Best Bathroom Exhaust Fan Light Combos for 2023

bathroom exhaust fan light

There are many options when buying a new bathroom exhaust fan light combo. Reviewing the bathroom exhaust fan with lights available, we considered the bathroom vent fan options like heaters, CFM rating, comparable pricing, and more. We’ve also included some budget-friendly options too.

Here is our three favorite bathroom exhaust fan with light.

Best Bathroom Exhaust Fan Lights

We’ll look at some of the best bathroom fan light combos on the market and help you decide which one is right for your needs. So whether you’re looking for a bright light to help you see while you’re getting ready in the morning or want something that will inject a little style into your bathroom, we’ve got you covered.

Bathroom Exhaust Fan with LED Light

Best Overall Pick
Broan-NuTone ChromaComfort Bathroom Exhaust Fan
$199.00 $185.68

This bathroom exhaust fan includes one touch operation, a 24-color led light, and Bluetooth connectivity to Apple or Android devices for playing your favorite music or podcast.

The exhaust fan operates at 110 CFM with a maximum of 1.5 sones for a quiet yet highly effective performance each time. This product by 3-year limited warranty as well

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11/21/2023 11:29 pm GMT

Broan-NuTone ChromaComfort Bathroom Exhaust Fan

With a 24-color LED light for endless possibilities and a Sensonic Bluetooth speaker with crisp and bold sound, you can personalize the ambiance in your bathroom.

With Spotify Connect, you may use your smart device to control the music and settings with wireless battery-powered wall control (2 AAA batteries required, not included) and more.

For a quiet yet highly effective performance each time, SoundCloud plays at 110 CFM at 1.5 sones for a super quiet yet highly efficient operation, so you won’t have to worry about background noises breaking your song.

The equipment is installed in the loft using an EZDUCT connector for quick and easy installation with no attic access required. Factory-set PIN is 1234; see ChromaComfort app instructions for more information (app not compatible with Samsung Galaxy S21 or Google Pixel 6 phones)

This fan was simple to put together. I followed the directions and had it up and running in less than 25 minutes. My bathroom is well-ventilated, and this fan is surprisingly quiet.

The color choices are nice, and they come with either softer or more powerful dimmable versions, as opposed to my harsh can lights. My wife likes having various light options in the morning after waking up. The software is easy to use and connects quickly.

The only thing I might improve is that it requires a separate electrical box and uses two AAA batteries, which are somewhat inconvenient.

The installation process isn’t simple. It does take about an hour and a half with time and troubleshooting, but many report the fan is much quieter than the previous exhaust fan. I’ve never worked on the exhaust fan before, so this was new. Thank you for taking a chance and installing it in my son’s bathroom.

Top Pick - Runner Up
Broan-NuTone SurfaceShield Vital Vio Exhaust Vent LED White Light & Violet Light
$177.00 $159.00

This fan offers a strong ventilation fan, and disinfecting light inhibits growth on surfaces in bathrooms or other prone settings.

The 110 CFM offers strong air circulation while generating little background noise with a low loudness rating of 1.0 sone. A 3-year warranty backs it.

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11/22/2023 01:44 am GMT

Broan-NuTone SurfaceShield Vital Vio Exhaust Vent

Broan-NuTone is a popular brand and manufacturer of exhaust ventilation fans. The powerful exhaust fan aids in the reduction of odors in bathrooms up to 105 square feet. SurfaceShielD technology and Broan’s strong ventilation are a one-two punch against germs. The bright white grilles have a sleek design that fits the most common ceiling paint and stays cleaner longer.

Retrofit installations with the EzDuct connector can be completed entirely from the room side, requiring no attic access. The TrueSeal Damper technology, which helps reduce air leakage by up to 50%, has never been so efficient.

The light is pretty cool. It can be a little harsh when it is extremely dark outside, but it performs well at night and provides enough light to relieve oneself without using bright white lights.

This is one of the quietest bathroom exhaust fans available. The sound level is about 1 sone, which isn’t loud and not irritating. Showering with this device does an excellent job of removing moisture from your skin.

It’s a little more expensive than other comparable fans. If you don’t want the SurfaceShield, you could get something similar for a lot less. It took me about an hour to install, and it was straightforward.

The quiet exhaust performance is excellent compared to my 25-year-old previous exhaust system. The replacement fan has a low profile and looks great in the bathroom. Compared with the old fan, there is a significant difference in light output and efficiency.

The main reason to purchase this fan is the UV light, which makes a difference. There are no mold smells in the bathroom with routine UV light use.

The UV bulb is extremely bright. The only thing I’d wish was if the fan was a bit quieter when it’s in UV mode.

Top Pick - Most Affordable
Broan-NuTone Heavy Duty Ventilation Fan Light Combo
$80.00 $72.00

This budget-friendly fan and light combo offer a fresh new look to your home while providing ideal ventilation.

This high-quality fan uses a 100-Watt incandescent light bulb (also available separately) with an 80 CFM rating.

At 2.5 sones, it is slightly louder than some of our other models, but the loudness doesn't take away from its overall effectiveness as a fan/light combo.

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11/22/2023 04:19 am GMT

Broan-NuTone Heavy Duty Ventilation Fan Light Combo

The heavy-duty ventilation fan and light combination helps to minimize odors while also being powerful enough for bathrooms up to 75 square feet at 80 CFM.

A bright 100-Watt incandescent light (bulb not included) provides long-lasting usage. Switch an incandescent light bulb for a LED bulb for improved energy efficiency.

For do-it-yourselfers, it’s simple to put replace an existing fan. Polymeric duct connectors with tapered sleeves for easy, positive ducting and integrated key-holed mounting brackets for secure and quick installation

The shatter-resistant light diffusing lens of the white polymeric grille complements almost any decor. When connected to a GFCI-protected branch circuit, it is UL listed for usage over bathtubs and showers. It is AMCA licensed for air and sound to ensure maximum safety.

This is an excellent fan; however, it isn’t silent, but the noise level is reduced from our old fan. It’s simple to install. Make sure you connect the wires from the fan and light together depending on the switch you’re using.

Decorative Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Light

Top Pick - Decorative Fan/Light
Ultra Quiet Round Decorative Exhaust Bathroom Fan with Light and Nightlight in Brushed Nickel

The Ultra Quiet 110 CFM Round Exhaust Bathroom Fan with Light and Nightlight is a great fan for small bathrooms.

The fan comes with a light and nightlight that will make it easy to see in your bathroom at night or in the early morning hours.

This unit is Energy Star rated and features an HVI seal of approval for quality.

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Decorative Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Light

It is made of black painted galvanized steel with an excellent copper ball-bearing engine, designed to be corrosion resistant and last a long time. The CFM rating of 110 removes excess humidity and odors from your bathroom. It’s quiet at 1.5 sones and doesn’t generate significant noise while operating. Therefore it’s perfect for bathrooms up to 100 square feet.

Dimmers are available as an option, but they aren’t required. LED bulbs offer a lot of light for your bathroom and are also dimmable. Combining them with a night light, or wiring them to separate wall switches, is possible. In the case of either a fresh remodel or an existing fan replacement, a skilled instruction manual and video can assist you in resolving any installation difficulties on time.

This unit can be used over a bathtub or shower with GFCI protection. The fan has a 3-year warranty.

The fan housing is very well-built. The fan/light combo is perfect for replacing a standard overhead light in a bathroom with no exhaust fan, but some work will be needed. You’ll need to enlarge the drywall hole and run a vent pipe to the exterior.

A fan replacement is the same as any other fan if you’re used to basic wiring. On the back of the device is a box connector hole where you may connect your wire. You’ll need wire nuts and strippers and various other supplies to complete the installation, which isn’t something you want to risk doing incorrectly or unintentionally causing a fire. In other words, there is no outlet on it that you can connect an appliance into.

It’s worth noting that you’ll need specific light bulbs. They resemble standard CFL bulbs, but the base feature two tabs that slot into the base and twist to lock.

The fan is incredibly quiet. It almost sounds like it isn’t running when I touch the fan leads to power before installation, and after all, it amazes me how strong it is. Air moves fairly effectively through this device.

My only complaint about the fan is that putting it next to a joist is difficult. It’s designed with ceiling fan rails so that you can install it in the middle of a pair of joists. The fan housing accepts screws inserted from below, but they must only go straight up and not at an angle from within the housing.

Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Light and Heater

Top Pick - Fan/Light/Heater
Panasonic WhisperWarm Bathroom Fan with Light and Heater

This high-performance fan/heater combination features Pick-A-Flow technology, which automates the selection process and guarantees optimum CFM output.

The larger 1600-watt heating element allows for install easy, code-compliant systems while providing high ventilation output and space heating comfort for occupants.

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11/23/2023 06:14 am GMT

Panasonic WhisperWarm Bathroom Fan with Light and Heater

A strong ECM motor with SmartFlow technology is paired with a precision spot ventilation fan/heater for optimum comfort.

The high-performance built-in 1600W Positive Temperature Coefficient heater warms you up instantly for maximum comfort.

A WhisperWarm is a quiet bathroom exhaust fan with heater that is UL-listed and HVI-certified and has 50-80-110 CFM of required airflow.

The Flex-Z Fast bracket lets you install the pendant on the side of the room in a matter of minutes.

My favorite features are the nightlight, the exhaust vent’s timer, and the fact that they use it all the time. It’s much quieter than our old one; it operates more efficiently and looks nicer.

It’s a heat and light-efficient bathroom fan that’s well-designed. I’m delighted with its noise level; it’s pretty quiet. It is also a lovely color, very bright, and dims nicely. However, because this device includes a heater, it necessitates a dedicated 20A 120V circuit. We recommend professional installation because this unit has a heater and needs a dedicated circuit.

What to Look for When Buying a Bathroom Fan with Light

When shopping for a bathroom fan with light, you should keep a few things in mind. First, think about the size of your bathroom. You’ll want to ensure the fan is powerful enough to ventilate the space properly.

Second, consider the lighting needs of your bathroom. If you need bright light for tasks like putting on makeup, you’ll want a fan with a strong light. You can go with a weaker light if you’re looking for soft light to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Finally, think about your budget. Bathroom fans with lights can range in price from around $30 to $200, so it’s important to find one that fits your needs and budget.

Are Bathroom Fans with LED Lights Good

Many people are wondering if bathroom fans with LED lights are any good. The answer is yes! LED lights are more energy efficient than bulbs, saving you money in the long run. They also last longer than bulbs, so you won’t have to replace them often.

However, LED lights can be more expensive upfront than incandescent bulbs. If you’re looking for a more energy-efficient option that will save you money in the long run, go with an LED light.

Advantages of Bathroom Exhaust Fan and Light

There are many advantages to having a bathroom exhaust fan with light combo.

  1. It can help improve the air quality in your bathroom by removing excess moist air and odors.
  2. Second, it can help to prevent the growth of mold and mildew.
  3. It can provide you with much-needed ventilation while also providing lighting.
  4. It can help to reduce your energy costs by using less electricity than if you were to use a separate fan and light.

Bathroom Fan Lights Can Replace Light Fixtures

Bathroom fans with lights serve two important purposes in your bathroom. They help improve indoor air quality and provide room lighting. If you’re considering installing a bath fan light, you should keep a few things in mind.

Think about the size of your bathroom. You’ll want to choose a powerful enough fan to ventilate your space but not so powerful that it’s noisy. If you want a bright light to help you get ready in the morning, look for a bath fan with an LED light.

Many bathrooms in older houses don’t have a ventilation fan and either an overhead light or wall-mounted light. Replacing an overhead light fixture with a bath fan with light can serve a dual purpose and improve bathroom conditions.

Use LED Bulbs to Improve Energy Efficiency

If you’re looking for a bathroom exhaust fan with light, we recommend choosing one with an LED light. LED lights are more energy efficient than traditional bulbs, saving you money in the long run. They also emit a brighter, whiter light perfect for getting ready in the morning.

However, if you prefer a softer light, install a dimmer switch to control the amount of light. LED bulbs on the dimmest setting can serve as a nightlight.

bathroom vent fan 8 lg

Do You Need a GFCI Circuit Over a Tub or Shower

Most bathroom exhaust fans with light are rated for use in wet areas. You can confirm this by the packaging or by calling the manufacturer.

Bathroom fans with lights installed directly over a bathtub or shower need a GFCI circuit for safety. A GFCI is a safety device that shuts off power if it detects moisture.

If your bathroom fan does not have a GFCI circuit, you should hire an electrician to install one by putting a GFCI breaker inside the electrical panel. The breaker will have a test button and GFCI printed on the breaker.

Bath Fans vs. Bath Fans with Lights

Bathroom fans with lights are similar to ordinary bath fans, except for the light. The fan motor and venting process are nearly identical, except for the CFM and Sone rating. You can do it with minimal additional work if you want to replace a standard bath fan with a bath fan light combo.

You’ll need to wire the fan to your home’s electrical system for a new fan installation. Hiring a professional is best if you’re not comfortable doing electrical work. However, if you’re handy and have a few tools, you should be able to install the fan yourself. Just be sure to turn off the power at the circuit breaker before you start!

Installing a bathroom exhaust fan with light is a great way to improve your bathroom’s air quality and provide much-needed illumination. If you’re considering installing a bath fan light, you should keep a few things in mind. First, think about the size of your bathroom.

Do Exhaust Fans Need Venting Outside

Bathroom fans with lights must be vented outside. This prevents moisture, mildew growth, and mold from building up in your bathroom.

Bathroom fans can be vented through the roof, a side exterior wall, or through a soffit.

See 3 Ways to Correctly Vent a Bathroom Fan (Explained) for more information.

Types of Bath Fan Light Combos

When choosing a bath fan with an integrated light, homeowners have a few alternatives to explore. They include:

Decorative Exhaust Fan with Light

A decorative light is an electrical device that functions as a light and a ventilation fan. These resemble a normal light fixture and are unlikely to be noticed (until they’re switched on, that is). Decorative bathroom vent fans resemble round overhead lights and blend well with most decor styles.

Recessed Exhaust Fan with Light

Bathroom fans are similar to regular recessed ceiling lights in appearance. Air is drawn in through a tiny, barely visible aperture above the light bulb. If you want your exhaust fan to match existing recessed lights or if you’re putting it in a closet, these exhaust fans are ideal.

Standard Exhaust Fan with Light

These look like ordinary bath fans, except they have a light. This is the most economical option if you don’t want or need any special lighting in your bathroom.

How to Calculate the CFM You Need

The CFM measures how many cubic feet of air pass through an area per minute. The CFM is calculated by multiplying the room’s cubic volume by 0.13.

For example: Length x Width x Height = Cubic Square Feet

Cubic Square Feet x 0.13 = CFM Rating

For smaller bathrooms, like 8′ x 5′ with 8′ ceilings, you’d have:

8 ft x 5 ft x 8 ft = 320 ft3

320 x 0.13 = 41.6 CFM

We recommend a bathroom exhaust fan with at least a 40 CFM rating. Most exhaust fans have a minimum rating of CFM 50.

A large 14′ x 10′ primary bathroom with 10′ ceilings will have 1,400 cubic feet and need 182 CFM. You’ll likely need two exhaust fans to obtain a 180CFM bathroom exhaust fan. Most new construction homes will already have two bathroom exhaust fans in larger bathrooms; one above the bathtub or shower and one inside the water closet.

Can You Add a Humidity Sensor to a Bathroom Fan Light Combo?

Leviton In-Wall Humidity Sensor & Fan Control
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11/22/2023 11:19 am GMT

Some bathroom fan light combos have built-in humidity sensors, but most don’t. If the fan you want does not have a humidity sensor, you can add a wall switch with a humidity sensor. With humidity wall switches, the exhaust fan will power on and off based on excess humidity levels in the bathroom.

Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Light FAQs

Can You Install an Exhaust Fan With Light Above a Shower?

You can install a bathroom exhaust fan with light above a shower with a GFCI circuit. Bathroom exhaust fans with lights above the shower or tub provide extra illumination and necessary ventilation.

The Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) is a device that turns off the power when moisture meets electricity to prevent electrical shock. Because the bathroom fan is close to the water, GFCI protection is needed for safety.

What’s the Purpose of a Bath Vent Fan with Light?

A bathroom exhaust fan with light aims to combine two distinct bathroom fixtures into one. Because the bath fan and light combo are a single fixture, you won’t need separate holes in the ceiling for both light and a bath fan.

Can You Replace a Bath Fan with a Bath Fan with Light?

You can replace a bathroom fan with a bath fan and light combo. Because the existing bathroom ceiling fan is connected to a wall switch, you can replace the old bath fan and keep the same wall switch.

When you turn on the exhaust fan, the light will also turn on. If you want the light and fan to be switched independently, run a new wire to control the light separately.

Can a Bathroom Fan and Light Share the Same Switch?

A bathroom ceiling fan and light can share the same switch if needed. If you already have a light fixture in your bathroom, you can remove the existing light and install a fan light combo. You may wire the bathroom fan to an existing light switch, which will turn on simultaneously.


Now that you know a little more about bathroom exhaust fan with lights. We’ve provided our top three picks above, so you can be sure to get the perfect bathroom exhaust fan light combo for your home.

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