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7 Clothes Dryer Brands to Avoid (& 6 Most Reliable)

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To someone who’s disinterested in the type of cloth dryer and how it does the job, any brand is just fine. But that shouldn’t be the right attitude when purchasing such electronic appliances. 

Some dryers will balloon electricity costs, use excess heat and overdry clothes when all these aspects are avoidable. 

Avoid dryers by Amana, Frigidaire, Hotpoint, Ge, Electrolux, Whirlpool, and Kenmore. In terms of owner’s satisfaction, Hotpoint and Frigidaire are the most poorly rated. For the predicted reliability rating, Fisher & Paykel has the lowest rating. 

However, not all models by these brands are below par. We’ll list the actual models that you should steer clear of when buying clothes dryers. Also, we’ll highlight the critical qualifying characteristics of dryers. 

Let’s get started. 

What to Know Before You Buy a Dryer

When shopping for clothes dryers, there should be certain vital things that should guide your decision. They could be features to do with the dryer’s design or its performance. Knowing these properties will significantly reduce your shopping time.

Also, you’ll increase the chance of landing the most efficient and convenient clothes dryer. So what should you know? 

Gas or Electric

The two are the main types of power sources for the dryers you’ll find in the market. If you are keen on saving on electricity costs, a gas dryer is a go-to type. A gas dryer is also quite economical when you have a significantly huge clothes load. 

However, you must have a gas line in your home to use this type of dryer. You also need to hire a professional to connect the gas to the dryer as it’s quite a technical procedure. 

An electric dryer is also a viable option, especially if you are operating on a tight budget. It’s cheaper than a gas dryer and does not require you to have a gas line to run. But its energy consumption can be relatively higher than the average gas dryer, although it depends on the level of use. 

Nonetheless, both will require a sound vent system to work efficiently. 

Full Size or Compact

Full-size models measure 25″ to 29″ in width and have seven cu. ft. drums. On the other hand, compact size models are 24″ wide and three cu. ft. drums. 

The choice of the size will primarily depend on your space and the number of clothes you want to dry. If you handle huge volumes of clothes, a full-size model is the best. But if you’re going to dry a few clothes, a compact dryer will do the job. 


An ideal dryer should be effective in drying clothes within a short period. For such efficiency, the dryer should be equipped with drying sensors to control the drying time. Also, a high-performing dryer should be wrinkle-free and have temperature controls. 


Finding an extended warranty is also a key consideration for most buyers. In the past few years, there has been a significant increase in dryer prices. However, the length of warranties for most companies has remained the same. 

But some have extended their warranty period, especially for the high-cost dryer models. You should buy dryers from such firms. Also, it’s imperative to buy from a company that has available servicing agents. 

Clothes Dryer Brands to Avoid

Based on the above factors, the following are the dryer brands that you should keep off. We are basing our recommendation on the ratings provided by consumer reports


The company is renowned for the manufacture of high-quality electronics. They have some high-quality refrigerators, which are their primary products. However, they also manufacture a few clothes dryer models, and two of them are below par. 

The main issue with these dryers is that they have more customers frustrated by the quality of the machines. On Consumer Reports, Amana clothes dryers are rated ⅗ on the customer satisfaction rating.

⅗ people also expect the company’s clothes dryers to perform poorly regarding product reliability, according to Consumer Reports. The following are the clothes dryers rated below 50 that you should avoid buying. 

Clothes Dryer ModelConsumer Report Rating
Amana NGD4655EW48
Amana NGD4600YQ20


The firm is so renowned in the manufacture of refrigerators that most Americans call any of the devices a Frigidaire, irrespective of the model. Primarily, the 1918 founded company was involved in the manufacture of refrigerators. However, they have since incorporated other electronics in the production line, among them being clothes dryers.

Frigidaire has ten models of clothes dryers. Generally, most of these models are highly performing as 8 have a rating of more than 50 on Consumer Reports. But that ratio conceals a significant problem with their clothes dryers that many customers have identified. 

The brand, in general, has a ⅕ rating regarding owner’s satisfaction. It is the lowest-rated brand on Consumer Reports on that perspective, which means there’s quite a problem with the models. 

It also has a score of ⅗ rating on the predicted reliability criteria. While the rating is fair, it is still below what you’d expect for a highly reputable and longstanding company. Below are the poorly rated models that you shouldn’t consider buying. 

Clothes Dryer ModelConsumer Report Rating
Frigidaire Affinity FARE1011MW32
Frigidaire Affinity FARG1011MW32


The company is UK based and has a wide range of electrical appliances. It’s partially owned by Whirlpool and Haier, which are both reputable electronics manufacturers. But when it comes to clothes dryers, the company’s products are anything but quality. 

First, it’s noteworthy that Hotpoint primarily has five models of clothes dryers. All have ratings below 60 which is a red flag, with the highest-rated model being the Hotpoint.

HTX21GASKWW (rated 55). 

Out of the five, there are two that you shouldn’t consider buying at all costs as they are abysmally rated. They include the following:

Clothes Dryer ModelConsumer Report Rating
Hotpoint HTDP120ED[WW]24
Hotpoint HTDP120GD[WW24


GE is one of the largest clothes dryers manufacturers boasting more than 50 different models. Owners highly rate most models, and very few have a score of below 50. We are thus cautioning you against the few models and not the brand as a whole. 

If you are a GE products enthusiast, you have a lot to choose from. Thus, there is no justification why you should opt for the following three models when you are spoilt for choice. They have ratings below 50 which is an indicator of a major flaw in their making. 

Avoid the following three models: 

Clothes Dryer ModelConsumer Report Rating


Regarding owner satisfaction, Electrolux has a fair rating of ⅗. Not a bad score, but it shows that there is a chance that some models are subpar. In terms of predicted reliability, the brand has a score of ⅘. 

Again, that is an impressive score, and you might be wondering why it makes our list of the clothes dryers you should avoid. We did not want to put it on this list first place as almost all the models by the company are highly rated. 

However, there is the Electrolux EIED200QSW model that just doesn’t meet the grade. It is rated 34 on consumer reports, sharply contrasting to the next ranked model at 52. We, therefore, listed the brand as among the ones you should avoid lest you find yourself shopping for this particular model. 

All in all, Electrolux is among the best clothes dryers in the market when you eliminate the highlighted model from your bucket list. 


When it comes to clothes dryers, there are fewer better brands than Whirlpool. It has some highly-rated models with ratings of 80+. However, there are a few two that you shouldn’t consider buying as they are rated below 50. 

Clothes Dryer ModelConsumer Report Rating
Whirlpool WED4985EW49
Whirlpool WGD4985EW48

Otherwise, the others are highly rated, and you shouldn’t be hesitant about buying any of them. But it’d be best if you checked the individual Consumer Report of the particular model you are interested in. It’ll reduce the chances of being stuck with an inefficient dryer. 


The case for Kenmore dryers is similar to that of Whirlpool. They have a wide range of high-quality dryers and a few lowly rated models that tarnish the brand’s reputation. When shopping for Kenmore dryers, you’ll have a vast array to choose from. 

But that’s not why the brand has made this list. Instead, it’s the subpar models that we don’t recommend you purchase as they’ll frustrate you. Do not buy the following: 

Clothes Dryer ModelConsumer Report Rating
Kenmore 8191234
Kenmore Elite 4100241

Electric Dryer Models to Avoid 

Electrolux EIED200QSW

Many customers (⅘) have rated it as convenient to use, but that is where all its goodness ends. 

The model performs poorly in almost all the parameters, but it’s mostly poor in the drying performance rating. 

It takes more time to dry clothes than the average dryer, in addition to increasing the room’s humidity. Therefore, if you are keen on temperature control, this dryer will counter the work of your AC unit. Another downside of the dryer is that it lacks vent to the outdoors. 

Many customers have also been left annoyed by its performance. One such buyer commented on Consumer Reports that the dryer stopped producing heat at some point, barely a week after buying it. By then, the warranty had already expired; thus, the customer was to shoulder all the relatively high repair costs. 

Another lamented about the dryer being of less size than what is indicated on its package. According to this client, it also took ages to dry a single bed sheet while also releasing excess heat to the surrounding. 

From the reviews on Consumer Reports, it seems the dryers are generally assembled poorly. Most of the customers are complaining about the dryer breaking down shortly after purchase. Also, the warranty is very short term and thus not enough to cover the repair leaving the customer with the entire burden. 

Thus, just choose from other options as the problems with this model are just one too many for an expensive machine. 

Frigidaire Affinity FARE1011MW

Ironically, this dryer has some very positive reviews on Consumer Reports despite being rated 32. Most of the customers who have interacted with it have been impressed by the performance of some of its key features. 

The noise performance of the dryer is exemplary, while it’s also fairly priced at $630. It also features an impressive wrinkle release and some other vital features. However, there is a caveat. The dryer’s performance in drying is entirely wanting. It takes a lot more time to dry than you’d expect. 

We do not have many reservations about the dryer.  But since there is a vast array of other high-quality types, there is no point settling on this model.

Whirlpool WED4985EW

A rating of 49 is not too bad, but Whirlpool is renowned for manufacturing high-quality electronics, so we have to be skeptical about its performance. First, it does not have a moisture sensor, and its noise performance is ⅖. 

It is also rated ⅖ in drying performance which is a red flag as ideally, this is the most important dryer property. Another downside is that its delicate temperature is also a bit high, which poses a significant problem to the drying process. 

Also, its automatic dryness control is ineffective. It fails to detect already dried loads which is dangerous as it can lead to overdrying. 

A client on Consumer Reports raised concerns about the lint filter quality. It poses a problem even when there is no visible dirt on the filter. Thus, not even regular cleaning of this component cures the problem since the filter can’t just trap anything. 

Kenmore Elite 41002

For a dryer priced at $1300, you’d expect it to be rated better than 41. So what is its main flaw? In terms of drying performance, it features an abysmal ⅕ rating which is primarily why you shouldn’t buy it.

It takes ages to dry clothes. Also, it will not hold many clothes at a disadvantageous time, especially if you have a lot to dry. The delicate temperatures range of the dryer is also higher than for most dryers. They also do not detect dry loads according to the tests done by Consumer Reports. 


We know that some dryers are sometimes unfairly rated on Consumer Reports, but a score of 17 is not something we can just ignore. It is too low and unsurprisingly so for a dryer that is rated ⅕ on dryer performance. 

It is not that bad, as reviewers have rated it highly on the ease of use score. It is also capable of handling a huge capacity of clothes at a go. Nonetheless, don’t be over-excited by these pros because the cons are heavily overwhelming. 

First, it has a lot of flaws in the assembly. The part breaks off easily during use, according to some reviewers. Also, despite handling a huge clothes load, it is not reliable and will break down when you need it most. 

Its lint filter is also subpar. Also, at the end of the first year, you’ll start repairing part after part, and at this time, the warranty will have long expired. Thus, it will cost you heavily in repair costs. Therefore, do not be drawn by the low price of $450 as it may prove to be expensive in the long run. 

Hotpoint HTDP120ED[WW]

Rated 24 on Consumer Reports, you just can’t expect the model to be any good. It performs poorly in drying capacity, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. The dryer is abysmal on many other fronts. 

First, its reliability is questionable, and it’ll occasionally break down, especially during use. Clients have reported this problem being recurrent, so you cannot just afford to ignore it. It will also break down barely a year after purchase. Also, it’s not easy to clean. Thus, you’ll have clothes getting stains from the dryer. 

The lint filters are also disappointing as they fill up so easily. A customer complained of having lint all over his outdoor area as the filter is not up to the task. There is also limited airflow into the dryer, which will result in clothes not drying properly. 

Also, you’d expect a buzzer to sound when drying is complete, but not with this dryer model. Also, it is very noisy during use which is not what you’d want to experience while drying. 

The only consolation is that the dryer is lowly priced at $450. Nonetheless, it should do better. It will still do the job, but you cannot bank on it to always do it, and that’s where there’s a problem. 

Gas Dryer Models to Avoid 


The primary downside of this dryer rated 35 on Consumer Reports is that it is poor in drying. It takes a long time to get the job done. Hence, your gas bills when using this dryer will undoubtedly soar. 

It is also effective in the short term, and after some time, in some cases less than a year, problems start popping up. 

Its lint filter is also small and thus leaves a lot of the material in the machine. Therefore, finding lint stuck on the clothes is also a common problem that you should expect with this dryer. Its alarm is also deafening, which can be quite nagging.  


You cannot afford to ignore a score of 17 as it indicates that something is amiss about this clothes dryer. First, you will have to deal with the issue of excessive noise as this dryer is quite loud. 

The device manual suggests that regular vacuum cleaning is essential. The underlying reason is that you cannot easily clean it using conventional methods. Its lint filters are also so inferior that lint will always be all over when you open it after a cycle. 

As one reviewer on Consumer Reports suggested, the lint filters are in such a pathetic condition that you may have to clean the dryer every new cycle. 

Another fundamental downside is the poor drying capability of the device. It takes ages to dry a few clothes. Prolonged drying time means that electricity use will also be above the roof. Also, your clothes will not dry properly, especially for the woolen kind. 

Hotpoint HTDP120GD[WW

Rated 24 on Consumer Reports, the dryer is also ranked ⅖ on drying performance, a subpar score. It is also not efficient in the drying cycles as others perform better than it in that regard. 

Surprisingly, it did not attract comprehensive negative reviews by customers on Consumer Reports despite its low rating. However, according to tests, the device is not ideal for a long-term drying job. It does not recognize when it’s loaded with already dry loads. 

Frigidaire Affinity FARG1011MW

It’s a pretty good dryer for a price of $750, but it ought to do better in terms of drying performance. In this field, it is rated fair. The dryer is highly rated regarding noise, which means that it will not be a nuisance like other models we have covered. 

But what’s the point of a quiet dryer that is struggling to perform its cardinal designated task? The 34 rating is also a red flag that you cannot afford to ignore. It means that better models by the brand perform better, so why not settle for them over this one? 

Amana NGD4600YQ

We are against you buying this model rated 20 on Consumer Reports as it is just abysmal in aspects it should at least deliver faultlessly. It has problems heating up after some time, as one user on Consumer Reports indicated.

Its drying performance is also below average, and there is no standout feature in the device worth considering. Additionally, it gives no signal after drying is complete, which is something that’s worrying. 

It means that you’ll not realize when a cycle is complete unless you keep checking manually, which is quite tasking. Lastly, in addition to not giving end of cycle signals, it cannot detect the end of drying. Hence if you load already dry clothes into the dryer, it won’t identify their condition and will continue drying them further. 

Amana NGD4655EW

The model is without a doubt better than the above-discussed type by the same brand, but still, it falls short in some key areas. First, it does not have a moisture sensor, meaning it can continue drying the clothes even after they’re already dried. 

It will also not alert you when the cycle is complete. You thus have to manually keep checking if it has ended, meaning that you always have to be around when it’s working. It will, without a doubt, waste much of your precious time. 

Its drying performance is rated ⅗, which is quite fair. Still, it does not match the high standards that the brand is renowned for. 

Whirlpool WGD4985EW

It’s not exemplary in noise and drying performance, and that’s why it primarily makes our list of the models to avoid. Its delicate temperatures are also high, meaning that fabric that dries at low heat may get scorched by the heat. 

A customer on Consumer Reports also complained that it produces a thumping sound when working. Another prevalent complaint is that you have to keep calling the serviceman now and then. 

Most Reliable Clothes Dryer Brands and Models 

We have just listed the dryer models that you should keep off, and you are probably wondering which alternatives you should settle for. There are many of those, which is why you should not at any instance settle for less. 

We’ll list down the respective models for compact, electric, and gas dryers and what makes them outstanding from the rest. Take a look. 

Most Reliable Compact Dryers

You must have noted that we did not discuss any compact dryer model in the dryers list to avoid. It does not mean that compact dryers are faultless, and you can settle for any of them. Instead, we left them out as all reached our threshold rating of 50 on Consumer Reports. 

But not all are perfect as some close border that score, and we would not recommend you buy them. The following are the high-quality compact dryers that you can bet will not fail you. 

Miele TWF160WP and Miele TWI180WP

The two compact dryers are rated 88 on Consumer Reports, and it’s clear to see why they have such a high rating. They are both expensive, but that shouldn’t scare you off as they will be valuable additions to your house. 

Regarding the drying performance, the two models are exemplary while they also score high in conveniency of use. They are also seamless in noise, meaning that you might not even note that the devices are switched on as they are near quiet. 

Additionally, the TWI180WP, which is more expensive than its TWF160WP counterpart, features WiFi connectivity property. Thus, it’s possible to connect it remotely even while not in the house. Also, the predicted reliability of the device is above average. Therefore, it will not at any time fail you when you need it most. They are also stackable, which makes them fit for use where there is limited space. 

Arguably, the two make the brand the most highly rated on Consumer Report in the compact clothes dryers category. 

Samsung DV22K6800EW

Samsung rarely gets it wrong in most of its devices, and thus it’s unsurprising that this model makes the list of the most efficient compact dryers. It is rated very good on drying performance scores. Also, in terms of noise, it has a high rating. 

Additionally, if space is of critical concern for you, then this should be your go-to model. It occupies. We’ve also seen in the earlier discussion of the models to avoid that many do not identify when a dry load is introduced. 

With this model, that problem is not present, and within 5 minutes, it will have detected the end of drying and switched off the dryer. 

Samsung DVE22N6850X

If you are a Samsung enthusiast, this is another compact clothes dryer that you can consider buying. It’s pricier than the aforementioned Samsung model. However, its features are all similar to those of the above model. 

The standout property that separates it from the others is that it gives you the liberty of customization. You can input your settings of choice. Also, the dryer’s drum is more durable than others you’ll find in the market. It is made of stainless steel and thus will not easily rust even after prolonged use. 

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Most Reliable Electric Clothes Dryers

The following are some of the electric cloth dryers that we recommend. 

Clothes Dryer ModelConsumer Report Rating
LG DLEX9000V91
LG DLE3400W90
LG DLE7300WE90
LG DLEX4000W89
LG DLEX4200W89
LG DLEX4500B89
LG DLE7100W89
LG DLEX8100V88

You may get the impression that we are biased towards LG electric dryers, considering that the above models are of the brand. However, there is nothing like that, and our listing is based on their ratings on Consumer Reports. The fact that all are of the same brands highlights the brand’s superiority in manufacturing the devices. 

So why are they highly rated? First, they are all excellent in the critical aspects of electric dryers. They are well-performing in drying and will rarely miss the beat in terms of noise. You can barely note that any of the devices are on as they are all pretty quiet. 

In addition, the devices are excellent in detecting a dry load and will shut down the dryer within 5 minutes after putting dry clothes in it. Therefore, if you are looking for an electric dryer, settle for any of these models, and they will not let you down on any aspect.

Most Reliable Gas Clothes Dryers


The model is pricey but doesn’t just look at the price as you might miss out on the best gas cloth dryer in the market at the moment. The first key upside of this model is that it guarantees you a size of up to 9 cubic feet enough for considerably many clothes. 

Another impressive property of the model is its quiet performance. Its noise rating is excellent, and it also has the best dryer efficiency of any gas-driven device in the market. You cannot also ignore the other significant convenience features of the device. 

For instance, it features a moisture sensor and thus will detect immediately there is a change in water levels to the minutest proportions. You can also opt to dry via steaming, and it will just work perfectly. 

In addition, the dryer is equipped with a drum tumbling feature that keeps the device moving even after drying has ended. This movement aims to prevent clothes from creasing. 

Other LG Models 

We can’t just keep off LG gas dryers as they are simply head and shoulders above the other brands. LG is undoubtedly the go-to company for the best quality clothes dryers, as you might have noted from our reviews. 

If you are an LG enthusiast but cannot meet the $1,900 price tag of the DLGX9001V we’ve just discussed, other models are perfect alternatives. Consider the following: 

Clothes Dryer ModelConsumer Report Rating
LG DLG3401W90
LG DLG3501W90
LG DLGX3701W90
LG DLG7301WE90
LG DLGX4001W89
LG DLGX4201W89
LG DLGX4501B89
LG DLG7101W89
LG DLGX8101V89
LG Signature DLGX9501K84

The above models are rated perfectly in the obvious features you’d expect in a high-quality gas dryer. They are efficient in drying and also ranked highly in regards to noise. Additionally, there is no risk of over-drying with the models as they can identify already dry loads. 

We suggested these models are alternatives to the high efficiency but expensive DLGX9001V model. Thus, you might be frustrated at finding that the Signature DLGX9501K model is equally costly. Well, there is a reason for that. 

In addition to featuring the properties of the other models we’ve listed, this one has an additional WiFi connectivity property. It makes it possible to control remotely. Thus, if you are a smart device connoisseur, the price tag shouldn’t scare you off as this model offers that. 

If you are not keen on such features, the other models will serve you effectively. They are also relatively less expensive than the DLGX9001V and Signature DLGX9501K models. 

Maytag MGDB955FW

For $1,250, you can buy this high-quality dryer that is rated excellent in drying and noise. It is also among the best gas dryers that can capably handle a considerable load. It has a capacity of 9.2 cubic feet which is way above what most models offer. 

It is also more expansive than the typical gas dryers by approximately 2 inches. Additionally, it features a non-spinning rack, and it’s also customizable to meet your preferences during drying. 

Samsung DV42H5000GW

The model is rated 82 on Consumer Reports. However, this rating was not based on actual tests but compared to a similar model (Samsung DV42H5600GW (Lowe’s)) that was tested. 

Based on the earlier tested model’s results, this model has an excellent rating in drying performance, noise, and convenience. Some fewer models have such impressive ratings on Consumer Reports on all three parameters. 

Kenmore Elite 91782

Consumer Reports have rated the model excellent regarding its noise performance which is no mean feat. It is also rated exemplary concerning drying performance, and that’s not all. 

The model has an extended tumble feature which means it keeps moving even after drying is complete. Thus, it prevents the creasing of clothes. 

Additionally, despite being fairly priced at  $1,125, the model has a WiFi connectivity feature. Hence, it’s possible to control the device even without being physically near it. 

Kenmore 91462

The model is impressive in drying, noise control, and automatic detection of dryness. Thus, shortly after the clothes have reached the drying limit, they will turn off the dryer. You cannot, therefore, experience excessive drying with the 91462. 

Kenmore 91392

If you thought we were done with Kenmore, hold on as there is one last model that is just exemplary in performance especially considering its price. It costs a lowly $585 but has an excellent rating regarding drying performance. 

Sounds unbelievable for such a cheap dryer, right? Well, that’s not all. The model is also one of the quietest that you’ll come around. 

In addition, Kenmore understands that some of the dryer’s users could be shorter than the average height. As a result, the control panel can be shifted from the top part, which is relatively high, to an easily accessible area at the bottom. 

Final Thoughts 

Deciding on the clothes dryer to buy can be quite distressing as you have to choose from an extensive list of brands and models. However, things should be quite easy with our guide as we have separated the wheat from the chaff as best as possible. 

First, we have highlighted the dryer models that you should avoid at all costs. There is a bottomless pool of brands and models that you can settle on. Hence, there is no justification as to why you’ll insist on buying a model that has frustrated other users time and again. 

We have provided you with the alternatives that will assure you of top performance. Choose any of them, and you’ll escape the drying convenience and efficiency that eludes many buyers. 


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