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10 Ways To Get Rid Of Scorpions


Scorpions can be a real problem in the home and the garden; they are scary for some people to deal with, and some can be dangerous creatures. There are many ways to deal with scorpions in your home, but here are our top 10 ways to get rid of scorpions. 

To get rid of scorpions in your home, follow these steps below:

  1. Remove their food sources
  2. Seal your home
  3. Get rid of moisture
  4. Remove scorpion hiding places
  5. Get a cat or kitten
  6. Maintain your garden correctly
  7. Declutter your home
  8. Check your home regularly
  9. Contact a professional
  10. Traps, insecticides, and repellents

These tips are essential when it comes to warding off scorpions from your home, some of them are natural, and some are not; however, they all work. Let us go through them in more detail to ensure scorpions stay away from your home. 

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Ways To Get Rid Of Scorpions In Your Home

Scorpions can be a terrifying sight in your home, and coming across one may leave you wondering what to do and if there may be any more crawling around your house in places you can not see.

Seeing one in your house can be a horrifying scenario because scorpions can leave you with an excruciating sting or even kill you, depending on the type of scorpion it is. This can be a worrying fact to anyone, but especially to people with small children that may not know what a scorpion is and try to grab it instinctively.

Overall, it is a scary situation as a scorpion’s venom is more toxic in children than in adults and can travel through the body of a small child at an alarming rate, causing pain and destruction in the child’s body as it goes.

Thankfully, there are ways you can prevent scorpions from entering your home. Not only that, but there are methods to deal with scorpions that have already made their way into your home. You can choose to go natural with the preventative and removal strategies or select the chemical route to remove the scorpions.

One of the best ways to get rid of scorpions from your home, however, is to prevent the scorpions from ever entering your home in the first place. Let us go through ways that you can avoid and remove scorpions from your home.


1. Remove The Scorpions Food Sources

Scorpions go where their food is, so an excellent way to help prevent scorpions in your home is to get rid of other bugs that live in your home. Scorpions will feed on ants, cockroaches, and other insects and bugs of this nature.

So, if you know you have a problem with these bugs in your house, then this should be one of your priorities to deal with. You can try to get rid of these bugs and insects yourself through pesticides and traps, or you can call a professional to help you.

Either way, this is a crucial aspect of getting rid of scorpions in your home cause if the scorpions have nothing to eat. Even the scorpions you do not know you have in your home will move on to somewhere more favorable with plenty of food available.

Here are a few methods to help you get rid of bugs and keep them out of your house; if you do not want to contact a professional, clean up dishes and crumbs as soon as you can, as bugs and insects will feed off these things.

You can also sprinkle diatomaceous earth or borax under the sinks in your home and around the baseboards, as these are natural bug-killing substances. Another way is to spray some insecticides around your home and in the areas where insects may get into your home.

To help keep bugs out of your home to cut off the food source for scorpions, you need to remember to keep the bug population down in your garden as well, as this is what mainly attracts scorpions to your home in the first place.

So, it would be best if you also sprayed some eco-friendly insecticide around your garden to help control the scorpion population around your home.

2. Seal Your Home To Stop Scorpions from Getting In

Scorpions are very sneaky creatures that require openings that are as small as a credit card to get into your home. Being sneaky can mean that baseboards, windows, light switches, doorways, fixtures, outlets, foundation and wall cracks, and ceiling fans are places where scorpions can potentially enter your home.

You need to ensure that these cracks and openings around your home are entirely sealed; you can use something like caulk for this. Do not forget to block the areas under your doors, as scorpions can also enter your house through that section.

Make sure you check for openings and cracks in your basement and attic. Pay close attention to any wall or foundation cracks and openings in your roof.

You can place a screen or seal on them for your windows and doors to ensure they stay firmly shut. Making it more difficult for scorpions to enter your home will help prevent them from being a nuisance to your family.

Moisture In Home

3. Get Rid Of Excess Moisture

It would help if you removed any moisture around your home as scorpions may enter your home in search of water. Scorpions are prone to water loss, and they will be looking for a supply of water to drink, or they may be looking for a place to cool down.

You need to check inside and outside your home and remove any standing water, puddles, or other sources that can provide the scorpions with moisture. This also goes for basements, plumbing, and crawl spaces; someone should regularly check for any leaks or moisture spots that can attract scorpions to your home.


4. Remove/Cover Scorpion Hiding Places

Another thing you should focus on when trying to keep scorpions out of your home is to remove or cover any places that scorpions may want to hide. Scorpions love to hide in dark places, especially during the day, so you should get rid of any structure in and around your home that scorpions may use as a nice little hiding spot.

Some things to look for and that you should be aware of are the bushes and foliage and other structures that surround the outside of your house. You should trim back the bushes and ensure that they do not touch the walls of your home; you should also get rid of any rocks, piles of wood, and yard clippings around your house, as these make a great hiding spot for scorpions.

Keep in mind what you store in your house and garage; keep cardboard boxes off the floor and on shelves so scorpions can not hide in and around them.

Here are other places you may look to find:

  1. Inside your shoes
  2. Garden plants or grass
  3. Under the sinks
  4. Garage or basement
  5. Bathtubs or showers
  6. Near swimming pools
  7. Dark drawers or shelves
  8. Closets & laundry rooms

5. Get A Cat Or Kitten

This may sound cruel to some as you may think that pitting a cat against a scorpion will definitely lead to a hurt cat; while the cat may get stung, cats are natural predators of scorpions. So, if the cat does get stung by the scorpion, it will not have an awful reaction to the venom as humans will.

Some cats might have a bad reaction, but the cat is less likely to die from the scorpion sting than a child. But the mere presence of a cat in the house, along with all the other preparations on this list, will probably be enough to scare off any scorpions as the cat is a predator and will hunt the scorpions in your home.

The cat may also be able to alert you to the presence of a scorpion which will give you a chance to act before they even have the chance to get stung but having a cat in your home will defiantly help control the scorpion population in and around your house.


6. Maintain Your Garden Correctly

To try and keep scorpions out of your house, you must first start outside your house. Keeping your garden well-organized and clean is an excellent start to safeguarding your home from scorpions.

As mentioned earlier, scorpions are vulnerable to water loss, so they can quickly become dehydrated. Thus, they need a cool and shady spot to ride out the day and keep them safe from sun exposure and extreme heat during the day, and then they will come out to hunt at night.

So, you need to ensure that you keep small trees and bushes landscaped properly, do not let them become overgrown, and do not let them touch the outside walls of your home either, as this will give scorpions something to climb up to get to a crack in the wall or through a window.

You should also keep your grass and other vegetation that is in your garden short and trim so you can see scorpions if they are in your garden, and this will make scorpions feel exposed in the garden to both the sun and heat as well as any predators there might be larking around.

Decluttering your garden is another good step in the fight against scorpions; you should remove unnecessary items in your gardens, such as debris, brush, woodpiles, decorative rocks, and lawn equipment that scorpions may use to hide.

clutter lg 1

7. Declutter Your Home

Just like decluttering your garden is essential in warding off scorpions, decluttering your house is just as important. It would be best if you tried to keep your house clean and organized. Keeping your house clean will help prevent other bugs that scorpions eat from entering your home, which will start to attract scorpions.

Keeping your house organized is vital as scorpions will use just about anything, from piles of clothes to shoe boxes, to hide in during the day. Ensure that you pick up all your clothes off the floor and store other small items that create a dark environment.


8. Check Your Home Regularly For Scorpions

If you have a scorpion problem, you should check your home regularly for scorpions to help prevent any stings from occurring. Investing in a UV light may be a great idea as scorpions will glow when a UV light is on them.

A black light will make searching your house for scorpions much easier, especially in the dark areas that scorpions like to hide in. While searching your home for scorpions, ensure that you move and check under any furniture and other household objects that scorpions may be hiding underneath.

Another benefit to a black light will also make you aware of where scorpions may be entering your house and where they prefer to hide in it, which will let you know how to prevent them from entering your home better.


9. Contact A Professional

If you tend to get a lot of scorpions in your home and garden and are unsure of how to deal with them correctly, the best action will be to contact a local pest control service. They can help you take the proper precautions to prevent scorpions from entering your home.

The pest control service will advise you on which insecticides will work for your home and what other precautions to take for your specific home setup to help prevent the scorpions from coming back into your home. This is also the best option for taking care of any scorpions in your home, as they know what they are doing and will do it correctly.


10. Traps, Insecticides, And Repellents

If you do not want to call a local pest control service, you can use some traps, insecticides, and repellents to help you fight off the scorpions in your home.

You can try and set out some sticky traps around your home; sticky traps work well in catching mice and insects, making them perfect for grabbing scorpions too. Place the traps around dark areas of your home or close to water sources that the scorpions may be attracted to.

Once you catch a scorpion in the trap, you can throw the trap away and put down another.

Another scorpion trap that you can use is a burlap trap; this is one you make yourself; all you do is get a burlap sack and wet it until it is moist inside the sack, and then place the burlap sack in the areas that you have seen scorpions in your home.

Leave the burlap there overnight and carefully check the burlap sack in the morning for scorpions; they may also hide underneath the sack and not in it, so be careful when lifting it. Then you can dispose of the scorpions the way you see fit.

To repel the scorpions from your home, you can use a natural scorpion repellent and some essential oils. Oils like lavender, peppermint, cinnamon, and cedar are excellent scorpion repellents.

You can dilute these oils in a small amount of water or with a carrier oil and spray it at an entry point in your home, like doors, and in areas that are attracting scorpions.

If you find scorpions in your garden and home, you can spray them with some insecticide too, which will help the scorpion population in your garden and home. You can use any insecticide to ensure that it is eco-friendly and non-toxic, especially if you have small children and pets.


Scorpions can be a horrifying problem in your house and your garden; they are equipped with a painful sting that could be deadly depending on the scorpion or the age of the person who got stung. Thankfully, scorpions do not have to be a permeant problem, and there are many ways to eliminate scorpions in your garden and home.

You can also make your home even less inviting to the scorpions, which will help prevent future scorpion problems.

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