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Best Keyless Door Lock of 2023

keyless door lock

Keyless door locks are becoming more and more popular among homeowners. With keyless door locks, you can control access to your house without giving out multiple keys.

It is relatively common for people with traditional locks to forget to lock the door. In addition, you may end up misplacing your primary key and even the spare key, locking yourself out or in your own home. If you’re reading this, you’re likely thinking about buying a keyless door entry lock.

We’ve reviewed and compiled a list of the best keyless door locks. We invite you to explore the keyless locks listed below. 

How We Examined Keyless Entry Locks

My home inspection business tests hundreds of home-related products each month. We tested several keyless smart locks for this article and vetted over 12,542 customer reviews.

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Best Keyless Entry Locks

Below are some of the best keyless entry locks, which don’t require a manual key for you to gain access. Instead, they incorporate modern designs that make them an excellent addition to your security system.

eufy Security Smart Lock Touch

Our best overall electronic deadbolt is the eufy Security Smart Lock Touch. It is a Bluetooth-enabled keypad keyless deadbolt lock that you can activate using your fingerprint, key, or eufy Security app if you are at the door. And because it stores your fingerprint locally using a bank-grade AES128 encryption chip, it makes your lock less vulnerable to hacks.

In addition, it is also Wi-Fi enabled, which means you can control the digital door lock via your mobile device regardless of where you are. Also, the Wi-Fi bridge makes this lock compatible with smart home systems like Alexa. And the identification and unlocking process takes less than five seconds, enabling you to get to safety quickly if you are in danger. Also, it incorporates an auto-lock feature in the form of an inbuilt sensor, which locks the door as soon as you get in or leave, ensuring your home stays safe even when you forget to lock it yourself.

The eufy smart lock touch also consists of a stainless-steel and zinc alloy construction capable of withstanding 1122 kg of weight, which makes it pretty resistant to wear and tear, and rust. Furthermore, it has an IP 65 weatherproof rating allowing it to withstand high amounts of rainfall for prolonged periods. Moreover, it can withstand extreme weather changes ranging from highs of 70°C/158°F to lows of -30°C/-22°F. So, you can install this keypad lock in any location.

Another benefit is that you can use a portable charger to charge your eufy lock if your 4 AA batteries run out of power. So, you don’t have to worry about being locked out or in your home when you least expect it.

It is worth noting that the eufy keypad lock is easy to install. All you need is a screwdriver, and your deadbolt will be up and running within 15 minutes.

SMONET Fingerprint Electronic Deadbolt Door Lock

The SMONET Electronic Deadbolt Door Lock with Keypad is a keyless lock with a fingerprint reader that will recognize your biometric information and open the lock within two seconds, allowing you to run to safety. And if you have a Wi-Fi gateway, you can connect it to the internet and open your door for trusted guests through remote control. So, it can also work with Google Assistant and Alexa.

If you prefer not to unlock your electronic deadbolt online, you can use the other options, some of which incorporate Bluetooth technology. These include an IC Fob or card, a mechanical key, a mobile app, passcodes input via the keypad, and fingerprints. And the intelligent touchscreen keypad is easy to use, reducing the chances of making mistakes.

The keyless lock has robust features to limit visitors’ access and safeguard your home against vandalism. First, a Code door lock setting enables you to set up different access options for permanent or one-time guests. Also, you can use the feature to set up timed codes that expire after the specified period. In addition, you can personalize different user codes for family members, service providers like your housekeepers, and friends, allowing you to track who gets into your home and when.

Secondly, the SMONET electronic keyless lock is designed to automatically lock itself when someone tries and fails to unlock the door five times. That ensures that unauthorized users have very little chance of breaching your door.

The zinc body of this lock is relatively durable. And the keyless lock comes with an IPX5 rating, which means it can work outdoors but shouldn’t be exposed to humid conditions for very long. Its standard operating temperature range is lows of 32 °F to highs of 104 °F.

And the four AA batteries have a battery life of at least six months or 5000 openings. When they run out of power, you can unlock your door with a power bank and later charge it via the ports underneath. Also, if you have any installation or software issues with the product, the brand manufacturer offers a lifetime of tech support and a one-year customer service warranty.

It is also worth noting that the product is easy to install if your door has an existing deadbolt.

Sifely Keyless Entry Door Lock

The Sifely Keyless Entry Door Lock consists of a keypad that enables you to input your passcode to gain entry into your home. Other popular options for opening this lock include a smartphone app, key, fingerprints, and fob. Since you can save at least 200 codes and 150 fingerprints, you have many access options for everyone.

The Safely Wi-Fi Gateway is one of the unique features of the Safely keyless lock. Not only does it enable you to generate user codes remotely for unexpected guests, but it also enables you to open and close your door remotely and access visitor logs in real-time.

Also, the lock has enhanced security features, such as auto lock and notifications informing you when your door is locked or unlocked. In addition, when your battery power is about to run out, the low-battery indicator will tell you of that.

Easy installation is also part of this product. With a simple screwdriver, you can install the lock quickly since there is no drilling. And the best thing about it is that the door handle is reversible, making it suitable for both right- and left-handed users.

Over the long term, the keyless lock provides good value for money. It comes with a one-year product warranty, a 30-day-money-back guarantee, and a lifetime of customer service support. And the zinc construction makes it relatively durable.

Top Pick
Schlage BE365 V CAM 716 Camelot Keypad Deadbolt, Electronic Keyless Entry Lock, Aged Bronze
$129.99 $115.32
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05/31/2023 06:30 pm GMT

Schlage BE365 V CAM 716 Camelot Keypad Deadbolt

The Schlage BE365 V CAM 716 Camelot Keypad Deadbolt consists of high-quality silicone that is strong and durable, making it suitable for even light commercial premises. So, it is ideal for garage doors or home offices.

Also, the numbers are silicone-coated and backlit to ensure you can put in your codes even in the dark. And the locks come with a lifetime finish and mechanical warranty, as well as a three-year warranty for electronics.

In addition, the Schlage keypad deadbolt comes with two pre-programmed user access codes. But you can assign up to 19 codes for your loved ones and control the lock with an app. And it’s easy to use, allowing you to unlock it from the outside with a simple thumb turn and unlock and lock it from the inside in the same way.

Furthermore, the keyless lock has a 9V battery that can last up to two years with typical use. And to ensure your lock is powered at all times to prevent lockouts, the low battery indicator will notify you of low power levels.

Since no hardwiring is required, this keyless lock is easy to install. You only need a screwdriver, and you are good to go.

Wyze Fingerprint Keyless Entry Door Lock

The Wyze Fingerprint Keyless Entry Door Lock is a keypad lock with a Wyze app. You can use the app for at least 50 fingerprints of regular visitors to your home. But you can also add more for yourself. And the deadbolt will recognize your data within a second, making it an excellent option where safety is an issue.

The anti-peep numbered keypad also enables you to use a code to lock or unlock the door without worrying about any nosy neighbors looking to see what numbers you are using since you can add extra digits before and after your valid codes.

Also, you can set unique codes for everyone that through your door. And if you activate your Bluetooth connection, you can use the Wyze app to determine who got into your space and when they did it. Of course, if someone made several failed attempts, the app will notify you too.

Another key feature of the Wyze keyless lock is the timed auto-lock feature. It locks the door after a specified period if you forget to do it yourself. Also, you can schedule when the door unlocks. Furthermore, 4 AA batteries power the system to ensure it keeps working.

And lastly, the Wyze keypad lock is easy to install as long as you have 20 minutes to spare and follow the instructions in the manual.

Our Favorite Keyless Door Lock

Our favorite keyless door lock is the eufy Security Smart Lock Touch. This keyless smart door lock is of great value with its touch keypad, WiFi/Bluetooth compatibility, and fingerprint technology. It offers five ways to unlock, including fingerprint, eufy Security app via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, the electronic keypad, or the key. We found it to be easy to install and use. It uses 4 AA batteries, so we recommend long-lasting alkaline batteries.

A comparable smart lock to the eufy is the Smonet Fingerprint Electronic Deadbolt Door Lock with Keypad. The Smonet is a better value and features unlocking by fingerprint, fob, key, passcode, and app. We ranked this under the eufy due to a slightly higher percentage of negative reviews. A common thread in the negative reviews revolved around the lock not working, mostly due to dead batteries. We feel this largely revolved around using cheap AA batteries instead of longer-life alkaline batteries.

Our best budget option is the Wyze Fingerprint Keyless Entry Door Lock. We are impressed with this keyless deadbolt door lock which features fingerprint entry, a backlit keypad, Bluetooth, Wyze app history and scheduled access, and much more. The lock is pick-proof and hacker-proof because it doesn’t connect to WiFi. The lock is weatherproof and offers a 12-month battery life.

keyless door lock with mobile app

How to Select the Best Keyless Door Lock?

Typical keyless door locks don’ require physical keys to access your home. Instead, smart devices incorporate useful features. These include an electronic keypad to control who can get in and out of the home. So, it helps to know how to choose the best smart locks that don’t require traditional keys.

Below are the factors you can consider when purchasing a keyless entry system.

Cost of the Keyless Entry Door Lock

Price is always a factor when shopping for a product. For example, traditional locks range in price from $25 to $50 per lock for those on the low end. But they may cost $130 to $265 for higher-end products. And that excludes the cost of hiring a professional locksmith, anywhere from $50 to $395 for the labor.

It’s safe to assume that a keyless door entry lock will cost more since it is more innovative and has more bells and whistles. But it would be best if you were prepared to spend anywhere from $50 to $400 for each lock you install, depending on its brand and performance.

Type of Electronic Locks You Prefer

You have many options as far as electronic door locks are concerned. Each type of lock uses a different smart technology to control access and enhance security. Below are several keyless door entry locks you can choose from.

  • Bluetooth locks: Bluetooth locks use Bluetooth technology to detect a pre-set signal, such as a key fob, smartphone app, or voice commands, to open a door. If you don’t have an active virtual key, your front door lock won’t open. Instead, it will categorize you as an unauthorized user. An added advantage of Bluetooth locks is that they don’t always need Wi-Fi, saving energy while allowing you to open and close your doors without always having to stay connected to the internet.
  • RFID locks: Radio-frequency identification (RFID) locks use radio frequencies to track and identify locks and their compatible keys. So, you would need a key card or fob containing an RFID chip with your user information to activate the card reader within the lock so the door can open. Hotels are frequent users of RFID technology. These locks offer peace of mind since already distributed key cards can be deactivated. And they are waterproof since the card reader is hidden.
  • Biometric locks: Biometric locks are smart home devices that use a unique body feature, such as your voice, fingerprints, palm or eye scans, and your entire facial appearance, to identify an authorized user. But many such locks have fingerprint scanners. Once the fingerprint sensors detect your pre-programmed fingerprints, the lock will open. However, others also incorporate a PIN to increase the layer of security.
  • Wi-Fi locks: Wi-Fi locks require that you have internet for the front door lock or any other lock to open. Those based on voice control programs will respond to your audio commands. And some rely on instructions from your mobile app, internal control panel, or key fob, which will communicate with the lock and allow authorized users of your home. Also, many Wi-Fi locks are compatible with other smart home features, such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa-enabled devices like Amazon Echo for voice control. But remember, remote access to Wi-Fi locks is possible, so it is vulnerable to hacks.
  • Z-Wave locks: Z-wave locks are keyless locks that must connect to a Z-wave-compatible hub to translate the incoming signal. So, simply connecting to your phone won’t work. But once the connection happens, your router will transmit that signal and allow you to access your lock remotely. It is worth noting that Z-Wave signals have a maximum reach of about 120 feet. However, if you have a range extender, you can access your lock as far as 600 feet away.
  • Keypad locks: Keypad door locks usually incorporate a touchscreen pad or backlit keypad on which you will type the set access codes to get in and out of the door. And the lock will deny anyone without the correct user code entry. In addition, you can program temporary user codes for temporary access if you have dogwalkers, babysitters, and other service providers who work for you regularly.
keyless door lock

Ease of Use of Keyless Entry Lock

Some locks are easy to operate while others aren’t. So, it would help if you considered the ease of use when selecting the best smart door locks, depending on your needs.

For example, if you have someone in your home who can’t speak, it would be unwise to select a keyless lock whose primary opening mechanism is voice controlled. Instead, you would be better off with locks, such as keypad locks or biometric locks. However, while these locks would be suitable for someone who can’t speak, they are the wrong choice for someone with physical disabilities, such as missing fingers. In such cases, RFID or Z-Wave locks may work best.

Ease of Installation

Some electronic locks require you to completely open up the old deadbolt and areas around it before installing a new keyless lock from scratch. But others can be installed next to the existing deadbolt and start working shortly afterward.

The complexity of a lock will determine whether you can install it on your own or not. Some will need you to hire a professional locksmith or handyman to ensure your home is secure. And that means you will spend more time and money.

Another aspect of installation you should consider is the compatibility of your keyless lock with existing smart devices. For example, a Z-wave lock will require a compatible smart home hub. If you don’t have the right home automation system, you will either have to invest in it or opt for another lock.

Easy installation is also a matter of what powers your locks. Would you need AA batteries or electricity? Or can your keyless system work without any of those things? What about solar power? If you are living off-grid, your power source is something you should consider seriously.

Additional Smart Features

You can have a simple electronic keyless lock or one with all bells and whistles. The kind of security features you have will depend on your needs and preferences.

For example, you could opt for a product with a tamperproof feature that locks out users after several failed attempts. You could also opt for one with a master code that enables you to delete other user codes so you can keep out people who were once authorized to access the door.

In addition, you can opt for those that have low battery indicators, dual functions like fingerprint readers and remote access, auto lock features, and compatibility with Apple watches and other smart mobile devices.

There are plenty of choices out there as far as keyless door entry locks are concerned. You have to find what suits you.

The Durability of Keyless Entry Locks

It is important to buy a keyless entry lock that will withstand wear and tear, vandalism, and the elements for the long term. After all, you will spend a lot of money on each lock, so make it count.

For that reason, you need to think about the construction material your electronic lock is made of – whether it can withstand lots of pressure and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) grade ratings. In the latter case, grade one indicates the highest lock performance level. In addition, you need to consider the lock’s ability to withstand weather extremes, such as excess cold or heat.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews concerning smart locks are important for determining the most excellent option available. That’s because what marketers state about a product is not always what it delivers in reality. So, customer ratings and reviews will ensure that you have the best keyless door locks in terms of performance.

keyless door lock

Keyless Door Lock FAQs

Below are answers to your most frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Do Keyless Door Locks Have Batteries?

Keyless door locks have batteries, so you don’t have to wire them. The battery compartment is found within the interior side of the lock cover. Most of these locks require lithium or alkaline batteries with a specified voltage. So be sure to select the right one.

Are Smart Locks a Bad Idea?

Smart keyless locks are good for busy families with hectic schedules where adults and teenagers may be coming and going often. They allow you to assign entry codes which is helpful with teenagers. They will automatically lock the door if someone forgets when leaving.

Can Keyless Door Locks Be Hacked?

Many smart locks with WiFi can easily be hacked. A Bluetooth-enabled keyless door lock is more secure and not easily hacked. The downside is you have to be near the keyless lock to use the mobile app without WiFi.

Are Keyless Door Locks Safe?

Keyless door locks are more secure than traditional ones for many reasons. First, they encrypt data and make it difficult for unauthorized users to access a home or parts of a home where they shouldn’t be. And some have advanced security features that make it even harder for users who have made several failed attempts to get into your home.

In addition, keyless doors don’t require a physical key, so you don’t have to worry about the wrong person accessing your space with a misplaced key. Also, they track entry activities and can help you determine who has been accessing your home or workplace as long as you give each authorized user their unique code.

That said, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled locks may be vulnerable to hacking. So, always ensure you double-check that they have been locked before you leave and set notifications to alert you when a breach has been made. And use hard-to-guess codes or multiple layers of security for access.

Are Keyless Door Locks Waterproof?

Many internal parts of the lock are usually not waterproof, which means that it can become rusty and even break over time when exposed to rainy or icy conditions. However, some products are waterproof. So, be on the lookout for an IP 65 rating, indicating the lock can withstand water jets from all angles.

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