12 Of The Best Types Of Electric Heaters For Your Garage

Working in your garage is great because it is essentially going to be used all by yourself. No one else cares to be in there beside you because it may not look as appealing.

However, to you personally, you love being in there because of many reasons. One, it may just be your sanctuary, and secondly, it might just be a hangout spot for you and your friends or family. 

Now that it is starting to get chilly, one of the many concerns you will face is that garages can get extremely cold during those winter months.

I mean, who would want to hang out or work in 20-degree or below weather? No one! So we must know what the best type of electric heater is for your garage. Well, we have 12 listed down below for you!

  1. Broan-NuTone
  2. Lasko 755320
  3. KING KB2410-1-B2-ECO
  4. Fahrenheat FUH
  5. Comfort Zone CZQTV5M
  6. Aikoper Space Heater
  7. GreenTech Environmental
  8. Dr. Heater DR966 240-volt
  9. NewAir Garage Heater
  10. Dr. Infrared Heater DR-988A
  11. Comfort Zone CZ220
  12. Comfort Zone CZ260ER

In this article, we will be discussing what different kinds of garage heaters there are, what features to look for, and if you prefer a portable or mounted garage heater. This is your ultimate guide to choosing which heater will suit your needs the best!

Types Of Garage Heaters

Three main types of electric heaters are considered the best for use in your garage. Each type ranges in size and functionality to produce a comfortable environment in your garage. Let us go over all the heaters that fall under these categories:

Infrared Heater

Infrared Heaters

Radiant or quartz heaters are other names for infrared garage heaters. They produce radiant infrared heat, which you can use in both small and large garage spaces.

As opposed to fan-forced or ceramic electric garage heaters, these heaters start running as soon as you turn them on and have a very high heat output.

The heat generated by infrared heaters, on the other hand, does not warm the air inside the garage. In other words, infrared heating warms the actual structures in which the infrared waves come into contact, such as with humans or cars. This means that when the heating is running, the ambient air temperature has not increased.

When the heater has been turned off, the temperature of the things and people in the garage drops rapidly. This also implies that the more things and people you have in your garage, the less powerful the infrared heater will be because the beams will be scattered around the space due to the objects and people.

Ceramic Heaters

Ceramic electric garage heaters work in the same way as fan-forced heaters.

Still, these radiators have one significant difference: they use a ceramic heating element instead of the metal part used in fan-forced heaters. Ceramic heaters are much more efficient than a fan-forced heater at heating an expansive room because of the material difference.

Ceramic heaters are a decent choice for more significant areas where you choose to increase the indoor air temperature rather than heating only physical artifacts, as in an infrared heater. On the other hand, Ceramic garage heaters can take some time to heat up until the fan can begin blowing warm air.

Fan Heater

Fan-forced Heater

Fan-forced heaters quickly heat the air surrounding them by using an electric heating device inside the heater. A fan in the heater’s back drives this hot air out into the garage or workshop, warming the surrounding air and raising the temperature in the building.

This electric heater takes longer to warm up and is not as efficient as a ceramic heater. So, if you have a smaller workspace and do not mind waiting a little longer for fuel, a fan-forced heater would suffice. Otherwise, an infrared or ceramic electric garage heater may be a better option.

What To Look For When Choosing A Good Heater?

Before choosing an electric garage heater for your garage or workspace, take a few minutes to educate yourself on the most crucial shopping considerations to keep in mind.

1. Adjustable Thermostat 

If you want an electric garage heater that will control the room’s ambient temperature and switch on when it is too cold and off when it is too hot, you will need one with a built-in adjustable thermostat. 

This function allows you to set the optimum temperature for the garage, and the heater will begin heating automatically until the ambient air in the room exceeds that temperature.

This role is perfect in colder climates where 24-hour heating is needed, as the auto on and off functionality can keep your garage at the proper temperature without wasting excessive electricity.

2. Garage Size

When choosing an electric garage heater, the size of your garage is a significant factor to remember. If you purchase an insufficiently efficient heater for the room you want to heat, it will leave you working not only in the cold but also out the money you wasted on the faulty heater.

A reasonable rule of thumb to remember when selecting an appropriate garage heater is that for every 10 watts of production, you can heat 1 square foot of room. A 1500 watt electric garage heater, for example, can heat a 150 square foot garage or store.

Also, consider how much physical space you have. If you only use a third of your garage and the remainder is used for your car or storage, you might be able to get a smaller heater that will provide enough space for you while not wasting electricity by heating the rest of the unused area.

3. Portable Or Mounted

Electric garage heaters are classified into two groups based on their installation: mounted and portable.

Mounted Electric Garage Heaters 

It is possible to install it on the wall or the ceiling. They can either be hardwired into the building’s electrical grid for a more efficient heat output or plugged into a standard power socket, a less complex form of installed heater to install than the hardwired kind.

If you want a semi-permanent heater that you only have to set up once, mounted heaters are a perfect choice. If you do not have a huge garage or studio, these larger units can be too strong for a small room.

Portable Electric Garage Heaters 

These heaters can be placed on the floor or on a bench. Portable electric garage heaters can also be moved whenever and wherever you choose to get the room’s best heat.

These heaters do not need much assembly or configuration and usually require an available outlet to start working right away. These heaters take up room on the floor and tables, and their cord can be a tripping threat.

4. Maintenance

Any heating or cooling appliance will take some maintenance to function correctly over time, and an electric garage heater is no exception.

Lightweight heaters are less costly than heavier-duty models, but they will not last as long. So, if you do not mind repairing a heater every couple of years, you should get by without doing much maintenance.

Electric garage heaters that are more reliable can last longer. Still, it would be best to disinfect them every day, check the power inlets for breaks, and monitor the heat outputs to ensure they are working correctly.

If you do this daily, the more costly heaters will end up costing less in the long run than replacing many lightweight heaters.

5. Safety Features

Electric garage heaters can be unsafe if not built, set up, and used correctly. Fortunately, many manufacturers have started to include protective features such as a tip-over system, overheating protection, and a cool-touch feature to make the product as accident-proof as practicable.

Overheating Protection

Almost all electric heaters would have this helpful feature. It is intended for days of continuous use where the air temperature will vary by many degrees, allowing the heater to overheat.

When this occurs, the overheating safety detects the rising temperature and turns off the heater to prevent exterior damage to the garage and internal damage to the heater.

Cool-touch Case

Since wall-mounted and portable garage heaters are frequently set up or placed in places where passing children or adults come into contact with the heater’s sides, this function is mainly used for them.

Heaters without this protection option will cause severe burns, but the cool-touch feature allows you to touch or grab the heater’s exterior without hurting yourself.

Tip-over Shut Off Switch

This feature is convenient when you wish to use it for any room in your home for heaters. The tip-over safety switch on your heaters will automatically shut off the heater if it is well tipped over.

The tip-over protection will prevent the appliance from overheating due to having less than optimal airflow while also lowering the chance of causing a fire.

Fortunately, it is rare not to find this feature in a space heater. With this, you can rest assured that if an accident were to happen, whether you, your kids or your pets accidentally knock your heater over and you do not notice it right away, nothing will happen.

6. Other Features to Consider

Electric garage heaters have evolved with the times and now provide many extra features that may help your garage stay warm. Evaluate the features mentioned below to see if any are necessary for you to keep warm when working in your garage.

  • A handle: Having a Handle will allow you to move your heater of choice with ease, so if the heater does not have a cool-touch case, you can adjust the heater without turning it off and letting it cool.
  • Louvers: These are a type of shutter with horizontal slats that are angled to allow air to flow in a specific direction of your choice.
  • Extended cords: Using a heater with one of these would allow you to position the garage heater anywhere within reach of an outlet, thus extending the possible areas to set up and keep warm.
  • Wheels: Getting a heater with wheels will allow you to move your heater around with ease without having to pick it up. If you plan on getting a heavier heater, look for one with wheels to save you some hassle.
  • Wi-Fi Feature: Some heaters come with a Wi-Fi function that will allow you to adjust the said heater’s temperature via an app on your phone, thus giving you a makeshift remote control for your heater.

Best Electric Heater For My Garage

1. Broan-NuTone4000-2000 W$275
2. Lasko 7553201500 W$64.49
3. KING KB2410-1-B2-ECO10,000 W$1066.79
4. Fahrenheat FUH5000 W$309.45
5. Comfort Zone CZQTV5M1500 W$250
6. Aikoper Space Heater1500 W$69.99
7. GreenTech Environmental500-1500 W$235.40
8. Dr. Heater DR966 240-volt3000-6000 W$156.25
9. NewAir Garage Heater5000 W$189.69
10. Dr. Infrared Heater DR-988A4800-5600 W$112.99
11. Comfort Zone CZ2205000 W$112.65
12. Comfort Zone CZ260ER10,000 W$259.85

The heaters listed below are among the highest rated in functionality, safety, and price, to help you find the perfect heater to keep your garage or workshop nice and warm when you are using that space.

If you end up not liking the heaters listed, at least it will give you plenty of examples of what to look for and give you a jumping-off point to find the right heater.

1. Broan-NuTone

If you do not want to bother with hard wires or mounting your radiator, the Aikoper is a decent option. Connect the cable to a standard outlet and change the temperature on the customizable digital thermostat to start warming your garage to the appropriate temperature. Low heat generates 900 watts of energy, while high heat generates up to 1500 watts.

ECO mode will automatically switch on or off the heater based on your temperature settings, ensuring that you are never without heat while not wasting electricity when the heater is not needed.

This ceramic heater has an oscillating feature for more even heat distribution and remote control for operation from a distance.

The heater has a cool-touch body and built-in handles, which make it an excellent choice for portability. Still, it also has overheating and tip-over protection for additional safety.

2. Lasko 755320

This portable electric garage heater is tower-shaped, and it has an oscillation mechanism that allows heat from its ceramic elements to be distributed over a higher and broader zone.

For a maximum 1500 watt power output, you can adjust the temperature to either a set low or a set high level. The ceramic heater also has an adjustable thermostat for automated operation.

When you switch on the heater, you can set an automated timer to turn it off when the timer expires, or you can allow it to run on its own before you shut it off.

The heater has a built-in carry handle, a remote control, and other safety features, such as overheating protection and a cool-touch surface that helps you manipulate the heater when it is in operation without getting burned.

3. KING KB2410-1-B2-ECO KB ECO2S Garage Heater

This heater made by KING comes in 3 different max wattage settings. You can choose either 5000 watts, 7500 watts, or 10000 watts which all come at different prices.

While this specific heater may be one of the most expensive on this list, keep in mind these heaters are mainly used for extensive areas. They also come with a multitude of features.

By providing unparalleled heating, energy conservation, and user control of the built-in electronic thermostat, the KB ECO2S works smarter, not harder.

It provides an energy-efficient 2 stage heating with an Eco mode, which will automatically use the low wattage of the device to heat the room. It also comes with integrated fan only and timer modes, easy to install wall and ceiling mounts, and remote control to easily change the temperature.

4. Fahrenheat FUH Electric Heater

If you have an oversized garage, Fahrenheat’s 5000-watt garage heater will suffice. To steam up vast and drafty work areas, this model employs fan-forced heating.

The heater has a mounting bracket that allows you to place it on your ceiling or wall, depending on where you want the heat to be directed. The heater also has louvers that you can adjust for improved directional control.

Although this electric garage heater’s price is relatively higher than most heaters on this list, you get various advantageous features.

You get a remote control for long-distance use, overheating safety, and an adjustable thermostat that monitors the ambient temperature and automatically turns on or off the heater based on the current reading.

However, keep in mind this heater must be either directly connected into a 208 or 240-volt grid or plugged into a fitting 208 or 240-volt socket.

5. Comfort Zone CZQTV5M Ceiling Mounted Heater

The excellent Broan-NuTone wall-mounted electric garage heater delivers. The wall heater is designed to operate with either a 240 volt or 120-volt electrical system (in terms of watt usage, this equates to 4000 to 2000 watt maximum output.)

It can be plugged into an accessible socket or hardwired straight into the electrical systems.

The fan-forced electric garage heater features a heavy-duty 18-gauge steel grill and a front-mounted adjustable thermostat.

The down-facing Louvers on the grill guide airflow toward the ground, so you could better install this heater higher up on the wall.

A fan delay stops the fan from turning on before the element has reached a high enough temperature to pump out only hot air.

6. Aikoper Space Heater

This ceramic tower heater will quickly heat up due to its ceramic elements with High and Low heat settings that run at 1500 and 750 watts, respectively.

This heater allows you to adjust the temperature in 1-degree intervals to set your perfect temperature while also providing you with an ECO setting to automatically turn the device on and off, saving you money on your electric bill in the process.

The Aikoper is packed with the essential safety features that provide reliable tip over and overheat protection and an 8-hour timer for those times when you forget to shut off your heater.

This heater also comes with a cool-touch housing to protect you and your family from burns when handling it if you need to move it before it cools down.

7. GreenTech Environmental Preheat

This infrared heater is designed to resist wind and rain, allowing you to use it not only in your garage or workshop but on your patio or even in yard sitting areas.

The GreenTech Preheat provides a safe heat that is felt up to 15 feet away and comes with three adjustable heat settings, multiple mounting options, and an auto shut-off timer.

This heater comes on a stand as well, so you can adjust the heater’s height and angle to direct the flow of heat exactly where you need it most.

Not only that, but the GreenTech comes with build-in tip-over and overheat protection to automatically shut off this device at a moment’s notice if an accident occurs.

8. Dr. Heater DR966 240-volt Hardwired Shop Garage Commercial Heater

This heavy-duty space heater uses 240v operating at either 3000 or 6000 watts for the Low and High settings, respectively. Not only that, but this heater also comes with an 8-inch steel fan, which will heat any oversized garage or workshop with ease.

Coming with wall or ceiling mounts to install in whatever place you desire. This heater also comes with five adjustable louvers to direct airflow with added precision.

However, the DR966 only comes hardwired and with no power cord. Meaning it requires some knowledge to install it into your electrical grid properly.

So if you do not have the know-how to do so, if this is the right heater for you, perhaps hiring an electrician to install it is the way to go.

9. NewAir Portable Garage Heater

This heater by NewAir comes with 5000 watts of heating power capable of heating up to 500 square feet comfortably and without costing a fortune.

This heater also requires you to hardwire it into your power breaker. However, you can steer heat anywhere in your garage with adjustable louvers and tilt heads.

If you happen to be seated in one place when working, you can direct the heat to the exact position you need. Alternatively, you may leave the louvers fully open to allow heat to circulate the space. 

Coming with its ETL certification for electrical safety and overheat protection, you can ensure this device lives up to safety standards.

This kit also has a mounting bracket that allows you to connect it to your workspace wall or ceiling. With a heater shielded from busy work areas, you can keep toasty and warm.

10. Dr. Infrared Heater DR-988A Garage Shop 208/240V

With its specifically built heating unit and fantastic compact build, the DR988A industrial electric garage heater is ideal for warming any building site, garage, basement, or workshop. It has a built-in thermostat that you can set from Low to High. It even has a fan to keep you warm all the time. 

The DR988A industrial heater is reliable and long-lasting. Built-in cord storage aids in the organization of your closet. Finger-proof intake and discharge grills, as well as a high-temperature heating limit, are among the safety features. Choose the DR988A for easy, clean, and reliable heating, and you will never be left out in the cold. 

11. Comfort Zone CZ220

This powerful ceiling-mounted heater is ideal for use in a garage or workshop to provide plenty of warmth without taking up any floor space.

With 5000 watts of power backing this heater, it is ideal for large areas and heats them quickly. This fan-forced heater has a rugged, heavy-gauge steel body designed for prolonged use in harsh conditions.

This enables it to withstand the unexpected temperature changes and surges that can occur in improperly insulated environments. 

The heater has a dial knob on the front that helps you set the thermostat or switch the machine on and off quickly and easily. The easy controls make it simple to adjust the heat output to the ideal amount for your room.

To avoid overheating, a built-in sensor automatically turns off the fan-forced ceiling mount heater if it exceeds an unacceptable temperature. The device also has a power light that clearly signals when it is in operation, assisting you in ensuring that it is securely switched off before leaving the building.

12. Comfort Zone CZ260ER

Using the integrated wireless thermostat control, you can easily change the temperature of this 10,000-watt space heater.

You can achieve effectual heat output as well as customized heating settings to accommodate yourself and your surroundings. The remote control is simple to use, and the 12-hour timer adds ease.

You can also change the orientation of this ceiling-mounted space heater. It is ideal for use in either a garage or workshop since it needs a hardwired connection. It has a heavy gauge steel body and completely sheathed heating elements for long-lasting efficiency in any setting.

The space heater complies with OSHA and NEC standards, and it has power and caution indicator lights for simple operation and tracking. An overload transfer adds additional safety and protection against electrical overload.

Final Thoughts

Overall, we know finding a heater for your garage can get a bit upsetting at times, but we hope you have found this article helpful!

We also wish to help you find the heater of your choice from the list of highly-rated heaters and provide you with enough information to help you look for that perfect heater you need to keep you comfortable and warm for your work.

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