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Best Laundry & Utility Sink Faucets: Our Top Picks for 2023

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utility sink faucet

A utility or laundry sink faucet is essential in a modern home. A utility sink faucet helps with garage or laundry messes without cleaning the dirtiest messes in your kitchen or bathroom. But it needs the right kind of faucet to work as well as it should. So, it would be best to think carefully about what tap to purchase.

How We Made Our Utility Sink Faucet Top Picks

My home inspection business tests hundreds of faucets each month. In addition, we continuously test numerous sink faucets and more than 9000 customer reviews.

When selecting our top picks, we consider brand quality, durability, functionality, features, and pricing.

Best Utility and Laundry Sink Faucets

Below is a list of the best utility sink faucets you can pick from.

Best Utility Sink Faucet with Sprayer
WEWE Stainless Steel Kitchen/Laundry Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer
$84.99 $58.98
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06/06/2023 01:20 pm GMT

WEWE Stainless Steel Kitchen/Laundry Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer

The WEWE Laundry Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer consists of stainless steel and brushed nickel finish. As a result, the faucet is stylish, rust-resistant, hygienic, and lead-free. In addition, the nickel finish is textured and hides watermarks and other kinds of smudges better, making the taps easy to clean.

The faucet has a compact design and a height of 17 inches, enabling it to fit in smaller spaces. However, it also incorporates the pull-out design that allows the faucet to be extended to a maximum of 23.6 inches, making it suitable for more extensive, deeper laundry sinks. And its springs are indeformable yet flexible, enabling it to withstand heat over the long term without experiencing a lot of wear and tear.

Furthermore, the WEWE stainless steel faucet has a single lever handle that controls the water pressure and temperature, making it easy to operate. Second, it comes with a 360-degree swivel spout, making it easy to move the faucet across a double sink. So, you can carry out multiple cleaning tasks without having to move an inch.

It is worth noting that the WEWE laundry faucet has dual water flow functions. You can opt for the aerated stream setting if you prefer regular cleaning. But there’s also a powerful non-splash spray for when you need to rinse your items. Also, its premium ceramic cartridge provides excellent sealing and prevents water wastage even when you opt for the maximum flow rate of 1.8 gpm.

And since the laundry faucet has a single-hole deck-mounted design, it is easy to install. As a result, it lends itself well to DIY projects.

Best Wall Mount Utility Faucet
Moen 8126 Commercial M-DURA Two-Handle Wall Mount Utility Faucet
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06/06/2023 01:05 pm GMT

Moen 8126 Commercial M-DURA Two-Handle Wall Mount Utility Faucet

The Moen 8126 Commercial Utility Faucet has a central brass body with a chrome finish. That makes it highly durable and heavy-duty, with the ability to withstand heat, corrosion, and a lot of wear and tear. Also, the chrome finish enhances its rust resistance and gives the faucet more shine, making it compatible with any contemporary design space.

In addition, the wall-mounted utility faucet with a 12-inch spout is easy to clean. And since it has a chrome finish, it is impervious to scratches and other markings, enhancing its ease of cleaning and maintenance.

The two-handle laundry faucet with 4-Inch wrist blade handles and color codes allows you to control water temperature more precisely. And its screws are vandal resistant, making this a good choice for public spaces, even those in outdoor areas.

There is also a 28mm ceramic disc non-metallic non-ferrous cartridge, which is resistant to rust and provides a strong seal against water leakages. And since it has a maximum flow rate of 1.5gpm, it is a good option if you live in environmentally restricted areas where water is an issue.

It is also worth noting that the product comes with a replacement guarantee. So if one of your parts has an issue, you will receive an authentic Moen replacement part to help you make repairs.

Best Deck Mount Utility Faucet
Moen 8277 Commercial M-DURA 4-Inch Centerset Utility Faucet
$227.10 $134.18
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06/06/2023 01:05 pm GMT

Moen 8277 Commercial M-DURA 4-Inch Centerset Utility Faucet

The Moen 8277 Commercial Centerset Utility Faucet has a brass faucet body and chrome finish, which enhances its strength, durability, and stylishness. As a result, it is an excellent option for high-traffic areas or commercial spaces where it will experience heavy-duty use.

The centerset 2-handle utility faucet only requires two holes for mounting, making it easier and faster to install. In addition, the centerset laundry faucet is compact in design, making it suitable for smaller utility areas where space is a challenge.

Concerning ease of use, the double lever handle service sink faucet has color-coded metal handles and a threaded hose spout. Those features make the tap easy to adjust the water temperature, and operate, even when you need to attach a garden hose.

A ceramic disc cartridge with a brass shell and 1/4 turn operation makes water control easy and leakages minimal. In addition, the vandal-resistant screws make it difficult for theft and tampering to occur. And if you have any issues concerning your tap, there’s a 5-year warranty you can take advantage of to get them fixed.

Best One Handle with Pull Out
Moen 67315C Integra One-Handle Pullout Kitchen or Laundry Faucet
$164.85 $150.00
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06/06/2023 01:05 pm GMT

Moen 67315C Integra One-Handle Pullout Kitchen or Laundry Faucet

The Moen 67315C Integra One-Handle Pullout Faucet consists of a chrome faucet body and finishes, making it durable, stylish, easy to maintain, and clean. So, it will work for your utility space for a long time.

It is deck mounted and has a single-hole design that makes it easy to install even without the help of a professional plumber. However, you can also opt for the three-hole installation. And there’s also a Duralock quick connect system, which makes it even easier to connect the water lines with a snap and without using tools.

Furthermore, the faucet has one ADA-compliant metal handle and is easy to operate. And it incorporates a pull-down faucet with flexible supply lines, a 68-inch braided hose, and a low-arc design. It can turn 180 degrees and allow you to direct water to where you need it to be. Then, when the faucet is no longer in use, the hose will quickly retract and return to its original position.

You can use the aerated stream or spray mode, depending on your cleaning needs at any given time. But the taps have a maximum water flow rate of 1.5 gpm, making this an excellent choice for water-restricted areas. And if any issue arises with the faucet, you can take advantage of the limited lifetime warranty.

Best Two Handle with Pull Out
Jackson Supplies Dual Handle Pull Out Faucet
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06/06/2023 01:20 pm GMT

Jackson Supplies Dual Handle Pull-Out Faucet

The Jackson Supplies Dual Handle Pull Out Faucet consists of an Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) body and polished chrome finish, making it non-toxic, scratch-resistant, rust-resistant, and highly affordable. Its finish also makes it stylish and easy to clean.

Also, it comes with most of the installation parts, including a spray hose, pull-out sprayer, washer, faucet handles, and garden hose attachment, so you can set it up yourself by following the instructions provided. And to enhance the ease of installation, it incorporates a quick connect system that lets you snap the 20-inch spray hose into place quickly.

In addition, the dual lever handles are marked to indicate the cold and hot water taps. So, children can easily control water temperature when using the faucet.

Best Heavy-Duty Utility Sink Faucet
Homewerks 3310-250-RB-B Rough Brass Laundry Faucet
$47.99 $37.03
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06/06/2023 12:55 pm GMT

Homewerks 3310-250-RB-B Rough Brass Laundry Faucet

The Homewerks 3310-250-RB-B Rough Brass Laundry Faucet consists of brass and zinc body and a chrome finish, which makes it easy to clean, stylish, and suitable for heavy-duty use. The laundry tub faucet also has two handles for easy temperature control. And it also includes a 7-inch brass swivel water spout that enables you to reach all sides of your utility sink.

Also, to enhance the ease of use, there is a removable aerator. You can detach it and attach a garden hose to water your plants, wash your pets, and do other dirty work.

If you are looking for a tap with higher water flow, this product is it. It offers a maximum flow rate of 2.2gpm at 60psi. And you don’t have to worry about water leakages while using it since it comes with ceramic cartridges with strong seals.

Its one-hole design makes it easy to install. And if you have any problems, you can take advantage of the five-year warranty.

Best Single Hole Faucet
SOKA Single Handle Kitchen/Laundry Faucet
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06/06/2023 12:20 pm GMT

SOKA Single Handle Kitchen/Laundry Faucet

The SOKA Single Handle Kitchen/Laundry Faucet is a deck-mounted, single-hole faucet that is easy to install. All you need to do is follow the instructions and attach all the included accessories. Its stainless-steel body and chrome finish make it sleek, modern, durable, rust-resistant, and easy to clean.

The product has an excellent quality ceramic cartridge that is rust resistant and built to last. It will ensure that your faucet remains drip-free for a long time.

To enhance the ease of use, you can use the pull-down sprayer, which incorporates an Aquablade design that allows for a powerful blade of water for cleaning. The 20-inch hose extends and retracts easily, allowing complete sink access. Also, the nozzle and main body can swivel 360 degrees for easy operation.

And in addition to the blade water setting, you can utilize the water stream and spray modes for filling pots and pans and rinsing any other items.

Best Centerset Faucet
SOKA Two Handles Centerset Bathroom Faucet For Sink High Arc Stainless Steel (SK18001C)
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06/06/2023 12:55 pm GMT

SOKA Two Handles Centerset Bathroom Faucet For Sink High Arc Stainless Steel (SK18001C)

The SOKA Two Handles Centerset Bathroom Faucet is made from chromium and chrome, making it durable, elegant, scratch- and rust-resistant. In addition, it has a centerset deck-mounted design, which makes it easy to install. And that ease of installation has been enhanced further by its included nylon braided water supply hoses, pop-up drain assembly, and quick connect system for the hose.

The deck-mounted double-handle utility faucet also has dual handles that rotate 90 degrees forward. For that reason, they are suitable for smaller spaces without adequate backsplash clearance. In addition, the double handles make it easier to control the water flow and temperature.

The SOKA faucet uses a ceramic disc cartridge to prevent dripping when not in use.

Best Commercial Faucet
Speakman SC-5811-RCP Commander Service/Utility Sink Faucet
$88.55 $62.72
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06/06/2023 12:50 pm GMT

Speakman SC-5811-RCP Commander Service/Utility Sink Faucet

The Speakman SC-5811-RCP Commander Service/Utility Sink Faucet is a rough chrome, and brass laundry sink faucet built to last and withstand wear and tear. The cross-handle utility sink faucet allows for more precise use of hot and cold water due to the two handles.

The product comes with a pail hook and nozzle with a ¾-inch hose thread for easy operation. In addition, it incorporates wall flanges, a ceramic disc cartridge, brass vacuum breaker that prevents water leakages around the sink drain, water dripping, and water backflow into the plumbing. And it also includes mounting screws for easy installation.

Best Budget Option
Kingston Brass KB471 Laundry Faucet
$42.95 $27.92
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06/06/2023 12:50 pm GMT

Kingston Brass KB471 Laundry Faucet

The Kingston Brass KB471 Laundry Faucet is brass and polished chrome faucet that is durable, corrosion-resistant, and easy to clean and maintain. In addition, it has a two-hole centerset deck-mounted design, making it compact and relatively easy to install.

The Duraseal washerless cartridge is handy because it prevents dripping, ensuring no water is wasted. And the double handles allow for accurate water temperature control.

It is also worth noting that this laundry faucet has a maximum flow rate of 4gpm, allowing for rapid washing where water is not an issue.

laundry sink faucet

What to Consider When Buying a Utility Sink Faucet

Below are the factors you should consider when choosing a laundry room faucet. They will help you get the best value when buying your utility or laundry room faucets.

Price Point

Your budget will partly determine what kind of utility room faucet you can buy. The bigger it is, the more bells and whistles you can go for.

On Amazon, you can find faucets that cost as low as $11 and those whose prices are as high as $2,500 or more. But, of course, what you get depends on how heavy-duty you want your taps to be and how much money you are willing to spend.

Ease of Installation

You can consider the ease of installation from various perspectives. For starters, you can determine whether you want wall-mounted or deck-mounted faucets.

Wall-mounted options are usually connected to the wall, requiring more extensive work to access or put in water lines. As a result, they are harder to install and cost more. However, wall-mounted utility sink faucets are easier to clean and are an excellent option for narrower utility rooms.

On the other hand, deck-mounted faucets are easier and cheaper to install because they are attached to a deck plate on the ledge of the sink and can utilize the nearby water lines. However, they require more cleaning effort and deeper countertops.

How you place your sink and faucet also matters. You can have single or double bowl faucets. The former need less height and reach than the latter unless you install a tap on each sink.

Free-standing, drop-in, countertop, and cabinet-mounted sinks also determine the kind of faucet you can buy and how the plumbing is done, affecting the overall installation materials and labor costs.

It is also worth considering whether your faucets come with the water lines already attached or not and if the number of holes makes it compatible with the laundry sink you already have. Pre-attached water lines and compatible holes are great for DIY projects.

Another way to think about the installation is by installation type. For example, Centerset faucets usually have three holes through which the hot and cold taps and mixing spouts are connected to the stabilizing surface. On the other hand, single-hole faucets only require one hole to connect everything.

On the other hand, vessel sink faucets are connected away from the sink and onto the counter. And wall-mounted faucets have spouts and hot and cold handles that separate from each other.

Water Flow

How fast or slow can water flow from the faucet you want to install in your utility room?

On average, faucets allow 1.0 to 2.2 gallons per minute (gpm) of water at 60 pounds per square inch (psi) to pass through them. The higher the number, the more and faster water flows out of your taps, which is excellent if you use your utility faucet for heavy-duty cleaning or gardening. However, if you live in an environmentally restricted zone, you may be required to use taps with a lower water flow rate. So, it would be best if you considered that.

One way to think about water flow is by checking out your faucet’s spray and stream features. The sprayer head comes in handy when you need a higher water flow rate for cleaning. And the stream option will be instrumental in helping you save water when you are engaged in light cleaning.

Ease of Use

How high the faucet spout is and how far it can reach depends on the length and depth of the utility sink. But you must ensure that your faucet is compatible with what you already have and suitable for the purpose you intend to use it.

Typical mop sink faucets are between 14.5 to 15 inches in height, and many also have 0.75-inch hose thread. And ADA-compliant versions should have handles 48 inches or less from the floor for larger sinks with a depth of 20-25 inches.

Another aspect of the ease of use you should consider is the number of handles your faucet has. One-handle faucets use one lever to control the pressure and temperature of the water and are usually easier to use. But the double-handle faucet has a separate tap for hot and cold water, making it more precise.

Construction Materials and Finishes

Various materials are used to construct laundry sink faucets. Stainless steel and solid brass faucets are popular because they are strong, resistant to rust, stylish, and durable. But they are also expensive.

It would help if you also considered the variety of finishes available in the market. These include chrome, oil-rubbed brass, nickel, and matte black. All of these finishes affect the durability, ease of maintenance, and overall appearance of your faucet. So, you should think carefully before deciding.

Water Usage

Compression valve faucets are the oldest kind of faucets available in the market. They are usually simple to deal with and equally cheap. However, they are plagued by leakage issues due to the wear and tear that affects compression valves, leading to water wastage.

On the other hand, modern utility sinks and faucets utilize ceramic disc cartridges. These cartridges have minimal parts and strong seals to prevent water leakages, making them an excellent choice if you are looking for an eco-friendly laundry sink faucet. However, they are more expensive than those that use compression valves.

Additional Functionality

It would also help if you looked at additionality functionality concerning the laundry sink faucet you want to buy. For starters, you could look at the faucet type. Is it a pull-down, pull-out, or side spray faucet?

Each offer differing ease of maneuverability to enable you to clean the hard-to-reach areas of the sink or items you are cleaning. Also, the designs affect the reach of the spout and how well they withstand wear and tear over the long term. The first two types usually have a hose extension option.

It is also good to check how your preferred faucet controls the water flow, pressure, and temperature.

laundry sink faucet

Utility Sink Faucet FAQs

What’s the Difference Between a Kitchen, Laundry, and Utility Sink?

Kitchen sinks are often standard-sized or smaller. On the other hand, laundry and utility sinks are usually broader and deeper. This is because they are designed for heavy-duty use.

However, laundry sinks are meant for cleaning and soaking clothes. And they are often found in indoor or outdoor laundry rooms. But utility sinks are useful for various activities, depending on their location. For example, you can use them to wash your pets, shoes, garden tools, and even mop.  

What is the Difference Between Kitchen and Utility Sink Faucets?

A kitchen faucet is compatible with a kitchen sink, while a utility faucet is meant for the utility sink. Therefore, the latter is larger and likely to be designed for heavy-duty use.

What is the Best Faucet for a Utility Sink?

The best faucet for a utility sink is one that is not only compatible in terms of installation but also suitable for your needs, preferences, and pocket.

Can You Use a Kitchen Faucet in the Laundry Room?

You could use some kitchen faucets in the laundry room. However, it may not be a good idea to do so. That’s because kitchen faucets are shorter and have less reach than their utility counterparts, making it challenging to clean laundry and other large items placed within the sink.

In addition, the design of the laundry faucet is different. Many taps of this kind tend to have external hose threads that allow you to connect a garden hose if the need arises. Also, an aerator may not be necessary.

On the other hand, kitchen faucets have internal threads and often require an aerator. So, if you use the latter taps in the laundry room, you need an aerator with male threads to ensure it works correctly.

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