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Noritz Tankless Water Heater Review

Noritz Tankless Water Heater Review Lg

Are you after an energy-saving and quality tankless water heater? Noritz is among the best solutions you should consider in this case since it has both reliable outdoor and indoor models. 

Noritz focuses more on gas (propane and natural gas) tankless water heaters due to their environmentally friendly approach and lower energy consumption. Noritz is a Japanese brand that is reputable for coming up with innovative heaters that contain comprehensive warranties. 

This Noritz review explores some of the critical things you should understand about the Noritz brand, including the top heaters. 

Who Makes Noritz Water Heater and Brief History?

The Noritz water heaters are designed and developed by Noritz America Corporation. The company was launched in 2001 to meet the ever-growing demand for environmentally friendly and cost-effective water heaters among American consumers. 

The Noritz America Corporation services both commercial and residential homeowners in Canada and the United States. Noritz has made a significant investment in research and a commitment to superb technology solutions and sustainability in tankless water heaters. 

The company now manufactures tankless water heaters, thus eliminating the cost of keeping 40-50 gallons of hot water in a storage tank. It can save over $100 per year for an average family. 

Noritz has the goal of empowering customers with the highest quality water heaters at an affordable price. The company stands behind its products to ensure that they satisfy the needs of customers. 

Noritz also offers a wide selection of tankless water heaters, with various lines of heaters supporting various customer needs. The heaters come with a compact design that offers a versatile installation, thus saving space. 

The heaters are also designed and developed with durability. They also require little maintenance. If you buy a Noritz product, you’ll get one of the best warranty offers in the industry. 

Don’t hesitate to buy any product from the company if the quality is what you’re looking for. 

Is Noritz a Good and Reliable Water Heater?

Noritz is among the most reputable brands when it comes to the production of tankless water heaters. The company is known for producing high-quality and affordable water heaters for the average consumer. It includes some of the most energy-efficient water heater models you’ll ever find on the market. 

Most of the consumers who have used the Noritz brand have given a positive review of products. Apart from being pleased with the product’s performance, many have also seen a reduction in the gas bill. You should never shy from purchasing this brand. 

Noritz specializes mainly in producing the NR series and EZ series. Most of the water heaters under the NR series use natural gas and propane. You can set these water heaters to as low as 100 degrees Fahrenheit and as high as 140 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The EZ series offers between 6.8 GPM to 11.1 GPM. Let’s look at some of the most reputable products from the NR and EZ series:

Noritz 2 Lg

NRC661-DV Noritz Tankless Water Heater

The NRC661 is a smaller but effective water heater from the NR series. The heater offers 6.6 GPM and is perfect for small homes and apartments. For instance, you can get enough hot water for two bathrooms from this water heater. 

The heater is developed with a compact design making it ideal for houses that have limited spaces. You can fit the heater in a garage, closet, or attic as long as you provide proper ventilation. Since it is designed with a freeze protection feature, you can install it in cold areas. 

In addition, the heater doesn’t have to be accessible since you can buy a remote to control it. It comes with an energy efficiency of 0.91 and low NOx, thus minimizing effects on the environment. 

The heater has two heat exchangers, which are corrosion resistant. However, the product only works with natural gas. It’s designed only for indoor installation. 

EZTR40 Noritz Tankless Water Heater

The first tankless heater on the market allowed homeowners to easily switch from an indoor 40-gallon heater to modern tankless technology. It was developed to help homeowners manage the switch, whether they had propane or natural gas water heaters. 

When you buy this heater, you’ll get everything you need to make the switch, including isolation valves and vent kits. Its condensing technology enables you to use the existing vent. The heart is also easy to install compared to other products. 

The EZTR40 is among the quietest water heaters in the industry. The heater has a flow rate of 6.6 GPM and is perfect for families having below two bathrooms. It’s Energy Star rated with an energy factor of 0.87. 

Other Popular Noritz Products

Does Noritz Make Electric Tankless Water Heaters?

Unfortunately, Noritz doesn’t make any electric tankless water heaters. The company has invested in the design and development of gas water models. Most of the available models use either propane or natural gas.

The available gas models are not only quality but also energy efficient. You can even get a gas heater model with a 50% faster heating rate than an electric heater. You should go for the most affordable and efficient water heater. 

The Lifespan of Noritz Water Heaters

Noritz water heaters are designed for durability and energy efficiency. The heaters can last up to 20 years. However, you should do regular repair and maintenance if you want them to last for longer periods. 

The maintenance tips below can help you improve the lifespan of your water heater: 

Maintenance Checks

As we have mentioned above, regular maintenance can greatly increase the lifespan of your Noritz water heater. Annual checks should be done to inspect signs of damage or leakages. Professionals can assist you in finding gaps in joints or cracks in the body. 

If you ignore small leaks, they can easily translate into major and risky leaks. Most leakages would require you to replace the parts that are affected. 

Inspect the Gas Lines

Inspection must be done at least once per year, especially if your water heater is linked to a gas line. 

During the inspection, you should check out any cracks or corrosion on the pipes. If there are any, you should either correct or replace them immediately. 

There are times when you might suspect leaking gas. If such a thing happens, take immediate action to prevent possible danger. You should call a professional immediately. 

Give the Heater Enough Space 

Giving your water heater enough space during installation can also improve its lifespan by many years. You should provide enough space around the water heater so that it doesn’t get damaged easily. This will give you enough space to do routine maintenance regularly. 

Space increases the airflow in the system, thus reducing the risk of fire. After identifying a perfect spot, keep the cleaning tools and products such as brooms, mops, and vacuums away. 

Noritz Thermostat Lg

Where are Noritz Water Heaters Manufactured? 

Noritz America Corporation produces Noritz water heaters. The company specializes in producing tankless gas heaters and other water heater accessories. 

The Noritz America Corporation is a subsidiary of Norwitz Corporation, Japan, and has its headquarters in California. The company ensures that its large base of customers gets the greatest value and highest satisfaction. 

Apart from just buying the products, you are also guaranteed the best customer and technical service. To ensure the production of quality water heaters, Noritz has invested a lot of resources in research and development. 

The company aims to produce quality and energy-efficient water heaters for its customers at an affordable price. 

Cost of Top Noritz Water Heaters

The main factors affecting the cost of a Noritz water heater are energy efficiency and the BTU. The higher the energy efficiency, the higher the cost. For instance, the NRCP1112, a high-energy efficient water heater with a BTU of 199k, costs between $1,375 to $1,450. 

The NR83, which is mid-energy efficient with a BTU of 180k, costs $965 to $1,025. 

The actual cost of a Noritz water heater will also depend on whether you buy it locally or online. For instance, if you buy it online, you might be forced to pay a shipping fee of up to $75. However, some sellers provide free shipping services. 

Apart from buying, you’re also likely to incur additional costs such as installation and maintenance. In most cases, Noritz water heaters cost between $800 to $1,500 to install. You’ll incur more in installation cost if your project requires the following:

  • Running a new line of gas in your house
  • Removal and disposal of your old water heater
  • Adding a new water line
  • Indoor installation where venting is required

If you have the installation experience, you can do it yourself to save on the installation cost. However, potential safety risks, including carbon monoxide and gas leaks, make installation by a professional the best option. 

Noritz requires that a professional install the water heater if you want to be eligible for a warranty. 

Warranty of Noritz Water Heaters

Noritz is reputable for developing quality and long-lasting water heaters free from defects due to workmanship and materials. For this reason, the company offers a warranty that takes effect immediately after installation. It could also be within 30 days after the purchase date. However, to get the warranty, the heater must be installed by a Noritz Authorized Installer. 

Most Noritz water heaters have a 12-year warranty on the heat exchanger. However, there is a 25-year warranty on at least four products from the company. This warranty of the residential condensing models is among the longest in the industry. 

How Noritz Compares To Similar Water Heaters?

Noritz water heaters show a commitment to quality and effectiveness than most other brands. For instance, the dual stainless steel heat exchangers and modulating burners on these heaters guarantee energy efficiency and are among the best features. 

Just like other brands, for you to get a warranty with a Noritz product, the heater must be installed by a pro. The brand also keeps its units more affordable and simple. The rating of Noritz products by consumers is almost in the middle of all brands. 

Noritz stands out from competitors in different aspects, as we’ll see below: 


The Noritz brand is reputable for its innovative designs and developments. The company has been dedicated to introducing new ideas and innovation in the industry. They ensure that every design is something that consumers can relate to. For instance, all their models are energy efficient. 

Willing to Back Their Products

The company is very dedicated to its products. It backs every product that it designs and develops. It’s for this reason that all the heaters from Noritz last longer and are more efficient. 

Diverse Lineup

Noritz has been at the forefront of implementing diverse and innovative designs that meet unique customer requirements for some time now. The products include pocket-friendly, eco-friendly, and well-engineered durable models. 

Comprehensive Warranties

The company provides a comprehensive warranty program to its customers. It includes a 5-year warranty on parts, a 1-year warranty on reasonable labor, and a 12-year warranty for the heat exchanger. 

However, the warranties are only valid if the water heater is used in a single-family home. 


The company has affixed specific codes on the plastic materials employed in the components of the water heaters. After the appliances are out of service, the code assists in determining different recycling materials. Noritz is therefore environmentally conscious. 

Noritz ensures that every product it develops meets the varying needs of customers. It is what makes it stand out from competitors. 

Common Problems with Noritz Water Heaters

Even though Noritz is among the top quality water heaters in the industry, there are some challenges that you might come across while using the heater. However, ensure that you fix them or contact a professional when you notice challenges. 

It’s a common thing to find the heater not igniting when water is running. Here, you should check for the drain valve filter, crossed pipes, or reversed plumbing. There are also cases the water heater unit attempts to ignite but fails. You can try resetting the heater. 

When you open the fixture, there are times when you’ll fail to find hot water. Check whether the gas is available or the power is on. If the problem persists, call a professional. 

Other common problems include:

  • There is no water flowing when the fixture is opened
  • You don’t get hot water at the right temperature
  • Water is very hot

For a list of error codes, see our guide Troubleshooting Tankless Water Heater Error Codes: Noritz.


As we have seen, Noritz is reputable for offering efficient, reliable, unique, and durable products. The company is the pioneer of tankless heaters. 

Since its founding, the company has capitalized on technology and research to design and develop energy-efficient and quality water heaters. 

If you seek a top tankless heater, you can select from any Noritz product. For installation and maintenance, always involve a professional plumber.


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