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Why Plumbers Recommend Bradford White Water Heaters?

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Water heaters are a vital investment in your home for you and your family. You need only the best in the market. The same principle applies to plumbers. A plumber’s reputation is their calling card. Their product recommendations are as good as their service to the client. That is why a good plumber will only recommend the best product out there. 

Plumbers recommend Bradford White water heaters because you can only buy the water heaters through certified professional plumbers. Additionally, Bradford White water heaters have these six pillars, making them an excellent choice for homeowners and commercial buildings. 

  • Excellent product build
  • Reliable parts
  • Made in the USA
  • Durability
  • Long company history
  • Cutting edge safety technology

If you’re planning on installing a new water heater or you’d like to replace your current one with another model, here’s why your plumber recommends Bradford White water heaters. 

Why Are Bradford White Water Heaters Good?

Every plumber puts their reputation on the line every time they recommend a product. They don’t only fix heaters. They give clients years worth of professional insights based on experience. Bradford White water heaters have been a big brand for years. This is why a plumber would recommend the brand

The Heaters Are Made In The USA

Bradford White has been an all-American brand from its inception to date. It makes sense that local plumbers would recommend products made in the USA, especially if the products have maintained a consistency in quality and innovation. 

Bradford White water heaters are made in Middleville, Michigan. 

The upside of having a product made locally is that you know you promote local business and use products you can trust. Plumbers have likely exchanged notes with the movers and shakers of the company through sales representatives. 

Long Company History

Whenever a professional recommends a product, they look at previous testimonies. Plumbers, like other service professionals, look at the history of a company to know whether the products are reliable and trustworthy. 

Bradford White has a 130-year history. The company has come from manufacturing boilers to being one of the most prominent stalwarts in water heater technology in the United States and Canada. According to Bradford White Vice President Matt Kovak, Bradford White works with industry professionals to make products that homeowners want. 

“We are always steadily engaged with end-users and installers to understand their needs while also remaining heavily involved in the industry at large and closely following regulatory matters affecting water- and space-heating products and trends. All of these in combination have allowed Bradford White to continuously develop new products and improve existing products to meet a very wide variety of residential and commercial customer demands.” -Matt Kovak. 

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A Close Relationship Between Plumbers And Bradford White

Bradford White, as a company, places a high value on face-to-face interactions between plumbers and clients and the company and businesses. The nature of this relationship means plumbers have first-hand information about any upcoming products. 

More importantly, Bradford White offers training to plumbers. Whenever you call a plumber to recommend a new heater or fix a faulty Bradford white water heater, they come to you with a wealth of knowledge about the product and how it works. They are best placed to tell you the best models for your home and the best upgrades. 

Easy Access Control Panels

Plumbers learn and progressively train themselves to work on different systems in their trade. However, every service person knows the headache that comes with working with particularly complex control systems. However, Bradford White water heaters come with well-lit LCD panels and easy-to-handle knobs. 

These control panels don’t only make work easy for the service people coming to check your equipment if it breaks down. Easy controls mean your plumber can direct you on what to do even when they’re not there. 

Quick Access To Parts

Bradford White water heaters have a diverse selection of gas, electric, and propane water heaters. That means the company has a wide variety of unique products. Good plumbers know variety is a good thing since they can recommend other options for clients’ preferences. However, variety also means unique parts. Things like burners, temperature controls, small screw-in components, valves, flue dumpers, and anodes break down and need replacement. 

Fortunately, when a company has a vast presence, you get these parts fast. Quick access to water heater options and water heater parts means prompt service to you. And the best part is, you get original manufacturer spares to keep your water heater running. 

Client-first Innovations

All the innovations and features in various Bradford Water heaters are meant to improve your home experience. You’ll find these features in most Bradford White heaters. A good plumber can advise you on the best water heater for your home based on what you want. 

Hydrojet® Total Performance SystemIt cuts down sedimentation and increases your heater’s lifespan.
Vitraglas® Enamel Tank LiningReduces corrosion on the heater’s inner lining to increase heater lifespan and reduce maintenance frequency and cost
ICON System™Automatic and accurate temperature control in Bradford White gas water heaters
Steadiset®Exclusive to the Infiniti® K Series tankless water heaters. It gives you a steady hot water flow at consistent temperatures.
SRT™ (Scale Reduction TechnologyAlso exclusive to the Infiniti Tankless water heaters to reduce scale and boost efficiency and increase heater lifespan.
Defender Safety System® with ScreenLock Technology Prevents flame ignition outside the heater.

NAECA Compliance

The National Appliance Energy Conservation Act (NAECA) was established in 1987. Its main aim was to ensure some common household appliances met energy efficiency standards. The Energy Policy Act of 1992 (EPAct) added plumbing equipment to ensure homes had energy-efficient plumbing appliances. 

Bradford White water heaters are NAECA Compliant. They meet all governmental requirements for energy-efficient appliances, so you know you’re getting equipment that is up to code.

Benefits of a Bradford White Water Heater

1. Low Maintenance Costs

They may only heat water, but the hot water in a water heater can be highly corrosive. That is why water heaters have sacrificial anodes. The anodes attract corrosive elements to keep the minerals in the water from damaging the interior coating. 

Bradford White water heaters go a step further. They have Vitraglas Enamel. For context, think of the enamel in your teeth. It’s the coating that prevents your teeth from getting corroded. Bradford White water heaters are lined with Vitraglas Enamel inside to keep them working and in top shape for as long as possible. 

Testimonials from people who’ve owned a Bradford White water heater for as many as 15 years likely have something to do with the cost savings of such anti-corrosive foresight. source

2. Less Sediment Buildup

Speaking of low costs, did you know that sediment is one of the most prominent reasons for water heater breakdown? Bradford White water heaters have a remedy for this inconvenience. 

Hydrojet Total Performance System is a system that reduces the sediment in the tank. Here’s how it works. 

The system is a delivery tube that delivers cold water, which mixes with any stored water. The fresh water and remnants of the last intake are used up, reducing the chances of hot water settling at the bottom and sediment buildup. 

The system is responsible for more water delivery, faster water delivery, and overall heater efficiency. 

3. Consistent Water Temperature

People are picky about their preferred water temperature. And Bradford Water heaters take care of that by having ICON System® Intelligent Control. The ICON system is a system in the heaters that constantly monitors your water temperature as you use it. The microprocessors in the system adjust the burners to maintain the temperature. 

This system is controlled via a panel with clear LED indicator lights and a readable knob to make it easier for you. These controls are easy to use when setting temperatures and making adjustments to keep your water temperature consistent. 

4. You Can Use Hard Water

Hard water is a nuisance for most water systems. The minerals in the water can ruin your water heater through corrosion and rapid degradation. However, Bradford White water heaters cover that angle well. 

Some Bradford White water heaters models, such as the Infiniti Series of tankless water heaters, have Scale Reduction Technology. This technology reduces the likelihood of scale buildup. Scale in hard water is usually calcium that will clog pipes and raise the maintenance costs if the pipes are damaged. 

SRT in the water heaters makes sure your hot water is consistent.

4. It’s Space Saving

Typically, you would need a lot of space to have a water heater. Tankless water heaters have become a household favorite because of how much space they allow you to save. You can have the heater in the garage occupying a fraction of a regular tank boiler’s space. 

A compact unit such as a tankless Bradford White water heater makes it easy to manage your space even when you are pressed for space. They are wall-mounted, so that leaves you with floor space where you can store your stuff. 

5. Unlimited Water

Unlike storage tank water heaters, Bradford White tankless water heaters heat water on demand. This is great for a big family because you don’t have to worry about running out of hot water mid-shower. As long as you have the cold water inlet open, you can get consistent hot water. 

The biggest beneficiaries of such a heater are people who use gas as their home’s primary heating source. You use less gas to heat the water. A lighter utility bill is always welcome, even when you don’t have a large family. 

6. Energy-savings

There are so many ways in which Bradford White water heaters keep your energy costs low. Still, you know you are getting your money’s worth and savings to boot when you install one. Some of the heaters such as AeroTherm® Series Heat Pump water heaters, Infiniti® K Series Tankless, and eF Series® High Efficiency are rated 60 Energy Star. High Energy ratings mean running the heater takes the strain off your pocket and your home’s operating cost. 

7. Water Conservation

Say you live in a region that has water problems. You’d want to make sure you’re not wasting any water or running up additional costs every time someone in the house enjoys a hot shower. Bradford White water heaters, like most tankless water heaters, come with two heat exchangers. 

The heat exchangers circulate extra heat within the heater to keep the water temperature constant instead of venting it. That way, you keep your costs and your water expenditure low. 

8. Extra Protection From Fire & Flammable Vapor

Safety is a major concern for homeowners when it comes to devices such as water heaters. Most areas within your home that can accommodate a water heater usually have other highly flammable components. Water heaters sometimes get vapor spills or electrical faults that can cause fires. Without the necessary safety features, these mishaps can be dangerous. 

Bradford White water heaters have a Defender Safety System feature with FVIR (Flammable Vapor Ignition Resistant) technology. The Defender Safety System is a flame arrestor design with ScreenLok™ Technology. This technology keeps any accidental fire in the heater and prevents the flame from igniting anything outside. It reduces the potential of a big fire and keeps your home relatively safe. 

Additionally, you can benefit from the Eco-Defender safety system that reduces Nitrogen Oxide emissions to less than 75%. Less Nitrogen Oxide means there are fewer chances for vapor ignition outside the water tank. 

9. Eligible for Rebates & Tax Credits

Nothing says benefits like actual financial reprieves when you buy energy-saving products. Bradford White has water heaters that qualify for tax rebates for up to $400. You not only get top-notch products but the federal government rewards you for keeping your home green. 

10. Durable

Ultimately, every homeowner expects the best value for money for a product when they buy it. Bradford White water heaters have a variety of warranties. The minimum warranty is a six-year parts and heater warranty. 

For the first six years after you get a Bradford White water heater, you are covered from any mishap by the company. Some conditions extend some warranties to eight years for parts such as the heat exchanger. Judging by the testimonials on different forums such as this one,15 years is not unrealistic when you’re dealing with a Bradford White water heater. 

What Is The Life Expectancy Of A Bradford White Water Heater?

According to the official Bradford White site, their water heaters have a life expectancy of 10 to 15 years. The company stands behind its product with a 6 or 10-year warranty depending on the model. While other users claim to have had the water heater for longer than 15 years, Bradford White recommends that you replace the heater every ten years.

When Should You Call a Plumber for Bradford White Water Heaters?

At some point, while you have a Bradford White water heater, you might get a few common problems. These are technical problems with most water heaters. However, you need a certified plumber to troubleshoot and recommend the best solution. 

Note: Bradford White has a service line that you can call. Still, it’s better if you have a professional plumber on speed dial for water heater issues. 

  • No hot water
  • Insufficient hot water
  • Foul smells from the heater
  • Slow hot water, especially below 8 gallons per minute
  • Unusual operating costs
  • Discolored water
  • Overheating water
  • Leaking from the heater

You can avoid most of these problems through regular checks. The technology in place already is primed to prevent these issues. However, faults happen, and you’ll need service. 

Final Thoughts

Bradford White has come a long way to become a respected company in the water heater sector. The plumbers that deal with Bradford White water heaters know the ins and outs of most of the heaters in the Bradford White catalog. When they recommend a product to you, they tap into their years of experience handling the product. 

Make that call to a home inspector for professional insights on the ideal Bradford White water heater for you. 


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