Where are Frigidaire Air Conditioners Made?

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Where are Frigidaire Air Conditioners Made? 2

Frigidaire is a well-known brand known for its reliability in appliances. These appliances include refrigerators, dishwashers, washers, dryers, and air conditioners. Since its founding by William Durant, Frigidaire has gone through many improvements to where it is today. 

Most Frigidaire products are made in the United States. Their parent company is Electrolux Group, which is based in Sweden. 

Now, let’s dive into some specifics of Frigidaire.

Brief History of Frigidaire

Frigidaire recently celebrated its 100th anniversary after being founded in 1918. Before being owned by Electrolux, General Motors owned the majority of Frigidaire. In 1986 was when Electrolux purchased Frigidaire and has since owned this company.

From Frigidaire’s name, you can tell what their first product was. It was a refrigerator! They invented their version of the electric refrigerator five years before they were founded. 

After receiving such positive feedback from their consumers over the years, they decided to add more lines of products.

That is why today, you see more than just refrigerators and how we can discuss air conditioners. Having added more products has only brought more business and money to Frigidaire. 

Frigidaire has improved its products and business strategies to accommodate consumers nationally and internationally. 

Who Makes Frigidaire Air Conditioners?

Electrolux owns Frigidaire, and its manufacturing plants have locations in various places in the United States. Here is where the plants are at:

  • Kinston, North Carolina
  • Anderson, South Carolina
  • Springfield, Tennessee
  • Memphis, Tennessee

They also have one plant outside the United States in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.


Electrolux, a home appliance company, has been around for more than 100 years and is all about being sustainable. Their headquarters are in Stockholm, Sweden.

Starting in 1901 between two owners, in 1919, Electrolux got its title by combining two names, Elektromekaniska and Lux. 1924 is when Electrolux entered new markets, one being the United States. 

They provide their customers with similar products as Frigidaire in that they have washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, ovens, etc.

They have business in Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, Middle East, and Africa. They strive to craft better living by redirecting operations to reflect a sustainable and clean environment. 

Along with Frigidaire, AEG is another company that Electrolux parents. Between all that they juggle, they are in 120 markets. They have a vast reach and have shown that with how far of a reach Frigidaire has. 

They take the design in philosophy, work, and stories very seriously. They believe that good products do not just come out of nowhere. Each product and design comes with work and research, both things that take time.

They want to ensure that the user experience that comes with each of their products reflects in all the hard work they pour into the process of creating it.

Is Frigidaire a Good AC Brand?

Yes, Frigidaire is a good AC brand. They have years of experience and have used that experience to make good products for their customers.

They have utilized technology and intelligent devices to provide ease of use for people. You can use your phone to cool your room anytime in the comfort of your own space.

Frigidaire is a leader in its market space, which means people all around have put their trust in their products.

Of course, depending on your house and to find out what best fits your needs, the best thing to do is do your research.

You can read other people’s reviews and what kind of house/space they worked with. You can see if that matches or goes against what you are looking for.


Companies that have experience behind them can usually be trusted. Several things come behind the venture.

One is that the company themselves learn from their mistakes. They have seen what works with customers and what does not.

They have also learned from their manufacturing mistakes to find the best optimization combination. 100 years is a lot of time to evolve and shape into a good company with great products.

Another thing that comes with experience is countless reviews. These reviews help future potential customers, but also Frigidaire.

Customers have sent complaints or praised Frigidaire’s way. They have implemented that feedback into features that may not seem like a big deal in the big picture. 

Last, but not least, experience means they are doing many things right! The company and the products are resonating with the public, which keeps them going and improving. You can use numerous resources to judge the air conditioner or other product.

Technology Optimization

Many companies are now using smartphones and are finding technological ways to incorporate them into their products. Some of Frigidaire’s air conditioners use smartphones to be able to control the air conditioning unit.

Some things you can control through the Frigidaire app are turning the unit on or off, setting the temperature, setting a schedule, and fan speed. You can also connect the Frigidaire products to external devices that provide even more ease in operation.

Impeccable Options

The best part of having options is that you can almost customize the product directly for you. No matter your situation, whether you are buying a house, an apartment, an office, or a business space, you can find what you need from the 51 air conditioner options Frigidaire currently has. 

You can choose from energy efficiency, price, BTU (British thermal unit), and measures heat, noise level, etc.

Does Frigidaire Still Make Air Conditioners?

Yes! Since they first started making air conditioners in 1929, they have grown so much and made many different types of air conditioners to suit their needs. These are some of the air conditioners they have today:

  1. Window-Mounted Air Conditioners
  2. Portable Air Conditioners
  3. Built-In Air Conditioners

Here is a brief comparison between the three different types:

Window-Mounted Air ConditionersPortable Air ConditionersBuilt-In Air Conditioners
Price$179 to $919$329 to $599$689 to $969
BTU5,000 to 30,0005,000 to 15,0005,000 to 30,000
Noise Level40 to 6040 to 60Quiet
Energy StarYesNoYes
Easy to InstallYesN/ANo

Window-Mounted Air Conditioners

The window-mounted air conditioners currently come in 33 different types. You will have multi-direction airflow, which allows you to have the maximum amount of air circulation. 

Another cool feature this has is a dimming light feature. The worst thing for some people is to have a random bright light shining at them in the middle of a dark room.

If the air conditioner is inactive for a while, the window-mounted air conditioner will automatically detect that and start dimming. It will also alert you if the time has come for a cleaner filter.

Portable Air Conditioners

The portable air conditioners currently come in 5 different types, and one of their unique features is the clean air ionizer. The air ionizer helps reduce particles in the air that are not good to have around.

Frigidaire is all about easy. Easy installation, easy process, and this one also have easily cleanable filters. All you have to do is wash the filter. You can also quickly move this portable air conditioner from room to room.

Just like mentioned earlier, technology optimization has a massive play again. This pairs well with Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant. Instead of lifting a finger to change the controls, you can speak to either device to do so for you. 

You can feel safe around this portable air conditioner because it comes with a child lock for those who have little ones running around.

Built-In Air Conditioners

The built-in air conditioners currently come in 13 different types. One of the most remarkable features these air conditioners have is the quick, cool, and warm feature.

The AC unit is so convenient when you come back to your space and want to cool or warm your place up fast without waiting like you usually would. You can do so by using the automatic temperature control and keeping it at your choice’s fan speed.

You also may not have to worry about purchasing an extension cord because some built-in air conditioners come with a longer power cord.

If, for some reason, power is out at your location, you do not need to worry. The built-in air conditioners have an automatic restart where all settings restore whenever you regain power.

How Long Do Frigidaire Air Conditioners Last?

Just like this applies to every other product, it ultimately depends on how you take care of it. Newer air conditioner models can last up to and above 15 years. On average, they do last about ten years. Ten years is precisely how long the warranty from Frigidaire lasts as well.

It also depends on what kind of air conditioner you get. A cheaper model may last for a shorter time just because it does not have access to key features that can make the air conditioner more efficient.

Who Makes Frigidaire Furnaces?

Unlike Frigidaire air conditioners, their furnaces are made by Nortek Global HVAC. Nortek Global HVAC was founded in 1919.

They started by implementing environmentally friendlier oil burners for home heating after recognizing a problem that was going on in 1919 in St. Louis. They put their customer’s needs first and look towards them to find the answers and solutions. 

Nortek Global HVAC has had so much success, and they have a lot to show. They now have condensing gas packs, something that changes the game for heating homes. They also were the first within the HVAC field to be certified in Demand Flow Technology.

A furnace is something that circulates the hot air in your space to keep you warm. Frigidaire has two main types of furnaces. Even though there are two main types, there are many models of the furnaces.

  • Traditional Furnace
    • Furnace Models FG7SD and FG7SM
    • Furnace Models FG7TE and FG7TN
    • Furnace Models FG7TE-VS FG7TN-V
    • ESH1BF Heat Pump
    • FSH1BE Heat Pump
    • FSH1BF Heat Pump
  • Package Unit
    • R8GE Packaged System 
    • DF6SF Packaged System
    • R6GI Packaged System

Frigidaire is part of the top HVAC brands in the United States. Being one of the best brands in the USA shows how good of a company they are. They offer a 10-year warranty to show they stand for their product and believe in their parts.

A lot can happen in 10 years, and to back that up with a quality promise is not taken lightly by Frigidaire. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you are looking for an air conditioner, Frigidaire is a company you can trust and put your dollar towards.

They have captured innovation and targeted the customer’s needs down to the last detail. Even though essential air conditioners can get you what you need, once you taste all the excellent functions you can have, you will not want to go back. 

Frigidaire’s parts are manufactured in the United States, and the money stays in the United State’s economy. Electrolux and Frigidaire have both collectively grown over the years.

Frigidaire has had both national and international influence. Even having Nortek Global HVAC backing up Frigidaire furnaces shows how much knowledge and experience backs up in all Frigidaire products.

Having good support and base underneath will not always show, but when it is consistent, it will. After 100 years, we can see how much Frigidaire has grown because of what kind of company and system was backing them up.

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