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This Is Why Pest Control Is Important

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Are rats invading your property and destroying a part of your home? Maybe there is a wasp or hornet problem in your neighborhood, and you see a new nest every week on your porch putting you or one of your family members at risk of stinging.

If you are not experiencing either of these or have no pest problem, you may ask why pest control is so important.

Pest control is essential to our health and well-being. Pests can carry diseases that can cause long-term effects on you and the people in your home. Unmanaged insects and animals can cost you thousands of dollars in property and structural damages.

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As you continue to read this article, it will go more in-depth on why pest control is essential while providing a couple of examples of what to do in those situations. Keep reading to find out all the information there is to know!

Why Is Pest Control So Important?

As previously stated, pest control should be important to just about everyone. There are plenty of examples that can and will apply to everyone. Unfortunately, there are many things that we do not think about until they become a significant issue in our lives.

One of those things is household pests. Whether it is rats, mice, or other rodents to spiders, cockroaches, or termites, any of these can damage your home and cause life-threatening health issues.

It is always easier and much quicker to call a professional pest control agent to come to your home and let them do their job than for you to try and do it yourself. While doing it yourself, strategies may have varying success, mainly depending on the severity of the issue. Let us get some examples and scenarios to show why pest control is essential.


Let us start with an easy one. As we begin with rats, there are numerous reasons why you do not want these guys infesting your home or property. Firstly, rats are riddled with easily transferred diseases to you and your family or pets without you even knowing.

Many diseases from these pests are transferred through urine and fecal matter that you can consume or come in contact with without knowing. On top of this, rats can carry fleas and ticks that contain harmful diseases.

Borreliosis, or Lyme disease, is easily transferred by ticks that are on rats, which can cause a nasty rash and even flu-like symptoms. Not to mention Leptospirosis, which will cause you to have a terrible fever, and vomit while also having the chance of making you develop kidney and liver damage, if not adequately treated, can eventually lead to death.

If just those 2 of the numerous diseases that can come with a rat infestation were not enough, the property damage could be quite costly. Rats are notorious for chewing through walls and other materials like furniture and the insulation in your walls. Rats are also known to chew through wires that can eventually lead to a fire in your home, putting your livelihood and your family’s life in danger.

Keep in mind that mice are in the same category as rats and share many of the same issues they come with. 

There are many kinds of rodents that all come with their slew of issues that they can cause. From weasels and squirrels to minks and chipmunks, these animals can all be dealt with do-it-yourself methods if the problem is caught early. 


There are an absolute ton of insects that can cause damage to your home and your health. If the need arises, these can be exterminated via proper methods if caught early and with professional help.

Wasps & Hornets

There are over 2 million Americans that are allergic to insects that sting. While the honey bee population is steadily declining, they are non-hostile and only sting in defense of their hive. On the other hand, we have wasps and hornets. These buggers are much more aggressive and can stir their swarm at a moment’s notice if you come too close to their hive, making them much more dangerous. 

Wasps and hornets follow the same pattern, and if you catch it early enough, you can handle the issue yourself with little to no problem. However, if you miss the massive hive that has been building behind your shed for months, it is time to call a professional. 

The only time that wasps and hornets can cause any property damage is when their hive finds the perfect little hole that leads into the space between your walls and ceilings. The damage mostly comes from the exterminator you’ll call in these situations. The professional will have to cut into your wall or ceiling to eliminate the hives.

Bed Bugs

Another horrible pest to let rot in your home is the infamous bed bugs. These tiny blood-sucking pests are not as dangerous as others on this list. Most bed bugs will give you a pretty bad itchy sensation after they have bitten you. But more than anything else, they are annoying to deal with.

These guys are hitchhikers and can get into your home in ridiculous ways. You just bought a couch or chair that was unlucky enough to have 1 or 2 of these guys on it. Perhaps you take the train or bus to work and sit next to someone who does not know they have bed bugs, and they happen to have one on their coat today that crawled over into your pocket. Now you unknowingly got the bugs.

The worst thing about bed bugs is that you will not know they are there unless you are lucky enough to see them early in their infestation. Generally, you see a bed bug in your home crawling around on your furniture or the floor. It is too late; they have most likely infested your home in one way or another. 

Bed Bugs are tough to get rid of yourself and can be very expensive to get rid of. The main ways to get rid of these pests are through an exterminator, pesticides, or a DIY heat treatment.


Every year, termites cost the United States billions of dollars in damage. They eat wood, but they also eat paper, books, insulation, and even pool liners and filtration systems. Termites can harm live trees and shrubs, although they are more commonly a secondary invader of declining woody plants.

Termites can infest structures at any time, but they are essential when purchasing or selling a house since a termite inspection report is typically a condition of sale. Aside from the economic effect, thousands of winged termites emerging within one’s home is an emotionally draining event, not to mention the notion of termites silently eating on your most significant investment.

When winged termites are discovered indoors, it nearly usually means an infestation has to be addressed. Because swarmers are drawn to light, they are frequently found around windows and doors. Winged termites are commonly confused for ants, which swarm at the same time of year.

Termites have straight antennae, a waist that is evenly enlarged, and wings that are all the same size. On the other hand, ants have elbowed antennae, constricted waists, and longer forewings than hind wings.


There are two main types of cockroaches:

  • The German cockroach is small and has two black stripes running horizontally down the length of their bodies behind their heads.
  • The American cockroach is quite giant. Both males and females have a unique yellowish-colored pattern behind their heads, and both are potent flyers.

Furthermore, these cockroaches are known as palmetto bugs because they are frequently seen lurking beneath palm tree leaves.

Cockroaches frequently enter homes, companies, and other structures independently as they search for food supplies. They enter through cracks and fissures in foundations and external walls, areas beneath and around windows, open windows and doors, and drains and vents.

On the other hand, cockroaches are frequently introduced into houses by mistakes, such as through deliveries and old furniture or equipment.

The worst thing about cockroaches is their ability to contaminate areas with their saliva and waste. Some illnesses carried both by the German and American cockroaches are:

  • Dysentery
  • Salmonellosis
  • Gastroenteritis
  • E. Coli

Furthermore, their excrement, saliva, and shed skins can provoke allergies and asthma, especially in children.

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, pest control is an essential duty that everyone has to do. The examples above are just a few of the numerous situations where you need pest control. With all of the examples provided in this article, hopefully, it has portrayed the importance of practicing pest control in your daily life.

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