.

Do Blue Exterior House Colors Have a High Market Value?

I turned to a few realtors to get their opinion on whether blue houses sell well. From the responses I received, there is no straight answer, and it depends on the exact color.

Blue homes sell just as well as any other type of home. The only disadvantage is that one buyer told me she doesn’t like the color blue – but this is likely due to personal preference rather than anything else.

A few things will make a blue house sell well, such as where it is, what style it is, and what colors people like. I live in coastal South Carolina, and many new construction home builders paint homes in several shades of blue. Additionally, you’ll visit a local paint store and see people looking to paint their homes have requested similar colors.

A neutral color may attract the most potential buyers when painting your home’s exterior. However, a neutral color won’t make your home stand out in a sea of real estate listings.

Lindsey Mahoney, founder of Building Bluebird and Realtor at Danberry Realty, tells us that properties painted dark blue with crisp, white trim are always a hit with buyers. Dark blue is such a classic color. It tends to make potential buyers feel welcome and at home, which is incredibly important.

Josh Dotoli, Principal of Dotoli Group, suggests that painting your home blue may positively and negatively impact its resale value.

Painting a home’s exterior blue can give it an attractive look that could increase its curb appeal and draw potential buyers. Blue is calming and serene, which adds to the home’s overall aesthetic appeal. In addition, blue is considered an attractive color that can increase foot traffic for open houses.

However, painting a house blue could decrease its resale value due to its more modern look than other colors. Potential buyers may be hesitant to purchase a home with a color that is out of the norm, as they may not like the color or find it hard to match other colors and materials in their existing decor. In addition, blue is more susceptible to fading from exposure to sun and weather, which could lead to potential maintenance costs for potential buyers.

The effect of painting a house blue on its resale value depends on the buyer. While the color may turn off some potential buyers, others may appreciate it and find it inviting. Therefore, before deciding to paint your home blue, consider whether most buyers in your area would enjoy it.

Val Breit, Realtor with RE/MAX Shine, tells us that today’s buyers prefer dark blue exterior paint with white trim and doors. If your home has columns, fences, and shutters, these are also things buyers currently like to be white to give that stark modern contrast of white on dark blue.

A home painted dark blue with white trim positively affects its resale value because it feels more modern and updated.

Light blue homes still sell because there are not a lot of homes available on the market, but dark blue draws more buyers’ interest.

Adriane Stuebs, Broker and Owner of RE/MAX Shine, states that blues and grays have been the trend for the last five years, but she thinks they’re on their way out. Warm tones like clay, cinnamon spice, deep browns, and rich reds are coming back! Just look at the Sherwin Williams Color of the Year 2024, Redend Point, for an idea of what trends are coming to real estate!

What Colors Go Well With Blue Exterior House Colors?

Blue is an excellent color to match warm and cool colors. The blue and blue-gray paint colors mentioned in this list go well together. With a mid-tone blue hue, you can use a darker blue or blue-gray on the front door and shutters.

One of the most versatile choices is white, which goes well with blue. White is popular for painting exterior trim, including clean, crisp, off-white, and warm whites. A few of our favorite white colors are:

Sherwin-WilliamsBenjamin Moore
AlabasterWhite Dove
Pure WhiteChantilly Lace
SnowboardSimply White
Extra WhiteDecorator’s White
CreamyCloud White
Shoji WhiteOxford White

Gray and some black paint colors can also work with blue. The neutrals are always a great option.

Consider using red, yellow, and orange if you want bold exterior color schemes. These colors are great for making a statement on the front doors.

Remember that blue also tends to complement wood tones and natural stone. If you have any of these features on the exterior of your home, consider testing out a few different shades of blue for the paint color.

FAQs About Blue Exterior House Colors

Is blue a good exterior house color?

Yes, blue exterior house colors are still popular. Dark blues are particularly trendy now, but blue is a timeless color that remains popular for exterior house painting. You can use it to create an inviting and comfortable atmosphere and make your home stand out from the rest.

What color goes with a blue exterior?

White is the most popular color to pair with blue exterior house painting. It helps bring out the blue while providing a crisp and clean look. Colors best used as an accent color for a front door include gray, black, reds, yellows, oranges, and other shades of blue.

Are blue front doors popular?

Yes, blue front doors are becoming increasingly popular. They make a great statement and can set your home apart from other houses in the neighborhood. Blue front doors work well with siding colors like whites, grays, tans, and shades of blues.

Are blue exterior colors easy to maintain?

Blue exterior colors are easy to maintain. As long as you use high-quality paint, your blue exterior should be able to stand up to the elements without needing too much upkeep. Darker blues will show more dirt than lighter blues, so you may need to pressure wash annually.


We are partial to dark blue house colors. They look great and can be used in many different ways. Blues go well with natural stone or red brick with warm undertones. You could try a bright front or traditional wood door to make your home even more unique.

We recommend you test your paint colors before committing to them. Paint professionals often use peel-and-stick samples of actual paint colors to try out options before purchasing paint. You can easily purchase large 9″ x 14.75″ peel-and-stick paint samples and get next-day delivery.

If you want the best results, always use paint from the same company as the one you are using for your project. Often people say you can color-match other brands of paint, but this rarely comes out exact. Working with a professional color consultant usually produces much better results.


Hubert Miles | Licensed Home Inspector, CMI, CPI

Hubert Miles is a licensed home inspector (RBI# 2556) with more than two decades of experience in inspection and construction. Since 2008, he has been serving South Carolina through his company, Patriot Home Inspections LLC. As a Certified Master Inspector, Hubert is dedicated to providing his expertise in home inspections, repairs, maintenance, and DIY projects.