Best Electric Fireplace Stove for 2023: Beautiful Wood Stove Without the Mess

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If you’re looking for the beauty of a wood-burning stove without all the hassle, an electric fireplace stove might be the perfect option.

There’s just something about a wood-burning stove that makes a room feel cozy and inviting. But a traditional wood stove can be dangerous and painful to keep clean.

Best Electric Fireplace Stove Heaters with Realistic Flame Effects

Check out our picks for the best electric fireplace stoves below and find the perfect one for your home!

How We Select Our Top Picks

My home inspection business tests hundreds of home products each month. We reviewed numerous electric fireplace brands and over 4,275 customer reviews. 

We consider brand quality, durability, safety features, and pricing when selecting our top picks. When selecting products to test and recommend, we choose products with at least a 4-star rating and at least 75 customer reviews. We narrowed our list to those with at least 85% of the reviews being 4-star or 5-star combined. 

Best Overall - Top Rated Great Value
Duraflame DFI-5010-01 Electric Infrared Quartz Fireplace Stove with 3D Flame Effect, Black

Available in Black, Bronze, Cream, French Grey, and Navy colors.

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09/15/2023 11:49 am GMT

Duraflame Electric Infrared Quartz Fireplace Stove

If you’re tired of using traditional fireplaces to heat your home, maybe it’s time to try something different. A Duraflame electric wood stove might be what you need.

These stylish models don’t burn wood, so you can enjoy the warmth without worrying about the smell or the mess. They’re also safe since they don’t emit harmful fumes or gases.

They’re also very energy efficient, so you can spend less on your electric bill. So whether you live in a condo, apartment, or single-family home, you can still enjoy the comforts and look of a real fire.

Plus, they’re super easy to install. All you have to do is plug it in and turn it on. Then you can sit back and relax while watching TV or reading a book.

All of these benefits sound good, but what sets these models apart from the rest is the 3D flame effect technology. These models feature realistic-looking flames that dance on top of the logs, making them seem even more lifelike.

Five different flame effects are available, allowing you to choose the style that suits your mood. An automatic setting lets you set the flame level based on the ambient temperature outside.

This model comes with remote control, so you can adjust the flame levels and change the colors from anywhere in your home.

So if you’re ready to experience the joys of a real fireplace, check out the Duraflame electric fireplaces today!

A Duraflame Infrared Quartz Electric Stove Heater with 3D Flame Effect in Cinnamon is also available.

e-Flame USA Jasper Freestanding Electric Fireplace Stove Heater - Realistic 3-D Log and Fire Effect (Red)
$419.00 $194.35
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09/15/2023 08:54 pm GMT

e-Flame USA Jasper Freestanding Electric Fireplace Stove Heater – Realistic 3-D Log and Fire Effect

If you’re looking for a stylish, classic design alternative to traditional wood-burning stoves, e-flame USA Jasper may be exactly what you’re after.

This fireplace stove is designed to provide cozy warmth and ambiance wherever you choose to put it. It’s a safe, convenient option for those who don’t want to deal with the hassle of installing a traditional wood-burning stove.

This fireplace stove does everything a traditional fireplace does, except it looks better and costs less. Plus, it’s safe for children and pets. There’s nothing to burn, so you don’t have to worry about starting a fire accidentally.

Plus, this fireplace stove is built from high-quality material with glass front doors. It is super easy to install. Plug it into a standard 110v/120v wall outlet, turn it on, and enjoy the warmth. No chimney venting is needed.

This fireplace stove has a realistic flame effect and is available in three different sizes, depending on how much space you heat. So whether you live in a tiny studio apartment or a huge mansion, you can find the perfect fit for your living space.

All models include a remote control to adjust the temperature and lighting. In addition, the remote controls the fan, which helps circulate air throughout the room.

This fireplace stove is UL listed and meets all applicable codes and regulations. It’s also tested and certified to meet all standards for indoor air quality.

And since it’s safe for kids and pets, you can bring it anywhere. Whether traveling or simply moving between rooms, this fireplace stove is always ready to provide the warmth you need.

In addition to providing a pleasant atmosphere, this fireplace stove can warm up to 400 square feet of living area. So whether you plan to spend most of your time relaxing in front of the realistic flames or entertaining company, you’ll always be able to find a cozy spot to sit down and unwind.

This fireplace stove is an innovative, affordable, and eco-friendly way to add extra warmth to your home.

Budget Option
e-Flame USA Hamilton Indoor Compact Freestanding Electric Fireplace Space Heater - Realistic 3-D Wood Burning Flame (Matte Black)
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09/15/2023 09:23 pm GMT

e-Flame USA Hamilton Indoor Compact Freestanding Electric Fireplace Space Heater – Realistic 3-D Wood Burning Flame

A e-Flame USA Hamilton electric fireplace stove is an excellent option for those who don’t want to deal with installing a traditional fireplace. These stoves are designed to fit easily into any living room or bedroom corner space.

They’re also very convenient because they’re portable, so you can move them from room to room as needed. Plus, it’s safe and environmentally friendly, which is always nice.

They’re also very safe since they don’t emit harmful gases like carbon monoxide. They’re incredibly versatile since you can quickly move them around your home to wherever you want to warm yourself up.

Plus, they’re equipped with a safety thermal shut-off feature, which prevents overheating if the internal temperature gets too hot.

They’re also effortless to install. Plug it in and turn it on, and you’re ready. No tools are required!

Top Pick - Budget Option
Duraflame Electric Fireplace Stove 1500 Watt Infrared Heater with Flickering Flame Effects

Available in Cream and Red

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Duraflame Electric Fireplace Stove with Flickering Flame Effects

When you think of electric stoves, you probably don’t think of something that would fit easily into your home office or living room. But Duraflame has created a model that fits perfectly into any space.

This fireplace stove is designed to provide heat for up to 400 square feet and supplemental heat for up to 1,000 square feet, which should cover most homes. This budget-friendly option uses a 5,200 BTU heating element that heats the surrounding air. This allows you to stay warm even during cold winter nights.

The unit is compact and lightweight, making it easier to move around the house. Plus, it’s completely safe to operate, so you can put it anywhere in your home without worrying about damaging your furniture or belongings.

If you’d rather not deal with the hassle of moving the stove around every day, you can set it up in your garage or basement.

There’s nothing better than sitting comfortably in front of a roaring fire on a chilly night. So why wait to experience the warmth of a Duraflame electric fireplace stove?

electric fireplace stove 1

How to Select the Best Electric Fireplace Stove?

Not everyone can use a burning wood stove because of location or safety concerns. Wood burning stoves require venting to the exterior, which isn’t an option for some people. A freestanding electric fireplace stove is the safest option and doesn’t require venting. They also don’t produce smoke or harmful carbon monoxide gases.

Many of you might be interested in purchasing an electric fireplace stove. This guide to help you make the best decision before buying one. It covers all the different factors that you should consider before making a buying decision. Let’s get into them.

What is the Heat Output

When buying an electric fireplace for your home, it is important to check its heat output. This is measured in BTUs (British Thermal Units) and will differ depending on the type of fireplace you get.

For example, some fireplaces have a heating capacity of 1000 BTUs while others have a capacity of 5200 BTUs.

It would be best to have a high heating capacity fireplace stove to warm your space quickly. This is because a high BTU rating results in higher heating performance.

How Large an Area Will It Heat

An electric fireplace stove should be able to heat a large area quickly and keep the temperature regulated.

An electric fireplace stove unit with a 1500-watt heating element can heat up to 400 square feet. When you use it as a supplemental heat source, it can heat up to 1000 square feet.

How Much Electricity it Uses

Electric heaters plug into a standard 110v-120v electrical outlet. The amp rating is one of the most important things when buying a fireplace stove.

Electric fireplace stoves come in different power ratings. A 1500-watt unit uses about 12.5 amps, so that a 15-amp breaker will provide sufficient power. However, if you have several devices or appliances running on the same circuit, a 15-amp breaker may trip.

A 20-amp circuit breaker would be better if you intend to use multiple devices or appliances. Some models might state their power consumption in watts rather than amps, so check before purchasing.

If this is the case, you can use a watt-to-amp calculator.

electric fireplace stove 2

How Realistic the Stove Looks

One of the best pieces of home equipment is an electric fireplace stove. It is both beautiful and functional. You’ll likely desire an electric fireplace style resembling a wood stove with crackling logs.

Some people like modern design, while others prefer a more rustic feel. Some stoves look like real fireplaces. With a range of colors and materials, you can find a stove to perfectly match any home’s decor.

Electric Fireplace Stove Size

The size and shape of your fireplace stove are essential because you need to ensure it fits the space you want it to without being too big or too small.

A smaller model is best for small spaces like apartments or condos. If you have a large space or an open floor plan, you might need a bigger one.

There are several sizes to choose from, so make sure the one you pick will fit in the space you want. Look at all your options before deciding.

Most freestanding electric stoves stand 18-inches to 28-inches tall.

Safety Features are Critical

Great safety features are a critical component of any fireplace. An electric fireplace stove should have an automatic shut-off to prevent overheating. Another great feature is an adjustable thermostat which allows you to control the room temperature.

electric fireplace stove 3

How Good is the Fireplace Warranty

Anybody who buys a fireplace stove wants it to last, so opting for a durable and dependable model is key. Check the build quality of your potential stoves. Models made from cast iron or steel will have longevity.

When buying an electric fireplace stove, you should also ask about the length of the manufacturer’s warranty. Most fireplaces have a 1-year warranty, but some have a 3-year warranty.

Read Some Customer Reviews

In selecting the electric fireplace stoves on this list, we looked for units with a large customer sample size where at least 8 out of 10 customers rated the appliance as 4-star or 5-star. If you’re shopping for an electric fireplace stove, do a lot of research first. Read product reviews online and ask questions if you need to. You’ll know what you’re getting into before you make a purchase.

Why Should You Get an Electric Fireplace Stove?

Electric fireplaces are a very efficient way to heat your home and individual rooms. They generate heat faster and more efficiently than a traditional wood-burning fireplace. Heat rises, so with a traditional chimney fireplace, all the heat escapes out of the chimney.

Traditional fireplaces and wood-burning stoves are also very messy and hard to maintain. However, if you love the look of a wood-burning stove but don’t want to use actual logs, an electric fireplace heater may be the perfect alternative. You can enjoy the advantages of a wood-burning stove without worrying about the clean-up or difficulty.

You may regulate the heat coming from each side of the device. This means you can change how much heat comes from the front and rear sides of the machine. You may also incorporate extra features such as remote controls, programmable heat settings, and digital displays.

electric fireplace stove

Electric Fireplace Stove FAQs

What is an Electric Fireplace Stove?

An electric fireplace stove is a heating device that uses electricity to heat the air inside your home. It looks like a traditional real wood-burning stove but doesn’t use firewood or natural gas. It’s safe to use in your home because it doesn’t produce toxic gases.

Can an Electric Fireplace Heat a House?

An electric fireplace can heat a house. They are excellent for heating rooms up to 400 square feet as a primary heat source. They can warm up to 1000 square feet as a supplemental heat source.

How Does an Electric Fireplace Stove Work?

Electric fireplace stoves use a quiet fan to draw cool air across an electric heating coil and distribute warm air from the heater. Most use an automatic thermostat to create even heat distribution throughout the room.

The size of the electric fireplace will determine how much heat it can produce. Typically, electric fireplaces can heat rooms to 400 square feet. You can also control how much heat you want or turn the heat off and enjoy the realistic adjustable flames.

Are Electric Stove Fires Expensive to Run?

Electric stove heaters are not very expensive to run. Most have an automatic thermostat to cycle the heat on and off as necessary. It only costs about 15 cents an hour to operate. If you were to use it an average of 3 hours daily, it would cost you about $13.69 per month or $164.25 per year to operate.

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We hope this guide will help you find the perfect freestanding electric fireplace stove for you and your home. Even if our list did not include the ideal stove for you, keep in mind our buyer’s guide to help you find a stove that will offer everything you need to suit your budget and home.

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