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Best Air Purifier for Large Rooms: Our Top Picks for 2023

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best air purifier for large rooms

Modern homes have open concepts with large rooms. What is the best air purifier for large rooms? This is a common question we get asked, and there are a few different factors to consider.

It is important to keep the air in your home clean. If you are looking for the best home air purifier for large rooms like a primary bedroom, living room, or other big space, there are a few things you need to pay attention to. I have compiled a list of the five best air purifiers available based on various criteria such as CADR, room coverage, filtration effectiveness and quality, and more.

Best Overall
Medify MA-112 Air Purifier for Extra Large Room
$574.99 $385.43
  • Cleans up to 5000 SF/hr, 2500 SF/30 min, 1250 SF/15 min
  • Dual HEPA H13 Filtration, as low as 0.1 Microns
  • Ultra Quiet 4-Speed Fan, Max Noise Level 70dB
  • Touch Panel with 0-8 Hour Timer
  • Optional Ionizer
  • PM2.5 Pollution Indicator
  • Filter Replacement Indicator
  • CARB, ETL, and Energy Star certified
  • Limitied Lifetime Warranty
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09/20/2023 12:34 am GMT

Medify MA-112 Air Purifier

The Medify MA-112 covers 5,000 sq ft in only one hour. It also cleans up 2,500 sq ft in 30 minutes and 1,250 square feet in just 15 minutes. The Medify is the best air purifier for large rooms or open floor concepts.

The dual HEPA H13 filtration system is trusted to remove 99.9% of harmful particles, including allergens, odors, VOCs, smoke, pollen, pet dander, dust smog, and contaminants down to 0.1 microns in size – making it significantly more effective than other HEPA H11 systems (0.3 microns).

Dr. Alex Schechter states, “Medical-grade air purifiers use a combination of filtration methods to
remove allergens from the air you breathe. Medical-grade air purifiers typically have a higher capacity for removing particles from the air than nonmedical air filters.”

The 4-speed fan is ultra-quiet, and the lowest setting is almost inaudible. It produces noise at a level of 70 decibels. The most covert operation completely shuts off the panel illumination in sleep mode.

The stylish touch panel includes a 0-8 hour timer, fan speed, optional ionizer, dust sensor, sleep mode, filter replacement reminder, auto mode, PM2.5 pollution indicator, and child lock.

This product is CARB, ETL, and Energy Star certified. It comes with a USA-registered Lifetime Warranty when you use Medify replacement filters.

Compared to other top-selling models, the Medify MA-112 is the best HEPA air purifier for large rooms.
Top Pick - Runner Up
CleanForce Air Purifier for Extra Large Room
  • Cleans up to 4650 SF/hr, 2325 SF/30 min, 1000 SF/13 min
  • Medical-Grade True HEPA H13 Filtration, as low as 0.1 Microns
  • Ultra Quiet 4-Speed Fan as low as 35dB
  • Touch Panel with Smart Auto Mode
  • 12 Hour Timer
  • Filter Replacement Indicator
  • CARB, ETL, FCC, CA PROP 65 and Energy Star certified
  • 2-Year Warranty
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CleanForce Air Purifier for Extra Large Room

The CleanForce Air Purifier is a True HEPA Air Purifier is a large room model with high-efficiency, large-capacity True HEPA filters that filter 99.97 percent of fine particles (as small as 0.1 microns) and dust and pet dander; smoke, wildfire smoke, cooking odors, pet odors, and VOCs.

This filter can clean up to 4650 square feet in an hour, 2325 square feet in 30 minutes, and 1000 square feet in 13 minutes. Dual air intakes and twin-turbo fans provide 2X4 layers of filtration through two plastic pre-filters and two multi-Integrated filter sets. These sets combine a non-woven fabric filter with an H13 Medical Grade HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter.

This air purifier is easy to operate. The touchscreen controls and the smart auto mode make it easy to use. You can choose from 4 fan speeds, a 12-Hour Timer, sleep mode, and child lock features. Plus, you can see the air quality with the LED display.

The smart air purifier’s fan speed will change automatically based on your real-time air quality in the smart mode. Quiet enough to sleep with a noise level of 35 decibels on the lowest setting. Suitable for a den, living room, office, classroom, and large bedroom.

ETL Listed, FCC Certified, Energy Star Verified, California air resources board (CARB), CA PROP 65 certified.

Top Pick
Levoit Air Purifier for Large Room
  • Cleans up to 3175 SF/hr, 1587 SF/30 min, 635 SF/13 min
  • 3-Stage True HEPA H13 Filtration, as low as 0.1 Microns
  • Ultra Quiet Fan as low as 26dB
  • Sensitive Auto Mode
  • Smart and Voice Control
  • Filter Replacement Indicator
  • CARB, ETL, FCC, and Energy Star certified
  • 1-Year Warranty
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Levoit Air Purifier for Large Room

If you are looking for the best affordable air purifier for large rooms, the Levoit Core 600S is it. The Core 600S uses VortexAir Technology 3.0 to improve indoor air circulation and purify 635 SF in 12 minutes or up to 3,175 SF spaces in 60 minutes. It’s ideal for open floor layouts and high-ceiling dwellings.

The 3-stage filtration, complete with an H13 True HEPA Filter and HEPASmart Technology, achieves a 99.99% purification rate–outperforming other common HEPA filters of lower quality.

With QuietKEAP Technology, you get powerful filtration with noise levels as low as 26 dB. The Light Sensor feature deactivates display lights when it becomes dark outside, so you can always sleep soundly without disturbance.

Levoit’s AirSight Plus Technology is twice as accurate as an infrared laser, detecting particles down to 0.3 microns in size. With Auto Mode on, the air purifier will automatically adjust the fan speed setting for you and update the display to inform you of its progress.

You can fully control the Core 600S and keep track of your air quality using the VeSync software. You may link to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant with VeSync and give the air purifier voice commands while multitasking by utilizing Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

This air purifier’s maximum power is only 49W, far lower than other wide-coverage air purifiers. When the air quality is “Very Good,” the fan speed of this ECO Auto Mode is automatically turned off to save energy.

The health and safety of your family are always a top priority for us here at Levoit. The Core 600S has been ETL-listed and FCC, CARB, and Energy Star certified.

Top Pick
AirDoctor AD3000 4-in-1 Air Purifier for Large Rooms
  • Cleans up to 2552 SF/hr, 1276 SF/30 min, 638 SF/15 min
  • 3-Stage UltraHEPA Filtration
  • Removes Particles as low as 0.003 microns
  • Air Quality Sensor
  • 4-Speed Fan
  • Auto Mode Fan Operation
  • Whisper-Quiet Fan Motor
  • Limitied 1-Year Warranty
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09/20/2023 03:34 am GMT

AirDoctor AD3000 4-in-1 Air Purifier for Large Rooms

The AirDoctor AD3000 air filter is a high-performing product that provides extra protection to the air you breathe. It has an UltraHEPA filter and proprietary dual-action Carbon VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) filter, which eliminates allergens, dog dander, and other volatile organic chemicals like formaldehyde.

The UltraHEPA filter removes 100 times more particles than the HEPA standard, making it incredibly effective in cleaning your air.

The AirDoctor AD3000 air purifier is our classic model. With 4x/hour room coverage in up to 638 sq. ft., this powerful machine easily cleans the living room, kitchen, and bedrooms. If you want less frequent cleaning, set it to 2x hour mode to clean 1274 sq. ft – perfect for large rooms or open concept spaces.

Auto-mode adjusts filtration levels immediately to the current air quality. Whisper-jet fans are 30% quieter than traditional air purifiers. You may adjust the purification requirements with four fan speeds, ranging from silent to boost.

The AirDoctor AD3000 air purifier is only compatible with UltraHEPA and Carbon VOC filters – both of which are made exclusively by AirDoctor.

Top Pick
BISSELL air320 Smart Air Purifier
$339.89 $162.99
  • Cleans up to 1582 SF/hr, 791 SF/30 min, 327 SF/13 min
  • 3-Stage HEPA H13 Filter
  • Honeycomb Carbon Filter
  • Ultra Quiet 5-Speed Fan with Brushless DC Motor
  • Automated CirQulate System
  • PM2.5 Sensor with Indoor Air Quality Readings
  • Filter Replacement Indicator
  • Limitied 5-Year Warranty
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09/20/2023 01:44 am GMT

BISSELL air320 Smart Air Purifier

The Bissell air320 smart air purifier has a three-stage filtration system to clean the air. The first filter removes larger particles, while the second removes smaller particles, odors, pet odors, and harmful VOCs. The third filter is a medical-grade HEPA filter that captures 99.97% of all allergens and irritants.

The honeycomb-structured carbon filter captures gases, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and common household odors from pets, cooking, and smoke. The filter contains thousands of activated carbon pellets that work to get rid of these smells.

This air filter can cover a large room. It can clean the air in a room that is 1582 sq. ft. with one air change/hour. Or it can clean the air in a room that is 791 sq. ft. with two air changes/hour. Or it can clean the air in a room that is 527 sq. ft. with three air changes/hour. Finally, it can also clean the air in a room 327 sq ft., providing 4.8 air changes/hour.

This appliance is Energy Star rated and equipped with five fan speeds, the lowest of which is as quiet as a library.

The Automated CirQulate System is a PM 2.5 particle sensor that monitors indoor air quality and provides color-coded readings to indicate the level of pollution present. The system adjusts fan speed automatically to ensure continuous clean air circulation.

The brushless, digital DC motor and powerful XL fan in this air purifier pull air in from the front, through 3 filters, before releasing clean air out of the top vent.

The filter change indicator will let you know when your filters need to be replaced, which should occur every six months.

Top Pick
Purafide XP360 Air Purifier
$222.20 $99.00
  • Cleans up to 2200 SF/hr, 1100 SF/30 min, 477 SF/13 min
  • 6-Stage HEPA H13 Filtration
  • 2-Year HEPA H13 Filter
  • Digital Particle Sensor
  • 5-Speed Fan
  • Ozone-Safe Ionizer
  • Limitied Lifetime Warranty
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09/20/2023 09:39 am GMT

Purafide XP360 Air Purifier

The Purafide XP360 is designed for comfort and packed with features, such as a digital particle sensor, temperature, humidity display, child lock, on/off ozone-safe ionizer 24-hr timer, 5-fan speed, and power outage restart.

The 6 Stage Filtration System of the Air Purifier can clean 360 CADR in short periods. When set on High speed, it can purify 2200 sq ft per hour, 1100 sq ft every 30 minutes, and 477 sq ft every 13 minutes.

The XP360’s Extended Life 2 yr H13 medical grade HEPA filter not only reduces your ownership cost compared to other air purifiers but also has a 2-year rating based on average household usage. If, however, your environment is heavier in dust and particles, the life of your HEPA could be reduced to 18 months or even one year.

To help extend the lifespan of your filter even further, clean the pre-filter every 1-3 months. Make sure to keep an eye on how much dust and particles are in the air to determine how often you should clean the pre-filter.

True Filter Life feedback with its digital display shows the remaining percentage of filter life and includes a 3-in-1 plug adaptor and re-usable cloth bag for protection. In addition, this product comes in 100% Recyclable packaging, and we offer a Lifetime Guarantee on manufacture defects.

The XP360 has five fan speeds, a power outage restart, and an ergonomic display.

The Purafide XP360 is a high-quality air purifier designed to cover large rooms. It features a six-stage filtration system that captures smoke, odor, pet dander, and dust particles. Additionally, it has a digital particle sensor, temperature and humidity display, child lock, and ozone-safe ionizer.

The extended-life HEPA filter captures 99.97% of all particles down to 0.3 microns in size. It is the only air purifier on the market with a two-year H13 medical-grade HEPA filter rating.

best air purifier for large rooms

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Air Purifier for Large Rooms

When choosing an air purifier for a large space, there are many things to consider. The most important factors are the size of the room, the type of air purifier, and how often it will be used. I chose this air purifier because it meets all the criteria I was looking for.

The first is the size of your room. A large room is generally considered to be 300+ square feet. The second factor to consider is the type of air purifier you need.

The best air purifier for large rooms would be one with a high CADR rating. The CADR is the Clean Air Delivery Rate and measures how much clean air an air purifier can deliver. The higher the CADR rating, the better the air purifier is at cleaning the air.

When choosing the best air purifier for large rooms, you also want to ensure it has a high enough Air Exchange Rate (AER) for your room size. The AER is the number of times the air purifier can exchange the air in a room per hour. A higher AER means the air purifier can exchange the air more per hour and better clean the air.

Finally, you want to ensure the large room air purifier you choose has a filter appropriate for your needs. If you have allergies, you will want an air purifier with a HEPA filter. HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air and is the highest standard for air filters. HEPA filters can remove 99.97% of particles that are 0.3 microns in size from the air.

You will want the best air purifier for large rooms to have a carbon filter if you have pets. Carbon filters are effective at removing household and pet odors from the air.

Size and Coverage

The first thing to consider when choosing the best air purifier for large rooms is the size of your space. A large room is generally considered to be 300 square feet or more.

Large room air purifiers are typically defined by square footage. This figure often assumes an 8 ft ceiling height. If you have higher ceilings, the coverage area will be reduced because there are more cubic square feet of air to filter.

The fan speed of an air purifier affects how much air it can clean. The strongest fan speed is called the Max Airflow. This value represents how much air the machine can clean at its highest speed. Airflow strength is always represented in values of CFM (cubic feet per minute).

CADR Rating

The CADR rating is an Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) metric that tells us how well an air purifier catches air pollutants like dust, smoke, and pollen.

You’ll want CADR at least 2/3 of the room’s square footage. For example, in a large room with 500 square feet, to remove smoke, pollen, and dust, you’ll need a CADR of at least 330.

AHAM recommends an air purifier filter utilize 4.8 Air Changes Per Hour (ACH), which means that an air purifier in a room with the recommended dimensions will clean the air 4.8 times per hour. I’ll start by explaining an ACH to understand how I’ve measured each air purifier’s performance.

Air changes per hour (ACH) is the amount of outside air introduced to a space divided by the volume of that area over a given duration. The air in your home is replaced without using an air cleaner. Simply turning on a fan, running your HVAC system, or using ventilation via opening a window can all improve ACH in your house. On the other hand, these techniques are not always effective at removing allergens and pollutants from the air.

Modern homes are energy efficient, which is great for your power bill. However, this can also slow the removal of allergens and pollutants from your home. Indoor air pollution levels are usually much higher than outdoor levels, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Pollutants and allergens can cause asthma and allergy problems. We spend up to 90% of our time inside, so it is important to have clean indoor air.

The more air changes per hour, the cleaner the room will be. However, it may not completely remove all particulates from the room; in this case, a portable air purifier would be recommended to supplement cleanliness.

The recommended minimum ventilation rate is three ACH, but Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) researchers have found that higher values correspond to better ventilation. AHAM Verifide® air cleaners are tested by an independent laboratory and exceed the minimum recommendation. They provide 4.8 ACH for their suggested room size or will clean the entire air in the room every 13 minutes.

Filtration Methods

Although carbon filters are excellent at removing gasses and household smells, they require constant changing, which can be costly and time-consuming. Consequently, this might not be the best option for everyone in the long run.

HEPA filters are excellent at removing larger particles from the atmosphere, but household odors consist of molecules too small to be removed and seep through HEPA filters without being trapped.

HEPA filters are graded by how well they filter particles. The higher the number, the more particles the filter can stop. Many of the best air purifiers for pets use an H13 or H14 filter because they work so well.

Most of the best air purifiers for large rooms use a multi-stage filtration system.

  • The first stage is a washable pre-filter that removes large particles from the air, like pet hair. This pre-filter helps ensure the HEPA filter lasts longer.
  • A HEPA filter catches around 99.97% of particles that are 0.3 to 0.1 microns in size and others like dust mites, microbes, and dog dander.
  • Active carbon filters are excellent for capturing and eliminating odors from pets or chemicals. Because it removes organic and other chemical smells that linger in the air, a carbon filter is critical.
  • Some air purifiers also use a negative ion generator. Negative ions bond to particles of 0.1 microns, increasing their size so they can be filtered to get the cleanest air possible.

Air Purifier Efficiency

Choose a model with high-quality filters and great airflow when you want an air purifier that thoroughly cleans your indoor air. Filter quality and room coverage contribute to the machine’s overall efficiency.

Hepa filters are effective because air purifiers with HEPA filters are designed to remove 99.97% of particles that are 0.3 micrometres in size. So it helps reduce some of the larger-sized particles like airborne dust, pet dander and dust mites in your home.

Dr. Sean Ormond

Cleaning and Filter Maintenance

Air purifiers can be expensive to maintain when you factor in the cost of replacement filters and energy consumption. To help offset these costs, I recommend that everyone check the facts thoroughly before making a purchase. In addition, I try to detail in each review how you can extend the life of your air purifier filters with proper maintenance.

In addition to cleaning the air purifier, Dr. Alice Williams told us that routine household cleaning helps. She recommends:

  • It is important to remember that our exposure to particles comes from the ones in the air and those in our bedding and on our rugs, drapes, tabletops, and countertops. So removing the particles from these areas needs to be part of the overall plan.
  • If you have carpet, vacuuming frequently is a good idea, or removing the carpet would be an even better idea. Keep surfaces such as tabletops and countertops clean.
  • Keep pets off your bed, perhaps out of your bedroom, and wash your bedding frequently in hot water.
  • Remove drapes and curtains and replace them with shades or other non-fabric window covering.
woman and pet setting up the best air purifier for large rooms

About Our Best Air Purifier for Large Rooms Selections

I looked into many different things while selecting the best air purifier for large rooms. I considered efficiency, filtration methods, price, brand reputation, maintenance costs, and other factors. One of the most important factors was the area the purifier could cover.

All of the air purifiers on this list are quite good. They’re all powered by high-quality filters and utilize a few small distinctions to distinguish them from one another. Thanks to all this advancement, smaller motors are now used to drive big air purifiers with significant airflow.

I prefer devices with many smart features, so I kept that in mind when making my selections. However, I also know that some people value minimalism, so there are a few options on this list without advanced bells and whistles.

best air purifier for large rooms

Best Air Purifier for Large Rooms FAQs

You’re likely to have many questions when sifting through information while searching for the best air purifier for large rooms.

What is the Best Air Purifier for Large Rooms?

All the air purifiers on this list are rated for large rooms. The Medify MA-112 is our best air purifier for large rooms because it offers superior filtration of 1250 SF in just 15 minutes. The Medify is suitable for large spaces with open concepts, finished basements, and commercial spaces.

Do Air Purifiers Work in Large Rooms?

A properly sized air purifier can work well in large rooms. Please read the product specifications and compare them to the square footage. You want to air purifier to filter the air in the space at least three times per hour.

The most common complaint we hear involves an air purifier that is too small for a space. Customers often buy based on the 1x per hour square footage to their living space square footage. IAQ experts recommend an air purifier turn the air over 4.8 times per hour for best results.

Is it Better to Have One Large Air Purifier or Multiple Small Ones?

Whether you should get one large or multiple small air purifiers will depend on your home’s floor plan. Large-capacity air purifiers work best in open spaces. You should also have one large air purifier per floor.

Several small air purifiers would likely work best on floors with several bedrooms. You may find that a combination of large and small air purifiers works best.

Will A Small Air Purifier Work In A Large Room?

A small air purifier will not likely improve the indoor air quality in a large room. It is better to put a large air purifier in a small room because it will be more effective. The small air purifier has smaller fan motors and does not circulate the air enough to make any meaningful difference in indoor air quality.

Can an Air Purifier be too Big for a Room?

It depends on the features of the air purifier. A large air purifier placed in a small room would be fine if the air purifier automatically controls the fan motor based on an air particle sensor. It’s better to have an air purifier that is too large for the space than an air purifier that is too small for the space.

If you purchase an air purifier designed for larger rooms, you will spend more on filter maintenance than necessary. It’s always best to buy an air purifier that covers the same or approximate room size you’ll use.

Are Air Purifiers a Waste of Money?

Yes, air purifiers can be extremely beneficial for your health, especially if you suffer from allergies or regularly have strong odors in your home. As an IAQ-certified inspector, I’ve spoken with many medical professionals, and they all agree that the right air purifier in the right space can significantly improve indoor air quality.

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