Is Bath Fitter Worth The Cost? 6 Things You Should Know

The bath fitter is the name that is interchangeably used for both the company that manufactures the bathroom acrylic fittings and the product itself. Bath fitter has built their business around providing an affordable option to giving an old bathtub a new look by overlaying over the existing tub rather than removing and replacing it.

The lowest price of a bath fitter is $800, and the highest is around $3,500. On average, a bath fitter, labor, and any modification would incur an estimated cost of about $1,000 to upwards of $10,000. The total cost depends on variables, e.g., the quality of material, size of a bathtub, and finishes. On average, the cost of the Bath Fitter option is about half the cost of a tub tear out and replace. 

You can expect to spend anything in between or sometimes even more.

It is impossible to quantify and have a fixed and summarised cost of a bath fitter, but you can have a quotation from any manufacturing company to study and make a pick, then do the math.

What Is The Average Cost Of Bathfitters?

The cost of a bath fitter starts at $800 and goes up to roughly $3,500. You can save money on wall repair if your bathroom is in good shape and only requires little preparation. Otherwise, you’ll need to replace the shower valve and install a new liner with antimicrobial properties.

To be sincere, a bath fitter is a significant investment. But when you sum up the cost of replacing a bathtub or shower, you will be surprised to learn that it costs way above the price of installing a bath fitter.

When talking about the cost of a bath fitter, consider these factors;

  1. Bath fitter cost.
  2. Labor cost.
  3. Modifications/Add-ons 

Bath Fitter Cost

The bath fitter product, either tub, shower, or wall panel, is priced differently and depends on; 

  • The manufacturing company you are sourcing the bathroom fittings from since different companies sell their product differently.
  • The region or the state where you reside. Different states offer different prices.
  • The quality of material used to make the bath liner, e.g., acrylic, fiberglass, or vinyl.
  • The design of the fittings.
  • The size of your tub and the measurement of your bathroom shower stall.

In general, a bath fitter tub will cost you something around $3,000. Give or take. That is around $800 for the tub and $2,000 for the wall surrounding it.

On the other hand, a bath fitter shower includes a wall-to-wall panel covering the floor in one seamless sheet and will cost you something between $2,500 and $3,000. 

Labor Cost

Labor charges vary from company to company. When you reach out to the company of choice concerning the bath fitter installation cost, they prefer to come over to your house. 

The good thing about bath fitter manufacturing companies is that they will come, but they will not hold you liable or charge you any site visit fee. They will also refrain from pressuring you to buy their product.

When they come, they will collect data on;

Size Of The Bathtub Plus The Surface Area The Walls Cover. 

  • Aside from determining the price of the bath fitter liners, the size and surface area of the shower also determines the cost of installing it. 
  • Installing a big size bathroom space cannot be the same as the cost of installing a smaller-sized area. The wall panel uses adhesives to stick; meaningless or more adhesives will be used. 

Condition Of Your Bathroom.

  • If the water from a bath cannot drain well and the bathroom stays wet, chances of mold growing become high, so if your bathroom has mold, You will be charged an extra fee for cleaning service.
  • And if the water is not draining well, then it means the drainage system is somehow clogged, and it will either mean unclogging or completely changing the sewer pipes. Consider that another extra cost.


  • Aside from the material and labor cost, you may find the need to change or replace some complementing details such as towel rails and soap holders. Though their cost might be minimal, they will still affect the final bill.

On average, a manufacturing company might charge a labor fee commencing from $500-$900. Any other add-ons and modifications will all be based on a negotiated agreement. And if any shower valves need replacing, then that could cost you around $400.

Is A Bath Fitter Worth It?

A bath fitter is well worth the money spent on liners and installation since they can last a lifetime. For starters, their liners are composed of tough acrylic that is both stylish and durable.


  • They have antimicrobial attributes. It ensures that no microorganisms will thrive in your bath area.
  • The best thing about a bath fitter is that you are guaranteed a lifetime of the investment; this is because a bath fitter is made out of a quality material that is resistant to damage.
  • Installing a bath fitter saves you time and money as they are installed within a day and be ready within 48hrs.
  • Bath fitters are not slippery, so you are assured that there will be no accidents around your bathroom.
  • The surface of the bath fitter is glossy, so you wipe it to clean it. It ensures low maintenance.
  • Bath fitters can never cause mold in your bathroom because, for one, the wall panel is seamless and covers the entire wall in one stretch of sheet and the tub fits so well it does not have any space for water to leak through. But it will cause mold if you do not involve a professional who knows his job.

What Exactly Is A Bath Fitter?

A bathroom bath fitter remodeling is a liner fitted over an old tub or shower and its walls to make it look as good as new. To better analyze bath fitters as a bathroom remodeling solution, we must first understand the product itself.

We live in a hectic world where no one has the time for remodels that take forever to get done. When bath fitters were first manufactured, they were meant to counter the hassle of completely replacing a bathtub or shower. 

Why Home Inspections Are Important

Today through the use of bath fitter products, you have the option of quickly and simply remodeling your bathroom in just a day. It dramatically helps you reduce the amount of money you would otherwise incur in replacing the entire bathroom. 

They come in; 

  • Different types and styles of tubs and showers are similar to the actual tubs and showers available in the market.
  • Different wall panel styles and patterns.
  • Endless color options to complement the rest of the bathroom. 
  • Fixtures and finishes to match your taste.

As you plan to remodel your bathroom or shower and you are in favor of a bath fitter, you may be disappointed to find that no bath fitter in the market is compatible with your old bathtub or shower.

Not to worry, though, as most companies offer custom-made designs for such cases. So all you need to do is to place a call and give out your requirements.

The process of manufacturing a bath fitter that fits into your existing bathroom takes about two weeks. When they’re done, they will come and install it for you.

Bath Fitter Material

Having established what a bath fitter is, let us now find out what it entails. The average ceramic bathroom has its list of disadvantages;

  1. The tiles can be hard to clean and may end up getting stained.
  2. Exposure to frequent water and moisture makes it grow mold.
  3. They are prone to frequent wear and tear.
  4. When the time for renovations comes, a typical bathtub and showers require plenty of time to install.

Given the above disadvantages of a normal bathtub and shower, the bath fitter company brothers thought of designing a product that is not these heavily disadvantaged.

So they went the acrylic way and designed different tubs, showers, and seamless wall liners according to tub/shower regiments and shower stall measurements found in the market today.

Qualities of the Acrylic material:

  • It is a top-quality material.
  • It is easy to maintain.
  • It is not porous; therefore, it does not let air or water pass through.
  • It is easy to clean and does not stain.

The above acrylic qualities make the manufacturing companies confident enough to guarantee the bath fitter products with a lifetime warranty. It means that whatever happens during its lifetime will be fixed by the company.

Over time, different manufacturing companies have tried incorporating other materials of lesser quality into bath fitter remodeling solutions to give the product a broader market as a more affordable product.

Today, you can go for a bath fitter made from either;

  1. Acrylic liners.
  2. Polyvinyl chloride liners (PVC vinyl liners).
  3. Fiberglass liners.

It is also important to note that bath fitters are a franchise and are manufactured by different companies, offering an endless range of possibilities.

Installing A Bath Fitter

Bathroom bath fitter installment is not always a do-it-yourself kind of project but needs the skills and craft of a professional contractor.

The fitting can be difficult for a non-specialist. Still, many contractors take pride in their work and sometimes go the extra mile to ensure that the job is exquisitely done according to how you want your bathroom to appear finally.

It involves disconnecting and re-installing;

  1. Shower stand.
  2. Faucet/ Install new shower valves.
  3. Soap holders.

It also involves applying adhesive to the wall before installing a wall panel liner. The adhesive keeps the wall panel in place.

Bathroom Remodeling Alternatives

Some alternatives can be repairing leaks, replacing fixtures, or painting the walls. If opting for a bath fitter is outside your budget, you can still work on small projects in your bathroom to look brand new.

If you are thinking of remodeling your bathroom, it means that your bathroom has dutifully served its purpose, and you are now tired of the look of your old bathroom tub or shower, and you need something different.

If so, then you must be wondering what choice of bathroom remodeling to go for;

  • To repair your bathroom. 
  • To replace it, or
  • To Install a bath fitter.

It is fair to say that whichever remodeling option you go for hugely depends on the budget you have at hand.

Repairing An Old Bathtub/Shower

Repairing an old bathtub or shower means;

  • Unclogging drainage pipes and showerheads.
  • Repairing leaks.
  • Cleaning molds and stains on the tiles.
  • Replacing fixtures like showerheads and soap dishes, shower curtains, clogged pipes, etc.
  • Repainting faded walls.
  • Replacing chipped and cracked tiles etc.

The problem with repairing as a means of remodeling is that the bathroom will need to be repaired; walls will need updating, and molds and stains will need proper cleaning.

There is no guarantee of this process, and you may end up in a never-ending circle of repairs.

Replacing An Old Bathtub/shower

To replace a bathroom tub or shower involves a complete bathroom overhaul. It means you will have a contractor demolish the ceramic walls, remove the old bathtub, and install a new one in place of the old one.

Bathrooms were used purely as a utility before; now a bathroom remodeling focuses on luxury and enjoyment.

Replacing is the same as building a bathroom from scratch and may end up throwing away 99.9% of what is in the bathroom. It won’t hurt to hold onto at least one or two things, e.g., mirrors, to save a little on expenditure.

The thing is that replacing something is twice the work and may take several weeks of work, inconveniences, and debris/clutter spread all over.

Bath Fitter Tub/Shower Solutions

A bath fitter is a new concept in town, and many people still do not have a clear understanding of what it truly is.

Bath fitters products provide a range of tub, shower, and wall panel components that come in acrylic liners fitted on top of an existing bathtub or shower. Think of it as clothing for a bathtub or a shower.

The idea is to easily remodel and redecorate your bathroom by keeping your old bathtub/shower and still achieving a new brilliant look.

What You Should Know About Bath Fitter Liners

Bath Fitter employs non-porous acrylic tub liners, which are perfectly smooth and easy to clean with soap and water. These liners also have non-skid surfaces and are resistant to rust and chipping. Bath Fitter backs its acrylic products with a lifetime warranty.

To accessorize something means to add a thing or two unto another to make it more useful and look more attractive. Bath fitters do just that. 

Suppose you are thinking of remodeling your old bathroom. In that case, bath fitters offer an unlimited range of versatile tub and shower fitting options for you to choose from, ranging from various designs, styles, and colors.

The bath fitter idea was birthed in 1984 and is a North American leading company concerned with bathroom renovations. 

Their products have slowly crept into the American market and have branches all over the states.

Final Thought

During the installation process, an issue may come up which is not in the portfolio of a bath fitter contractor to handle as their job is purely to either install the bath fitter as it is or convert your bathtub into a shower and a shower into a bathtub. All of these, of course, depending on how you wanted the job done in the first place.

When something else crops up, say something needs replacing somewhere else in the bathroom, you will know a good and noble contractor if they point out that problem to you and maybe even give you a referral.

In this case, you will not be obliged to, but it won’t hurt if you tip them to say thank you. is owned and operated by Hubert Miles is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to also participates in affiliate programs with other affiliate sites. Hubert Miles is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies.

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