15 Best Shed Kits You Can Buy Online

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A shed kit might be for you, whether you’re a homeowner low on storage space, looking for somewhere to keep your lawnmowers, or want a little man cave. Shed kits are an economical way to increase the amount of storage at your disposal and so much more. No matter your needs, there’s likely an online shed kit that could benefit you. 

A shed kit is typically made of real wood, vinyl, metal, or other materials. You can have anything from double doors to a modern design to a strictly functional design. No matter what type or style of shed kit you choose, it should include four walls, a door, and a roof. Any additional features are optional and unnecessary to be an outdoor storage shed. 

If you know you want to purchase a shed kit but aren’t sure which option is right for you, you’ve come to the right place. This article aims to lay out as many different shed kit options as possible so that something pops out to you. Let’s get started! 

What is a Shed Kit? 

As opposed to actual sheds, Shed kits don’t come premade or pre-built. When you purchase a shed kit online, it will usually show up at your house in many boxes. You’ll have to open each box, read the assembly instructions, and put the shed together according to the instructions. 

The best way to purchase the shed kit online is to browse different photos of sheds and how they look when they get erected. Using these images, you’ll have a very good idea of the end product. Shed kits usually require minimal tools during assembly, and some will even include the tools you need. The project is similar to putting together a piece of furniture from Ikea or a similar box store. 

Best Online Shed Kits 

Now that you know what a shed kit is, let’s look at some of the top options on the internet. 

sunhouse kit

Best Garden Shed Kits 

If you do a bunch of gardening or want to start a greenhouse, the Western Red Cedar Greenhouse shed kit is the one for you. This shed kit allows natural light to enter through skylights and has tons of interior space for plants of all shapes and sizes. It’s slightly on the pricy side, but mostly because it’s possibly the best wood shed kit on the internet. 

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Sierra Wood Garage Kit 

If you’re looking for something on the bigger side that can double as a single car garage, the Sierra Wood Garage Kit is for you. The main door to get in and out is a garage door, which provides easy access to everything inside. The interior space is enough for your car, plus many other things. A little more work goes into assembling this shed kit, but it’s possible with a little DIY ingenuity. 

geneva 12x16 wood diy storage garage kit

Best Barns Geneva Storage Shed Kit

The Garage Storage Shed Kit from Best Barns Geneva will feel more like a second home than it does a storage shed. It’s big enough to fit a small automobile, push mower, and more. It’s made of wood and even features a small loft for extra storage space. It’s the perfect shed if you’re looking for a durable structure to keep your car and belongings safe from the elements. 

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The Cozy Garden Shed Kit 

If you’re looking for a cute shed that won’t take up too much space, the Keter Manor Vertical Plastic Shed is worth a look. It measures just 4’x6′ in size and has plastic walls reinforced with steel for added durability, and can withstand windy conditions while offering UV protection. The shed also includes a single window and an air vent for airflow. 

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Arrow Newport Metal Shed 

If the wood seems too high-maintenance for you and you prefer metal shed kits, the kit from Arrow Newport is one of the best metal sheds for an affordable price. The shed measures 8’x10′ and includes sliding doors that offer easy access to everything inside. You can purchase this shed at the Home Depot or order it online and ship it directly to your home. If you’re close enough, they might even offer free shipping! 

Best Corner Shed 

Not everyone wants to build a storage shed in their yard or property. Instead, it’s nice to have an option that you can neatly tuck into a corner to keep a wide range of materials and tools inside. The 10×10 Everett Corner Unit fulfills this purpose to a T. It’s a heavy-duty shed built to last and withstands a wide variety of weather conditions. It also features an ergonomic design and is one of the finest wooden sheds available. 

Best Modern Shed Kit 

The Timber Garden Shed Kit is one of the best modern shed kits. It’s ideal for a home office in your backyard or a little craft corner for DIYing. It features two glass doors and ample windows to let plenty of light into the space. You can even put your outdoor furniture inside the shed and use it as a patio separate from your home. The options are endless with this delightful little shed. 

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Best Splurge Shed Kit 

For a wood storage shed kit that’s almost as durable as your house when it gets built, you should check out the Little Cottage Companies Colonial Gable Greenhouse. It’s built with Amish precision and pride and looks similar to an old-fashioned schoolhouse. The shed measures 10′ x 12′ and has tons of interior space for plants, power tools, or whatever else you need to store. 

Don’t let its quaint and cute appearance deceive you. This storage shed is one of the toughest and most durable on the market and will last a lifetime. However, it also costs close to $15,000, so make sure to make plenty of room in your budget. 

Lifetime Outdoor Storage Shed Kit

Lifetime is a company that makes many excellent and durable plastic products, and their line of plastic sheds and storage shed kits is no exception. Their Lifetime 10×12 option offers two sets of double-doors, customizable shelving, and ample interior storage space. The roof of this shed is specially designed to send water and snow drainage away from the building to keep it safe and dry. It’s also one of the easier sheds to assemble and is made entirely of durable plastic. 

Bosmere Lockable Storage Kit 

The Bosmere Lockable Storage Kit features everything you need to assemble a quaint and attractive wooden shed all by your lonesome. The finished product will feature double doors that lock for added protection, an aesthetically pleasing wooden design, and the satisfaction of knowing you just built a shed by yourself. It’s one of the smallest wood sheds on this list, and it’s perfect for small properties and storing bikes, hand tools, and sporting equipment. Get yours on Amazon today! 

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Amish Heritage Shed Kit 

Like the Colonial Gables shed kit listed above, the Heritage Shed Kit from Dutch Craft is Amish-made, wooden, and beautiful. Dutch Craft, in general, offers storage sheds with many design plans that can fulfill whatever needs you have. The Heritage Shed Kit comes in various sizes, all of which get made to last a lifetime. This wooden shed is durable, well-built, and is one of the best DIY kits available. 

shed kit 2

Columbia Wood Storage Kit 

The Columbia Wood Storage Kit is one of the biggest and best kits on this list. It measures out at 12 feet square and offers over 1,200 cubic feet of storage space! The walls are seven feet high, with the peak of the ceiling being three feet higher than that. This shed kit is big enough that you can turn it into a tiny house and move in. However, you should know that it’s one of the tougher sheds to build yourself, and you’ll likely need some help. 

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Brentwood Steel Storage Kit 

We’ll go from the biggest storage shed on the list to one of the smallest. The Brentwood Steel Storage Kit is just 5′ x 4′ at the standing size, and when it shows up at your home in the kit form, it will seem more like a large package than potential storage shed. However, it offers a surprising amount of storage space perfect for gardening equipment, sports equipment, and similar items. You can even store your push mower and weed eater inside if you position them properly. 

moderna aribnb guest shed 39709.1643670685

Contemporary Garden Shed 

If you’re looking for a garden shed with a modern flair, the Contemporary Garden Shed from Moderna is a keeper. This 10′ x 10′ shed is made of spruce wood and is one of the cutest and quaintest designs that you’ll see. It’s ideal for outdoor office space, an art studio, or even she shed, as you can paint it whatever color you like. The dual outdoor lights on either side of the front door offer excellent lighting if you’re heading back to the house after a late night’s work. Regardless of what you use it for, this contemporary garden shed will add flair and style to your property. 

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Best Outdoor Studio or Office Shed Kit 

A few of the shed kits we’ve looked at would make excellent outdoor offices or studios. However, the Outdoor Living Today Studio Garden Shed seems to have been specifically made for those purposes. It features a high, slanted roof, ample decorative and practical windows, and tons of interior space. It measures 12’ x 8′ and consists of beautiful western red cedar, giving the shed the appeal of a guest house. The shed stays surprisingly cool on its own, but you can optionally install heating and cooling appliances to stay extra comfortable. 

shed kit 10

Buying a Shed Versus Building Your Own 

There are many advantages to building your shed using a DIY shed kit like the ones in this article. The most obvious reason is that you’ll save a ton of money. The average cost of shed kits on this list was between $1,000 and $5,000, with some of the cheapest ones costing less than $500 and the most expensive ones just under $15,000. 

While this may seem like a chunk of change, you can expect to pay at least double that price to have a shed built for you. You can also expect to pay quite a bit more to have a fully built shed delivered to your home. Any way you look at it, purchasing a shed kit and assembling the pieces inside is the cheapest and best way to build a storage shed.  

However, if you’re not worried about money, having a fully-built shed delivered to your home or hiring someone to assemble your shed kit is easier. 

Related Questions 

Is it cheaper to buy a shed kit or build from scratch? 

Money often plays a major role in your decision to build a shed, buy a shed kit, or purchase a pre-made shed. It’s always cheaper to purchase a shed kit and build it yourself than to purchase a pre-made shed. It might also be cheaper to buy a shed kit than to build a shed from scratch, depending on the materials you use to build from scratch. 

What is the cheapest way to build a shed? 

If money is the only thing you’re worried about, the cheapest way to build a shed is to use second-hand materials and items. Pallets, trashed wood, secondhand vinyl or metal, and similar items will be cheaper than purchasing new materials or a shed kit. 

What is the best material for a storage shed? 

You can use wood, plastic, metal, or vinyl for a storage shed. The material you choose is up to you, but wood and metal are the most durable and strongest storage shed materials. 

Final Thoughts 

As you can see, there are plenty of practical, cute, and even luxurious options when it comes to DIY shed kits you can buy online. Each of the kits we looked at can be picked up in-store or delivered directly to your home for extra convenience. 

The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing your shed kit is what you plan to use it for, how much space you have, and if you have any neighborhood rules to consider. Some kits are big enough that you need a building permit to erect them, so keep that in mind. As long as you select one of the options on this list, you’re guaranteed to have a quality shed that will last a lifetime. 


Hubert Miles | Licensed Home Inspector, CMI, CPI

Hubert Miles is a licensed home inspector (RBI# 2556) with more than two decades of experience in inspection and construction. Since 2008, he has been serving South Carolina through his company, Patriot Home Inspections LLC. As a Certified Master Inspector, Hubert is dedicated to providing his expertise in home inspections, repairs, maintenance, and DIY projects.