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60 Garage Organization Ideas on a Budget

garage organization

Having a garage is a luxury because you can store multiple things there, such as outdoor kid toys and tools, or have a specific hobby you like doing there. 

However, you look into your garage daily and see all of these things there, which makes it highly overwhelming because of how disorganized it is. 

In that case, you might be looking at organizing your garage or hiring a professional organizer to make it a much more functional space year-round. 

So, what are some great ideas you can use to organize your garage on a tight budget, you might ask? Continue reading and find out the answers which you seek below!

How to Organize a Garage on a Budget

1. Shelf & Storage Bins

Having a shelf during the storm, so to speak, is one of the most accessible and budget-friendly options you can think of. 

You can quickly go to your local Home Depot and get a shelf for a relatively affordable price. 

On top of that, go to the dollar store and get some cheap and affordable baskets to organize toys or sports balls.

Place a shelf right by the door leading into your home so you do not have to dig for anything specific, like light bulbs or something needed for the car. These shelves also allow much room for other items. 

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2. Cut Out PVC Pipes for Tools

PVC pipes are not only for your home’s piping system, but you can drill out areas in the pipes to create a small nook to place your tools and other loose items. 

This option allows you to take what you need and return it without getting the equipment all over. It is an excellent idea for any DIYers out there.

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3. Wall Tool Organizer

Although this wall tool hanger is not necessarily a DIY project, it is incredibly affordable. You can place any long gardening tools you might have, like shovels, rakes, weed whackers, etc., on here, creating more room on the garage floor. 

Having the ability to say, “I will not trip on anything out here,” is always a good thing! 

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4. Pallet Lawn Tool Storage

You can use a pallet for all sorts of things, ranging from creating something beautiful on your walls to making it a lawn tool storage area. 

A pallet does not cost you any money, and you can get as many as you’d like! Be creative with the usage of this. The best part is keeping it in a corner, which is out of sight. 

5. Garage Ceiling Storage System

Whoever thought placing overhead storage racks on your ceiling to give your space a nice, clean look is a genius. It saves you garage floor space, making it to where you can create some other usage for the area. 

Maybe you want to turn your garage into your teenager’s hang-out room without it looking as if there are so many things on the floor. Well, now you can! 

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6. Magnetic Tool Storage

Seeing as how tools are magnetic, you can quite easily hang up this nifty magnetic tool hanger to ensure you’re getting enough wall space out of the way.  

7. Hang Large Buckets on Walls

If you have pool noodles and are hardpressed on what to do with them, then consider purchasing 5-gallon buckets to place them in. 

You can quickly nail the buckets to the wall and create a wall full of 5-gallon buckets to place anything that fits in the little nook. 

8. Hang Old Soda Bottles

Reduce, reuse, recycle is the saying that goes around when it comes to plastic. Use old plastic soda bottles to hang on a hardboard pegboard to ensure it fits snug into place. 

You can put nuts, bolts, nails, or other knickknacks in these small spaces and create a much-needed organization space. 

Make sure to create tiny holes on the top to ensure you can reach inside with your hands.

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9. Hanging Aluminum Cans

You can also put aluminum cans on your hardboard pegboard like the plastic soda bottles above. 

It works the same way, just with a larger opening at the top, and you do not have to do work into cutting pieces out, as it is already done for you. 

10. Folding Laundry Table for Thread

Do you have a hobby you like to do in the garage, like sewing? In that case, consider finding an old laundry folding table and some wire to put your thread around it. 

You will not have to worry about creating a tangly mess as the thread is well organized. 

11. Place Plastic Bags in an Old Juice Bottle

Almost everyone you know has an issue with plastic grocery bags. 

You either have a million of them under your kitchen sink, or they’re all in a big box out in your garage. 

In that case, consider using a large juice bottle to place all of your plastic bags in. Using this method might resolve your clump of bags issue! 

12. Corner Storage Shelving

Most garages place their storage on the sides of the walls, but have you considered looking into storing your items in the corner? Doing so ensures your belongings are out of the way, creating a better organizing system and more usable space.

13. Use an Old Shoe Hanger

Do you like to paint or have older kids who do a lot of art projects involving spray paint? In that case, you can look at using an old shoe hanger to place all of those items in there. 

14. Make a Peg Rail Organizer

Do you have any old shelves you are thinking of throwing out? Well, you can quickly turn them into peg rail organizers instead! 

15. Using Command Hooks By Your Door

You can easily place command hooks for those homes with pools to keep beach towels right by the door. In doing so, it creates extra storage space.

16. Create a “Garage Mud Room”

Don’t have a mudroom but always wanted one? No problem! Create a garage mudroom leading right into your door. You can even go so far as to place your washer and dryer out there, too, if need be. 

17. Use Baskets for Kid Zones

Having easy access to your kid’s toys is extremely helpful as you do not have to fetch them to get them yourself. Get a shelf and some baskets, and now you have a play corner. Making sure you have open shelves is a must as well.

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18. Use All of the Wall Space

You do not have to keep everything on the floor, as using any space your wall provides will help you out with any available space you might need. 

19. Bathroom Storage Bucket Converted to Car Supplies

Who said that bathroom storage buckets only need to be used in the bathroom? Go to your local dollar store and snag up some of these babies to put car supplies in them! 

20. Hang Wrenches Like Coats

If you have an old coat hanger, you do not use it anymore. You can use it by hanging wrenches there, making your tools area a much better and more organized room.

21. Place Tapes on a Hanger

Do you have a lot of duct tape for projects around the house? In that case, grab some unused hangers from your closet to place your tape on them. 

You might need to create an opening for the tape to go, but it makes better storage solutions. 

22. Use Mason Jars for Small Stuff

Mason jars have become quite popular as the years have passed. In this case, use mason jars for your DIY projects and keep nuts, bolts, and nails inside of them, leaving a much better organized space.

23. Make Small Cubby Holes with PVC Pipes

Finding yet another use for PVC pipes, you can place them on your pegboard wall and create small cubby holes. Anything from pencils to plastic ties can all fit into these little nooks. 

24. Screw Muffin Tins on a Shelf

Although mainly used for muffin tins, you can easily find small items in your garage to put into one. You can screw it into a shelve, making it relatively easy to pull in and out. 

25. Build Your Own Portable Tool Caddy

If you want something portable to pull out while working, place it in the garage corner afterward; building your mobile tool caddy is best. 

26. Create a Wall of Storage Bins

Creating an extensive shelving system excites those who love plastic bins! In garage circumstances, keeping everything labeled, organized, and clean is the way, especially if you have bulky items you want to tuck away.

27. Create a Smart Rolling System

Have you ever thought about using an intelligent rolling system for all of your storage? You can easily roll them in and out as you please, making them more accessible. 

28 recycle bin hanger

28. Stack Recycling Bins on Walls

Stacking recycling bins on the walls might be a great way to place certain things, such as light bulbs, seasonal items, small garden tools, toilet paper, or other small items. 

29. Use Bungee Cords for Sports Balls

When you use bungee cords, it is a relatively easy way to store sports balls. It might even remind you of a mini ball organizing system you see at local stores. Having your organizer is pretty neat!

30. Use Concrete Forming Tube for Equipment Storage

Some garage organization tips might be using concrete forming tubes and reusing them for equipment and other storage items. 

31 pool noodle fishing rod

31. Attach Pool Noodles to the Walls for Fishing Rods

If you love fishing but do not want your fishing rods clumped together, a low-cost option to keep them organized and hassle-free is by attaching pool noodles to the walls for your fishing rods.

32 pallet bicycle rack

32. Use a Pallet as a Bicycle Rack

No one wants to spend a lot of money on bike racks, so what better way to use some space in your garage than a pallet as a bicycle rack?

33 repurposed ladder

33. Repurpose a Ladder to Hold Scraps

When wood scraps get on the floor, it is hard to pick them up to make for a messy garage. However, if you have an old ladder, it creates a very organized space for your wood scraps. 

34 color cordinate breaker

34. Color Coding Your Breaker Box

It is hard to remember which switch is this or that with your breaker box. If the package has a garage location, color coding will help you remember better. 

35. Mount Trash Bags on a Wall

Create a trash bag mount holder with any unused space on the walls. Not only are you keeping it off the floor, but when you need a new one, you can easily pull it off instead of going through a hassle. 

36. Wall-Mounted Tape Dispenser with Cutter

Just like the trash bad holder, you can create a tape dispenser in a very similar way. It is an excellent idea if you need to use up some vertical space on the walls. Use a hacksaw blade along the edge for easy cutting.

37. Mesh Storage Bins for Balls

Sports balls can get everywhere. You can easily see these balls in a mesh storage bin, creating a well-organized area. 

38 jumbo storage 1

38. Jumbo Workbench Dispenser

Have you got tools? This jumbo tool storage dispenser (available at Amazon) lets you organize nuts, bolts, and other small items in your garage while all remaining on a budget. 

39. DIY Garden Tool Storage

Grab some PVC pipes and old siding from somewhere (barn, scrap yard, old building, etc.) and make this excellent DIY gardening tools storage. It keeps tools like your garden rake or old broom out of the way from anything you do. 

40. Folding Working Table with Organizer Wall

A folding table is great, but what if you created a workspace that folds up when you are not using it? Folding your table up gives you much space for other activities throughout the year, especially if you have a small space.

41 kid storage shelf

41. Kid Toy Storage Shelf

If you have kids, you’re always looking to find ways to keep things organized. You can quickly go to your local dollar store and get some plastic bins for kid toy storage. Overall, there are many other creative ways to make this space look decent. 

garage organize 29

42. Put Your Lawn Mowers on a Table

Lawnmowers are one of those things that get in the way. If you’ve ever accidentally stubbed your toe on one, you know. However, keeping it tucked under a DIY table keeps it out of the way and in a safe place.

garage organize 30

43. DIY PVC Pipes For Your Fold-up Chairs

PVC pipes seem to constantly have many other uses, like this creative way to keep your fold-up chairs, creating more available space on the ground. 

garage organize 31

44. Camp Chair Storage Rack

Do you have any camping gear you wish to keep tucked away? How about having this camp chair storage rack that you can easily make with those wood scraps we talked about above? You can even make multiple boxes, having some excellent DIY projects up your sleeve.

45. Plywood Workbench

Although a plywood workbench and similar items are great DIY ideas, creating one will provide you with a lot of storage space and bring a sense of pride in knowing you’re creating something that will last for many years to come. 

46. DIY Canned Food Dispenser

Canned goods can get all over the place, so why not make your own DIY canned food dispenser? 

It takes little garage space, and it allows you to bulk store up food that would not have been there otherwise.

garage organize 35

47. Paint Brushes Hanging on a Wire

If you just painted an area within your home but still need the brushes to dry, hanging them on a wire might be good. Plus, you can easily keep them there for storage purposes.

48. Install Cabinets

Having cabinets hanging above ensures more space on the ground, especially parking space if you want your car inside the garage. This is a unique storage option since it is not widely used in garages. You can choose stock wall or base cabinets from your local home store or build your own.

label totes garage

49. Label Everything

It stinks when you do not have anything labeled and need to find a specific item. Grab some masking tape or a fancy labeler and make sure everything is labeled. Label totes on wall shelving inside the garage for quick access to decorations, toys, and much more.

50. Create Garage Zones

It might be easier for your garage storage space to create a specific zone. 

For example, in zone one, you have your yard tools; in zone two, you can put power tools; in zone three, you can place kid toys, etc. In doing so, it makes an excellent floor plan for your garage.

Store rarely used up high out of the way and more frequently used items and bulk store at eye level for easy access and inventory.

51. Plastic Cups on a Pegboard

Plastic cups on a pegboard can hold all of your different sharpies, pencils, or other small tools you might need for this particular space. Anything you put your mind to, you can do. 

52 metal planters

52. Use Metal Planters for Storage

Metal planters are relatively inexpensive and guarantee stability in storing certain items there. You can place it on your garage walls and put stuff like hand tools and other garage items you need at your disposal. 

53. Add Inexpensive Storage Racks

Decide how many shelves you need before going to your local home improvement store to get some relatively inexpensive storage racks. 

Afterward, place storage bins, holiday decorations, essential documents, and other large items above there, keeping enough clearance for you to walk on. 

garage corner organize

54. Pick an Organization Corner

If you do not want to use the entire garage, you can easily pick out a corner you want to use and make the best of it. Think of any vertical organization systems that might come in handy and capitalize on that for this small space.

55. Garage Door Storage Rack

The garage door is not only good for being a door, but you can place some racks on there to hang your fishing piles, garden tools, or other long items you can think of. 

56. DIY Golf Storage Organizer

For golf lovers out there, create a DIY golf storage organizer. It does not need to take you a lot of time and can potentially use something old, like an old cubby you found at a local resale shop. 

57. Place Shelves on the Ceiling

Like the overhead storage system above, you can get some overhead racks and create unique ceiling storage for your benefit. 

58. Use Lattice for Yard Tool Storage

Lattice has many uses, and you can easily use lattice for your yard tool system. You need to cut it to the desired shape you wish to have and screw it down on your desired box to create some unique garage storage ideas. 

59. Cord Hangers from Plastic Pipes

Hang your extension cords or hose on plastic pipes. Doing so creates an excellent place for other items to go above or below. 

60. Scooter Storage

Do you have a lot of scooters? Make or purchase your very own scooter rack in your garage.

Other Tips & Tricks You Might Want to Consider

Seeing how we have all these ideas, you might want to consider other tips and tricks to help keep things organized within your own garage. Here are some down below:

garage organization 2

1. Declutter to Get Rid of Unused Items

Eliminating stuff within your home that you’ll never use or need again will help you stay better organized. Do you have multiple of one item that you will never use again? You can even go so far as to have a garage sale to make some extra money for what you want to get rid of. 

2. Draft an Organization Plan

Before beginning organizing, the first thing you want to do is draft out a plan. If you’re going to do a little bit at a time, create a week’s worth of sections you want to finish, so it is not overwhelming. You can make a list of things to do or a task manager for certain days out of the week. 

3. Keep Items Off the Floor

Making sure your items are off the floor creates a sense of security in terms of how you like things being done. Make sure your items are on the walls or inside storage containers on a shelving system. 

4. Use Wire Shelving Racks and Label Storage Totes

Place like or seasonal items together inside a storage tote and label the outside for easy access. You can build wood racks or purchase inexpensive wire racks to place the totes on. Stacking vertically will free up floor space.

5. Install Overhead Racks

If your garage has a high garage ceiling, installing overhead storage racks gives you added space to store seasonal totes or rarely used items.


Overall, we hope these garage organization ideas and tips have helped get your brain thinking about how you can organize your space into something functional. Make sure to put aside enough time to get the job done and enjoy your new budget-friendly space!


Hubert Miles | Licensed Home Inspector, CMI, CPI

Hubert Miles is a licensed home inspector (RBI# 2556) with more than two decades of experience in inspection and construction. Since 2008, he has been serving South Carolina through his company, Patriot Home Inspections LLC. As a Certified Master Inspector, Hubert is dedicated to providing his expertise in home inspections, repairs, maintenance, and DIY projects.