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How Does the DeLonghi ComforTemp Work?


Radiant heaters are great for whenever you need to heat your room or house efficiently. One of the more well-known names in the radiant heating industry is Delonghi, which has a wide range of radiator heaters with unique features. One feature that stands out is Delonghi’s ComforTemp. But how does Delonghi ComforTemp work?

The ComforTemp technology works by maintaining an optimal room temperature with a simple push of a button. It ensures that the room maintains a temperature that is neither too cold nor too warm for you, as it maintains temperature levels at around 68 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Delonghi might be known for its coffee-related products. Still, its radiator heaters are climbing up the industry ranks because of the many innovations that Delonghi has introduced. The ComforTemp is one of the best yet and should be something you should be excited about if you consider getting a Delonghi heater for your home.

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How Do You Work A Delonghi Heater?

Depending on their brand and manufacturers, different types of heaters tend to work differently from one another. Of course, each heater is unique, especially if the manufacturer wants to stand out compared to the other heaters in the industry. 

When using a Delonghi heater, you should consult its user manual to get a bigger picture of properly using its many different functions.

However, it is best to start from the basics and find out how to use a Delonghi heater when you want to heat your room or house quickly.

1. Working The Thermostat

First things first, the Delonghi heater works by making use of its thermostat. The thermostat is what controls the heat output of the heater.

Turning it counter-clockwise would decrease the temperature and should be done if the room is hot. Meanwhile, turning it clockwise will increase the temperature and should be done if the day is cold and you want to warm your space up quickly and efficiently.

If you want to quickly warm your room or house up by making use of a Delonghi heater, the best and easiest way is by turning the dial of the thermostat to “6”.

2. Adjust Thermostat Temperatures

After that, you need to press one of the switches that will turn the Delonghi Heater to ignite the heater’s pilot light.

Next, you will need to adjust the level of the thermostat to your preferred temperature. For example, if you want to keep the space somewhere near 75 degrees, adjust the thermostat to 75 degrees.

When you are using the Delonghi heater’s thermostat, what happens is that the heater will base its operation depending on the temperature of the air around you instead of basing it on the temperature of the radiator.

3. Auto-shut Off Feature

As such, you will notice that the Delonghi heater will continuously turn on and off as it operates. It will turn off if the temperature reaches the desired level you chose on the thermostat, but it will turn on once again when the air temperature falls below that same level.

If you want to turn the Delonghi heater off, you must turn the thermostat back to “0”. However, as mentioned above, another feature that you might want to try is the ComforTemp, a unique element to Delonghi heaters.

What Is ComforTemp?

Now that you know how Delonghi heaters work and how you can operate one in the most basic sense let us move on to the feature that people love about Delonghi heaters—the ComforTemp technology.

At this point, you might be wondering what makes the ComforTemp feature so unique. Well, it operates and works significantly differently, for starters, compared to when merely using the Delonghi heater’s thermostat.

ComforTemp is so unique because it allows the Delonghi heater to operate much more efficiently while keeping room temperatures at an optimal level of somewhere between 68 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit instead of basing the temperature on your desired level on the thermostat.

That means that the Delonghi heater will use the maximum amount of radiant heat to automatically keep the temperature at those levels as it goes into an energy-saving mode.

In other words, the ComforTemp feature does not only make sure that your room stays at an optimal temperature, but it also saves energy so that you can save a lot of money in the long run.

Delonghi heaters save you up to 27% on energy expenses due to the ComforTemp efficient and economical feature. 

To make use of the ComforTemp feature, all you have to do is to press the ComforTemp button found on the control panel of your Delonghi heater. It is that easy, and you don’t even have to do a lot of tinkering to learn how to use this beautiful feature.

What Does The ComforTemp Button Do?

As we mentioned earlier, Delonghi heaters come with the ComforTemp feature that allows you to save energy and money as the heater goes into an energy-saving mode while keeping the room at an optimal level in terms of temperature. So, the only way to use this feature is by pressing the ComforTemp button on the Delonghi heater.

However, you should also know that pressing the ComforTemp button deactivates the thermostat, even though you might have pushed the pilot buttons on the thermostat. The ComforTemp button takes precedence over the thermostat.

At this point, you must have already understood that you cannot use the ComforTemp feature in conjunction with the thermostat even though you have pressed both the pilot button and the ComforTemp button.

The reason is that the thermostat bases its operation on the temperature of the surrounding air as it repeatedly turns on and off to adjust the heat it produces depending on the settings you choose on the thermostat and the surrounding air. 

Meanwhile, the ComforTemp feature operates according to radiator temperature. It will give the maximum radiant energy needed to keep the room temperature constant at a preset temperature somewhere between 68 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit.

So, based on that, it is evident that one cannot operate while the other is working. If you want to use the thermostat, you must turn the ComforTemp button off.

Meanwhile, if you want to use the ComforTemp feature, you must press it regardless of whether or not the thermostat’s pilot buttons turn on.

What Are The Safety Features Of Delonghi Heaters?

Delonghi heaters include safety features for improved product use confidence, like other heaters on the market.

Space heaters had developed a bad reputation because some households had seen tragedies when they failed to use their heaters safely or because they didn’t have enough safety features.

In that regard, here are the safety features that come with Delonghi heaters:

  1. Safety switch – The safety switch is built into Delonghi heaters to ensure that the heater will automatically turn off when it reaches unusually high temperatures, which can be quite dangerous.

    The safety switch will automatically shut off your heater, but you may want to contact the support line if you want to restart your heater.
  2. Tip-over safety – One of the many hazards of owning a heater is that it can burn the carpet or the drapes if someone accidentally tips it over.

    However, Delonghi heaters have a tip-over safety feature that automatically shuts the heater off when it is accidentally knocked over.
  3. ComforTemp – The ComforTemp feature is safe to use because the Delonghi heater is placed in an energy-saving mode that prevents it from producing a large amount of heat to reach the optimal temperature levels.


To summarize the article in its entirety, the Delonghi ComfortTemp makes an excellent feature and portable radiator for your entire family to use. You can go with the understanding that you will be able to keep your family warm and save energy in the long run!


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