The Best Keyless Door Locks of 2023: Unlocking Convenience and Security

Keyless door locks are becoming more and more popular among homeowners. With keyless door locks, you can control access to your house without giving out multiple keys.

It is common for people with traditional locks to forget to lock the door. You may end up misplacing your primary and spare keys, locking yourself out of your home. If you’re reading this, you’re likely considering buying a keyless operated electronic entry lock.

We’ve reviewed and compiled a list of the best keyless door locks. We invite you to explore the best keyless and programmable locks for homes listed below. 

My home inspection business tests hundreds of home-related products each month. We tried several keyless smart locks for this article and vetted over 12,542 customer reviews.

Learn how we rate keyless door locks.

Best Keyless Door Smart Lock Reviews

Below are some of the best smart locks, which don’t require a manual key to gain access. Instead, they incorporate modern designs that make them an excellent addition to your security system.

eufy Security Smart Lock Touch Fingerprint Keyless Entry
$259.99 $159.99
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11/23/2023 10:04 pm GMT

One of the best door locks is the eufy Security Smart Lock Touch. This is a lock that uses Bluetooth and has no keys. You can open it with your fingerprint, a key, or an app.

Your fingerprint is stored locally with a strong AES128 encryption chip to protect against hacks.

You can control the digital exterior door lock with your mobile device, no matter where you are. It is also Wi-Fi enabled. Additionally, the lock can connect to smart home systems like Amazon Alexa using a wireless bridge.

If you’re in danger, you can quickly reach safety by identifying and unlocking in under five seconds. Additionally, there is an auto-lock feature with a built-in sensor. It automatically locks the door when you enter or exit, keeping your home secure if you forget to lock it.

The eufy Wi-Fi Smart Lock touch is made of stainless steel and zinc alloy. It can withstand 1122 kg of weight and is durable against wear, tear, and rust. Additionally, it has a weatherproof rating of IP 65, so it can handle heavy rainfall for a long time.

This electronic keypad lock can handle very hot or freezing weather. You can put it anywhere.

Another benefit is using a portable charger to charge your eufy lock if your 4 AA batteries run out of power. So, you don’t have to worry about being locked out or in your home when you least expect it.

It is worth noting that the eufy electronic keypad lock is easy to install. You only need a screwdriver, and you can install your door lock deadbolt within 15 minutes.

Best Video Combo
eufy Security Video Smart Lock S330
$349.99 $244.99
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11/24/2023 09:54 am GMT

The eufy Security Video Smart Lock S330 appealed to me for its robust features and sleek design.

Installing the S330 was easy. The included mounting plate lined up with my existing door lock deadbolt latch. The setup process through the eufy app was straightforward, too. The solid build quality and heavy-duty materials impressed me. The rubber backing helps prevent any damage to my exterior door.

Unlocking the door with the fingerprint reader and electronic keypad worked flawlessly. The fingerprint scan is lightning quick at just 0.3 seconds. I also set up a secure passcode that lets my family come and go.

The 2K video is decent quality during the day. I wish the camera could adjust for shadows and backlighting better so the video isn’t too dark. The night vision has a short range because the door frame can block the infrared lights. The audio quality from the two-way talk is excellent, however.

Receiving notifications and viewing the live feed from anywhere is super convenient. I love the customizable motion zones, so I’m not bombarded with unnecessary alerts. The battery life has also been impressive so far.

The eufy Smart Lock S330 is a versatile option. It combines a smart lock and an exterior doorbell camera. Although the video and night vision can improve, I’m happy with the access control and security features. This eufy smart lock makes my home look nice and keeps it safe, all at a good price.

Top Pick - Runner Up
Smart Lock, SMONET Fingerprint Smart Deadbolt Lock
$199.97 $139.99
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11/23/2023 10:04 pm GMT

The SMONET is our pick for the best deadbolt latch lock. It recognizes your biometric information. It opens within two seconds, so you can quickly run to safety. You can connect it to the internet if you have a wireless gateway. Then, you can use a remote control to open your door for trusted guests. So, it can also work with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

You have other options like Bluetooth if you don’t want to unlock your electronic deadbolt online. You have several options to open the keyway door: an IC Fob or card, a mechanical key, a mobile app, passcodes on the keypad, or fingerprints. The smart touchscreen keypad is user-friendly, so you’re less likely to make mistakes.

The fingerprint lock has extra features to limit visitors’ access and protect your home from vandalism. You can use a code door lock setting to choose how people can enter your place.

Also, you can use the feature to set up timed codes that expire after the specified period. You can make special codes for family, service providers, and friends to track who enters.

If someone tries and fails to unlock the door five times, the SMONET electronic keyless lock will lock itself. That ensures unauthorized users have little chance of breaching your entrance door.

The zinc body of this lock is relatively durable. The keyless lock has an IPX5 rating. It can work outdoors but avoid prolonged exposure to humidity. Its standard operating temperature range is lows of 32 °F to highs of 104 °F.

The four AA batteries have a battery life of at least six months or 5,000 openings. You can unlock your exterior door with a power bank and charge it via the ports underneath when they run out of power. If you have any issues with installing or using the software, the manufacturer offers free technical assistance for life. Additionally, they provide a one-year warranty for customer service.

It is also worth noting that the product is easy to install if your entrance door has an existing deadbolt latch.

Top Pick - Runner Up
Sifely Keyless Entry Keypad Lock with Fingerprint Scanner
$129.99 $69.99
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11/23/2023 10:09 pm GMT

The Sifely electronic entrance door lock has a keypad to enter your passcode to unlock your residential home or business.

You can also open this lock with a smartphone app, key, fingerprints, or fob operated. Since you can save at least 200 codes and 150 fingerprints, you have many access options for everyone.

The Sifely Wi-Fi Gateway is one of the unique features of the Sifely keyless lock. You can generate user codes for unexpected guests from a distance. You can also remotely open and close your door and see visitor logs in real-time.

The lock has extra security features. The door automatically locks and notifies you when it is locked or unlocked. When your battery power is about to run out, the low-battery indicator will tell you of that.

Easy installation is also part of this product. You can install the lock quickly with a simple screwdriver since there is no drilling. The door handle can be flipped, so it works for right- or left-handed people.

Over the long term, the keyless lock provides good value for money. You get a one-year warranty, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and lifetime customer service support. And the zinc construction makes it relatively durable.

Top Pick
SCHLAGE BE375 CAM 716 Camelot Touch Deadbolt, Aged Bronze
$154.99 $140.06
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11/24/2023 10:14 am GMT

The Schlage BE375 CAM 716 Camelot Keypad Deadbolt is made with strong and durable silicone. It can be used in light commercial businesses. So, it is ideal for garage doors or home offices.

Also, the numbers are silicone-coated and backlit to ensure you can put in your codes even in the dark. The locks have a lifetime finish and mechanical warranty. They also have a three-year warranty for electronics.

The Schlage keypad deadbolt latch lock functionality has two pre-programmed user access codes. But you can assign up to 19 codes for your loved ones and control the lock with an app. You can easily use it. Unlock it from the outside with a thumb turn. Unlock and lock it from the inside in the same way.

Furthermore, the keyless lock has a 9V battery that typically lasts up to two years. To keep your lock from locking you out, the low battery indicator will let you know when the power is low.

With encryption levels akin to those used in banking and wireless connectivity, modern keyless door locks like the Schlage Encode ensure your home is safe from unauthorized entry.

Since no hardwiring is required, this keyless lock is easy to install. You only need a screwdriver, and you are good to go.

Top Pick - Best Budget
Wyze Lock Bolt, Fingerprint Keyless Entry Door Lock
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11/24/2023 10:18 am GMT

The Wyze Fingerprint Keyless Entry Door Lock is an electronic keypad lock with a Wyze app. You can use the app for at least 50 fingerprints of regular visitors to your home. But you can also add more for yourself. The deadbolt lock quickly recognizes your data, making it an excellent choice for safety.

You can use a code to lock or unlock the door with the anti-peep numbered keypad. You don’t need to worry about nosy neighbors seeing your code because you can add extra digits.

Also, you can set unique codes for everyone who goes through your door. Turning on Bluetooth lets you use the Wyze app to see who entered your space and when. Of course, if someone makes several failed attempts, the app will notify you, too.

Another key feature of the Wyze lock bolt is the timed auto-lock feature. It locks the door after a specified period if you forget to do it yourself. Also, you can schedule when the door unlocks. Furthermore, 4 AA batteries power the system to ensure it keeps working.

Installing the Wyze electronic keypad lock is simple if you have 20 minutes and follow the manual.

Our Verdict

The eufy Smart Lock Touch is a top-rated electronic deadbolt latch lock that offers both convenience and security. It has fast fingerprint unlocking, a durable weatherproof design, and easy app-based controls. With its highly secure encryption chip, installation is a breeze and can be charged on the go. Upgrade your front door safety with customizable mobile access.

The eufy S330 smart lock is a stylish and all-in-one package. It includes a 2K video doorbell camera, fingerprint and keypad unlocking, and mobile access control. Its night vision range is limited, and the auto image focus could be improved. The S330 has some issues with low-light video quality. But it has easy ways to unlock, personalized notifications, and strong home security connections. It is priced at $350, which is reasonable.

A comparable smart lock to the eufy is the Smonet Fingerprint Electronic Deadbolt Door Lock with Keypad. The Smonet offers advanced features like fingerprint, fob, key, passcode operated, and app touchscreen unlocking. Although some users reported battery problems, it provides better value than the eufy.

Our best budget option is the Wyze Fingerprint Keyless Entry Door Lock. The device has fast fingerprint recognition for 50 users. It also has a secure keypad for entering data. The device can automatically lock and has timing functionality. It is easy to install. The Bluetooth app can help you control and improve home security. It can monitor and alert you about tampering.

Other Honorable Mentions

The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock offers the best keyless electronic entry and remote access sharing. It works well with your current deadbolt and door. This innovative biometric WiFi smart lock upgrades home security without complicating aesthetics. It integrates smart features with voice assistants like Alexa and Google Home Assistant.

The Yale Assure Lock SL eliminates physical keys for seamless smart home access. This new smart lock uses WiFi and lets you unlock it without using your hands. You can also create your digital keys, which work with voice assistants. Upgrade home security without complicating aesthetics.

When picking the best model for your home, consider the Yale Access or Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro for their robust features and reliability. These models offer touchscreen interfaces and auto-locking mechanisms that redefine how we secure our homes.

keyless door lock with mobile app

How to Select the Best Keyless Smart Lock?

Typical keyless door locks for homes don’t require physical keys to access your home. Instead, smart devices incorporate helpful features. These include an electronic keypad to control who can get in and out of the house. So, it helps to know how to choose the best smart locks that don’t require traditional keys.

Consider your door’s hardware, the programmable lock’s size, and whether you need a deadbolt replacement or a lever. Kwikset and Yale offer a variety of finishes and styles to match your door’s look.

Below are the factors you can consider when purchasing a keypad electronic entry system.

Cost of Going Keyless

Price is always a factor when shopping for a product. For example, standard locks range in price from $25 to $50 per lock for those on the low end. But they may cost $130 to $265 for higher-end products. And that excludes the cost of hiring a professional locksmith, anywhere from $50 to $395 for the labor.

It’s safe to assume that keyless entry locks will cost more since it is more innovative and have more bells and whistles. But it would be best if you were prepared to spend anywhere from $50 to $400 for each lock you install, depending on its brand and performance.

Smart Home Compatibility

Smart locks offer compatibility with popular smart home systems like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomeKit. These locks have remote controls and rules you can customize. They are convenient and provide extra security. Homeowners who want to replace standard door locks should consider these.

With HomeKit support, you can elevate your home’s connectivity to a new level. Imagine locking your door with a tap on your Apple Watch or setting up access codes for the kids – it’s that easy.

Enhance your home integration with locks that work seamlessly with apps on your smartphone or tablet, allowing you to manage electronic entry codes and monitor status updates anywhere in the world.

Keyless Door Locking Options

You have many options as far as electronic door locks are concerned. Each type of lock uses a different smart technology to control access and enhance security.

Alarms and battery alerts add an extra layer of protection, ensuring you’re never caught off guard. To secure your home, the best smart locks have various integration options, including WiFi and Bluetooth.

Below are several keyless entry locks you can choose from.

Bluetooth locks:

Bluetooth locks use Bluetooth technology to detect a pre-set signal, such as a key fob, keycard, smartphone app, or voice commands, to open a door. If you don’t have an active virtual key, your front door lock won’t open. Instead, it will categorize you as an unauthorized user.

Bluetooth locks have an added advantage: they don’t always need WiFi. This saves energy and lets you open and close your doors without the internet.

RFID locks:

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) locks track and identify locks and their compatible keys or keycards with radio frequencies. So, you would need a key card or fob containing an RFID chip with your user information to activate the card reader within the lock so the door can open.

Hotels are frequent users of RFID technology. These locks offer peace of mind since already distributed key cards can be deactivated. And they are waterproof since the card reader is hidden.

Biometric locks:

Biometric locks are devices in smart homes that use special body features to identify authorized users. Some programmable features are voice, fingerprints, palm or eye scans, and facial appearance. Many programmable locks have fingerprint recognition scanners to fit your individual needs.

Once the fingerprint sensors detect your pre-programmed fingerprints, the lock will open. Others also incorporate a PIN code to increase the layer of security.

Wi-Fi locks:

Wi-Fi locks require that you have internet for the front door lock or any other lock to open. Those based on voice control programs will respond to your audio commands. People who are allowed to use it can get directions from different places, like an app or key fob, to talk to the lock.

Wi-Fi locks can work with other programmable smart home devices, like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. You can use voice control with Amazon Echo. But remember, remote access to Wi-Fi locks is possible, making hacks vulnerable.

Z-Wave locks:

Keyless locks must connect to a Z-wave-compatible hub to translate the incoming signal. So, simply connecting to your phone won’t work. But once the connection happens, your router will transmit that signal and allow you to access your lock remotely.

It is worth noting that Z-Wave signals have a maximum reach of about 120 feet. However, if you have a range extender, you can access your lock as far as 600 feet away.

Electronic keypad locks:

Electronic keypad door locks usually incorporate a touchscreen pad or backlit keypad on which you will type the set access key codes to get in and out the door. The lock will deny anyone without the correct user key code entry.

In addition, you can program temporary user combination codes for quick access if you have dogwalkers, babysitters, and other service providers who work for you regularly.

keyless deadbolt lock

Ease of Use

Some smart locks are easy to operate, while others aren’t. So, it would help to consider the ease of use when selecting the best smart door locks, depending on your needs.

If you have someone in your home who can’t speak, choosing a keyless lock that opens with voice control is not wise. Instead, you would be better off with lock functionality, such as keypad or biometric locks.

These locks are not a good choice for someone with physical disabilities like missing fingers. They would work well for someone who can’t speak. In such cases, RFID or Z-Wave locks may work best.

Airbnb hosts and those running a rental will find the flex lock functionality and the ability to generate temporary PIN codes or QR codes handy for granting guests timed access.

Opting for the best keypad door lock keyless system means embracing convenience without compromising security. With wireless integration, your Homekit setup becomes more streamlined, allowing easy access with just a touch. Batteries power these digital locks, ensuring your home remains secure during power outages.

Ease of Installation

To install a new programmable keyless lock, some electronic locks need you to remove the old deadbolt and clear the surrounding areas fully. You can install others next to the current deadbolt, and they will work soon after.

The complexity of a lock will determine whether you can install it on your own. Some will need you to hire a professional locksmith or handyman to ensure your home is secure. And that means you will spend more time and money.

When installing a programmable lock, consider whether it works with your other smart devices. For example, a Z-wave lock will need a compatible smart home hub. If you don’t have the right home automation system, invest in it or opt for another lock.

Easy installation is also a matter of what powers your locks. Would you need AA batteries or electricity? Or can your keyless system work without any of those things? What about solar power? If you live off-grid, you should think carefully about your power source.

The setup process for these locks is a straightforward DIY job. With just a few tools, you can quickly have your new keypad door lock or touchpad system ready, making it a favorite for homeowners and renters.

When choosing the best smart locks, consider the auto door locking feature that adds an extra layer of security. Yale digital locks are among the best options, offering robust integration with your home’s interior and exterior security systems.

Additional Smart Features

You can have a simple electronic keyless lock or one with all bells and whistles. The kind of security features you have will depend on your needs and preferences.

You can choose a product that locks out users after multiple failed attempts. You can choose a lock with a master code to remove authorized user combination codes.

You can also choose ones with low battery indicators. They can have dual functions like fingerprint recognition and remote access. These devices also have auto-lock features. They can be used with Apple watches and other smart mobile devices.

When it comes to keyless door entry locks, plenty of choices are available. You have to find what suits you.

Stay ahead with locks that offer Wi-Fi modules and geofencing capabilities. These features ensure your home stays connected and secure, giving you peace of mind in the kitchen or across the globe.

Advanced models like the Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro offer biometric entry and home network connectivity, which means you can choose the method of entry that best suits your lifestyle.

Door Hardware Durability

It is important to buy a keyless entry lock that will withstand wear and tear, vandalism, and the elements for the long term. After all, you will spend a lot of money on each lock, so make it count.

When choosing an electronic lock, consider its construction material and if it can handle pressure and ANSI grade ratings.

In the latter case, grade one indicates the highest lock performance level. You must consider the lock’s ability to withstand weather extremes, such as excess cold or heat.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews concerning smart locks are essential for determining the most excellent option. That’s because what marketers state about a product is not always what it delivers. So, customer ratings and reviews will ensure you have the best electronic door locks in performance.

How We Rate the Best Electronic Locks

  1. Security Assessment: I start by meticulously examining the security features of the keyless door lock. A numerical rating on a scale of 1 to 5 is assigned based on factors like tamper resistance (e.g., 4/5 for strong resistance), encryption methods (e.g., 5/5 for advanced encryption), and unauthorized access alarms (e.g., 3/5 if alarms are basic).
  2. Usability Evaluation: The ease of use is assessed, considering the intuitiveness of the interface, clarity of instructions, and user-friendliness of associated apps. Ratings are given for each factor, such as 5/5, for a straightforward setup.
  3. Connectivity Check: I evaluate the lock’s functionality and compatibility with smart home systems, remote access capabilities, and real-time notifications. A lock with seamless integration might receive a 5/5, while limited compatibility might score lower.
  4. Battery Life Test: The duration of battery life under typical use is tested. A lock that lasts over a year might receive a 5/5, while shorter durations score proportionally less.
  5. Flexibility Analysis: I assess the variety of access methods and the ease of managing multiple users. A system with diverse access options might score 5/5.
  6. Design Review: The lock’s aesthetics, finish, and style are evaluated. A modern design complementing various decors might receive a 5/5.
  7. Durability Test: The lock’s resistance to weather and wear is tested. A lock that withstands extreme conditions might score 5/5.
  8. Installation Assessment: The ease of installation and compatibility with different doors is rated. A lock that’s easy to install without professional help might receive a 5/5.
  9. Support and Warranty Review: I evaluate the availability and quality of customer support and the warranty’s comprehensiveness. A long warranty with excellent support might score 5/5.
  10. Price Evaluation: The lock’s value for money is assessed by comparing its features and quality to its price. A competitively priced, feature-rich lock might receive a 5/5.
eufy Smart
Lock Touch
eufy Security Video Smart Lock SMONET Fingerprint Electronic DeadboltSifely Keyless Entry Door LockSchlage Camelot Keypad DeadboltWyze Fingerprint Keyless Entry Door Lock
Security 454454
Smart Features544434
Battery Life444444
Average Score4.
keyless keypad lock


Below are answers to your most frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Do keyless front door locks have batteries?

Keyless electronic front door locks have batteries, so you don’t have to wire them. The battery compartment is found within the interior side of the lock cover. Most of these locks require lithium or alkaline batteries with a specified voltage. So be sure to select the right one.

Is Wi-Fi door key less locks a bad idea?

Smart keyless locks are good for busy families with hectic schedules where adults and teenagers may come and go often. They allow you to assign entry codes, which is helpful for teenagers. They will automatically lock the door if someone forgets when leaving.

Can keyless doors be hacked?

Many Wi-Fi smart locks can be hacked. A Bluetooth-enabled keyless door lock is more secure and not easily hacked. You must be near the keyless lock to use the mobile app without Wi-Fi.

Are electronic locks safe?

Electronic front door locks are more secure than traditional ones for many reasons. They encrypt data to prevent unauthorized access to certain areas of a home. Some locks have extra security features, making it even harder for people trying to break in.

Keyless electronic door locks don’t need a physical key. This means you won’t have to worry about someone using the wrong key to enter your space. They also monitor who enters and can identify access to your home or workplace with individual combination codes.

That said, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled locks may be vulnerable to hacking. Use hard-to-guess codes or multiple layers of security for access.

Are keyless smart locks waterproof?

Many internal parts of the lock are usually not waterproof, meaning it can become rusty and even break over time when exposed to rainy or icy conditions. Some products are waterproof. So, look for an IP 65 rating, indicating the lock can withstand wet conditions.

Are keyless locks difficult to install?

Keyless door locks are DIY-friendly. You can install most keyless door locks in about 15 minutes.

Can I use my phone to control a keypad door lock?

Many keyless door locks can be controlled with a smartphone app, allowing for remote access, guest keys, and real-time alerts. You can access these smart locks by Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

What are the advantages of keyless locks over traditional locks?

Keyless door locks offer convenience through features like remote access, multiple user codes, and the elimination of physical keys, which can be lost or copied.

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