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Are Marey Tankless Water Heater Worth It: Review, Problems & Comparisons

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Does your home have water heaters, and have you ever considered how it’s like to live without the heaters? 

Instant access to hot water is an exciting experience that will make you replace your heater immediately when it either fails or doesn’t offer enough warm water instantly.  

When such a situation happens, the Marey tankless water heaters are among the quality products on the market that you can employ to make your hot water experience worth it. 

The water heaters are reliable, compact, affordable compared to some of the other available products. 

Even though the company started producing simple shower heaters, it now manufactures several products, including point-of-use water heaters. 

Here, we guide you in selecting the best Marey tankless heater as per your needs. 

A Brief History of Marey Tankless Water Heaters

Marey, one of the leading producers of water heating solutions in the industry, was started in 1955 by Mariano Reyes. Mariano intended to offer the best hot water solutions to his native people of Puerto Rico. 

Mariano devoted his whole life to the creation of innovative tankless water heaters. While exploring his dream of sustainable hot water solutions, Mariano came up with several products, including the point-of-use shower heater. He later expanded this product line to assist families in finding affordable heating solutions. 

Mariano’s ideas formed the foundation that positioned Marey as the leader in the water heater sector both in Puerto Rico and globally. 

As a family-owned water heating company, sister-brother duo Lourdes Yanguas and Victor now represent the third generation of the company’s innovative products. They always strive to provide state-of-the-art and dependable tankless heaters to offer efficient solutions for outdoor, recreational, and indoor purposes. 

The company’s ever-evolving products offer reliable and exceptional water heating solutions to consumers globally. Marey is reputable for providing portable, environmentally friendly, durable, and affordable water heaters. 

Since the company focuses on research and innovation, we can only expect better products in the future. The company’s mission is to become “the number one energy-efficient tankless hot water solution provider by promoting eco-friendly, affordable solutions worldwide.”

How Reliable and Good are Marey Tankless Water Heaters?

Marey offers unique and reliable water heaters with features that ensure quality and convenience to millions of customers. Let’s look at the factors making these heaters stand out from competitors:


The Marey tankless heaters are more affordable compared to competitors. The company offers an efficient and reliable tankless that doesn’t put a strain on your pocket. 


A standard water heater containing a tank has a lifespan of about five to fifteen years. However, the Marey tankless heater may last for between 25 to 35 years with regular maintenance. 

Easy Installation

Installing a Marey water heater is straightforward since the heaters are light and come with an installation guide. The heaters are even more functional since it’s convenient to get exchangeable content. 


Marey water heaters are eco-friendly, and the company is focused on making the world a better and safer place. 

They are effectively designed to reduce CO2 emissions and the impacts of global warmings. 


Apart from the Marey heaters offering a reliable and affordable heating option, the products are also conveniently portable. They are also light compared to other competitors. 

How Long do Marey Water Heaters Last

A standard water heater containing a tank has a lifespan of about 5 to 15 years. However, the Marey tankless heater may last for between 20 plus years with regular maintenance. 

The exact lifespan will depend on the installation and maintenance you do on your water heater. The proper the installation and the higher the maintenance, the more the lifespan. 

The durability of a water heater is a critical factor that you should consider while buying a product. The product you buy should be durable even when exposed to hard water. A product that is designed with durable components ensures that it has a longer life and optimal results. Most Marey water heaters are durable and offer effective performance. 

However, even if the lifespan of your water heater has come to an end, you should never worry since you can replace it. The replacement process is straightforward. Below are signs that your water heater needs a replacement:

Water Heater too Old

Nothing lasts forever, including water heaters. The only challenge here is that most homeowners don’t know when their water heater has reached the expiry date. 

You should replace an old water heater immediately to get optimal performance and avoid significant risks. 

Rusty Heater Inlet Valve

You should replace the water heater as soon as you notice any rust in the inlet valve. Rust is known for reducing the efficiency and durability of water heaters. 

Water Heater Noise

An ailing water heater produces noise in the tank. The problem can be more pronounced in homes that consume much hot water. Replace or repair the water heater if you notice such a challenge. 

Water Heater Leaking

When the water heater approaches the end of its life expectancy, you might see water on the floor near the tank. This means that there are leaks that need to be addressed. When this happens, you do serious repairs or heater replacement. 

Water Heater not Heating

There are cases where you might notice your water heater not heating up. This might be due to a misadjusted thermostat or broken heating element. When this happens, you should either replace or repair your water heater. 

Where are Marey Water Heaters Manufactured?

Marey has warehouses and regional offices in Texas, California, Puerto Rico, and Pennsylvania. These warehouses, which are found in the United States, are dedicated to developing environmentally-friendly water heaters. They produce affordable and innovative heating products around the globe. 

The company also has manufacturing facilities in Canada, Spain, and Brazil. However, the products are installed and distributed worldwide. Regardless of which facility a Marey water heater is made in, it still maintains efficiency, reliability, and quality. 

The customers have the confidence to buy products from a company that has been in operation for over 60 years. Even though Marey has grown into a global company, it still maintains its roots in America. 

Cost of Top Marey Water Heater Models?

Marey water heaters range in price from $179 to $725, depending on the selected model. These water heaters are also more affordable than other water heater models, thanks to the fact that you buy them online and from your local home improvement store. 

There is no shortage of water heaters to select from, including gas and electric water heaters, varying in price. 

Apart from just buying a water heater, you’ll also incur the cost of installation. Most people nowadays prefer to install water heaters by themselves to save money. However, you should understand that there is more to water heaters than just swapping old ones with new ones. 

Water heaters have a lot of pressure that might build with time if you don’t maintain or vent properly. The buildup of pressure can make your water heater lethal and destructive. You should have some soldering skills since you’ll be working with electricity, propane, or natural gas. 

If you feel like it’s smarter and safer monetarily to hire a trained plumber, Marey still gives you a chance to buy your heater from an authorized dealer. However, hiring a professional plumber could be more costly than doing it yourself. 

A professional plumber will also help you determine the heater size that suits your home’s needs. They can also decide whether or not you need a new plumbing, gas, or electrical line. They are familiar with local codes and have the equipment and experience to do the work safely. 

Going for a professional plumber also guarantees quality installation and repairs. In fact, after installing the water heater, most professional plumbers can give you a discount for repairs or replacement. This can also prove to be cost-effective in the long term. 

There is no perfect appliance in the industry regardless of the company you’re buying from. However, products from Marey at least guarantee effective performance at an affordable cost. 

How is the Warranty on Marey Water Heaters?

The Marey water heaters have a 5-year warranty on parts which is more than other manufacturers. The warranty covers service for the first year and all manufacturer defects. 

There is no warranty if the heater is exposed to extreme weather, you dismantle the interior, or damage the heater during installation. 

For the heater to get a warranty, you should register it within 30 days of purchasing. 

You should therefore follow recommended instruction guidelines while installing your water heater. The installation of water heaters should comply with electrical, plumbing, and building codes and should be done by a licensed electrician or plumber. 

However, under warranty, refunds aren’t available. Any warranty repairs should be done at any certified Marey Service Center. 

Marey Water Heater Reviews: What Customers Have to Say

The vast majority of Marey’s online reviews are positive. On the Home Depot website, the product review average was mostly above 3.5, with most reviews of 4 stars and higher. Amazon reviews followed this same pattern, with most reviews being 4 stars.

YouTube comments on the video above were also mostly positive. Two customers stated they’d owned their Marey water heaters for 7 and 8 years with no problems to report.

However, there are several negative reviews online, including claims of poor customer phone support. One customer claimed the unit started an electrical fire, and Marey replaced the water heater. Still, it is unknown if this was a problem with the unit itself or an installation issue.

Several customers also claim that the temperature output is irregular at best.

How Marey Compares to Similar Brands? 

There is no argument that Marey is among the top water heater brands in the industry. Marey has a proven record of delivering quality water heaters that are energy efficient and durable. 

The heaters are readily available to anyone who needs instant hot water. They are also affordable compared to other products on the market. 

Let’s look at some well-known companies that are comparable to Marey:

A.O. Smith 

A.O. Smith is an American-based manufacturer of both commercial and residential water heaters. The company also doubles up as the largest marketer and manufacturer of heaters in North America. The company also distributes water treatment products in Asia. 

A.O. Smith is reputable for producing tankless water heaters, solar, electric, gas, and hybrid water heaters. 

The company is also committed to using innovative technology, reducing greenhouse emissions, and producing energy-efficient products. 

Water heater produced by this company lasts for between 6 to 12 years. The manufacturer, therefore, expects your heater to last for over a decade with exceptional maintenance practices. 


Rheem is also an American company that provides a variety of water heaters in the market. The company also capitalizes on technology to produce quality and reliable water heaters. 

For instance, you can get phone alerts in case of maintenance issues such as leaks. The company is also committed to designing and producing energy-efficient products. 

Bradford White

Bradford White water heaters are developed exclusively in the United States but are available only via authorized dealers. They are developed with an Hydrojet® Total Performance System that helps in cleaning the tank. 

The water heaters from this company are energy efficient and have a longer lifespan. 

Even though this is just a small list of companies, it’s easy to see why they are among the best in the industry. The brand you select depends on what you’re looking for in a water heater. 

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What are Common Problems with Marey Water Heaters?

Even though Marey water heaters are among the most reliable products on the market, like all products, they also experience some problems. These problems and challenges range from defective parts to warranty issues. 

However, the good thing is that Marey responds quickly to such problems when they occur and are raised by customers. Even though no company is immune to product challenges, Marey keeps improving its services to establish dominance. The company’s focus is on making the customer happy all the time. 

Common Marey heater problems include:

  • Mineral buildup
  • System overload
  • Coldwater sandwich


It’s now clear that there are so many effective and affordable Marey tankless heaters that you can purchase. Most of these water heaters are compact and reliable. However, we encourage you to do your own research before purchase.

However, before buying a heater, there are several factors you should consider, including efficiency, safety, maintenance, portability, and cost of the heater. 

If you don’t have the skills to install a water heater, contact a professional plumber.  


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