6 Portable Air Conditioners That Can Cool An Entire House

Portable AC Unit

On a hot summer day in the mid-July summer, you quickly realize that placing your air conditioner to 68 degrees is not cutting it. Not to mention, you have all of the fans on high, and it is still scorching hot.

Overall, you quickly realize that nothing is working, and you may be wanting to invest in a portable air conditioner to help cool the house down even more than it is currently. 

Here is a list of the best portable air conditioners:

  1. Whynter ARC-14S
  3. SereneLife
  4. De’Longhi 14000 BTU
  5. Frigidaire FHPC132AB1
  6. LUKO Portable Air Conditioner

If you have stumbled upon this article, you are in luck! We will be diving into the best portable air conditioner units that can cool an entire house down. Keep reading to find out all of the information there is to know. 

How Do Portable Air Conditioners Work?

Portable air conditioning units help circulate and displace hot and warm air throughout your house and out of the venting tube connected to your windows. This occurs because part of the integral system is dedicated to doing the above.

Not only that, but the other part takes in the air and cools it for circulation throughout the entirety of the room it is placed in. 

To work correctly, you will need to ensure the hose that transports the hot air out is secured in your window with no gap for the outside heat to get back in.

You achieve this by a small adjustable panel that forms a tight seal between the inside of the house and the outside. It will take time to closely examine the borders of this panel and feel for warm air seeping in. 

If you feel some excess air coming in, one quick fix (which can be slightly messy depending) would be using a bit of plastic bagging and duct tape to fix the air leakage, but if the gap is too large, an entirely different panel is required. 

Internal Process

The internal process of precisely how the unit cools air happens in a pretty straightforward process utilizing a refrigerant. In this case, it is used to reduce the overall temperature of the air.

To make it more comfortable for most situations, a compressor, which the name implies, compresses the refrigerant and makes it usable. Finally, a fan inside distributes the air throughout the area once the above steps are complete. 

Top Best Portable Air Conditioners For Your Home

Now that we have a little bit of clarity on how these units work, the next big question would be, how do I find one that not only fits my needs but also fits my budget? Thankfully, a solution is coming your way.

Below is a list of not only which AC’s can be some of the most costly and high functioning, but which ones will get the job done for a small amount of time, perhaps during a repair!

AC UnitPriceBTUSquare Feet Coverage
Whynter ARC-14S$75014,000500 sq. ft.
BLACK+DECKER BPACT10WT$6505,500150 sq. ft.
SereneLife$3998,000300 sq. ft.
De’Longhi 14000 BTU$65014,000700 sq. ft.
Frigidaire FHPC132AB1$49613,000300 sq. ft.
LUKO Portable Air Conditioner$36910,000400 sq. ft.

1. Whynter ARC-14S

Putting your best foot forward is a beautiful bit of phrasing, and if your room has given you a hot head and you want relief immediately, the ARC-14S by Whynter will get you back into your senses in a hurry.

Featuring use as an air conditioner but a fan and dehumidifier by default, the healthy price of this bad boy is somewhat justified. The ARC-14S does ring in at about 750$ USD on Amazon but has a few other perks that come with that tag.

This specific model has a built-in filter that you can clean, so you don’t need to replace it that improves overall air quality. Not only that, but the Whynter comes with a 24-hour programmable timer for the busy household and fully automated drain functionality, perfect for operating it near-elderly or children with little personal effort required.


Next up, we have the BPACT10WT. This one is slightly less costly than the 14S above but just as helpful and 100$ cheaper. Some of the best features above this unit would be that its pride and joy come from how silent it runs.

A little background rattle sometimes eases the nerves, but you won’t get that pleasure from this unit. It works brilliantly in small rooms and features a sleek remote to control things from afar. A quick installation guaranteed means it will be fully operational almost directly out of the box.

The filter in the BPACT10WT is pretty hefty as well, only requiring a monthly cleaning, and offers the same great perks of being a three in AC, dehumidifier, and fan, all at the price of 650$ USD.

3. SereneLife

Moving down in price to get within more pocket-friendly standards, now entering the SereneLife, now this unit has what you’d expect of your traditional portable AC unit.

It has the classic three in one these guys are notorious for and the remote for adjusting on the fly. Still, this one also has WiFi functionality, wheels that make it easier to move from room to room depending on your needs, and it only weighs 45 pounds, so setting it up will be a breeze.

The SereneLife is priced at 399$ USD and comes in both white and black for the interior decorator in you!

4. De’Longhi 14000 BTU

This unit comes in both a sleek, stylized black look or a very modern white aesthetic, but either way, the air conditioner itself packs a powerful punch compared to the others on this list.

The De’Longhi is made for handling and cooling larger rooms and by association making your whole house more enjoyable. The ability to cool large rooms does come at a price and in more ways than one. 

Unfortunately, for starters, the unit weighs over 80 pounds, which may not be an issue, but it is a factor nonetheless.

Secondly, it costs roughly 650$ USD, which may be deterring at first glance, but compared to something like the SereneLife, people might justify it due to how much surface it can cool and what your needs are instead of getting two of the above.

The recurring theme of the 3-in-1 makes its usual appearance and remote control as well. Still, this one also takes a lesson from the BPACT and has a noise dampener built-in and an energy consumption function auto-adjusts temperature based on humidity and will make your dollar stretch further.

5. Frigidaire FHPC132AB1

Frigid temperatures in your house might be something to strive for, and the Frigidaire may get you one step closer to your dream if that is your goal. This unit offers 13,000 BTU at a reasonable price and has memory settings for when you turn it off or in the event of a power outage.

The built-in filter on this unit is pretty much a wipe and go and comes with a few other features that allow it to be a comfortable middle ground of all the other AC units listed so far.

The Frigidaire comes in at 496$ USD and weighs about 65 lbs, but it has one major drawback: it only functions as an AC. So if the dehumidifier and fan qualities are a need in your home, you might want to look elsewhere on the list.

6. LUKO Portable Air Conditioner

Last but certainly not least, we have the LUKO. This one comes in last because it is the cheapest mentioned in terms of price, coming at a budget manageable 369$ USD.

This unit will keep your home nice and cool at a discount compared to some of the others here. The LUKO can comfortably cool a room of 400 sq ft, has the three-in-one standard remote control and a 24-hour timing system built in to help conserve energy.

The unit itself only weighs 55 pounds and has wheels attached, so moving it to the perfect spot and again after will be a breeze. It also boasts an installation process so simple a child can do it, so the entire setup is more or less fire and forget.

If you need something fast and just to hold you over during a quick repair, this is the unit for the job, at a price you can afford.

Portable AC Unit

How To Shop For A Portable AC Unit

Going about picking out the perfect unit for you and your family more or less boils down to a few key factors: why you are getting it, which could be a simple question, is it to cool a room down with a lot of people in it?

If so, a smaller unit would probably suit your needs perfectly. Do you need to cool multiple rooms in the house for an extended time while an extensive repair is done? Then you will want a bigger unit, perhaps a few of them, to stave off the heat. Not to dive into pockets, but what is your financial situation?

If you are already looking at a costly AC repair bill, the last thing you want to do is dive further into the hole while chasing a temporary solution. Taking these factors in mind will help you decide what kind of portable AC unit will work best for you.


You want to make a purchase that makes sense for not only you but your family and whatever situation you are dealing with currently. Shop diligently when looking for your solution and keep the room’s dimensions, or rooms, you want to cool in mind.

These small details can help keep your spending minimum and ensure that you are always satisfied with your product. The unit’s maneuverability and ease of access could also be vital features to keep in mind when purchasing for your family.

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