5 Kitchen Faucet Brands To Avoid & 9 Brands Plumbers Recommend

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The type of kitchen faucet you get will largely depend on why you need it. The pull-down and pull-out varieties of faucets are best for filling pots and scrubbing the sink, while a bridge faucet has two handles that control the temperature instead of one. There are many brands of kitchen faucets on the market. Your use will depend on your emphasis on quality, flexibility, and function.

There are five brands on the market that we do not recommend for various reasons, including being undersized and leaking. There are also nine superior kitchen faucet brands, including Koehler and Moen. Moen is better than Delta, while Glacier Bay is better than Moen.

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Read on to discover who makes the highest and lowest quality kitchen faucets.

What Faucet Brands Should You Avoid?

In talking to customers and plumbers, there are five brands that we do not recommend buying.

1. Delta

The Delta brand is a subsidiary of Masco. Although they place a heavy emphasis on technology, users and tests have confirmed the following problems:

  • Sprayer connection is loose
  • The weight is not effective in returning the sprayer to its original position 
  • Supply lines are inflexible and are hard to install
  • Can leak into the kitchen cabinet 

2. Brizo

Brizo is another subsidiary of Masco. Although it has a few great features, such as Lifetime Limited Warranty and the ability to pair with your smart devices, the good still outweighs the bad. Despite using cutting-edge technology, this brand will have the following problems:

  • The touch feature only works with the handle in the on position
  • Aerator and stream features apparently can cause low water flow
  • Pinched wires cause “ghost activity”
  • TempID™ shows the temperature of the water through an LED light
  • Euro-motion Diamond™ Valve with InnoFlex™ waterways

These issues are also present in the Delta brand.

3. Vigo

Vigo faucets have weak water flow issues, require a specific tool to replace the spray head and suffer from water gasket jams. Vigo has an average rating of 4.1 out of 5 across all platforms. Older models from Vigo can be somewhat lower, in the 3.4-3.9 out of 5 range.

Users also noted problems such as the faucet peeling off and the button for switching flows turning out to be dysfunctional in less than 3 months.

4. Hansgrohe

Hansgrohe faucets require the handle on the one-handled version to be on the front because it moves from left to right, not in and out. The sprayer also leaks, and the rubber inside the hose braiding will crack as it ages. Finally, replacement parts might not be the same as the original faucet.

This outweighs the following technology:

  • QuickClean technology ensures that you can clean limescale deposits and dirt can be cleaned by simply rubbing silicone nubs
  • Select Technology that interrupts the flow of water with a one-button touch
  • sBox technology that ensures that the sink takes up less space under the sink
  • MagFit technology that provides for magnetic spray head docking
  • Double backflow prevention
  • Comfort Zone technology means that the faucet is user-friendly 
  • AirPower technology mixes air with water to inflate water droplets and allows more effective use of the water 

5. Miseno and Signature Hardware

They are both owned by Ferguson and will likely have the following problems:

  • The faucet is too small
  • The tap is the size of a bar sink
  • No flexibility in the spout
  • Backsplash means that water will end up on the countertop 

These problems outweigh the following features:

  • PVD finishes
  • A rocker switch that converts the aerated stream to powerful spray
  • A squeeze-and-place weight that allows for easy installation
  • ADA Compliant
  • Resistant to Extreme Temperatures
  • Ripple-Resistant
  • Resists Stains
  • Dent and crack resistance
  • The drop-in design makes it easier to install
  • Eco-friendly PerformanceSpout™, which conserves water 
  • EternalSeal™ ceramic cartridge, which prevents leaks and dripping
  • FinishPlated™ technology that ensures hardware consistency

Who Makes the Highest Quality Kitchen Faucets?

There are many kitchen faucet brands to choose from. These brands we like best make high-quality kitchen faucets.

1. Kohler

Kohler’s main selling point is that its kitchen faucet models are convenient. They manufacture pull-down faucets, pull-out faucets, single-handle faucets, two-handle faucets, bridge faucets, and wall mount faucets. The finish uses physical vapor deposition (PVD), making the finish resistant to corrosion.

The brand also uses Koehler Advantage technologies:

  • Magnetic docking for the spray head
  • Touchless response technology (motion-activated) 
  • Hose control

Each type of faucet has its benefits and functions:

Faucet TypeBenefits and Functions
Pull-Downhigh faucet height, multiple spray options, no need for a separate side spray
Pull Outmultiple spray functions for filling pots or cleaning fruits, larger grip area, more comfortable
Single-Handlecontrol both stream volume and water temperature with one handle, the lever is on the faucet or next to it
Two-handleclassic faucet, separate temperature controls that come as lever, cross, or wrist blade handles
Bridgetwo-handled faucets with a swing spout, swing spout has a wide range, can be mounted

2. Moen

Moen kitchen faucets come in one-handle, two-handled, pull-out, pull-down, bar, and butler varieties. In its marketing, Moen does not use many buzzwords, focusing instead on the functions of the faucet. Moen boasts of Duralast® cartridges that aid in temperature control, while the pull-down faucet does have MotionSense™ hands-free operation.

Each type of model has its functions and benefits:

Faucet TypeFunction and Benefits 
One-handlecontrol the volume of water flow and temperature with one hand
Two-handleclassic kitchen faucet model, hot/cold handles, the faucet can convert to a one-handle version
Pull Outfaucet pulls out from the base, and the wand combines stream and spray
Pull Downonly the faucet head pulls out, preventing water backsplash
Barsuitable for smaller sinks, good for height restrictions, best suited for a prep area or as an island sink 
Butlerprovides cold, filtered drinking water, compatible with a water filtration system under the sink

3. Kraus

Kraus places a heavy emphasis on how ergonomically sound its faucets are. It manufactures taps in the pull-down, pull-out, semi-professional, bar, bridge, water filter, sensor, and touch varieties.

It also boasts of seven technologies:

  • Touch Control™
  • TapFlow™, which allows you to touch anywhere on the faucet to turn it on.
  • Corrosion-Resistant Brite®-Spot Free Finish  
  • Combine spray and stream modes through the ergonomic EZGRip™ technology..
  • QuickDock™ technology allows for installation without an under-the-sink install.
  • Reach™ technology provides the sprayer with a more flexible reach. 
  • Healthy Home™ products limit germ flow. 

Their types of kitchen sinks also come with their own set of benefits and functions:

Faucet TypeBenefits and Functions
Pull-Downgreat for busy kitchens, fits under standard cabinets, high Arc 360-degree swivel, ergonomic handle, lead-free brass waterlines, pull-down sprayer
Pull-Outthe pull-out, temperature, and flow control, ceramic cartridge, Neoperl aerator to save water, easy-clean nozzles to prevent mineral build-up, 160-degree swivel, one or three-hole installation
Semi-Professionalthe faucet looks like an industrial-style coil, with pre-attached water lines, a high arc for oversized items, a docking arm that rotates to avoid interfering with the spray head, an ergonomic single handle with a 90-degree rotation comes with a swivel adapter, a ceramic cartridge, easy Clean nozzles, single hole installation
Bargooseneck spout, ergonomic comfort-grip handle with 90-degree forward rotation, 360-degree swivel range, ceramic cartridge, pre-attached water lines, spot-free finishes
Bridgediamond-textured handles make for a no-slip grip, hexagonal bolt-shaped details, side sprayer with a wide range of maneuverability, spout height bacn be adjusted, two-function faucet
Water Filter100% lead-free brass, universal design connects to many under-the-counter water filtration systems. The gooseneck spout is perfect for filling pots, ceramic cartridges, single handles, single-hole installation, mounting hardware included, high-Arc spout, ADA compliant
Sensorhigh-arc open coil spout, 18-inch height, hands-free activation, busy kitchen, the flow stops automatically after 3 minutes, pull-down spray head, pre-attached waterlines, spot-free, stainless steel and black matte finishes, single handle, ADA compliant, ceramic cartridge, installation-ready, single-hole installation
Touchbusy Kitchen, Clean Home product, reduces germ transfer, high-arc spout, 360-degree swivel range, pull-down sprayer with a swivel adapter, lead-free brass waterlines, ceramic cartridge, spot-free finish

4. Glacier Bay

Owned by Home Depot, the faucets made by Glacier Bay have a PVD finish and use two technologies. One technology is the TurboSpray, which provides sprays of focused water columns and uses more power than the standard water tap. The second technology is the FastMount mounting system, which provides quick installation.

This brand has pull-down, pull-out, double-handle standard, bar, bridge, and pot filler faucets. Here are their benefits and functions:

Faucet TypeBenefits and Functions
Pull Down single-handle, high arc spout, 360-degree swivel range, pull-down spray wand
Pull Outpull-out sprayer with aerated spray or TurboSpray, high arc, quicker and easier installation with Fast Mount, single-handle metal, for 3-hole or 1-hole sinks, replacement parts available
Barall-metal body, oil-rubbed bronze finish, high-arc spout, 360-degree swivel range, solid brass and copper waterways, ADA-compliant
Bridgestainless steel finish, ceramic cartridge, 2-spray modes: TurboSpray and aerated, requires a 3-hole sink
Pot Fillers pot fillers, ceramic cartridge, optional aerator, easy to install, wall mount

The final 5 models are lesser-known brands that all have their great benefits and functions:

Faucet BrandBenefits and Functions
U Faucet Brass and nickel, Fixed Top, Rotating middle, Fixed bottom, 360-degree rotation, Mixes water with air, Spray and stream options, Ceramic valves prevent dripping, Compact design
Forious Touchless Faucet, An infrared sensor in the base, Four-inch range, Water switches off after 3 minutes, Water automatically starts when you pull out the faucet, The spray head rotates 360 degrees, Trigger-operated Stream and spray, Needs 4 AA batteries.
WewePull-out faucet that reaches 23 inches, Aerated stream, Water-efficient, Three spray functions: spray, stream, or pause 
ComllenHigh arc, Stain and corrosion resistant, Needs deck plates for a 3-hole sink, 360-degree swivel range, Stream or spray modes, 20-inch hose, Switch toggles between spray modes, No magnetic docking
BiobidetHands-Free motion sensor, Durable ceramic cartridge, 2-function spray head, SmartLatch retraction, High arc, Durable and reliable Battery-powered, Easy installation

Read on to discover the brands and models that plumbers recommend

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What Faucet Do Plumbers Recommend?

The plumbers recommend the 9 brands of faucets above. Most users agree. Here are the specific brands, models (or types) of faucets they recommend for each brand, plus what users said about the recommended faucets.

Our Top Pick - Best Overall
Moen 7594ESRS Arbor Motionsense Two-Sensor Touchless Pulldown Kitchen Faucet
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07/19/2024 12:45 am GMT

Moen 7594ESRS Kitchen Touchless Faucet (Pull Out)

Aside from having an easy installation process, this Moen touchless kitchen faucet also features two sensors. You can also control the water flow by simply waving your hand!

User Reviews:

Includes battery, You can swivel the spray control 360 degrees

Hard stops prevent it from moving and convert from spray to stream by turning water off

Our Top Pick
KOHLER 596-VS Simplice Kitchen Sink Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer
$500.10 $225.00
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07/19/2024 01:25 am GMT

Kohler K-596-VS Simplice Pull-Out Faucet

One of the unique characteristics of this pull-out faucet is its three-function spray head. Like most Kohler models, it also has a magnetic docking system and a pull-down spout.

User Reviews:

“Easily installed by one person, Prevents water contamination but all internal components must remain intact”

Swivel length helps it reach hard-to-reach areas

Our Top Pick
Kohler K-R10651-SD-VS Sous Kitchen Sink Faucet, Vibrant Stainless
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03/10/2024 10:29 pm GMT

Kohler Sous Pro-Style Single-Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

This model is known for being durable and reliable. It also features a two-function spray head, touch control, and ScratchShield technology. Most users like it for having a detachable spring and spray head for cleaning.

User Reviews:

“The handle can move the spout. The spray is effective for dishwashing”

“Sturdy handle, Kohler-brand sink is not necessarily compatible with faucet depending on the house”

Our Top Pick - Under $200
Kraus KPF-1610SFS Bolden 18-Inch Commercial Kitchen Faucet with Dual Function Pull-Down Sprayhead
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07/18/2024 10:34 pm GMT

Kraus Bolden Single Handle 18-inch Commercial Kitchen Faucet

A flexible hose, 20-inch range, 180-degree swivel range, open-spring spout, and an ergonomic pull-down spray head are some of the inclusions on this Kraus model. It is also retractable and has a gooseneck design.

User Reviews:

“No backsplash!”

“Rocker switch toggles from spay to a regular stream and resets itself between uses”

Top Pick
MOEN 87966SRS Kaden Single-handle Pull-down Sprayer Kitchen Faucet
$179.00 $138.99
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07/18/2024 11:39 pm GMT

Moen Kaden Single-Handle Pull-Down Faucet

You’ll love the Moen Kaden model if you’re mainly interested in aesthetics. This spot-resistant stainless steel faucet also has a mirror-like chrome finish, which will easily fit into most home designs. This is a popular choice as a modern or farmhouse kitchen faucet.

User Reviews:

Fingerprint and stain resistant

“Plastic faucet head”

Our Top Pick - Most Affordable
WEWE Single Handle High Arc Brushed Nickel Pull Out Kitchen Faucet
$90.59 $65.51
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07/18/2024 10:50 pm GMT

Wewe Pull-out Faucet

The pull-out hose that reaches 23 inches is the feature consumers love the most about this Wewe faucet. It also features three spray functions: spray, stream, and pause.

User Reviews:

Under 100 dollars, Sturdy swivel, Good water pressure

“Easy install and natural fit, does not come with a stabilizing bracket”

Our Top Pick - Most Affordable
FORIOUS Matte Black Kitchen Faucets with Pull Down Sprayer
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07/18/2024 10:19 pm GMT

Forious Pull-Out Faucet

The Forious pull-out faucet is all about convenience. The water switches off after 3 minutes and automatically starts when you pull out the faucet.

User Reviews:

Love its anti-fingerprint surface and extendable hose

“Good for cleaning fruits and I can toggle between spray and stream”

Is Moen or Delta the Better Brand?

Consumers may wonder whether Moen or Delta is the better brand of faucet manufacturers. Moen is a company that only produces faucets. Meanwhile, Delta is a company that heavily emphasizes the technology it uses.

We believe that Moen is the superior brand despite 2 flaws:

  1. Tightening the faucet requires special tools because there is not enough room under the sink to use standard tools.
  2. High-pressure exposure causes the water to leak from the tap and cartridge.

Despite these two problems, the following makes Moen superior:

  • No leaks in the sprayer connections
  • Weight is easy to disconnect and moves easily
  • Superior supply lines and flexibility for an easier install
  • When the cartridge failed, the faucet did not leak into the cabinet.

Meanwhile, under a test from a plumber, Delta is inferior for all of these reasons:

  • The cartridge can break under high pressure, causing leaks inside the cabinet when the cartridge fails
  • Faucets come loose easily
  • Pull-out is difficult to operate because the weight on the hose is insufficient. The weight is not effective in returning the sprayer to its original position.
  • Sprayer connection is loose and can leak
  • It needs a specific device to take off the brace
  • Supply lines are inflexible and are hard to install

Meanwhile, the Delta is easier to install than the Moen, only taking a few minutes. Despite a slightly longer install time and the need for a special tool, the Moen proved to be more durable, with fewer leaks under high-pressure tests.

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