Cost To Remove And Reinstall Solar Panels For Roof Replacement

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Solar power systems came to save the world from the exorbitant prices of electric bills. Because of solar panels, it’s now easier to supply off-grid locations with a means to power their world with light and heat. But what about when you need to remove or reinstall solar panels? How much would it cost?

I have inspected hundreds of houses with solar panels, and here’s what I learned about them:

Removing and reinstalling solar panels for roof replacement will cost between $1000 and $6500, depending on the size of your roof, how many panels you have, and many other factors. On a 6×10 grid, where one cell costs between $20-$40, the final price will be $1200-$2400.

The solar panel converts the energy from the sun into power that you can use safely at home to power appliances such as TV, air conditioning, lighting, and charging gadgets, thus making solar power an acceptable and efficient technological invention.

But that’s not all there is to know about solar panels. I did some research about it, and here’s what I found out:

How Much Does It Cost To Remove And Reinstall Solar Panels?

To disengage and reinstall, most solar technicians and companies will charge an overall amount of between $1000 and $6500 on residential property. One solar cell is 6×6 squared, and the cost per square panel is between $20-$40 per cell. So in a grid of 6×10, the amount will be $1200-$2400.

Unlike electric power, the good thing about solar energy is that the prices of solar panels reduce as time goes by. More and more people embrace and install the solar system, contrary to what most people believe.

When more people have solar units installed in their homes, more and more solar panel technicians are born. This reduces both the product cost and installation fee.  

Often the installation of solar panels is primarily on the rooftops. Because rooftops are susceptible to damage and may require replacing after a while, solar panels installed on rooftops will stand in the way.

The entire solar unit must be disabled, disbanded, and then reinstalled after the new roof is put back into place. It could be expensive because the charges for removing and reinstalling a solar panel onto the roof do not include the roof replacement bill.

The Process Of Solar Removal For Roof Replacement

There is a step-by-step process of safely and securely mounting a solar panel on the roof. The exact process could also apply in reverse when disengaging the solar system to pave the way for roof replacement.

Solar panel installation comprises of:

  1. The solar panel/module
  2. The mounting system
  3. Solar inverter
  • Solar panels have electrical wiring connecting the solar module and the solar inverter to supply the home with solar energy and store the extrasolar power away. So the first thing to do is to switch off the power from the converter then proceed to disengage the wiring from the panel, the converter, and the storage facility.
  • The solar panels are held in place by bolts and nuts; when unmounting, the bolts and nuts will be the first things that will need to be systematically let loose before the rest of the process follow suit.
  • Solar panels come in different measurements, and you might be having several of them dictated by the amount of solar energy you consume. After unscrewing, carefully remove the panels, each from the rooftop to the ground.
  • Last but not least, solar unmounting involves safely and securely storing the solar panels away from any damage until when the roof is complete.

The cost of carrying out the above process is not easily conclusive. Still, it depends on several variables, e.g., the number of panels you have installed on your roof and the distance of your home from where you are sourcing the technicians.

The entire process is delicate and might take time to safely remove and store them until the time for reinstalling comes.

If you want to evade unnecessary charges, it is best to have the company that installed your solar panel system do the work of removing and reinstalling. You have once transacted with them, so you are aware of the kind of job they do.

Damage to the solar panel during the removal and reinstallation of a solar system could involve breaking or cracking a glass panel. If such harm should occur, the whole process will cost you an additional amount of money because you will need to replace the broken or cracked cell.

Who Can Remove and Reinstall Solar Panels?

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Removing and reinstalling solar panels should strictly be handled by a professional.

A solar panel and its accessories weigh very little, but the trick is they are very delicate and need lots of care as your balance and work on the rooftop. 

Solar installation again is not a one-man’s job, so there is an excellent possibility that you might mess up the system if the person helping out is also an amateur.

As you plan on re-roofing, it is also essential to note that the solar panel removal and reinstalling is not any roof contractor job. Still, it is a task that falls under the jurisdiction of solar panel removal services/companies.

That means that should you not have money when your solar panels fail. You will most likely stay in the dark. It also means that if your place of residence is far away from a solar specialist, you will have to wait for them to show up patiently.

Chances of your life coming to a standstill if something should go wrong with the use of solar panels is very high as solar installation and removal do not fall in the category of DIY projects. 

What Is the Lifespan of a Solar Panel?

Solar panels can last for up to 30 years if the manufacturing company uses top-notch manufacturing materials for solar harvesting that withstand long periods of weather conditions.

The high cost of buying the system becomes irrelevant because, by the time your solar panels have reached the end of their lifespan, you will have recuperated the cost many times over through savings.

As solar panels near the end of their life span, they slowly degrade, and you will notice that unlike before, the system now produces less and less solar energy. That should be a warning that the system needs replacing. 

Solar Panel Maintenance

Frequent assessment of the state of equipment will ensure that the product will last long and deliver efficiently. Here is how to care for a solar panel:

1. Ensure that no parts are deteriorated or broken.

2. Since installation is open, dust and debris will land on the panel’s surface, so you must clean the panel’s surface

3. Solar panels installation goes along with vents, and you have to hire a technician to ensure that the solar panel vents are free of any dirt or debris.

4. Also, always check and ensure that all switches, wires, cables, and fittings are good.

What You Need To Know About Solar Panels

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The sun is a prime source of energy. Armed with this knowledge, scientists of old led by Edmond Becquerel found a way of converting light from the sun into electricity for use at night by mounting photo-voltaic cells to fit into a panel, also known as a module.

Geographically, solar panels work best when installed at a certain angle on a rooftop and in a location where they will receive optimum sunlight throughout the day. Shadows characterize the northern side, so the best slide to install would be the east.

Earlier, solar energy was designated to produce steam used to power machinery. Later on, the company responsible for solar production branched out to space satellites. In modern times, solar energy powers up a multitude of applications that need electrical loads.

Solar has been around for a while, but people have different opinions concerning solar power and solar panels. However, solar in general has several benefits for those opting to incorporate it into their everyday living.

Did you know you can get free solar panel removal and reinstall by using your insurance to cover roof repairs and roof replacement? 

Yes, some insurance companies will cover the prices of your solar panel removal and reinstall project as part of your roofing insurance claim.

Compare the pricing of different service providers before settling on one. You could save more with a bit of help from research.

Solar Panel AdvantagesSolar Panel Disadvantages
Perfect for off-grid locationsThe panels are dependant on good weather conditions
Cheaper than regular electricity solutionsPanels aren’t suitable for all roof designs
Works well in different climatesLarge initial investment
Eco-friendly and efficient

Advantages Of Solar Panels

Below I’ll dive more in-depth into the main advantages of installing solar panels onto your home:

1. Off-Grid Location

The first thing that hits anyone when they hear of solar energy is that it is for people who live far away from civilization and locations where electric grid lines are yet to reach.

But that was before; nowadays, homesteads connected to electric power incorporate solar energy as an alternative source of power for home applications and cut down the cost of electric bills.

2. Cheaper Than Electricity

Part of an electrical power connection fee is paying for electric poles and cables used to pull or extend electric power from the main grid line close to your home and connect it to your house. 

These bills happen to be high, considering that electric poles and cables are besides house wiring and the electrician’s labor charges and the bills that come with it.

Solar panels, on their part, are much cheaper to buy and install, putting in mind that they will last a long period helping a homeowner steer off power bills because solar power has no monthly charges and stays in place for up to three decades.

3. Climate Variable

Many people assume that solar energy is only efficient and suitable for hot or warm climates. Still, contrary to that opinion, solar energy is a solution right for different climatic conditions and primarily coordinates with mixed weather.

The solar panel will tap even the list of light and convert it to power, though it may not be efficient as it is in 

4. Eco-Friendly

The universe stinks of pollution, and pollutants release toxic gases and fumes into the atmosphere. When the atmosphere is toxic, healthy living becomes unattainable as the air and soil are toxic elements.

As the world yearns for eco-friendly applications that would in their little ways contribute to the healing of the ecosystem, solar energy in its pure dependence on sunlight qualifies it as a form of clean and renewable source of energy that is friendly to the environment.

Disadvantages Of Solar Panels

Over the years, solar as an energy source has proved reliable and offers a cheaper power supply option than other power sources. 

But no matter the source of your power you choose from, each has its shortcomings that stand out, and solar energy is not an exception. Let’s take a look at a few of the significant downsides to installing solar panels on your home:

1. Weather Dependency

Some days could be sunny, while some could be gloomy. Different weather projections affect solar harvesting on different levels.

Although you can still harvest solar energy and consumed even when the sun is not hot, there will be a significant and sizable difference in solar harvesting on days when it is hot and on days when it is cold.  

But with the availability of solar energy storage facilities, this problem is eliminated as extra solar energy is stored away to complement the days when there is little sunlight or none.

2. Roof Structure Specification

Solar panels are delicate and should be handled and mounted with great care to not damage them. Different roofs have different pitches. Ideally, roofs should not be too steep for solar panels if you want proper installation. 

The most desired pitch on a roof is one that tilts slightly at an angle of more than 36 degrees.

Solar systems are also known to occupy a lot of space, and the more solar you need, the more the panels hence, the more space required.

3. Expensive Solar Storage

Everything solar is expensive upfront. Solar system panels and other accessories mostly require a one-off payment type. This single colossal payment makes a majority of people think that solar energy installation is expensive. 

When the sun is fully out, the solar panel can harvest excess solar energy that will need a solar storage facility. It too is expensive.

But after investing in them, you will immediately notice the fruitful return on your investment as they do not need constant revisiting or incur expenditure bills. The excess solar energy can even be sold to power companies hence making you extra money.

Final Thoughts

The solar system is a certified technological invention that is relevant and quite affordable in the long run; consuming solar energy is free and does not accrue any bills in terms of energy consumption.

Another good thing is that the solar panel system requires very little maintenance; this ensures that your pocket won’t hurt that much. Once in a person’s lifetime, the roof might need replacing, and it becomes the sole moment where you may be required to interfere with the solar panel.

Ensure to hire a professional who will handle it with care because anything that might break will need replacing.



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