How To Choose Roof Color For Red Brick House: 8 Helpful Tips

Are you looking for ideas on choosing a roof color for a red brick house? Have you ever thought about your roof color and how it affects your home’s overall look and value? Roof color may not be high on your checklist when you build. Yet, roof color isn’t just about aesthetics. It plays a crucial role in interior comfort and resale value, too. 

The best roof color for red brick houses will be black, tan, or charcoal gray. Go for a color that complements the brick’s color pigments. Today, houses are taking a different approach to brick colors.

Black and charcoal gray goes better with a bright red brick exterior. Use neutral colors like tan, dark brown, and green roofs for a more earthy red brick base color. However, each of these roof colors has an accompanying reason. 

Roof Color For Red Brick House

In this article, I will help you choose the right roof color for red brick houses. We will also look at how roof angles, brick color pigments, and sun intensity influence your color choices for the roof.

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Best Roof Colors for Red Brick Homes

Red bricks can have different cast color options. Some have a bright red base color, while others have a lighter, more earth-tone base color. Seeing as most homes have red brick, here are 5 of the best roof colors for a red brick home:

1. Gray or Charcoal Gray


Gray is a versatile color in a fair-weather region. In terms of aesthetics, it’s nearly impossible to go wrong with a red-brick-gray roof combo. Lighter hues of gray are splendid for high-temperature climates, while dark grey is an excellent choice for areas with cooler weather.

A charcoal gray roof color is a dark gray variant of the famous gray roof option that is more black than gray. It has a darker shade that can subtly contrast the home’s brick exterior design, maintaining a traditional look.

It works well to stay neutral in an area with a uniform roof color. Gray is an excellent match for its low profile look and superior blending power with the red brick. 

2. Black


A black roof is a good choice for a roof on a brick house. It can blend with any brick color. Black is preferred for its excellent heat absorption, especially in older homes where you struggle to warm the interior. It also looks great with just about any other color of brick, and black roofing materials are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and materials to fit your desired style.

Black roofs can be made from asphalt shingles, metal sheets, tiles, or slate. Asphalt shingles give a classic look that won’t break the bank, while metal sheets and tiles are more costly but provide excellent protection from the elements.

Slate is the most expensive option but is also one of the longest-lasting materials available. Whichever material you choose, black roofs can add a touch of elegance to your brick home and provide lasting durability in all kinds of weather.

In terms of aesthetics, black has color variations. Owens Corning’s 2023 shingle color of the year is Midnight Plum—a black shingle with deep violet tones.

Black would work with red brick, even if you added white undertones on the home’s exterior. Black shutters to match the new roof color is also an excellent choice.

3. Tan/Brown


Brown roofs and red brick are a match made in color heaven. Brown, a shade of red, blends with red brick to give a house some old-world charm. Modern architecture and design don’t invalidate this color combination. Tan and brown are neutral tones that complement modern homes’ architectural details and style. 

Chad Esslinger at Owens Corning recommends you choose a dark or neutral roof color for red brick homes.

You can have white trim to make the dark brown roof stand in a roof brick house. The white trim color makes the brown stand out even bolder. You can also use white on windows and doors. There are many color options for roofs in tan or brown, making it easy to find the right color for a red brick house.

4. Green


A green roof on a brick house screams modern and bold. Green may be a sidestep to traditional roofing, but it has an earthy look that looks terrific, especially in a lush setting. Green roofs look great, whether they are metal or asphalt shingles. 

Green roofs come in a variety of shades. Match darker shades of green with warmer shades of red brick for deep contrast. Likewise, go for lighter shades of green, like mint, for dark red brick to get a detailed look.

One of the best things about green is using it with steep slope roofs. Even with white or grey trim on the house, a green roof is a great way to make your home’s exterior stand out and look classy. 

5. Blue


Yes, a blue roof works with red brick. The colors sit opposite each other on a color wheel. Blue is great for adding color to the house without being too bold.

A blue roof is visible from afar, making it an excellent color for a small home or an expansive farmhouse out in the country.

How to Choose Roof Color For Red Brick Houses

One primary reason people choose a specific roof color for red brick houses is temperature regulation. Sure, the house has air conditioning. Still, working with roof color is meeting a problem halfway. 

Other than temperature regulation, you should consider the following factors when choosing a roof color for red brick houses:

Style of House Can Impact Roof Color for Red Brick Homes

Every era in history has had various house styles. Roof colors and shapes are defining characteristics of each architectural style. As such, some roof colors feature heavily in different house styles.

Houses with that old-world look and historic home charm look incredible with earth-tone roof colors. Newer house designs give you the range to be bold with roof colors such as green to go with your brick house. 

Your Region Can Dictate the Best Roof Color for Red Brick Houses

Your geographical location plays a crucial part in the color of your roof. Every region has its weather pattern. Some areas experience exceptionally hotter or colder days than others. If you live in a predominantly hot area, use gray or lighter colors that absorb less heat than black. Darker roof colors are standard for heat retention in regions with cold climates. 

Homes built in lush green regions look good if they blend with the area’s natural look. Dry regions have earthy brown environments. As such, you can go for earth-tone warm colors for the roof. 

Local Housing Trends Can Influence the Best Roof Color for Red Brick Homes

Most areas with clustered housing have a general look when you look at their roof color choices. Ask yourself whether you want to blend into the community around you or if you want your roof to be a standout. 

While roof color is a personal choice, you should also consider the chance of your home going on the resale market. Most potential buyers might not be as bold as you if you pick out a roof color considered ‘excessive.’ 

The most popular roof colors are black, brown, gray, and red. It might also be because these are quickly available. You are likely to find these colors whether you are using shingles or metal roofs. Dark green is also on the rise as a roofing color.

Best Metal Roof Color for a red brick house?

Choosing a metal roof color for a red brick house is both an energy-conscious decision and an aesthetic decision.

Since metal is a great heat conductor, you’d better pick a neutral color that doesn’t lie on the end of color choices. Gray is the best metal roof color for a brick house.

Gray doesn’t absorb or reflect too much light hitting the roof. Gray is a great color choice for a roof if you live in a fair-weather location.

Alternatively, you can go for a blue roof. In an area where you’re not too concerned about hot or cold weather, blue is a beautiful color for a metal roof. Blue metal roofs will reflect some light and maintain some of the sun’s heat for a balanced interior temperature. 

Why Does Roof Color for Red Brick Homes Matter?

Roof color affects more than just the home’s aesthetic appeal. Your roof is the first contact with the sun’s energy. Therefore, your choice of roof color directly affects your HVAC system. This is why you should put serious thought into your roof color.

When your house is on the market, most prospective buyers will determine its price at first glance. Since the roof is such a huge feature, it affects how buyers see it. Darker colors, like black roofs, make houses look bigger. The immediate thought in a prospective buyer’s mind is that the house is spacious. 

Before you go for bold statement colors for your roof, consider whether you want to change the exterior. The exterior includes changes such as the siding and accents of the house. Most homes have white accents. This works with almost any roof color.

The shade of your roof is a direct influence on your energy costs. The answer here depends on where you live. 

Overall, darker shades are better than lighter shades when picking out roof colors. They’re easier to strike a balance and maintain energy costs over time. 

Dark shades reflect less light and heat. Places with longer summers or warmer climates need lighter, more reflective roofs to keep the house from turning into an oven. 

A dark-colored roof is an asset when the sun’s out during cold weather. It takes in more heat, increasing the interior temperature and keeping you warmer. However, heavy snowfall nulls the significance of a dark roof. The white snow will reflect the sun’s rays. 

Roof Color For Red Brick House FAQs

You may have additional questions when selecting a roof color for a red brick house.

Should the roof be darker or lighter than the house?

Although it’s a personal preference, light-colored roofs reflect more light and will stay cooler. Dark colors will absorb more heat, thus keeping the house warmer. If the exterior of your home is darker, choose a lighter-colored roof. If the exterior is lighter, choose a darker-colored roof.

What color metal roof is best for red brick?

The best metal roof color for a red brick house is dark bronze or charcoal gray. This will create an attractive contrast with the red brick and help the roof blend in more with the surrounding environment.

Are darker colors better for red brick houses?

Darker colors can provide a bold, dramatic look for red brick houses, but lighter colors may be more inviting and create a softer look. Ultimately, it is up to personal preference and your desired aesthetic.


Hubert Miles | Licensed Home Inspector, CMI, CPI

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