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Best Range Hood Inserts: Our Top Picks for Custom Hood Inserts for 2023

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Many modern kitchens now have custom range hoods with an interchangeable range hood insert. The range hood insert fits inside a decorative range hood.

If you’re here, you’re likely looking for a new or replacement vent hood insert. Here’s a detailed comparison of the best range hood inserts. We’ll also provide tips on what to look for when shopping for a range hood insert.

Best 30″ Range Hood Inserts

Below are the best 30-inch range hood inserts.

KOBE Range Hoods INX2930SQBF-500-1 Built-In/Insert Range Hood, 30"
$429.00 $327.60
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06/06/2023 07:45 am GMT

KOBE Range Hoods INX2930SQBF-500-1 Built-In/Insert Range Hood

The KOBE Range Hoods INX2930SQBF-500-1 range hood has a built-in mount design, allowing it to blend perfectly with the surrounding custom cabinetry. It comprises commercial-grade stainless steel, which is strong, corrosion-resistant, and durable. Also, the material makes the hood insert resistant to high heat and easy to clean and maintain over the long term.

The top of the INX2930SQBF-500-1 insert range hood’s exhaust top is six inches round, enabling it to fit within the standard ducts. In addition, it uses both baffle and aluminum mesh filters. For that reason, its filtration system is harder to bend, durable, more reusable, aesthetically pleasing, easier to clean and maintain, and highly effective at purifying the air in your kitchen.

In addition, thanks to its 550 CFM rating at maximum power, the ducted wall mount range hood insert can effectively provide ventilation for a 30-inch stove. And it ensures that you don’t have to deal with excessive noise all the time by incorporating a 3-speed mechanical push button with high, low, and quiet modes.

When you need silence, you can opt for the quiet mode, which operates at 2.0 sones, but you can select the high mode when you need your kitchen space well ventilated quickly. Furthermore, the two 3W LED lights will come in handy when you need extra illumination on your cooktop, enhancing your convenience.

FIREGAS Range Hood Insert 30 inch, Built-in/Insert Range Hood with 600 CFM

The FIREGAS Range Hood Insert 30-inch can work with pre-existing ductwork or blend in with the kitchen cabinetry due to its built-in mount design. It consists of stainless steel and a brushed finish, enhancing its elegance and making it suitable for any contemporary kitchen space. Also, the stainless steel makes the cabinet inserts highly resistant to heat, corrosion, and impact, prolonging its life. Furthermore, the insert is food grade, has a high grease resistance, and is easy to clean and maintain.

Because it has a 600 CFM rating and three-speed modes, you can use the FIREGAS range hood insert for various air ventilation needs, including removing oil fumes and carcinogens. And one of its exhaust fan modes is the ultra-quiet operation mode, which reduces the noise levels to 57dB at high speeds.

Also, the range hood from FIREGAS comes with stainless steel baffle and charcoal filters. The baffle filters easily capture grease, and you can easily clean them in the dishwasher. On the other hand, charcoal filters offer you the chance to convert the range hood insert fans to a ductless version. But the six-inch round exhaust hood top makes it easier to attach the insert fan liner to a standard duct if you prefer.

Best 36″ Range Hood Inserts

Below are the best 36-inch custom range hood inserts you can choose from.

IKTCH 36 inch Built-in/Insert Range Hood 900 CFM

The IKTCH 36-inch Built-in/Insert Range Hood is a stainless steel insert with a brushed finish whose construction material makes it elegant, easy to clean and maintain, highly resistant to heat, and durable. It can be quickly inserted or built-in, depending on your needs.

Due to its 900 CFM rating, the IKTCH range hood insert has a powerful airflow capacity. As a result, it can quickly move large amounts of cooking odors and smoke. However, it also incorporates four different speed settings, allowing you to reduce the noise and suction rates, depending on your needs.

As a result, the insert can operate at very low noise levels of 40dB. But even at its highest, the range hood insert only produces 65dB. So, the product is worth considering if you generally prefer noise and quiet.

In addition, two pieces of 3W LED lights come with the insert, allowing you to see your stovetop better. The lights, like the speed settings, are adjustable. And you have the choice of making these adjustments conveniently via a remote control or the touch control LCD unit. Furthermore, the gesture sensing function will also enhance your convenience when using the range hood liner.

It is also worth noting that the IKTCH range hood insert comes with three stainless steel permanent filters. These are dishwasher safe, allowing you to easily clean the trapped grease and oil without compromising their durability.

EKON NAB02-36″ 900CFM Range Hood Insert

The EKON NAB02-36″ 900CFM Range Hood Insert consists of stainless steel and brushed finish, which makes it stylish and durable. In addition, it has a built-in mount design, making it compatible with pre-existing ductwork.

Though it has a built-in design, the EKON range hood insert comes with a charcoal filter, making it convertible. So, it can also recirculate air, enabling you to install it without renovating your kitchen excessively, which would cost you money.

In addition, the insert has a 900 CFM rating, which enables it to clear large amounts of pollutants in the air. But despite its powerful blower, the insert only produces a maximum noise level of 65dB. However, if you feel that is too much, you can use the 4-speed motor to reduce the speed and noise level of the blower.

For your convenience, the EKON range hood insert has an adjustable timer which can be set in 1–15-minute periods, depending on your needs. It also comes with an LCD and touch control features that make it easy to use. And its three stainless steel permanent  and removable grease filters are dishwasher safe too. So you can easily clean and maintain them without compromising their quality.

Best 42″ Range Hood Insert

Below is the best 42-inch range hood insert.

IKTCH 42 inch Built-in/Insert Range Hood 900 CFM

The IKTCH 42-inch Built-in/Insert Range Hood is made of stainless steel, allowing it to resist rust and heat. Also, its construction makes it durable.

The 900 CFM rating means the IKTCH range hood insert can produce massive airflow, which would come in handy in a busy kitchen that requires proper ventilation. However, the insert has 65dB of noise at the highest setting.

However, there’s a 4-speed setting that allows you to control the suction speed and noise levels. So, if little smoke or odors are being produced, you can choose the slow setting whose noise levels are a silent 40dB.

Also, the IKTCH built-in insert comes with three permanent stainless-steel filters, which resist rust and heat well even when you clean them in the dishwasher. So, they are pretty easy to maintain.

There are two pieces of 3W LED lights for better illumination. And their brightness is adjustable, allowing you to save money on energy bills. And if you don’t want to use the touch control LCD, the available remote control will help you enhance your comfort and convenience.

Best 48″ Range Hood Insert

Below is the best 48-inch range hood insert.

CT Copper Tailor Built-in Range Hood Insert Vent 48 Inch

The CT Copper Tailor Built-in Range Hood Insert consists of commercial-grade stainless steel, which has been seamlessly constructed. As a result, it is highly resistant to rust and discoloration, enabling it to maintain its elegance and remain durable.

You can fit the CT Copper Tailor insert into an 8-inch round duct. Then, depending on your design preferences, you can fit it into custom wood or metal. And when you do, the dual motors and the four fan speeds, which you can control using the available press-to-use buttons, will enable you to clear 960 cubic feet per minute and eliminate grease, steam, and odors. But even with that 960 CFM rating, the insert is relatively quiet, producing only 69dB.

Also, the stainless-steel baffle filters are dishwasher safe, enabling you to clean and maintain them regularly without rust occurring.

Thanks to the LED lighting, you can sufficiently see what’s happening on the stovetop. And the press-to-use buttons will also control the light levels. Furthermore, when the hood range insert gets too hot, there’s no need to panic. It will automatically shut off to keep your kitchen safe.

There’s always a two-year warranty if an issue arises with the CT Copper Tailor range hood insert. So please take advantage of it to get the necessary repairs and replacement parts.

range hood insert

What to Consider When Buying a Range Hood Insert

Below are factors to consider when buying a range hood insert.

Construction materials

A wide range of materials is used for the best range hoods. These include copper, stainless steel, wood, tempered glass, zinc alloy, heat-resistant plastics, etc. So, the inserts can consist of whichever material suits your fancy.

However, stainless steel, constructed to have a seamless look, such as outdoor-approved stainless steel, is one of the best options available. That is because it has a high resistance to heat and corrosion. Therefore, you can easily clean and maintain it, which will last very long.

Venting Design

Many range hood inserts are usually in-built, allowing you to incorporate them even in the wood hood that matches the rest of your cabinet. However, some are ducted, while others are ductless.

If you opt for a vented hood insert, you will need existing ductwork to direct the grease, moisture, and odors outside your home. And that may entail some demolition and reconstruction of your walls or ceilings if the ductwork is nonexistent, making it harder to install.

On the other hand, a ventless range hood insert will pass the unclean air through a filtration system and then recirculate it. This insert requires less installation work, but it may not be as effective as its vented counterpart in removing grease and moisture from your kitchen space.

Remember, external blowers work with ducted range hoods and pull fresh air from the outside. On the other hand, internal blowers are more compatible with ductless range hoods and tend to recirculate recycled air.

Airflow Capacity

How powerful the range hood insert’s fan is and the rate at which it clears the surrounding air determines its effectiveness. And that rate is usually measured in cubic feet per minute or CFM.

Typically, for every 12 inches of stove width, you need a range hood insert capable of blowing 100 CFM. So, for example, if you have a 36-inch-wide stove, you need an insert with a 300 CFM rating, at the very least.

Another way to determine airflow capacity is by calculating your stove’s total heat output, usually measured in British Thermal Units (BTUs). The general rule of thumb is 100 CFM for every 10,000 BTUs. So, the hotter your stove is, the more burners it has, the higher your range hood insert’s CFM rating should be.

It is also worth noting that you can estimate the ideal CFM rating of your insert by calculating the total space volume and dividing it by 4 minutes to account for the recommended 15 air exchanges per hour. For example, if your kitchen is 2,000 cubic feet, you would need a 500 CFM range hood insert.

Insert size

Standard range hood inserts range from 24 to 60 inches wide, though many tend to average 30 to 48 inches. Ideally, your insert should have similar measurements to those of your stove.

The chances are high that the bigger the range hood insert, the higher its CFM rating. However, some smaller inserts may have a powerful airflow capacity. So, you need to consider the size in relation to the BTUs and CFM.

Noise levels

A typical range hood insert produces 53 to 61 noise, similar to 6 to 10 sones. But some have much less, while others produce more noise.

Usually, noise levels go hand-in-hand with the fan speed and suction power. The faster the fan, the quicker it will clear the air. But that also means it will likely produce more noise, which can be a nuisance.

You need a robust range hood insert if you have a hot kitchen. But you may want to select one with variable fan settings, so you can reduce the noise levels when there are not much steam, grease, or odors to clear.

Types of filters

Three primary filters exist charcoal, aluminum mesh, and steel baffle filters. Each of them has its fair share of pros and cons.

Charcoal filters are excellent at neutralizing odors and trapping contaminants in the air. They are popular with ductless range hoods. However, you can’t clean them. Instead, it would help if you replaced them regularly. So, they are suitable for regular cooking but not the best for frequent cooking with high heat.

Stainless steel baffle filters are standard in vent hood inserts, excellent for high heat cooking, and can effectively trap grease. And due to the stainless steel, they are durable, whether you wash them by hand or in the dishwasher. However, it would be best to follow the manufacturer’s recommendation when cleaning and replacing them to extend their lifespan.

You can also opt for range hood inserts with aluminum mesh filters. They work relatively well for every day or medium cooking for separating grease. And they are more affordable than stainless steel. But they may need to be paired with charcoal filters for enhanced air purification.

Convenience Offered

Various range hood inserts offer varying levels of convenience. Some come with remote control, which you can use to adjust their settings. Others have a touch control LCD panel.

Also, some inserts have adjustable LED lights for better but more energy-saving illumination over the cook stove. And other appliances have an automatic shut-off feature that will protect them in case of overheating.

Cost Of Insert

How much you pay for your range hood insert depends on the brand, size, airflow capacity, mounting style, and other attractive features that enhance its look and convenience.

You can find these inserts on Amazon for as low as about $50 and as high as $5,750. So, plenty of products are available to suit all budgets.

range hood insert

Range Hood Insert FAQs

Below are answers to some of your range hood insert questions.

What is the Difference Between a Range Hood and a Range Hood Insert?

A range hood is the enclosure position over your range that houses a fan that will collect steam, smoke, or odors within that area, while a range hood insert is the actual exhaust fan that fits inside the customized hood in your kitchen area.

How Do You Measure for a Range Hood Insert?

You measure for the range hood insert by measuring your range’s width and adding 6 inches if you want it indoors or 12 inches if you want it outdoors. The value you get represents the opening in your custom hood.

However, ensure your stove and range hood insert are at least the same width when in doubt.

What is a Vent Hood Insert?

A vent hood insert is connected to your home’s ductwork to channel the contaminated air outside the home.

How Much Does a Range Hood Insert Cost?

A range hood insert can cost anywhere from $50 to over $5,750, depending on its features and brand. But the national average range is $500 to $1,000.

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