25 Best Outdoor Wood Playhouse Ideas & DIY Wooden Playhouse Plans

Few things are more enjoyable as a kid than having a great outdoor space to play. We’ve scoured the internet to find the best outdoor wood playhouse ideas. Fenced-in yards, pools, sports areas, and playhouses are great ways to get your kid outdoors and have fun. Playing outside is fun and safe, but it’s also a great way to help your kids make memories and exercise without even realizing it. 

If you’re looking for outdoor wood playhouse ideas, we can help inspire you to create a fun and safe backyard oasis with a wooden playhouse. Choose from various materials and styles to design a space that inspires your children’s imaginations.

If you’re serious about getting your children out of the house to build childhood memories, outdoor wood playhouses and treehouses are one of the best ways to do it. If you like having an outdoor play area but don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place.

Outdoor Wood Playhouse Ideas

Wood Playhouse Ideas for Kids 

We have 25 outdoor wood playhouse ideas for kids so that you can build or buy something for any situation. These wood playhouse ideas are in no particular order. They range from large to small and everything in between.

1. Double-Decker Living 


Double-decker kids’ playhouses are one of the most popular options for outdoor areas. They’re great for children of all sizes, and you can go many different ways with them. You can choose between building your own or buying a pre-made one. Make sure the second level’s set of stairs is safe and secure. 

2. The Dream Play Kitchen


If you have an aspiring chef in the family, having a playhouse with a built-in kitchen is a great idea. You can have an entire children’s playhouse dedicated to the kitchen or incorporate it into a larger structure. 

3. The Sailboat 


As a kid growing up, there are few ways to better stimulate the mind than pretending to be on a sailboat. Large or small, wooden or plastic, acting like you’re on the high seas is a great way to spend your childhood. 

3. Rock Wall Playground 


Not only is a play house with a rock wall great for exercise and building memories, but it’s also ideal for hand-eye coordination. A playhouse with a rock climbing wall is incredible for young kids and fun for bigger kids. 

4. The Modern Design Playhouse 


Don’t limit your wood playhouse ideas to only outdoor playsets – consider sheds too. If you want a beautiful playhouse to be a ton of fun and look great in the process, there are lots of plans with detailed instructions for modern playhouses. You can even cap it all off, quite literally, with a metal roof and rain gutters! 

5. The Wood Jungle-Gym Life 


Jungle-gym playhouses are excellent for youngsters who think they’ll be the next American Ninja Warrior. They’re also great fun for older children and having friends and family members over. 

It’s the perfect playhouse for grade school and pre-teen children. Kids are sure to have a great time with a jungle-gym-style playhouse.

6. The Farmhouse Outdoor Playhouse 


The modern farmhouse is similar to the contemporary playhouse listed above but with a farmhouse twist. This type of adorable playhouse will be a load of fun for your family, and it will also be the envy of the neighborhood. 

Incorporating little details can make all the difference to this style of playhouse. A flower box on each side of the porch or under each window can make it seem like an actual miniature house for your child.

7. Rope-Bridge Playground 


Rope bridges are relatively easy to build, and you can incorporate them into almost any playhouse construction. However, keep your bridge close to the ground to ensure your toddlers don’t hurt themselves. 

DIY playhouse kits can be brought online and shipped to your door.

8. The Big Kids Playhouse Build 


If your kids are growing faster than you can keep up with them and want their own sacred space to get away for some privacy, plenty of kids’ playhouses are suitable, safe, and fun for older children. You can incorporate everything from a mail slot to a working doorbell! 

A remodeled wooden storage shed is an excellent idea for this playhouse. Added window openings, asphalt shingles, or a unique paint design for the perfect wooden playhouse. Electrical wiring is also grand, so your kids can enjoy it anytime.

9. Tree House with Decks 


treehouse is the only thing that might be better than an on-the-ground playhouse and is the ultimate in imaginative play. Treehouses are fun to play in but also a ton of fun to plan out and build. A tree house will always be memorable for any child.

11. The Outdoor Summer Reading House 


This design may be perfect if you’re looking for how to build a playhouse for under $100. Its simple design can be built in a few hours for most DIYers. You can even use reclaimed materials, like pallets, for some of the wood materials.

If your son or daughter likes to read books or journal their thoughts. You can customize their reading nook’s comfort level and design and turn it into a safe and relaxing space. Adding some Christmas lights on the playhouse ceiling can make this the coolest hangout spot for those warm summer evenings.

12. Playhouse from the Shire 


A shire playhouse is excellent if you like Lord of the Rings. You can build it using things from the earth lying around your home. This whimsical playhouse will stimulate the mind and get the imagination rolling. 

13. The Castle Fortress


Whether you want to be the damsel in distress or the brave and noble prince, a castle fortress playhouse is tough to beat. It’s the perfect playhouse for a child with a grand imagination!

14. The Rainy Day Bedroom Plastic Playhouse 


Although most of the playhouses on this list are made of wood and best suited for outdoor use, why not bring some fun inside for a rainy day? A Little Tike or other plastic playhouses are great bedroom additions for your kids. 

The best part of plastic playhouses is that they’re so easy to clean!

15. The A-Frame Playhouse 


A-frames are great for adult houses in tight spaces, so why wouldn’t they be great for kids’ playhouses in smaller yards? Regardless of how much space you have, A-frame playhouses are great for kids of all ages. 

16. The Linkin Log Cabin House 


We’ve all built Linkin log cabins on a small scale, so take that same concept and amplify it. Log cabin playhouses will have your tots feeling like they’re pioneers on Little House on the Prairie. 

17. The Slide Playhouse 


The only thing better than a simple playhouse is when you add a slide or swing set to it. Slides are one of the oldest and most enjoyable playground fixtures, and you can incorporate one into almost any playhouse design. 

18. The Unique Playhouse 


A unique playhouse can refer to any type of playhouse outside the ordinary. You can use various building materials, designs, and fun features when building your unique playhouse. 

19. The Old Schoolhouse


Whether you retrofit an old, tiny schoolhouse or build your own, the schoolhouse or gothic playhouse is a classic. 

20. Pirate Ship Cruise Playhouse 


The only thing that tops being on a playhouse designed like a ship is when you turn it into a pirate ship. You and your kids will be shouting “Ahoy maties” to any neighbor that walks by and have them wanting to join in with the fun. 

21. Wild West Playhouse

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The wild west was full of all sorts of crazy adventures. From riding on the high plains to fending off attacks to hanging out in the classic western saloons, there’s a lot that you can do with a playhouse designed in the wild west style.

22. Caribbean Island Tiki Hut


Adults love vacationing in the Caribbean islands, so why wouldn’t your kids? You’ll have them feeling like they’re miles away on an island paradise with a classic tiki hut in the sky with these unique and crafty tiki hut playhouse plans.

23. Backyard Tee Pee


A tee-pee playhouse is the ultimate for easy, DIY kid’s playhouses. They can spend their days in the tee-pee or nights under the stars. Either way, they’ll be talking about your easy but awesome playhouse for days. You can build your playhouse out of fabric from around the house or buy a white or black canvas specifically meant for tents and tee-pees. 

24. The Indoor Playhouse 


If it’s raining outside and your kids can’t enjoy your outdoor playhouse, why not have a second one indoors? You can choose between a sleep-n-play indoor house, one of the dozens of plastic models, or build your own little structure complete with chalkboard walls. The possibilities for fun and design are endless! 

25. Outdoor Children’s Garden Shed 


For those with a green thumb, you can train your little girls and boys from an early age to respect and cultivate nature. An outdoor garden playhouse will teach your kids how to be responsible, but it will also teach them how vital our ecosystem is to live enjoyable lives. You can make the garden the main feature of the playhouse or incorporate planter boxes and flower pots into the design. 

How to Choose the Best Playhouse for Your Kids

While all the wood playhouse ideas on this list are great, deciding which is best for you is tough. Here’s a list of things to consider when deciding which type of playhouse is ideal for your kids. 


Safety, above all else, should always be at the forefront of your mind. No matter how cool or fun a playhouse is, you should never risk your children’s safety. For this reason, if you’re uncomfortable building your playhouse, you should purchase a pre-made one. 


Each idea discussed in this article links to a different plan or design. Ultimately, if you don’t choose a design plan that your kids like, they will not want to play with it, and it will be a waste. If your kid has a wild and adventurous side, they’ll probably enjoy a pirate ship more than an outdoor kitchen or garden. 


The materials that get used to build the playhouse will primarily be what determines how safe it is. You should only use high-quality wood, plastic, or other materials when building or purchasing a safe playhouse. 


If you’re looking to build memories and learn new skills during the construction and playing process, there are tons of DIY playhouse plans to choose from. Some of the ideas in this article are a DIY playhouse, but some of them, like ships and climbing walls, are better than pre-made original plans. 


Features aren’t important to everyone, but the more playing and imaginative options your playhouse has, the more kids it can entertain. However, you don’t want to put gimmicks and features above all else and turn your playhouse into an eyesore. Toeing the line between versatile and functional is tricky but important when planning your playhouse. 

A well-crafted wood playhouse is a perfect escape for little ones, and one of the best features is all its little details. From a flowerbox on the front window to the little front door that creaks when opened, from tiling on the roof to a balcony or front porch, these little touches can make a playhouse feel like your child’s own tiny house.

With so many customizable options, like different-colored siding and roofing, or features on the outside walls, such as paintable wallpaper or replicas of stone, you can make your child’s dream playhouse come true.


Depending on where you live, you’ll likely have restrictions on how big your playhouse can be. If you’re not limited on space, you might have HOA policies to consider, so plan your outdoor playhouse accordingly. 


As with everything, your budget will also influence the type of playhouse you purchase or build. Pirate ships, luxury playhouses, and larger or intricate structures will likely cost more than basic constructions. You’re also likely to spend more money on materials for certain playhouses than others. 

Building a wooden playhouse can be fun and enjoyable, but it doesn’t come without costs. Depending on the type of wooden playhouse and the materials needed to construct it, you could be looking at anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars.

To save some money, look for pre-assembled or cheap playhouses – they may need a bit of fix-up, but that’s just more fun added to your project! To maximize fun and minimize cost, there is no better option than building a wooden playhouse yourself; trust me when I say that no robotics game will ever measure up to the fun of constructing something with your own two hands.

Wood Playhouse Ideas FAQs 

As you can see, wood playhouse ideas are abundant and only limited by your imagination. We’re sure you probably have some questions. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions.

Can I build my playhouse for my kids? 

Depending on how experienced you are with construction and the type of playhouse you want to build, there’s a good chance that you can build your own. Building your playhouse is a great experience, but it allows you to customize it however you want. 

You can find multiple options for wooden playhouse plans with step-by-step instructions. You can choose the design of the playhouse and the skill level required to build it. Most playhouse building plans come with a material list that you can then use to determine the total building cost.

Would it be better to buy a pre-made playhouse? 

If you’re not comfortable with safely building a playhouse or treehouse, you’re better off buying a pre-made one. Safety is the most important thing to keep in mind with playhouses, and you should never risk your kids’ safety to save a few bucks or experiment with your construction skills. 

What age is best for a playhouse? 

The great thing about playhouses is that they are suitable for kids of all ages. The older a kid gets, the bigger and more unique your playhouse will have to be. Some playhouse designs and floor plans are better for kids between three and nine, while others are better for kids up to twelve. 

Final Thoughts 

If building an awesome playhouse for your kids isn’t at the top of your to-do list, you should put it there. Whether you live or what your goals are as a parent, playhouses, treehouses, and other outdoor structures specifically for kids are one of the best ways to build lasting memories. Better yet, you can create these memories with them! 

When designing the perfect wood or plastic outdoor playhouse, the main thing to remember is to cater to what your kids enjoy. It doesn’t matter how cool or fun you think it is. If your kids don’t like the playhouse, it will be useless. You should also remember to use high-quality materials whether you build your playhouse or buy a pre-made one. Safety and peace of mind are essential for both you and your children. 


Hubert Miles | Licensed Home Inspector, CMI, CPI

Hubert Miles is a licensed home inspector (RBI# 2556) with more than two decades of experience in inspection and construction. Since 2008, he has been serving South Carolina through his company, Patriot Home Inspections LLC. As a Certified Master Inspector, Hubert is dedicated to providing his expertise in home inspections, repairs, maintenance, and DIY projects.