15 Safest Portable Heaters

There is nothing quite like sitting next to a warm fire and feel at home. And there is nothing worse than feeling cold. The cold can get at you anywhere, which is the reason portable heaters exist. They are the ultimate solution for situations when your radiator or AC isn’t enough. 

There are very many aspects to consider when choosing the right portable heater for your needs. Depending on how detailed an evaluation one wants to conduct, you could write pages about different heaters’ good and not-so-good aspects.

However, we can narrow this list right down to a few critical points for the everyday user. The main aspects to take into account are price, performance, safety, and design. 

In this article, we are focusing on safety. We have collected the 15 safest portable heaters, so you don’t have to worry about setting your house, or maybe your office, on fire!

1. Dyson AM09

Though this list isn’t in order from best to worst products, the Dyson AM09 is at the top since it is the winner for overall portable heater safety. It is a much more expensive device than most of the other ones on this list, but it is worth it since it excels in design and performance, aside from safety. 

The design of the Dyson AM09 is one of a kind. It is the perfect futuristic, innovative, and elegant design, fitting with its price tag. It is also designed to reduce dirt accumulation, which is one of the most common problems of a portable heater of any kind. 

The design is also one of the main reasons this heater is so safe as it has no external blades and nothing to hit, cut, or injure yourself. Externally, it is an entirely static piece of equipment, by which we mean that its exterior shields all moving parts. 

Another reason why it is so safe is a part of its built-in system. The Dyson AM09 has a feature that turns it off as soon as sensors signal to the central “computer” that the device has fallen to its side.

This way, if your child is running around or the heater gets knocked over for any other reason, there will be no malfunction, electrocution, or any other possibly dangerous event. 

If you are interested in getting this high-quality, multi-function, incredibly sleek, and elegant device that also tops the safety lists, check out this link to Amazon

2. TaoTronics PTC Space Heater

If you want a more affordable heater, reach 70 degrees F in 3 seconds, and have a wide range of functions, this heater is for you. The TaoTronics PTC Space Heater is a well-built machine that is also very safe to use. 

The design of this portable space heater is also partly what makes it a safe option, with the moving parts on the interior. With a look maybe not as sleek as the Dyson, it’s still beautiful and high-tech.

It also turns off automatically once it reaches 122 degrees F to prevent overheating, leading to electrical problems and potential fire-hazards.

Like the Dyson device, it has a fall sensor, which also prompts the device to turn itself off once it has reached an angle of 45 degrees while tipping over. 

If you are interested in a device that can heat your home fast and evenly, is reliable, high-tech, and, most importantly, safe, consider purchasing a TaoTronics PTC Space Heater. Check it out here on Amazon to order it now!

3. Vornado OSCTH1 Oscillating Electric Tower Space Heater

Vornado is a big name in the portable-heater and fan industry because they have managed to produce a line of reliable heaters, fans, coolers, and similar devices for a long time.

One of their more fancy and fun devices is also one of the safest ones, and it is the Vornado OSCTH1. For a relatively affordable choice that will not only look cool but perform well and be safe, check it out!

It looks like the Evolution Tower of Moscow or the Turning Torso of Malmö, like a mini turning tower. This design doesn’t only look cool, it also serves an efficient function, which is that due to its turning shape, this heater can oscillate at an 80-degree angle, hence its name. 

On the safety issue, there are no questions left unanswered. The heater has plastic on the exterior, which doesn’t heat up, so no burns or anything similar can be expected when touching the Vornado OSCTH1.

Aside from the burn-free exterior, it also has tipping-sensor technology, which turns it off as soon as it falls on any side. Safety features are essential with this device, seeing a high probability that a part of the fans would blow air directly towards the floor and quickly overheat. 

Even though the machine will turn itself off when tipping, it also has an overheating sensor, and it turns itself off if it goes above the given limit. If you are interested in getting a stylish, practical, and safe heater, check out this link to Amazon

4. Lasko 754200 Ceramic Portable Space Heater

If you are looking for a space heater on a budget that still performs well, check out the Lasko 754200 Ceramic Portable Space Heater.

In this case, a low price doesn’t mean low quality as well, so you can confidently go ahead and purchase a Lasko product without concerns about typical issues with low-budget items such as lousy build quality or low safety. 

It is a safe and efficient device. It is small, measuring only 9.2 inches in height, which means you can carry it anywhere to heat any space with electricity.

The device’s external “shell” is made from a plastic that doesn’t heat up from the internal heat produced by the device, which means there will be no accidental burns. It also contains an anti-overheat technology that will shut off the system if it happens to heat up too much.

This way, you can rest assured that the device won’t cause any fires or blackouts or anything similar, even if you accidentally leave it on when you go to sleep or work. 

If you are interested in an excellent deal for a safe device and will still warm up a smaller room, check out the Lasko 754200 Ceramic Portable Space Heater by clicking on this link to Amazon!

5. De’Longhi Slim Convector HCX 9120 E

De’Longhi, a well-known electronics and small appliance company from Italy, is a name you can trust. As soon as you see any home appliance with the De’Longhi logo on it, you know you are in for a treat.

The company was founded in 1902, giving them a lot of time to improve their technology and gain experience. This quality is also true when it comes to the De’Longhi Slim Convector HCX 9120 E. It is a typical mobile radiator, but it looks much more stylish than most and works amazingly. 

This portable heater is the next level of a portable radiator. It is electric, and it can either be installed on a wall or moved anywhere close enough to a power source to work. For quick and efficient heating, it has three exhaust vents, one on the top and two on the sides.

Even though it can have a high internal temperature, the wall will still be cold to the touch due to the insulation and high-quality material on the exterior, which doesn’t absorb heat. 

Another safety bonus is that there are no external moving parts, nor is it hot to the touch on the outside. What is more, it also has a tipping sensor, which will shut off the whole device as soon as it senses that the device has tipped over for any reason.

Like the other heaters on the list so far, it has an anti-overheating feature, making it impossible for the device to reach an internal temperature above a given limit, preventing any possible catastrophes. 

If you are interested in a high-quality, good-looking, and efficient portable heater, check out the De’Longhi Slim Convector HCX 9120 E by clicking on this link to Amazon!

6. Vornado VH10

We have mentioned the Vornado company on our lists before, and we probably will even more since it is one of the best heater-producing companies. The Vornado VH10 is one of their most popular products and is also an Amazon’s Choice portable heater, and there are a couple of reasons for that. 

The Vornado VH10 promises even heating of a small- to medium-sized room without any trouble. Even when working at maximum performance, it won’t overheat, making it a safe device.

Additional safety measures make it even safer, like shutting off the system when overheating and the other usual safety settings (tipping sensor and cold external shell). 

Even though most of these appliances’ safety features are nearly the same (if not entirely), the one thing this one differs in is that it has visibly operating fans. This can lead to malfunction or injury with a traditional fan heater, but the Vornado VH10 has a casing that makes it impossible for even the smallest of hands to fit into the fan. 

If you are interested in a smaller, best-selling, competent, and safe heater, check out the Vornado VH10 by clicking on this link to Amazon!

7. Dyson Pure HP01

On our list, another premium Dyson product is the bigger sibling of the previously mentioned Dyson AM09, with an extra feature: it is also an air purifier! Though also on the expensive side, we decided to include this product because of its safe use and the improved air quality it can create in your home!

The HP01 has a couple of different functions: heating, cooling, fan, and air filter. The HP01 is a complex system that is close to a full-blown air conditioner.

There are two fan settings (focused, personal stream, and a wide-angle mode for heating or cooling a room) and several fan speed settings, which create various combinations of settings you can choose to customize your experience.

The HEPA filters are perfect if you want to purify the air in your house, or perhaps in your toddler’s/baby’s room since they filter out 99% of all pollen, dust, and even many bacteria. Aside from the heating and cooling functions, a purifying setting focuses on filtering the air. 

Aside from all these cool and useful features, it also has all the safety characteristics you would expect from a portable heater of this quality and price, like the tipping-sensor, the anti-overheating system, the cold exterior, and also the lack of fans. Check it out here on Amazon!

8. Kingavon BB-PG150 4.2kW Portable Gas Cabinet Heater

This piece of equipment is somewhat different from the others on the list since it is not a fan but a gas cabinet heater. These are used by people who like more traditional, propane-fueled heaters. It is an excellent option for heating rooms and is also safer than it seems at first glance. 

Gas cabinet heaters are portable fireplaces with gas burning inside them instead of wood. The fact that the gas usually comes from a large propane gas container strapped to the back of the heater might make it seem like they are on the dangerous side, but in fact, this model isn’t.

It has tilt protection, which terminates the heating process when needed to avoid accidents and damage. It has casters on the bottom for more effortless movement, a built-in ignition button, and three heat settings to optimize your indoor temperature!

Check it out by clicking on this link to Amazon if you are interested!

9. Airplus 1500W Oil Filled Radiator

Oil-filled radiators are some of the most traditional space-heating devices because they are efficient and can quickly heat medium-sized rooms and even smaller flats.

The Airplus Oil Filled Radiator is an excellent option if you want a safe oil radiator that is also modern and can fit in any household without looking like it doesn’t belong. 

One of the main benefits of oil heaters and oil radiators compared to fan heaters, for example, is that they usually stay warm and radiate heat long after you turn them off and thus, aren’t using any more power.

Oil heaters allow you to turn it on for an hour or two to get the room up to an excellent heat (depending on your requirements), then turn it off and still have a nice warm room for a while without using any more energy. 

The Airplus Oil Filled Radiator is a modern version of a traditional oil heater since you can adjust using three modes (low, medium, high) and a separate Eco mode, which will reduce those energy bills! It also has a timer function and remote control for easy use.

Just like most safe, modern heaters, it has tip and overheat protection functions, so you don’t have to worry about any malfunctions or accidents when using this device. Just watch out not to knock it over if it falls on a pet or a child since; otherwise, it is perfectly safe to use. 

Check it out here on Amazon if you are interested!

10. Vornado VHEAT Vintage Metal Heater

Many portable heaters on the market work properly, efficiently, and safely; however, due to similar designs, many get lost in the product lines. The Vornado VHEAT Vintage Metal Heater has no such problems.

Its unique vintage design makes it stand out from the “crowd,” so if you are interested in a product that also provides some quirky and stylish aesthetics, as well as the function itself, this heater is for you!

The safety features of this device are similar to any other Vornado product. Although the unit has fans, there is little risk of children or pets being injured. It also has tipping sensors and an automatic shut-off system for overheating, so it is equipped with the necessary technology and design to provide a safe service. 

If you are interested in probably the best-looking device on our list, which is also very safe and effective to use, check out the Vornado VHEAT Metal Heater by clicking on this link to Amazon!

11. De’Longhi Oil-Filled Radiator Space Heater

As we mentioned previously, De’Longhi is a company you can trust. With more than a century of experience, the company has gained a lot of experience dealing with household appliances. They have a near-perfect track record, which means you won’t have to worry about technical difficulties or electric safety. 

This device is a somewhat cheaper and simpler alternative to the other oil-filled radiators and convection heaters on this list, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t suitable for everyday use in any home or isn’t high-quality. 

It also has the safety features that we have mentioned many times in this article, like an automatic overheating switch-off technology and a tipping sensor.

Another cool feature of this machine is that it has a ComforTemp button, which turns on the energy-saving setting, automatically changing the heating settings to optimize performance and power efficiency to reduce your utility bills. 

12. Dimplex DXUC2B 2kW Ceramic Fan Heater

This device is small, compact, looks fun, and is also safe to use. The Dimplex DXUC2B is a stand-out piece by one of the largest heating brands and would be a great addition to any of your rooms. 

Aside from the fact that it can heat and blow cold air (“Frost” setting), which is pretty standard for most fan-like pieces of equipment on this list, it also has an exciting design, which looks like a cylinder with a dent in its side.

The device is certified by the BEAB (British Electrotechnical Approvals Board), making it a safe product to use, as confirmed by the experts. It has the standard tipping sensors and anti-overheating systems, so you can rest assured that this device won’t cause any trouble. 

If you are interested in this compact, stylish, safe, and effective heater, check it out by clicking on this link to Amazon!

13. Vornado VH200 Vortex Heater

Another Vornado product, the Vornado VH200 Vortex Heater, is a device you will want to consider for any small-to-medium-sized room. It is the smaller sibling of the previously mentioned Vornado VH10, but it is just as safe, and the quality is just as high. 

If you don’t have a large living room or are perhaps looking for a suitable heating device for your children’s rooms, the VH200 model made by Vortex is probably one of the best choices out there. It is somewhat cheaper than its larger sibling, but it isn’t far behind in performance. 

It is also just as strong on the safety front since it has the same safety features as the larger VH10, like shutting off if the product is tipped over or reaching heat levels, resulting in overheating malfunction.

Even though it is equipped with these safety features, you will probably never see the anti-overheating system in action due to the well-known reliability of Vornado products. 

If you are interested in a safe option for heating smaller spaces like children’s rooms, kitchens, or bedrooms, check out the Vornado VH200 on Amazon by clicking on this link!

14. TaoTronics Dual PTC 1500W Portable Electric Heater

Another TaoTronics product, the Dual PTC heater, deserves mention on our list since it is a high-quality, safe, fast, and reasonably priced product. Place this heater in your living room if you want it to warm in no time, with a steady, warm airflow. 

TaoTronics gets a significant plus for safety. It includes multiple safety features: ETL certification, V-0 flame resistance rating, overheating protection sensor, 8hr timer, 24hr auto-off system, and automatic tip-over switch for maximum safety. All this and the ability to heat itself to 70 degrees F in just under 3 seconds. Impressive, right? 

If you are looking for a reasonably priced device considering all the available features and safety ratings it has, checks out the TaoTronics Dual PTC Portable Electric Heater on Amazon by clicking on this link!

15. Vornado MVH Vortex Heater

It is probably not surprising that the last device on our list is another Vornado product, given their popularity and high rating for portable heating devices. This one is the smallest Vornado device on our list, perfect for people who only need a smaller amount of heating power, either for a smaller room or workspace. 

Even though it doesn’t possess the power and performance to heat a whole living room alone, it is still a great little heater. It’s perfect if you need a minor heating system for a children’s room or some other small area.

If you need a heater for a smaller workspace as well, you can just set this somewhere behind your chair or under your legs to warm it up in no time. It has all the safety features that its more significant variants have, like tipping sensors and the overheating switch-off system. 

If you need a small but very safe and reliable heater, check out the Vornado MVH on Amazon by clicking on this link!

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