Fandeliers: The Best Chandelier Ceiling Fans for 2023


Fandeliers combines the beauty of chandeliers with a ceiling fan. If you live in a warm climate, you may want to consider installing a fandelier in your home or business.

Below is a list of the best fandeliers you can consider. You can install them in modern homes within your home gym, living space, formal dining room, laundry rooms, etc.

Our Top Picks for Fandeliers

Below are our top picks for fandeliers. Each beautiful combination of a ceiling fan and chandelier has something to offer you. And some have added benefits that enhance your experience when using them.

MOOONICHE 52 Inch Crystal Modern Dimmable Fandelier

The MOOONICHE 52-Inch Crystal Modern Dimmable Fandelier is excellent for large spaces due to its 52-inch size. So, you can install it in areas like the living room, kitchen, or bedroom for a full dramatic effect. And its gold color and crystal decorations make the electric-powered dramatic fandelier stylish and suitable for modern-designed spaces.

Also, the fandelier comes with two rods, which can stabilize it on sloping and flat ceilings. Its four retractable blades stay out of sight when you only need the fixture for lighting and allow for upward and downward airflow, depending on whether you use it on a cold or hot day. In addition, their acrylic construction makes them transparent, light, and highly resistant to impact and temperature variations.

The six-speed motor on this fandelier enables you to choose a wide variety of speed settings, depending on how fast you want to cool down your space. And since it is a DC silent motor, you don’t have to worry much about noise.

Furthermore, the fandelier allows three color changes: Cool, Neutral, and Warm. And if you don’t like how bright the lights are, you can take advantage of the dimming feature that ranges from 2,700K to 6,000K. Also, with a handheld remote control, you can control the LED fandelier.

Modern Dimmable Fandelier Ceiling Fan

The Modern Chandelier Crystal Ceiling Fan with Light is 42-inches in size, making it suitable for a medium-sized or larger room. And its metal construction makes it stylish and robust. Using the remote control or app, you can control the lights as long as you are within a 100-foot range.

You can dim or brighten the lights based on your mood by adjusting the color temperature all the way down from 500K (5 percent) to 6,500K (100 percent). And the K9 crystals on the ceiling fixture have a high purity level and refractive index, making the light clearer. In addition, an auto memory setting stores your last light setting and allows you to enjoy it again, thus saving you time and energy.

The modern fandelier also comes with retractable blades that extend and retract automatically when in use and when not. And since they consist of ABS, they are highly stable, resistant to impact, and recyclable, making them durable and eco-friendly. That stability is enhanced by the four- and eight-inch down rods.

In addition, the crystal fandelier ceiling fan comes with an inbuilt LED driver. That makes the installation easier.

Moreover, the copper motor produces noise levels under 30dB, making the fan silent and enjoyable. And it has six-wind-speed settings that work separately from the light functions.

Also, the fan has dual-rotation functions. During hot summers, it can run forward and cool the space, while during cold months, it can operate backward and keep the space well ventilated.

If you are unhappy with your product, you can claim the 30 days unsatisfied replacement guarantee or 100 percent refund offer.

Moooni Dimmable Fandelier Crystal Ceiling Fans

The Moooni Dimmable Fandelier Crystal Ceiling Fan has a crystal and metal construction, making them sturdy, durable, and stylish at the same time. Its light kit consists of K9 crystals that enhance clarity, transparent acrylic fan blades that let light penetrate, and a high-quality metal body that reflects most of the light the fandelier produces. And the blades of this fandelier are retractable, which means they are less visible when not in use.

The 36-inch crystal fandelier is excellent for spaces ranging from 75 to 144 square feet, such as the kitchen, foyer, or hallway. And because of its stylish design, it’s an excellent choice for contemporary spaces or those with minimalist themes.

One of the fan components is a frequency DC motor, which is silent, ensuring you won’t have to worry about noise. And it has dual functionality. During hot days, you can set the downdraft mode to cool the room; during cold days, you can select the updraft mode for better air circulation.

In addition, the Moooni fandelier has a dimming feature that changes the color temperature from 2,700K to 6,000K, adjusting the brightness to what suits you best. And its 72-Watt LED panel is replaceable if repairs are needed. To top it off, you can control the brightness, fan speed, and color changes by remote control.

And should some of the fandelier crystals break, you can claim a full refund or replacement parts.

Fandian 42″ Modern Brown Crystal Fandelier

The Fandian Modern Brown Crystal Fandelier is 42 inches in size, making it a good option for larger rooms ranging from 170 to 270 square feet. Its metal construction and brown K9 crystals make it appear stylish and modern while enhancing the light reflection. And the acrylic retractable blades, which contribute to light penetration, are transparent and, thus, less visible when not used. Also, the down rods make the fandelier more stable.

The fan has a silent copper motor that produces no more than 30dB of noise. But it has three-speed settings, including one that creates ultra-powerful air movements that help to keep the room cool and comfortable.

In addition, the fan chandelier has a LED light source that provides three major color changes, including yellow, warm white, and white (ranging from 3000K to 6000K). And there’s an automatic timer that sets the lighting schedule. All of these things can be controlled via remote.

If you receive a damaged fandelier, you can claim the 60 days manufacturer’s defective warranty. And if you are unhappy with your product for any other reason, there’s always the 30 days unsatisfied return warranty available.

Retractable Crystal Dimmable Fandelier

The Retractable Crystal Dimmable Fandelier is a 42-inch fan meant for large spaces. And its metal construction makes it sturdy and durable. Also, the blades are retractable, lessening their visibility and enhancing the stylishness of this fandelier.

The multiple layers of crystals help to make the lighting softer. And with color temperatures ranging from 500K to 6500K, you can dim or brighten up your space to suit various moods, depending on the color you select.

Most settings can be remote controlled, including the dual rotation functions. These forward and backward rotations will make your room comfortable in hot and cold seasons. And the six-speed setting allows for more choices as far as the wind setting is concerned.

It is worth noting that this dimmable fandelier has a pure copper motor that is durable and quiet. In addition, it can help save as much as 35 percent more energy.

And if there are any missing parts, you can claim free replacements.

Modern Crystal Fandelier with 3 Retractable Blades

The Modern Crystal Fandelier with 3 Retractable Blades is a 36-inch fandelier meant for smaller spaces and low ceilings. It is made from iron, making it strong and relatively durable. And the material is also stylish.

In addition, the 40-watt fandelier is energy-saving. But its crystals help to enhance the reflection of light across the room, brightening its effect. Also, since it has retractable blades, they become less visible when not in use. And through its remote control, you can set any three-speed modes available.

What is a Fandelier?

A fandelier ceiling fan combines a regular ceiling fan and a decorative chandelier. As a result, the light fixture marries style and function, allowing your space to have light and a cool breeze when necessary.

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What to Consider When Buying a Fandelier?

To buy a chandelier ceiling fan, you need to consider several factors to choose the right product for your needs. Below are the things you should think about.

The Size of the Room

You first need to consider the size of the room to make an excellent choice of a chandelier fan. The kind of fandelier you need for a small space won’t be similar to what you need for a larger room.

The larger the space you need to light up and cool, the larger your fandelier needs to be. That way, the light fixture will be to scale while moving air and bringing in a cool breeze into the entire place. A smaller fandelier may not work as well.

And the rule of thumb is to get the sum of the length and width of your room in feet and use that value to determine the ideal fandelier size in inches. So, for example, if your room is 15 feet by 20 feet wide, your fandelier should be about 35 inches in size or thereabouts.

However, standard fans tend to range from 42 to 48 inches. And they work well for rooms as small as 75 square feet and up to medium-sized ones of 175 square feet.

Another aspect of room size to consider is the height of your ceiling from the floor. Ideally, any light fixture you install should have at least seven feet of clearance. So, a one-foot-high chandelier requires your ceilings to be at least eight feet higher.

The Type of Space

What you put in one space may not suit a different space.

First, the theme of your rooms will partly determine what kind of fandelier you choose. For example, if your living room is all about the latest trends, the last thing you will buy is a vintage ceiling fixture that will look dated. Instead, you will choose a modern design, such as a crystal chandelier that is compatible with your current style.

The location of your room also plays a role in determining your choice of an attractive ceiling fan. For example, what you need from an indoor ceiling fan won’t be similar to what you expect from an outdoor fan.

For example, if you install a fandelier on your porch ceiling, you don’t need it to be as strong as an indoor one. The breeze from the outside will do some of the work of cooling that area. So instead, you will use your chandelier fan more for the light, with cooling as a secondary function.

In addition, you need to consider the fandelier’s ability to withstand the elements, especially rain and snow. And that is where damp ratings come in. These ratings help you know whether you can use the fixtures in question in damp areas and to what extent they can be exposed to wet conditions.

The Cost of Fixture

The average cost of a traditional chandelier is anywhere from $100 to $4,500, depending on its ornate features. On the other hand, a residential fan costs an average of $50 to $1,400, while those used for commercial purposes can be as high as $3,500. These prices are exclusive of installation costs, which vary based on location and the work required to set up your ceiling fixture.

Because fandeliers have a dual function, they may cost more than traditional fans or chandeliers individually. However, those with simple designs may be just as cheap. On Amazon, you can find them for as low as $15 or as high as $5,500 or more.

Your budget and needs will determine what you can get.

The Construction Materials

Fandeliers consist of various materials. These include wood, crystal, crystal, ABS plastic, and many types of metal.

The construction materials usually affect the hardiness of the fandelier. It also affects its style, durability, cost, and ease of maintenance. Generally, the weaker the material, the less likely it is to withstand heavy wear and tear, corrosion, and the elements. For example, stainless steel resists rust quite well compared to wood, making it a good option for the outdoors. It is also compatible with modern design themes. But it is costly.

The Noise Levels

Too much noise can be bad for your hearing. So, to be safe, you need to keep any noise levels to 70dBA (A-weighted decibels) or less. Anything over 85dBA will affect your hearing negatively over time.

Light fixtures don’t produce noise, but fandeliers do due to the fans they incorporate. And the power and speed of the fan will determine just how noisy it will be.

Any fan that produces at least 20dBA will make some noise. But noise levels of 30dBA fall under the quiet category. And fandeliers producing up to 45dBA will be noticeable but tolerable. Anything above may be best suited for the outdoors or an industrial environment.

Therefore, shop around for fandeliers with the quietest motors possible.

The Energy Consumption and Efficiency

Considering that the average American spends $117.46 monthly on energy bills, it’s best to factor in the energy consumption of your preferred fandelier.

Fandelier ceiling fans usually use 30 to 110 watts, depending on speed and size. So, the lower the wattage of your fandelier, the lower your energy consumption will be. However, it would be best to also factor in efficiency.

Fandeliers that effectively balance energy requirements and cooling capacity are ideal. So, consider CFM (cubic feet per minute), or the air the fan can move when in use, and divide that by watts used when the fan is at the highest speed. For fans to be efficient, they should have an average airflow efficiency value of at least 75.

However, smaller fandeliers will have a lower value, while larger ones will have a higher efficiency value.

Style and Appearance

The style and appearance of attractive fan chandeliers will depend on what you desire or need for your space. For example, your favorite fandeliers could be the more ornate type of ceiling fixture that acts as a focal point and make a big statement. But for someone else, a simple fandelier may be the best option for their needs.

It may be best to have a dramatic fandelier in a room that has an understated design. But, on the other hand, a simple fixture may be what you need to tie up the busy fixtures and furnishings in your space. So, think about the current design theme you have going on and how a fandelier will fit in that space.

Bells And Whistles

The primary functions of a fandelier are light and cooling. But many also have bells and whistles that enhance these functionalities.

For example, some can be switched on and off using a remote control, ensuring you don’t have to move from where you are to light up or cool your space. Others have retractable blades that are exposed when the fan is in use and hidden away when you need lighting. And others have invisible or colorless blades that are hard to see.

Multi-colored fandeliers also exist. These enable you to change or dim the light colors to set or suit the mood. 

Warranty on Offer

The higher the construction materials’ quality, the more durable a fandelier will be. And that, in turn, will determine the warranty. Therefore, purchasing a ceiling fixture with an extended and comprehensive warranty is best. In addition, it indicates that the manufacturing brand is sure about its product and is willing to stand behind it by offering discounted or free repair and replacement parts and services if it breaks down too early.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are Fandeliers Good?

Fandeliers are great if they are in good condition and suitable for the space you install them in. The light fandelier models can give you great value for money over the long term as they light up and cool your home or office.

Are Fandeleirs Popular?

Fandeliers are popular, especially among people who want a ceiling fixture that performs a dual function.

Do Fandeliers Cool Rooms?

Fandeliers cool rooms as long as the incorporated fan is the right kind and works. But the cooling rate depends on the settings.

What Size Fandelier Do I Need?

To calculate the fandelier size, add the room’s width (in feet) times length (in feet). For rooms 12 feet wide and 16 feet long, you would need a 28″ wide fixture. Another thing to consider is how tall you want your fandelier to be. You need at least 7 feet of clearance for any light fixture. If you have an 8-foot ceiling, you should get 12 inches or smaller fandelier.


Plenty of unique ceiling fans with stylish frames to suit traditional and modern styles exist. And each comes with its own set of added benefits. However, the best one addresses your space’s cooling, ventilation, and lighting needs without exceeding your budget. So, prioritize your needs and preferences while considering various factors to find the best fandelier for your needs.


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