35 Best Blue-Gray Paint Colors for Kitchen Cabinets

There are few paint colors as versatile and great as the combination of warm grays and blues; it works well as a primary color or an accent shade and gives the space a sophisticated, fresh look. Blue-gray paint shades are relatively neutral colors that go well with various decor styles while also providing a dash of classic color and interest to your home’s palette.

It’s hard to go wrong with blue gray colors, but with so many options, it can be challenging to pick out the exact one to go with for your kitchen cabinets. A few brands and the best blue gray paint colors stand out among the crowd, so let’s look more in-depth at the popular colors.

Best Sherwin Williams Blue-Gray Paint Colors

With a long history dating back to 1866, Sherwin-Williams has gained an excellent reputation for its quality paints and finishes. The company’s blue-gray paint color selection is vast, with plenty of options to fit nearly any space and decor style.

1. Faded Flaxflower (SW 9146)

Sherwin-Williams Faded Flaxflower is a beautiful medium gray color with strong blue undertones and a touch of green. It’s a medium to light paint shade perfect for a kitchen to give the space a fresh, modern, and inviting look. There are many color palettes that this paint can fit seamlessly into, but it pairs well with white trim and black kitchen hardware.

2. Upward (SW 6239)

Sherwin-Williams Upward is a light gray with subtle undertone hints of blue that become more pronounced under natural sunlight. It’s a somewhat neutral gray soft tone that can give your kitchen cabinets or island a fresh look without being too attention-grabbing. This paint shade has a slightly coastal look, but you can easily integrate it into many decor styles.

3. Icy (SW 6534)

Sherwin-Williams Icy is a light, pastel blue color with pale gray cool tones. This shade works well in various color palettes and decor styles as a relatively neutral blue-gray paint color. It’s perfect for small kitchens as it is light, bright, and can help to open up confined spaces.

4. Meditative (SW 6227)

Sherwin-Williams Meditative is a medium gray shade with green and blue undertones to give it an exquisite finish. When used on kitchen cabinets, this paint is a bold statement due to its striking and bold color. This paint works best when paired with crisp white kitchen trim and kitchen hardware in a complimentary color.

5. Whirlpool (SW 9135)

Sherwin-Williams Whirlpool is a medium blue color with rich gray undertones. As a calming but somewhat dark color, it’s an excellent choice for larger kitchens that receive lots of natural light to bring out the shade’s nuanced finish.

6. Indigo Batik (SW 7602)

Sherwin-Williams Indigo Batik is a dark royal blue with subtle hints of dark gray that prevent it from feeling too outgoing. Whether you use this on your kitchen walls, cabinets, or island, it brings a pop of color to the space while not hogging the attention. This paint works excellently in a darker gray color palette or as a contrasting accent shade.

7. Aleutian (SW 6241)

Sherwin-Williams Aleutian is a pastel blue color with gray undertones, giving it a somewhat whimsical look grounded by the subtle gray addition. As a slightly neutral color that can work with many styles and palettes, it also provides a vibrant, bright, and cheery tone to any space.

Best Benjamin Moore Blue-Gray Paint Colors

Benjamin Moore is a renowned and well-respected paint brand with a wide selection of fantastic blue-gray kitchen cabinet paint options. The company has been an innovator in the paint industry since its founding in 1883, leading the way by creating the first digital, computerized paint color matching technology.

8. Pike’s Peak Gray (2127-50)

Benjamin Moore Pike’s Peak Gray is a medium gray color with subtle hints of blue in its finish. This paint is a serene color that pairs well with many decor styles and color palettes while not as dull as other, more neutral grays. It is incredibly versatile, working well on kitchen cabinets, islands, or as an accent color.

9. Boothbay Gray (HC-165)

Benjamin Moore Boothbay Gray is another medium to light gray with subtle blue undertones, giving it a calming and simple look. It’s a neutral blue-gray hue that looks stunning in lighter-colored kitchens with plenty of sunlight.

10. Colorado Gray (2136-50)

Benjamin Moore Colorado Gray is a medium gray with light blue-green undertones. This paint is a gray tone, but its slight blue hue gives it a more refined and exciting look that works well on kitchen cabinets, islands, or walls. Gray cabinets pair well with whites, beiges, and warm wood tones.

11. Smoke (2122-40)

As the name implies, Benjamin Moore Smoke is a very light gray with very faint hints of blue and green that give it more depth. Soft, neutral paint colors bring a relaxing feeling to small spaces and work well in nearly any kitchen setup and style.

12. Sunrise (829)

Benjamin Moore Sunrise is a light blue shade with subtle gray undertones. It also has some hints of soft violet, giving it an almost purple hue under the right lighting conditions. This paint color is a lovely and relaxing tone that benefits from warmer beige or white accents. 

13. Stratford Blue (831)

Benjamin Moore Stratford Blue is a medium blue with dark gray and soft violet undertones. It’s a vibrant, deep color that can work best in larger spaces to bring a pop of color without feeling overwhelming. It’s a great accent shade to add a little interest to your kitchen on a wall or island, or you can use it as a primary cabinet color. You can also use it as a contrasting dining room wall color.

14. Marilyn’s Dress (2125-60)

Benjamin Moore Marilyn’s Dress is a light gray with extremely subtle blue undertones. This paint color is one of those light, neutral shades that work well with nearly any design aesthetic or color palette but is beautiful and far from dull. It is an excellent kitchen wall, island, or cabinet paint that will look stunning in your home.

Best Behr Blue-Gray Paint Colors

Behr is a well-known paint brand sold exclusively at Home Depot that offers a wide selection of great blue-gray kitchen cabinet paint options. With their affordable prices, excellent quality, and rich history dating back to 1947, it’s hard to go wrong with Behr paint. 

15. Charcoal Blue (N490-5)

Behr Charcoal Blue is a medium blue with deep gray undertones that gives the shade an elegant and comforting look. When combined with clean, white trim and other coordinating colors, it creates an exquisite and modern atmosphere. This paint color works well as a dark accent shade or primary cabinet color.

16. Pencil Sketch (N500-4)

Behr Pencil Sketch is a medium gray with subtle hints of blue, giving a moody and comforting feeling to any room you paint with it. It’s on the darker end of things and is pretty neutral, but it also provides some color without committing to a more striking tone. This paint is perfect as an accent shade on an island or a primary kitchen cabinet color.

17. Liquid Mercury (N510-5)

Behr Liquid Mercury is a medium to dark gray with soft blue undertones. It has a modern, clean finish that gives kitchen cabinets an elegant look. Because it is on the darker end, this paint color makes an excellent accent tone in a kitchen, especially when used to paint a kitchen island.

18. Norwegian Blue (N470-5)

Behr Norwegian Blue is a medium gray with robust blue undertones, creating somewhat dark and very welcoming blue-gray colors. As a darker tone, this paint color is excellent as a primary cabinet tone or to make a pop of contrast on a kitchen island.

19. Calligraphy (N490-6)

Behr Calligraphy is an intense, rich gray color with dark blue undertones. This paint color is very dark and commanding, so it’s easy to overdo it and make your kitchen appear gloomy. It’s crucial to plan colors out and ensure plenty of sunlight reaches your cabinets before deciding on such a beautiful yet dark color.

20. Jet Set (S530-4)

Behr Jet Set is a medium-light blue with subtle gray undertones. This paint also has a bit of violet, giving it an almost whimsical, pastel look. It is a bit of a darker color, perfectly riding the line of being cheerful and bright while also remaining grounded and elegant.

21. Light Drizzle (N480-1)

Behr Light Drizzle is a light gray with slight blue undertones, making it nearly a soft pastel color. This paint is light and bright, perfect for adding a bit of color to your kitchen while remaining somewhat neutral. It’s an excellent blend of elegance and cheerfulness without crossing over into being too childish for kitchen cabinets.

Best Valspar Blue-Gray Paint Colors

Owned by Sherwin-Williams, Valspar is an excellent paint brand with a wide selection of paint types and colors for nearly every situation. With an extensive history dating back to 1806, this company offers high-quality paints at affordable prices. Their blue-gray paint lineup is quite extensive and surely will satisfy your needs when it comes time to paint your kitchen cabinets.

22. Orchid Ash (4003-3B)

Valspar Orchid Ash is a light gray color with cool gray and blue undertones. Overall, this paint color is very whimsical, light, and bright, perfect for bringing new life into a kitchen. It’s also neutral enough to work seamlessly with nearly any decor style while providing a little color interest to the space.

23. Blue Arrow (5001-3C)

Valspar Blue Arrow is a medium gray with strong blue and green undertones. This paint’s unique finish gives it a very organic tone, which can help bring a bit of color into your kitchen. It’s a bit on the dark side, so this shade can create a great color accent piece or contrast your cabinets from the rest of your kitchen.

24. Silver Dusk (4006-3A)

Valspar Silver Dusk is an extremely cool gray with soft blue undertones. It’s very bright and cheery, helping to bring an inviting feel to your kitchen when you use it on cabinets, your island, or the walls.

25. Celebration Blue (4008-6B)

Looking for dark blues to contrast with white cabinets? Valspar Celebration Blue is a medium blue with dark gray undertones, giving it a deep and elegant look. It’s a striking and bold color, perfect for contrasting cabinets, a kitchen island, or an accent wall.

26. Rising Tide (4008-3A)

Valspar Rising Tide is a light gray paint with subtle hints of pastel blue undertones. This paint color is very neutral and can work with various design styles while also providing a bit of color to the space.

27. Gray Brook (5001-1B)

Valspar Gray Brook is a medium gray color with soft hints of blue, giving it an inviting and welcoming feeling. When used on kitchen cabinets and paired with crisp white trim, it creates a very refined look popular in many modern spaces.

28. Sharkfin (4007-2A)

Valspar Sharkfin is a medium to dark gray with deep blue undertones and a slightly green hue. This paint is a very heavy and bleak color that doesn’t have that cheerful feeling frequently found with other blue-gray options, but it can set the mood for a calming kitchen color palette.

Best Glidden Blue-Gray Paint Colors

Founded in 1875, Glidden began selling wood varnishes but now offers a wide selection of paints to meet nearly any need and budget constraint. Renowned paint brand, PPG, acquired Glidden in 2013. The company’s blue-gray paint lineup is remarkable, and you’re sure to find the perfect shade you like among the offerings.

29. Granite Gray (00NN 37/000)

Glidden Granite Gray is a medium gray color with very subtle hints of blue undertones. With such a neutral color, it’s difficult to go wrong with it as paint for your cabinets, walls, or kitchen island. 

30. Blue Forest (90GG 21/076)

Glidden Blue Forest is a medium to dark gray with strong blue and green undertones, giving it an exquisite and sophisticated look. This paint color is more green-toned than many others on this list, which can add an exciting pop of color to your kitchen.

31. Byzantine Blue (50BB 32/117)

Glidden Byzantine Blue is a medium gray color with strong blue undertones. It also has an intense violet hue, adding more interest and color to its finish. This paint can look more blue-purple or gray depending on accent colors and lighting.

32. Krimson Lake Blue (90BG 08/075)

Glidden Krimson Lake Blue is an extremely dark gray with bold blue undertones. It’s a highly moody and bold paint color that works well in kitchens as an accent wall or cabinet primarily color. When paired with a crisp white trim, this paint can bring a contrasty and modern look to your kitchen.

33. Blue Willow (PPG1145-4)

Glidden Blue Willow is a beautiful medium gray with blue-green undertones, giving it an almost coastal look and feel. This paint is light, vibrant, and can bring cheerful energy to your kitchen, either as paint for your cabinets, walls, or kitchen island.

34. Lakefront Blue (90BG 31/124)

Glidden Lakefront Blue is a medium blue with light gray undertones, giving it a relaxing and soothing blue-gray look that’s perfect for kitchen cabinets. It’s a very neutral color that goes well with a wide selection of decor styles and provides a bit of colorful interest to the space.

35. Approaching Storm (90BG 11/101)

Glidden Approaching Storm is a deep blue color with dark gray undertones. This paint is a strikingly dark and moody color to bring a relaxing feel to your kitchen, but not too dark where it makes the space feel crowded. 

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