Does LVT Flooring Look Cheap?

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Many people look at LVT (luxury vinyl tile) flooring because it seems as if you have real tile flooring within your home. As of late, it has seen some growing popularity, especially with the current economy being taken into consideration. Many opportunities to make use of it, or look into the flooring, have risen.

That said, many people wonder if, because of how affordable it is, whether it seems cheap or not. One of the main questions we ask is: does LVT (luxury vinyl tile) look cheap? 

Although luxury vinyl tile (LVT) flooring is extremely affordable, it makes your house look phenomenal in many ways, leaving your home looking just as fantastic as a luxury custom home. LVT can realistically mimic natural wood and stone.

Today, we will be going more in-depth on the subject, diving some close comparisons, and reviewing some things to keep in mind while deciding whether you want to go with LVT flooring. A few key points that we will be covering would be subjects like effects on home value, how long the planks themselves will last for, what settings and conditions merit their use, and how they stand compared to the real deal. 

Is LVT Flooring Good?

Since we know that LVT flooring does not look cheap, you might be asking yourself if it is worth buying. After all, you will be using these floors for quite some time and need to make sure you are getting your money’s worth. In this, vinyl flooring is an excellent choice for many different locations within your home or project, but making sure you use them in the right place is what truly brings about their intrinsic value.

Aside from the style that LVT can bring to a room, it also has a healthy amount of utility resulting from being moisture resistant. Due to this high resilience, it would ideally set your prime choices for using it in the bathroom or kitchen because of the protection it offers from humidity, splashes, and general accidents that could bring unwanted stress on other types of flooring. 

Not only are these floors good at protecting against water-based damages, but it is also incredibly durable with its innate ability to resist scratches and dents. With proper installation and care, solid flooring can last as long as 50 years.

Another benefit would be that you don’t suffer from that annoying cold feet sensation when you happen to walk across it barefoot as well as being dramatically easier to clean than most standard alternatives, such as flooring that contains grout.

How Long Do Vinyl Planks Last?

The longevity of LVT is pretty extensive for most installations. Assuming it isn’t having cumbersome equipment or some similar amount of strain, your average installation will last for roughly 10-20 years before needing to be done. However, as stated previously above, when properly installed and taken care of, luxury vinyl has been known to last up to 50 years.

Does LVT Look Like Real Stone?

The ability to mimic real stone with LVT comes down to its ability to replicate stone texture. Some of the cheaper variants of LVT might not entirely simulate it properly, so checking the texture quality is a must if you have to have it appear almost indistinguishable.

In most cases, you can get samples of the product sent to you to check its quality for yourself and ensure that it lives up to your standards. That being said, the variety of styles and textures available leave little to be desired in this category.

Does Luxury Vinyl Scratch Easily?

Mitigating scratch-based damage is one of LVT defining qualities, and as such, it allows its usage in quite a few places, but it has its limits. Most manufacturers insist that the maximum weight you can place on the tiles is 500 pounds, but putting felt furniture pads will prevent any damage from these more heavyweight contenders from damaging your flooring. LVT is also highly recommended for it’s enduring qualities to people with pets and small children due to how forgiving it is on punishment and easily maintained.

Can Water Seep Through Vinyl Tiles?

LVT is made with multiple layers (with five layers being the norm.) Each lawyer specializes in a different purpose, ranging from impact to wear and tear. One key component is the waterproof core, which ensures water will not seep through the tile or damage it in the slightest. These waterproof tiles’ primary benefit would be putting them to use in high moisture-based environments like a kitchen or bathroom.

Does LVT Increase Home Value?

Going with LVT certainly offers its advantages and especially when considering pricing. Luxury vinyl tile offers the beautiful cosmetic value of looking like real wood or stone-based flooring. Still, it is dramatically cheaper, usually equating to a fraction of the running alternative’s price.

Pricing on them, combined with the overall ability to bring a home together with its durability, naturally means it will be worth its weight and increase home value one way or another. If that means the cost you spent to get the floors done, you save money on the house, increasing its value by association. Alternatively, the number of choices you had to match other interior options and give off a specifically required aesthetic to meet a consumer’s (or your personal) needs, then the same value is acquired. 

Is LVT Used In High-End Homes?

Usage in high-end homes is honestly a profound and comprehensive topic upon themselves. On one side of the fence, if you looked at things from someone who has a more international perspective, they would say by and large that LVT would not be used in a “high-end home” due to the alternatives being more widely accepted.

Like any good topic, though, there are exceptions that make the opposite true. For instance, if it is a personal home, going with a highly realistic LVT would be the better choice because, in roughly 20 years, the general look and feel you are going for may be considered out of style and not necessarily a boon in that respect.

Another consideration to contemplate would be the location of the house you are putting the LVT into. Suppose it is an area with a more family-based orientation, like a neighborhood with a school nearby. In that case, it’s much more likely the durability would be valued by the new owners as it would suit their family-based lifestyle.

What Is The Best LVT Flooring?

It isn’t very easy to say an absolute best with so many contenders and options available, but a top three would be a much easier prospect. All LVT comes standard with durability and waterproof qualities. The only actual difference boils down to its visual comparison to the real thing.

Bearing that in mind, the top three brands to choose from with the highest ratings in realistic styles would be:

  1. Mohawk SolidTech: Many reviewers mention how they are delighted with their product and how the customer service is phenomenal. 
  2. COREtec flooring: Although it is more expensive than many other LVT brands, it is one of the best vinyl flooring companies due to its looks, style, durability, and quality.
  3. Shaw Floors: They have various colors and styles to choose from and have a good warranty for their products. 

Why Is Vinyl Tile Flooring So Popular?

As time goes on, the low price, wide variety, extreme durability, and general application and availability make LVT flooring an easy candidate for almost any project you can embark on. So it’s popularity isn’t surprising in the slightest. The product in itself is very family-friendly. With it being incredibly affordable, it’s arguably one of the smartest choices in a mid-range buyer’s market and has only been growing.

Another strong attribute that makes it an outstanding choice would be how easy it is to maintain and clean. By people leading busier and more demanding lives as of late, being able to dry mop entire rooms in a matter of minutes only makes LVT a more sensible choice for the busy consumer.

Related Questions:

Can You Put a Refrigerator On Vinyl Tile Flooring?

Absolutely. As previously mentioned, the average weight a single tile can withstand is 500 pounds before the potential of any damage occurring. However, if you utilize felt furniture padding on the bottom of the fridge, you can safely guarantee no harm will come to the floor and quickly move it out of the way by sliding it on the pads to clean behind it.

Is LVT Slippery When Wet?

Due to LVT being entirely waterproof, it will indeed be somewhat of a water hazard when it is wet, so making sure you have the appropriate water absorption materials on high traffic surfaces is a must. These would include a shower mat for just outside of your shower or a comfortable kitchen mat. Although these are only two examples of slip prevention available, it is crucial to ensure proper safety precautions in these specific areas.


Although luxury vinyl tile is very affordable, you can go with the understanding that these floors are effortless to manage, scratch-resistant, and overall they will add an excellent addition to whatever home you live in at that current point in time. Not only that but having the ability to mimic real stone is a remarkable trait to have, too! 


Hubert Miles | Licensed Home Inspector, CMI, CPI

Hubert Miles is a licensed home inspector (RBI# 2556) with more than two decades of experience in inspection and construction. Since 2008, he has been serving South Carolina through his company, Patriot Home Inspections LLC. As a Certified Master Inspector, Hubert is dedicated to providing his expertise in home inspections, repairs, maintenance, and DIY projects.