Best Electric Fireplace with Modern Design & Realistic Flames in 2022

best electric fireplace for realistic flames

When choosing the best electric fireplace, there are a lot of different factors to consider. Each modern electric fireplace has pros and cons, and finding the perfect one for your home can be difficult.

More than 1,500 electric fireplace models are for sale in the United States. We’ve sought out the best electric fireplaces for you, considering prices, features, and reviews to find the best options available.

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Our Best Electric Fireplace Top Picks

How We Choose Our Best Electric Fireplace Top Picks

To choose the best electric fireplace, we looked at different specifications. These include:

  • Heating power: how many watts and BTUs
  • Heating control: heat control settings and automatic thermostats
  • Realistic Flames: the flame options available, including colors, brightness, and speeds
  • Safety features like overheating protection, cool surfaces, timers, CSA, ETL, and UL safety approvals
  • Size: the linear length and height of the electric fireplace

We have also looked at important factors when choosing an electric fireplace. These include:

  • Brand reputation: Including customer service and product warranty
  • Price: how affordable the fireplace is compared to similar models
  • Customer ratings: how actual customers rate the product

Best Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

If you’re looking for the best wall-mounted electric fireplace, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s look at some of the best options on the market and help you choose the one that’s right for you.

10 Best Home Interior in 2022
10 Best Home Interior in 2022
Best Overall Value
R.W.FLAME Electric Fireplace
  • Great Overall Value
  • 30-inch to 68-inch
  • Recess & Wall Mount
  • Flush Mounts in 2x4 Wall
  • Touch Screen & Remote
  • 12 Flame & LED Flame Bed Color Modes
  • 5 Flame Speed Modes
  • 5 Flame Brightness Levels
  • 2 Heat Modes, 750W & 1500W
  • Ultra Quiet Fan at 38dB or less
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • ETL Certificate Approved
  • No Thermostat
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09/30/2022 11:58 am GMT

R.W.FLAME Electric Wall Mount Fireplace

If you want to add warmth to your living space, why not consider installing an R.W. Flame electric fireplace? They’re an excellent addition to any home decor and provide heat without using fossil fuels.

This fireplace is fantastic! It has a sleek and attractive design and is also very practical. You can control it with either the touch screen or the remote control, and there are 12 different flame & LED flame bed color modes to choose from.

There are also five different flame speed modes and five different flame brightness levels to choose from, so you can customize it to your needs. Plus, the automatic flame design changes the color and brightness of the flames based on your mode!

The best part is that this fireplace is energy-efficient-it has two heating modes: 750W & 1500W. So whether you want something just to keep you warm or want to save on energy costs, this fireplace has you covered! And not only is it safe (ETL Certificate Approved), but it’s also comfortable.

The heat is good for maintaining the natural humidity within the air without making the room too dry. Despite not having an automatic thermostat (many models don’t have them), I love this product and recommend it to anyone looking for the best built-in electric fireplace!

Top Pick - Runner Up
XBeauty 50" Electric Fireplace
$379.99 $278.99
  • Wall Mount or Recess In-Wall
  • Can Be Flush Mounted Inside 2x4 Wall
  • Available in 30" to 68" lengths
  • 12 Flame Color & Ember Bed Lighting Options
  • 5 Flame Speed & Brightness Settings
  • 1 to 8-Hour Timer
  • Whisper Quiet Fan Under 40dB
  • Touch Screen & Remote Control
  • 2 Heat Settings 750W/1500W
  • ETL Certification
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • No thermostat
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09/30/2022 11:23 am GMT

XBeauty 50″ Electric Fireplace

The Xbeauty electric fireplace is a sleek, contemporary design that can be recessed or wall mounted. It has a full spectrum LED display of twelve colors, five speeds for realistic flames, flexible control modes, and the best customer service.

The recessed and wall-mounted fireplaces can fit in any space, while the full spectrum of LED colors and 12 flame speeds create a realistic fire effect. You can adjust the flame color and speed to create your desired ambiance. There is also an option to choose between twelve ember bed colors.

The 750W or 1500W heating mode provides ample heat for up to 400 square feet, while the sleep mode function saves energy when not in use.

The touch screen and remote control make it easy to adjust all fireplace functions, including the power switch, timer, flame color, and speed.

XBeauty wants you completely satisfied. Customer service is available 24/7 to help with any questions or problems you may have with installation or product use. Free replacement is available if there are any installation problems or damage/missing parts.

Top Pick - Runner Up
PuraFlame Alice 50 Inches Recessed Electric Fireplace
$529.99 $499.99
  • 36 to 68-inch lengths
  • In-wall recessed only
  • 110V plug-in or hard-wire
  • Realistic flame effect
  • Log set or crystal stones ember bed
  • 4 different flame settings
  • 1500W heater with 2 settings
  • Touch Screen and Remote Operation
  • Automatic thermostat 60 to 84 F
  • 30-minute to 9-Hour Timer
  • It lacks a wide array of flame color options
  • It can't be wall-mounted
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09/30/2022 11:38 am GMT

PuraFlame Alice Recessed Electric Fireplace

The PuraFlame Alice recessed electric fireplace is a sleek, modern fireplace that can be recessed into the wall. The realistic flame effect is created with ultra-high-intensity LED lights, and you can choose between log sets or crystal stones for the ember bed.

There are four different flame settings to choose from, and you can operate the fireplace with or without heat for a year-round ambiance. The upper front heater blower puts out moderate heat but isn’t suitable as the primary heat source.

The thermostat can control the room temperature to suit the user’s preference, and you can set the countdown timer to turn off the fireplace from 30 minutes to 9 hours. The PuraFlame Alice Recessed Electric Fireplace is the perfect addition to any home decor.

Top Pick
Touchstone 80004 – The Sideline Electric Fireplace – 50 Inch Wide
  • 28 to 100-inch lengths
  • Recessed in-wall mounting only
  • 3 flame colors (orange, blue, and orange-blue)
  • Realistic 5 flame settings
  • Remote control
  • Log, crystal, or both
  • Cool to the touch glass
  • 120V outlet
  • 2 Mode 750W/1500W heater
  • One year warranty
  • It can't be wall mounted
  • It lacks a wide flame color selection
  • No thermostat
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09/30/2022 12:04 pm GMT

Touchstone Sideline Electric Fireplace

The Touchstone Sideline Effect electric fireplace is designed for recessed in-wall mounting, creating a cozy atmosphere of a real fireplace with realistic flames.

The Sideline has five flame settings that radiate a soft ember glow up to an intense blaze, and it comes with one log or crystal. If you prefer, you can mix both safely.

The Sideline installs simply and can be safely attached to framing studs. You can wall mount it with the provided mounting bracket, flush mount recessed in-wall, or use a stand.

It’s ventless and produces no harmful fumes or emissions. It features front-facing heater vents that allow you to position the Sideline just 8″ under a flat-screen TV. It can be hardwired or plugged into a 120-volt electric outlet with a 6-foot power cord. It draws a maximum of 12 amps on the maximum heat setting.

It can be run with or without heat, making it perfect for use all year round. The Touchstone Sideline electric fireplace is the ideal way to add a cozy and inviting atmosphere to any room in your home.

The Touchstone Sideline electric fireplace is a bit more pricey. Still, it’s an excellent option for those who want to enjoy the look of a real fire without the hassle or expense of a traditional wood-burning or gas fireplace. It’s also a good choice for people who want the flexibility to install their fireplace in different locations since you can plug it into any standard electrical outlet.

A major drawback with this Touchstone model is it doesn’t have a thermostat to control the heat output.

Best Electric Fireplace Inserts

Electric fireplace inserts are a great way to add warmth and ambiance to your home. There are many different types and styles of electric fireplace inserts on the market. Here are our top picks for electric fireplace inserts.

Best Overall Insert
PuraFlame Western Electric Fireplace Insert with Fire Crackling Sound
  • 5 insert sizes
  • 3 flame settings
  • 3-sided interior brick wall
  • Clean glass front
  • Life-like resin log
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Remote control
  • One year warranty
  • UL listed
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09/30/2022 10:44 am GMT

PuraFlame Western Electric Fireplace Insert with Fire Crackling Sound

The PuraFlame Western Electric Fireplace Insert provides the ambiance of a wood-burning fireplace without all the hassle. It is easy to install and uninstall and has three adjustable flame settings that you can use with or without heat all year.

The LED technology is 100% energy-saving and provides a sleek look with a three-sided interior brick wall and clean glass front trim design. The life-like resin log sits on the grate above the ember bed, just like a real wood-burning fireplace.

The thermostat is adjustable and can provide supplemental heat for up to 400 square feet. It comes with remote control for easy operation and has a one-year warranty. Customer service is always ready to help if you have questions or problems.

Top Pick - Runner Up
Dimplex Revillusion® 25″ Plug-In Log Set
$629.99 $439.99
  • Revillusion Flame Technology
  • Life-like hardwood-cast logs
  • Year-round operation
  • Fan-forced ceramic heater
  • Two year warranty
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09/30/2022 12:13 pm GMT

Dimplex Revillusion Plug-In Log Set

The Dimplex Revillusion is an electric fireplace that uses Revillusion Flame Technology and Mirage Flame Panel to create larger and brighter flames across the logs. The 360-degree light makes the flames come to life, and you can choose between different flicker effects to enhance the effect.

You can adjust the flicker effect for enhanced firelight and enjoy the comfort and charm of a fireplace 365 days a year using the flames with or without the heat.

The included remote lets you control your fireplace from anywhere in the room.

The hardwood-cast logs look realistic and provide a nice fire feel, making this product an excellent choice for anyone looking for an easy way to add some extra charm to their home.

Budget Option
LegendFlame 23" Free Standing Electric Fireplace Log Set Insert
  • Stunning realistic flame
  • Authentic resin logs with ember bed
  • 5000BTU heater output
  • Remote control
  • One year limited warranty
  • CSA Certified
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09/30/2022 10:33 am GMT

LegendFlame Electric Fireplace Log Set Insert

The LegendFlame Electric Fireplace Log Set Insert is a 23″ W x 20″ H x 10″ D size suitable for free standing in small and large existing fireplace openings or cabinets. It is very simple to install; just place it into the opening, plug it in, and enjoy.

The stunning flame rising from the realistic and authentic resin logs with ember bed looks even better than the wood-burning fireplace. It also uses a standard 120V with a polarized plug, or a 15amb circuit, making it perfect for any home.

The one-year limited warranty guarantees customer satisfaction. The remote requires one CR2032 3V Lithium battery, which is NOT included in the package. The electric fireplace insert is CSA Certified.

Best Electric Fireplace Mantels

Electric fireplace mantels come in all shapes and sizes. They are pricy, but they are ready to use. Just place it where you want, plug it in, and enjoy. Many are made from cheap materials, and we only wanted to bring you the best of the best. We’ve looked at them all and listed our three favorites here.

Best Overall
DIMPLEX SMP-904-ST Fieldstone Pine and Stone-look Electric Fireplace Mantel
$2,100.00 $1,999.99
  • 48-inch wide, 42-inch tall, 12-inch deep
  • 26-inch self-trimming electric firebox
  • Life-like flame effect
  • On-demand heat with thermostat control
  • Remote control operation
  • Interior light and flame speed control
  • Flame operates with or without heat
  • Two year warranty
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09/30/2022 12:18 pm GMT

DIMPLEX Fieldstone Pine and Stone-look Electric Fireplace Mantel

The DIMPLEX Fieldstone Pine and Stone-look Electric Fireplace Mantel is a simply stunning fireplace mantel that recreates the rustic charm of a mountain retreat. It comes with a 26-inch self-trimming electric firebox and the patented, life-like flame effect. Inner glow logs are molded from wood logs for incredible realism.

On-demand heat with thermostat control warms a room or area of up to 400 square feet and has an interior light and flame speed control. No carbon monoxide or emissions, glass stays cool to the touch.

Includes on/off remote control. The flame operates with or without heat. It’s powered by 120 volts, 1,440 watts, and 5,118 BTUs, making this one fantastic fireplace!

When I saw this DIMPLEX Fieldstone Pine and Stone-look Electric Fireplace Mantel, I couldn’t help but be in awe of its beauty! This simply stunning mantel recreates the rustic charm of a woodland retreat with the life-like look of natural stone, stepped hearth, and hand-hewn pine mantel.

It’s perfect for those chilly winter days when you just want to relax by a warm fire! I love that the flame operates with or without heat because sometimes I just want to enjoy the ambiance of a fire without the actual heat.

The DIMPLEX Fieldstone Pine and Stone-look Electric Fireplace Mantel also have a remote control, making it super convenient to use without leaving your easy chair. This is our pick for the best freestanding electric fireplace!

Top Pick - Runner Up
Real Flame 1290E-AGR 1290E Eliot Grand Entertainment Unit with Electric Fireplace
  • 81.13-inch wide, 34.25-inch tall, 19-inch deep
  • Ultra bright, vivid LED flame effect
  • Brightness settings
  • Programmable thermostat
  • Timer function
  • Solid Wood and veneered MDF construction
  • Remote control
  • 1500 watt heater, 5,118 BTUs/hour
  • One year warranty
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09/30/2022 12:28 pm GMT

Real Flame Eliot Grand Entertainment Unit with Electric Fireplace

The Real Flame Eliot Grand Entertainment Unit should be at the top of your list if you’re in the market for an eye-catching and functional electric fireplace. This product is an excellent choice for anyone looking to add a touch of warmth and comfort to their home.

The unit features a stylish, bold design with an impressive antique gray finish. It also offers ample storage space, with adjustable shelving on either side.

The vividly electric firebox plugs into any standard 120-volt wall outlet for easy setup. It has various customizable settings, including six flame color options, five brightness levels, and a timer function. The thermostat is adjustable, so you can control the heat output to ensure your room stays comfortable all year round.

Additionally, the heater is rated over 5,100 BTUs per hour, making it perfect for supplemental heating for up to 625 square feet of medium to large-sized rooms.

Assembly is required upon delivery, but it’s straightforward and shouldn’t take more than an hour or two. Overall, the Real Flame Eliot Grand Entertainment Unit is a well-made and attractive product that would be a great addition to any home.

Top Pick
Real Flame 8011E-CO Callaway 8011E Grand Electric Fireplace
  • 63-inch wide, 48-inch tall, 17.25-inch deep
  • 30% larger firebox for realism
  • Ultra bright, vivid LED flame effect
  • Brightness settings
  • Programmable thermostat
  • Timer function
  • Solid Wood and veneered MDF construction
  • Remote control
  • 1500 watt infrared heater
  • One year warranty
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09/30/2022 10:54 am GMT

Real Flame Callaway Grand Electric Fireplace

The Real Flame Callaway Grand Electric Fireplace is a high-quality product that provides a realistic fire experience. This unit plugs into any standard electrical outlet and does not require special installation.

It features a thermostat so you can adjust the temperature to your liking and an adjustable timer. You can also customize the flames’ brightness and choose different colors!

The 1500-watt infrared heater heats up quickly and efficiently, providing over 5100 BTUs per hour. This fireplace is perfect for any indoor or outdoor space and comes in a beautiful chestnut oak finish.

It ships in multiple boxes and does require some assembly. But don’t worry, the process is easy, and all instructions are easy to follow.

With the Real Flame Callaway Grand Electric Fireplace, you can enjoy the look and feel of a real fire without hassle!

Best Budget Mantel
Della Electric Faux Fireplace Mantel Heater with Built-In Bookshelves
  • 70.4-inch wide, 39.3-inch tall,15.6-inch deep
  • 28-inch wide, 23.8 tall, 7.6 deep firebox
  • 3 Flame brightness settings
  • Programmable thermostat 62 to 82 F
  • Timer 30-minute to 6-hour
  • It can hold a TV up to 68-inches
  • Remote control
  • 1400 watt infrared heater
  • Faux logs and flame are not realistic
  • Not made from real wood
  • Difficult to assemble
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09/30/2022 11:08 am GMT

Della Electric Faux Fireplace Mantel Heater with Built-In Bookshelves

The Della Electric Faux Fireplace Mantel Heater with Built-In Bookshelves is a great way to add extra warmth to your home for those on a budget. It has six built-in shelves and a mantel, which provide ample space for storing books, vases, photos, and other decorative items.

You can customize the settings with the remote control, including the thermostat, timer, logs, and nice life-like flames but the flame color options are limited. The infrared electric fireplace is perfect for adding some classical woodworking flourishes across the mantel and bookshelves to your living room or dining room.

It’s also energy efficient and safe with overheat protection. The construction comprises laminated MDF and particleboard with a metal fireplace insert for an affordable, stylish fireplace. It’s not as well made as others on this list, but that reflects in the price.

One of the biggest customer complaints is that it is hard to assemble and arrived damaged due to poor packaging for shipping. About 1 and 10 customers had complaints about this issue.

However, we feel the company was upfront about the low-quality laminated MDF and particleboard construction and makeup which reflects in the price. We included this on our list because 8 of 10 customers loved their product and were extremely pleased with their purchase.

wall mount electric fireplace

How Electric Fireplaces Work

Electric fireplaces use LED lights and heating elements to create an authentic fireplace experience without the mess and hassle.

You can customize LED light settings like color, brightness, and speed to create a realistic flame-like effect. Electric fireplaces do not create real flames. The flame-like appearance is independent of heating, meaning you can create a natural fire effect and not use the heating element. LED lights glow across a rotisserie-style silver refractor causing the rays to bend, producing a dynamic 3D illusion of a roaring fire.

The electric current passes through the heating coils and makes them hot. Depending on the model, a fan blows the heat from the electric fireplace’s top, bottom, or sides. Most electric fireplaces are 1500-watt and produce about 5,200 BTUs of heating power. That is enough to provide primary heating for rooms up to about 400 square feet and supplemental heating for rooms up to 1000 square feet.

Pros and Cons of Modern Electric Fireplaces

As you’ve seen, when searching for the best electric fireplace, there are a lot of different factors to consider. Each modern electric fireplace has pros and cons, and finding the perfect one for your home can be challenging.


  • An electric fireplace is a great way to add extra warmth without using a traditional fireplace
  • Electric fireplaces are easy to use and control with a remote or touch screen
  • They come in various styles to match your home’s decor
  • Some electric fireplaces can produce realistic flames and crackling fire sounds, which are relaxing


  • Electric fireplaces can be expensive to purchase and install
  • They may not produce enough heat to warm up a large room
  • Some people find the artificial flames less realistic than a traditional fireplace
electric fireplace insert

The 3 Primary Types of Electric Fireplaces

Three main categories of electric fireplaces are wall-mounted, electric fireplace inserts, and electric fireplace mantels with TV stands. They all work the same way, using electricity to power an energy-efficient heating element to create heat and special LED fireplace lighting to create the illusion of a fire.

Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplaces (Most Popular)

Wall-mounted electric fireplaces are fastened directly into the wall with the provided mounting hardware and brackets. For a more finished look, some wall mount fireplaces are recessed (flush with wall) into a wall or built-in with no wires showing. They use a 120V wall electrical outlet input or can be hardwired to a dedicated breaker.

Check the sizing carefully, as some wall-mounted electric fireplaces need a 2×6 stud wall. Slim models are emerging that can be recessed into a 2×4 stud wall.

A wall-mounted fireplace can cost anywhere from $300 to $2000, depending on the model. Professional installation of a recessed electric fireplace can be $2500 to $10,000 with unlimited options.

Electric Fireplace Inserts For Existing Fireplaces

You will need an existing fireplace for an electric fireplace insert. This usually means an abandoned wood or coal fireplace. These fireplaces are left because the chimney is built into the house structure and is costly to remove. Before electric fireplace inserts, they were sealed off and became decorative features of the room or retrofitted with ventless gas logs.

The electric fireplace insert plugs into a standard 120V outlet. The whole insert goes in the center of the hearth.

We recommend you clean the hearth and ensure the damper is closed or sealed off before you put in the insert. Don’t worry about getting rid of all the ash and embers. Almost every electric fireplace has a realistic flame-like effect with embers and ash, adding to the authentic feel.

A fireplace insert costs about $200 to $1000, depending on the model. They generally don’t require professional installation unless you need to install a nearby power outlet. Just place it, plug it in, and enjoy.

Electric Fireplace Mantels

One way to install a fireplace is to buy an electric fireplace mantel. These are freestanding electric fireplaces, standing on the floor instead of mounting on a wall or inside an existing fireplace.

Electric fireplace mantels can look like a traditional fireplace surrounded by ornate moldings. They are generally less expensive because manufacturers can mass-produce them with low-quality MDF materials. With a wall mount fireplace, you can customize it how you desire.

Some electric fireplace mantels have a TV stand. These are wider and strong enough to hold the weight of a TV. If you intend to use your mantel fireplace as a TV stand, check the manufactures specifications first.

Some electric fireplace mantels are poorly constructed and look cheap. The electric fireplace portion is of poor quality, with few settings and options.

An electric fireplace mantel costs about $500 to $4000, depending on the model. They generally don’t require professional installation.

electric fireplace mantel

How to Select the Electric Fireplace That’s Best For You

Modern electric fireplaces provide realistic flames, which are much easier to use. You don’t need a chimney or venting. You can just put it anywhere you want.

Electric fireplaces add comfort and modern design to your home. They have realistic flames that look stunningly beautiful and provide heat to keep you cozy and warm. Some electric fireplaces have unique features like 3D led lights reflecting off a rotisserie-style silver refractor.

Installing an electric fireplace is a great way to increase the value of your home too. It’s one of the few interior design pieces sought out by designers and architects because they are beautiful, safe, and easy to use.

Heating Power

Electric fireplaces use electricity and a heating coil to generate heat. The amount of heat they generate depends on how many watts they use.

Most electric fireplaces use 1500 watts on the highest setting. Lower heat settings can use less wattage. Most have two heat settings. The low setting uses 750 watts, and the high setting uses 1500 watts. Some use an automatic thermostat to control the heat output.

Most modern electric fireplaces plug into a 120-volt outlet. The current heats the nichrome heating coils, and fans blow air to make it warm.

1 Watt = 3.412 BTU (British thermal units).1

A 1500-watt electric fireplace generates up to 5118 BTUs/hr of heat output on the highest setting.

You want to ensure that the electric fireplace you buy has enough heating power to heat the room it is in. 5118 BTU heat output can heat a room less than 400 square feet and provide supplemental heat for up to 1000 square feet.

At 750 watts, an electric fireplace can produce 2559 BTUs providing supplemental heat for a furnace or heat pump in drafty rooms.

Heat Control

An automatic thermostat helps control the heat output from a modern electric fireplace. It’s not just about how easy it is to use for us. Setting the temperature on a thermostat is an advantage many electric fireplaces have.

The thermostat is important to the energy efficiency of an electric fireplace. Without a thermostat, a heater wouldn’t cycle on and off, consuming more electricity.

An electric fireplace with a thermostat will use 1,500W or less of electricity. That means it will use less electricity as the temperature gets closer to what you set on the thermostat. When the temperature is reached, the electric fireplace with a thermostat will lower how much electricity it uses.

Electric fireplaces with built-in thermostats are the best because they are easy to use and save money on electricity bills.

Realistic Flame Settings

Many people don’t buy an electric fireplace for heat output. A realistic flame adds to the overall authenticity of the electric fireplace’s appearance. If you don’t like how it looks, using it won’t get much satisfaction.

Manufacturers are improving the technology to generate realistic flame effects in modern electric fireplaces.

LED lighting is the most common light source. The light reflects off a rotisserie-style silver refractor, creating a 3D illusion that looks like real flames.

One key thing to know is that the more colorful and bright the flames are, the more realistic it appears. Look for one with numerous lighting colors, brightness levels, and speed settings to create the most realistic electric fireplace experience.

Important Safety Features

Electric fireplaces are very safe to use. They don’t use fuels like gas, wood, or coal, which can produce smoke and carbon monoxide and can be dangerous.

Although generating heat with electricity is very safe, you do need to be careful. The main things to worry about are the heat and the heating coils. They can get very hot, so be careful not to touch them. Another thing to worry about is the safety features of your electric fireplace. Make sure it has a heat sensor, an oxygen sensor, and a way to turn it off if it gets too hot.

The overheat protection feature is a safety measure that will automatically turn off the fireplace if it gets too hot.

Some fireplaces get hot to the touch. This is because they let in heat from the open side. If you have children or pets, it can be dangerous for them to be around a fireplace that gets hot. The cool-to-the-touch glass prevents this from happening. It is a feature that some electric fireplaces have.

ETL, UL, and CSA Certifications show that an electric fireplace follows national or international safety guidelines. Most American-made electric fireplaces will have several certifications; foreign units are less likely to follow these safety guidelines.

Size of Electric Fireplaces

It is important to choose an electric fireplace that is the right size. You need to measure the dimensions of the space where you want to install it. Electric fireplaces come in different sizes, but the width is the most important measurement. Wall-mounted electric fireplaces are thinner than other models, and they are also slimmer in height.

Electric fireplaces come in different widths. Some are only 24 inches wide, while others can be up to 100 inches wide. Check the dimensions of the electric fireplace you want before buying it to know if it will fit in your space.

The key takeaway is always to measure the space you have reserved for an electric fireplace before buying one.

Noise Levels

The noise levels of electric fireplaces are not that important. Some manufacturers do not list how loud the electric fireplace is on their specification sheet. We think this is not a very important factor.

Most modern electric fireplaces generate noise from generating heat, primarily from the fan blower.

The low-quality blower fan can be loud in the highest setting. It can also cause vibrations and rattling sounds if there are loose parts.

Almost all electric fireplaces generate sound. They are usually very quiet (less than 40 dB), and you won’t hear them in most cases. Avoid fireplaces above 45 dB as they will be loud, similar to the noise from an exhaust fan.

What Brand to Buy

Many electric fireplace specification sheets may look similar, but some brands stand out as the best electric fireplace manufacturers.

Dimplex and Touchstone are some of the best electric fireplace brands for modern electric fireplaces. Still, other brands like XBeauty, Modern Flame, and R.W. Flame are emerging and producing affordable fireplaces and high-end ones.

Brand reputation is significant in today’s market. That’s because there are a lot of lower-quality electric fireplaces out there. Some brands might offer fireplaces for a really low price, but the quality is often not as good as more expensive brands.

Cheap electric fireplaces primarily focus on heat output. The difference in quality and aesthetics is very noticeable.

Additional Useful Features

Electric fireplaces come in various shapes and sizes, but the best electric fireplace heaters have extra features that make them unique.

The following extra features all have unique extra features that are listed below. In general, these include:

  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth allow you to change the temperature or the flames on your fireplace with your iPhone or Android phone.
  • Touch screen controls mean no visible buttons to take away from the aesthetics
  • Multiple base options like logs, rocks, or crystals make the fire look more realistic
  • Sound effects like a wood fire burning
  • Expanded lighting, brightness, and speed options

Cost of Electric Fireplaces

Electric fireplaces have a lot of variation in their prices. They can cost anywhere from $100 to $10,000. However, a more realistic budget you should have in mind is $400 to $2,000.

The cheap $100 electric fireplaces are not as good as the more expensive ones. Many customers call their more expensive modern electric fireplace a piece of art that they love and add value to their home. They are meant much more as an integral part of interior design than heating.

A few factors determine the price of electric fireplaces.

  1. The best electric fireplaces from respected brands like Dimplex and Touchstone cost more but are very high-quality, realistic, and last longer.
  2. The linear width of the unit affects the price. The shorter 24″ units are cheaper than the longest 100″ units.
  3. The most important features are realistic flame effect and settings, quiet fan operation, and touch screen controls are hallmarks of the best electric fireplaces.
best electric fireplace insert

Modern Electric Fireplace FAQs

We’re sure you have questions about buying the best electric fireplace, so we’ve included some of the most frequently asked questions below.

Which is the Best Electric Fireplace Brand?

Many great brands make electric fireplaces, but some of the most popular include Dimplex, Real Flame, and Touchstone. These brands offer a variety of styles and features to choose from, so you can find the perfect electric fireplace for your home.

Who Makes the Most Realistic Electric Fireplace?

Some of the most realistic electric fireplaces are made by Dimplex and Touchstone. These brands offer a variety of features that make their fireplaces look and feel like real fires, including flickering flames and crackling sound effects.

How Much Does an Electric Fireplace Cost?

The cost of an electric fireplace depends on the size, style, and features. Prices can range from $100 to $4,000, depending on the quality and brand. Most realistic electric fireplaces will cost $400 and up.

What is the Difference Between a Traditional and an Electric Fireplace?

A traditional fireplace requires wood or gas to create flames, while an electric fireplace uses electricity to create flames. Electric fireplaces are easier to use and don’t require as much maintenance as traditional fireplaces.

Is an Electric Fireplace Safe?

Electric fireplaces are safe to use if they are correctly installed and maintained. An electric fireplace has no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, smoke, or other toxic fumes.

Do Electric Fireplaces Give Off Heat?

Yes, most electric fireplaces give off heat. Most will have two heat settings; 750-watt on low and 1500-watt on high. At 1500-watt, it can produce 5118 BTUs and heat up to 400 square feet. With an automatic thermostat, an electric fireplace can adjust the heat automatically to maintain temperature and save energy.

Can I Use an Electric Fireplace Outdoors?

You can use an electric fireplace outdoors under a covered patio, away from direct exposure to moisture. You should have the electric fireplace hard-waired or plug it into a GFCI-protected circuit.

Can I Install an Electric Fireplace Myself?

Some electric fireplaces are very easy to install by yourself. For more complex built-in fireplaces, we recommend professional installation by a qualified installer.

How Realistic are the Flames on an Electric Fireplace?

The flames on an electric fireplace can be very realistic. Many modern electric fireplaces use LED technology to create realistic-looking flames with custom speeds, lighting colors, and brightness settings.

Do Electric Fireplaces Come With a Warranty?

Yes, most electric fireplaces come with a 90-day to 1-year warranty. However, the length and terms of the warranty will vary by manufacturer. Check with the manufacturer before purchase.

Can I Use My Electric Fireplace in the Summer?

Yes, you can use your electric fireplace in the summer. All electric fireplaces can turn the flames on with the heat off so you can enjoy your electric fireplace year-round.

How Do I Turn Off My Electric Fireplace When I’m Not Using It?

Electric fireplaces have a switch or button that you can use to turn them off when not in use. Most models also come with remote or touch screen controls for easy operation.

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